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What Is The Cheapest Cruise

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What Is The Cheapest Month To Take A Disney Cruise

The World’s Cheapest Cruise Line – What Went Wrong?

Disney Cruise Line is a very popular choice for families that want to combine a family cruise vacation with their love for all things Mickey, but it is not a cheap vacation.

If you are trying to find the least expensive time to take the family on a Disney Cruise, there are some good times of the year to lock in the lowest fares you will find.

Where Can I Find The Best Cruise Deals

Our cruise grid shows the lowest priced cruise for each month, and this can also be sorted by lowest price per day. For example, a 10 day cruise may be more expensive than a 7, but on a daily basis, the 10 night a better deal. Airfare is a big factor from Canada. Weve packaged the most popular cruises booked with flights from Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax for certain times of year.

How To Find The Cheapest Cabins On Royal Caribbean

Cruising is an excellent vacation choice for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons for me is how affordable it is. I like to think I am a savvy travel planner – always looking for the best deals whenever I can. Cruising is my favorite way to vacation, so I need to save money where I can to ensure the next cruise isn’t too long after the last.

With a little flexibility and research, you can find super affordable cruises for less than $60 a day. In fact, I just booked a cruise for January 2022 that will cost me only $57 each day on the Brilliance of the Seas. If I took myself out to a fancy restaurant, I would easily spend more than that on a single meal!

Using the search function on Royal Caribbeans website, I started to research different sailing options. Since my schedule was wide-open for January, I selected that month with a few options for departure port in Florida.

Sorting prices from ‘low to high’ is my favorite way to find cheap cruises. It might be a no-brainer, but this really allows me to quickly compare a few different options between departure dates, ships, number of nights, and initial cruise cost per person.

Although 3 and 4 night cruises might be the cheapest options, these can be more expensive per day than sailings that are 5 to 7 nights. Weekend cruises have their own demand from short vacationers, while longer cruises can really offer the potential for huge savings.

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Ask For A Price Drop When Fares Change

If the cruise fare changes after you’ve booked but before you’ve made your final payment, it’s possible to take advantage of the lower rate. Enlist the help of a travel agent who can monitor pricing after you’ve booked, and who can request a re-fare to the lower rate.

If the fare plummets, you can request a rate change, cancel and rebook at the lower rate or request the difference in onboard credit. What you’re entitled to varies by cruise line, but it all leads to more money in your pocket. Note that some lines may have nonrefundable deposit policies always read the fine print before deciding to pull the trigger and cancel and rebook.

What Cruise Deals Are Offered

How to Get a Cheap Cruise for as Little as $30 Per Day in 2021

The important thing to know about wave season sales is that you arent just looking for reduced cruise fares, though those are a great place to begin. The real incentive is the bevy of bonuses cruise lines add to their promotions, making it tough to pass up booking a cruise .

Here are the types of value-adds you should look for:

  • Discounted cruise fares.
  • Third and/or fourth passenger in a cabin sail free.
  • Kids sail free.
  • Free airfare from select U.S. gateways.
  • Pre-cruise overnight hotel stay.
  • Onboard credit you can use to pay for specialty dining, shore excursions and more.
  • Beverage packages.

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Go For The Cabin Guarantee

If cabin location isn’t important, you might want to opt for a “cabin guarantee,” which basically means you’re assured to get a cabin in at least the category specified — and, if you’re lucky, even get an upgrade. However, you can’t choose your exact stateroom.

Many lines typically discount guaranteed cabin bookings about $50 to $100 per person off the advertised fares. However, if you’re prone to seasickness or sensitive to noise, you might want to reconsider the value of choosing your own cabin location so as to not end up near the elevators or riding the wave near the bow. Also, not all guarantee fares are eligible for booking perks, so ensure the value tradeoff is worth it before you commit.

If you’re willing to book in bulk, most cruise lines will offer free berths, depending on the number of passengers in the group. For instance, book seven or more double-occupancy cabins on Norwegian Cruise Line, and for every 10 passengers booked, one passenger can cruise for free. Each cruise line has its own threshold for groups some lines consider 10 guests/five cabins to be a group, while others require 16 guests/eight cabins.

Group leaders can choose to spread the savings across the group or keep it all for themselves. Groups can get other perks, as well. Norwegian offers group members a choice of complimentary amenities beyond its Free at Sea promotion, such as extra onboard credit or a cocktail party for the group.

Book A Guaranteed Stateroom

Often times, the lowest prices for any given itinerary will be a guaranteed stateroom. This room category ensures you will have a cabin on the ship. If you book this rate, you will not know the location or exact cabin number until a few weeks out from your cruise. Though, if you are looking for cheap cruises, this is a great option.

