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Are There Cruises To Italy

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Live Forever In Eternal Cities

Discover Italy With Celebrity Cruises

Rome is Italy’s Eternal City, with its massive Colosseum and the ruins of the Roman Forum, but there are other spots here with roots equally as deep. In Florence, visit the Gothic church of Santa Maria del Fiore, built on the site of a 7th-century chapel. In Venice, you can set foot in 9th-century St. Mark’s Basilica and see the dazzling gold mosaics from Byzantine times.

Cruises Lines That Cruise Around Italy

Review the Italy cruises from all the cruise lines that sail around the Mediterranean. Browse, compare, and review popular Italy cruises operated by:

  • Private ship board cocktail parties
  • On board concierge services
  • Free on board spending cash

These exclusive free amenities and savings from are available to guests on select Italian cruises that embark Rome, Venice, Barcelona and other Mediterranean ports.

Why are ItalianTourism.uss prices the lowest and its free amenities more generous than offered by the cruise lines and other travel agencies?

There is no other certified Italy travel agency with more Mediterranean cruise guests than Our enormous size gives us tremendous pricing leverage on Italian cruises. Our long-standing relationships translates to lower prices, more free amenities and upgrades, airfare credits, exclusive Mediterranean cruise with airfare packages, and better on board customer service for our Italian cruise travelers.

Our top producer status with all of the cruise lines that operate in Italy allows us to offer you the lowest price. Plus, we are Italy travel experts. Therefore, when we package transfers and hotels our Italy cruise tour vacation package prices are unbeatable. All of our guests including families, couples with new born baby, honeymooners, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, and groups receive the best price Italy cruise tour vacation package guaranteed.

Discover Ancient Manmade & Natural Wonders On Sicily Cruises

History collides with the present in Sicily, where youll find vibrant cities close to ancient architecture and art. These contrasting elements, along with the islands beautiful natural scenery, including its famous volcano, make Sicily an interesting and exciting place to explore.

Ancient Sites

The Greek Theatre of Taormina isnt the only ancient site to see in Sicily. One of its many noteworthy landmarks, the Valley of the Temples, is the largest archaeological site in the world. Visit the Regional Archaeological Museum in Palermo to see smaller ancient artifacts.


Situated atop a rocky promontory, Taormina is one of the jewels of Sicily. Look for one-of-a-kind jewelry while you walk through Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and around the historic medieval quarter. Taormina is also home to the remains of an ancient Greek theatre with incredible sea views.

Mount Etna Volcano

The majestic Mount Etna, located in eastern Sicily, juts up 10,991 feet into the air. Its tall volcanic peak can be seen on the horizon from many areas of the island. The active volcano is estimated to have erupted over 200 times since 1,500 B.C. The volcanic soil around Mount Etna produces delicious wines.

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Overview Of Cruise Ports In Italy

Boasting more than 7,500 kilometers of coastline, Italy has one of Europes longest coastlines. Its also has one of the highest coastline-to-landmass ratios of all major non-island countries. This is just to say that theres a lot of coastal scenery to explore in Italy.

In fact, there are more than two dozen cruise ports in Italy. This is includes several major cruise ports, such as Naples, Venice, Livorno and Rome , which are visited by the worlds major cruise lines and provide access some almost all of Italys top destinations.

The numerous minor Italy cruise ports, from the Adriatic to the Sicily and Sardinia, are visited by smaller cruise lines, as well as by some of the larger lines.

Italy Cruises From Venice

Costa Cruises to Accept Italian Guests Only

Cruise from Venice down the Adriatic sea to the Dalmatian Coast. Sail the Eastern Mediterranean cruise itineraries to the Greek Isles. Visit the archaeology sites in Greece and Turkey. Cruise around Italy from Venice to the Western Med Sea ports Rome and Barcelona. These Venice cruise all-inclusive vacation packages are the best value in Venice cruises. .

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Featured Italy Cruise Ports


Fall in love with the alluring city of Venice, one of the most romantic places on Earth. Stroll through its winding alleys and make your way across famous bridges such as the Rialto and the Bridge of Sighs. Stop by the bustling St. Marks Square and admire the intricate golden facade of its namesake basilica. No trip to Venice is complete without a dreamy gondola ride through its precious canals.

The Best Italian Cruises

Thomson – Popular mainstream operators with a big choice of cruises, repeated during the year, including Italian ports of call. Some of their Western Mediterranean cruises include up to three Italian ports, selected from Civitavecchia , Naples, Livorno , Marina di Carrara , Genoa, Olbia, Trapani and La Spezia, from which you can easily visit the Cinque Terre. Despite its name, Thomson’s ‘Atlantic Sunrise’ cruise actually takes in four Italian destinations: Livorno, Rome, Naples and Messina. While the majority of their Italian ports are visited during Western Mediterranean cruises, there is an ‘Adriatic Explorer’ cruise in their Eastern Mediterranean schedule which includes Venice.

Cruise Deals – This website, part of TUI, helps you to compare cruises from various cruise lines. The website can be particularly useful if you are looking for a last-minute cruise offer.

MSC Cruises – An Italian company, with cruises visiting a good selection of Italian ports – most of the usual destinations, with the addition of Ancona on its Adriatic cruises. Like the other big cruise lines, they generally operate cruises to either the east or the west of Italy, stopping at two or three Italian destinations on each cruise. One of their more unusual cruises combines four Italian ports – Genoa, Civitavecchia, Messina and Sorrento – with a journey reaching as far as the Black Sea.

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Enjoy Overnight Stays In Venice On Your Cruise To Italy

Experience more of Italy’s vibrant culture with an overnight stay in Venice on long duration cruises. See the rich history of Venice through its architecture from the Doge’s Palace, Basilica di San Marco and St. Mark’s Square. Stroll through the Rialto Market, chat with food vendors, and learn about Venice’s food history. Go to a local bar for cicchetti, fritti or traditional fried snacks. Whatever you decide, your cruise to Italy will surely be unforgettable.

Italy River Cruises Travel Tips

Italian River Cruises Aboard the 20 Passenger La Bella Vita | European Waterways
  • To ensure walking comfort, wear cushioned walking shoes that fit well on your feet, as you will do a great deal of walking off the river cruise ship.
  • Check your travel documents for errors and keep them accessible and handy for quick retrieval.
  • Convert your currency so you have a way to pay if you cannot use your credit card.
  • Pack your clothes so you only bring what you need. You should only need to travel with a carryon and a soft and small-wheeled duffel bag with a telescopic handle for easy transport.
  • Carry a universal travel adapter to quickly connect your electronics.
  • Carry a light sweater or jacket in case the air conditioning is too cold or you get caught in a shower.
  • Use Google Translate to help you read Italian language menus and signs.

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Cruising In Venice: What’s Changing In 2021

The Italian government recently banned the majority ofcruise ships from central Venice. In the future, most ships are supposed to dockin the industrial zone of Marghera , but it remains tobe seen if the new “temporary” port will be ready for a full scheduleof cruises by 2022.

ABOVE: A small ship, La Bella Vita ofEuropean Waterways, cruises in the Venetian Lagoon with Marghera’s industrialwaterfront as a backdrop.

By DurantImboden

The Italian government announced onJuly 12, 2021 that allcruise ships are being banned from central Venice, including the existing cruiseport.

The Draghi government’s stated goal is to create a newartificial harbor and cruise port on the Adriatic at some unspecified timein the future, with ships using the mainland industrial and petrochemicalport of Marghera until a new port isbuilt.

There are at least five major problems with this decree:

The Canale di Petroli