Remember, you are getting these rooms at a steep discount. So, dont be surprised if the room location is not ideal. These rooms tend to be located either all the way forward or aft, and on less desirable decks.

If you want to ensure that you get a particular type of room, say a balcony or oceanview stateroom, many cruise lines offer guaranteed rates for certain categories as well.

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How Much Are Drinks On A Cruise

Youll find drink prices about the same as whats offered in most average chain restaurants at home. Beer will be in the $6-7 range, Wine in the $8-11 range, and mixed drinks with regular spirits and simple cocktails within the range. Prices are in US dollars and typically have an automatic 15-20% gratuity added to the bill. They are not cheap, but they dont take advantage of their monopoly. There are the odd drink specials on featured cocktails or multiple beer purchases.

Book At The Last Minute

What is the cheapest month to go on a cruise?

For those who can be spontaneous, flexibility can pay off. Check out our last minute cruise deals section, which features bargains on a variety of sailings leaving within 90 days — 90 days out being the typical point at which final cruise payments are due. In general, there are always plenty of Caribbean and Mediterranean cruise deals.

Other hard-to-fill cruises — such as shoulder season cruises and one-way repositioning sailings, where open-jaw airfare is required — can be deeply discounted at the last minute. Of course, booking last-minute airfare might wipe out any savings. Plus, you’ll have a limited selection of cabin locations and dinner seatings. But, if you’re flexible and can drive to a cruise port — or have plenty of frequent flier airline points to burn — it’s a great way to take a cruise without breaking the bank.

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Send Deals To Your Inbox

The vast majority of cruise lines and agencies still rely on eletters to help fill cruise ships. Major cruise lines, such as Celebrity, Norwegian, Holland America, Princess and Royal Caribbean, offer deals emails with ongoing promotions in addition to last-minute deals and short sales. For the hardcore deal-seekers who don’t want e-deals cluttering up their personal inboxes, we suggest setting up separate accounts just for bargains mailings.

Night Repositioning Cruise Frombarcelona To Tampa

$59 Per Day

$821 TOTAL Trip

Chase the Autumn Blues away by hopping on Caribbeans Rhapsody of the Seas. Its setting sail November 7th, 2020, and tickets are super affordable.

This repositioning cruise deal landed in our number 4 spot and is sure to impress. Enjoy 14 days of gorgeous cruising all the way from Tarragona to Tampa.

The itinerary has port stops in: the Canary Islands and the Bahamas. This ship holds up to 2400 guests and was recently renovated in 2016. Definitely a bucket list cruise at a truly affordable price.

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Whats The Most Expensive Room Or Cabin On A Ship

Usually what they call the Owners Suite , but its more like an apartment. There are many affordable mini-suites and suites offered, and you need to compare the included amenities. The suites are targetted to people who live in large luxury homes and who expect more space, finer furnishings, and more attentive service. They are limited in number, book very far in advance, and are seldom discounted other than on a no cabin assignment basis.

Can I Bring My Own Alcohol Beer Wine On Board A Cruise Ship

Everything you need to know about cheap cruises

Generally not. Cruise lines prohibit alcohol being brought on board and can confiscate or levy fines. The issue is not only their monopoly on the sale of drinks and duty free bottles but the safety and liability of having excessive alcohol running free on board . Dont try to sneak it or drugs or narcotics on board. The laws are different based on ships registry and port of call its an embarrassing and expensive legal nightmare.

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How To Find The Best Cruise Deals

Finding the right cruise to suit your individual needs is easier than you may think. Begin by launching our Cruise Finder, which will help you compare all cruise deals quickly and easily in one location. If you have any questions along the way about the cruise deals youre finding , feel free to ask an experienced travel agent. Call toll free at 800-665-4981 and ask to speak with an agent who specializes in finding the best cruise deals!

Compared to many land-based vacations, cruises offer excellent value. When calculate the value of superior dining, food selection, service standards, cleanliness, safety, and on-board entertainment, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an equivalent vacation package on land for less money.

As your floating hotel transports you to various ports of call, you’ll avoid the hassle of having to pack and unpack. Especially in foreign lands, it is wonderful to experience local culture while returning to North American standards on-board the ship.

Start searching for your ideal cruise today!

How To Find Cheap Cruises

First and foremost to start your hunt for cheap cruises, we always recommend visiting a third-party cruise booking site like Expedia, Orbitz, or others.

When you start your search, you have tons of different options. You can go straight to a cruise lines website to find deals. However, when you do that you are limiting your search only to trips on that companys cruises. Unless youre an avid fan of one cruise line, this isnt the best way to plan your voyage, since it gives you only a small sliver of whats out there.

On the aggregator travel sites you can set up search parameters for all the cruise lines at once, then sort by price, departure port, date and more. Thats why we like to start our search on these sorts of websites. It gives you all your options instead of just one line.

Beyond that, there are a few other simple tips for cruise fans shopping for dirt-cheap fares.

While we have a full list of rules on getting the best deal on a cruise, the easiest way to find an inexpensive trip is to keep these things in mind:

  • Look for shorter cruises
  • Sail when school is in session
  • Book an inside cabin
  • Sail aboard an older ship

These four factors will have the largest impact on what you pay for a cruise.

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Use Travel Rewards Or Loyalty Points

Over the past 5 years, we have sailed on three cruises for only the cost of the port taxes and fees. How? Well, we used rewards points from our credit card and redeemed them for a free cruise.

Whether you have general travel points, airline miles, or a cruise lines credit card, earning points and then redeeming those for cheap cruises is easy once you earn enough points.

Indeed, you need to review the terms and conditions to make sure the offer is right for you. When deciding whether to join a rewards program or apply for a credit card, make sure that you understand the benefits and potential fees for said programs.

For us, we have credit cards with the major cruise lines and airlines with which we regularly travel. With smart money management, we have used these for the above mentioned free cruises as well as dozens of free flights over the years.

Of course, if you are loyal to a particular cruise line, you can also earn discounts and even free cruises. By enrolling in cruise line loyalty programs, you will earn points for each day you spend at sea. Once you achieve a high enough status with the brand, you can begin taking advantage of these perks.

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Im Ready To Start Planning My Cruise How Can I Score The Best Deals

Cheapest Time of Year to Book a Cruise ~ Best Weeks for Cruise Deals

Whether youre looking to book a short getaway or a longer adventure to far-flung destinations, Royal Caribbean makes it easy to save big on everything from your cruise fare to special experiences onboard and onshore. The first step to making sure you get the best deals is to join the cruise lines email list. Once youve signed up, youll receive regular updates on all the latest offers, like deals by destination, kids sail free promotions and flash sales. The savings dont end when you book your cruise, though. Once youve made a reservation, youll also receive notifications about special offers for onboard experiences like discounts on beverage and specialty dining packages, shore excursions, spa services, and more via Cruise Planner.

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Are There Cruises In 2021

Bad news for any eager cruisegoers: cruise lines are continuing to extend cruising suspensions into 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Presently, many major cruise lines with plans to resume sailing this summer will only be departing from international ports instead of US waters due to these CDC restrictions.

Is It Worth Getting A Balcony On A Cruise

Yes for the majority of people. Proof is that there are far more balcony cabins than any other type for sale on all the major lines. This evolved over the last couple decades from outside cabins . Even if you dont sit on the balcony much, the floor to ceiling windows of your sliding doors let more light in. You will feel like a balcony cabin is bigger.

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Cheapest Weeks Of The Year To Take A Cruise

Looking for the cheapest time to cruise during the year? If youre like me you want to go on as many cruises as possible, as often as possible. If you try to book a cruise during peek season, you might face some major sticker-shock.

Some of the cheapest times of year to cruise are late winter and early fall. There are caveats that go with that, so lets dive in and find what time of year will save you the most money on a cruise vacation.

Here are some tips for booking a cruise vacation for as little money as possible. And its all done simply by choosing the right time of year. Cant beat that right?

Which Cruise Line Is Most Affordable

Cheap Cruise Blog: Getting The Best Cruise Deals Is Easy!

It depends on where you are travelling and when. Within the mass market lines that comprise 90% of the bookings by Canadians, it will vary and this is the beauty of the grid we find you the lowest price or best value for all the major lines. Sometimes its Royal Caribbean, sometimes Celebrity, sometimes Carnival, Norwegian, Princess or Holland America. MSC and Costa are often the most affordable in Europe.

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Which Cruise Lines Are All Inclusive

Pricey luxury cruise lines such as Seabourn, Crystal, Regent, Sliversea are all inclusive but Oceania, Celebrity, Norwegian and MSC offer drink packages in some promotional fares to make them all inclusive, meaning, you can have all meals and basic bar in one fare. Gratuities are typically extra for all but the luxury lines.

Leave The Deals Search To The Experts

If you don’t have time for Twitter, online cruise research or gathering up a group of 20 friends, nothing beats a good travel agent to help you score a deal.

Because agents often book in bulk and work directly with the lines, they have access to deals that normal cruisers don’t. Cruise lines will offer their top agencies special discounts that the agents can’t promote on their websites, so even if you see a good deal online, it’s best to talk to a real person and ask for the best fare.

Even if savings aren’t necessarily there for every sailing, agencies often offer deals with value-added perks like onboard credit or prepaid gratuities, which can amount to nearly $100 per person on a weeklong sailing.

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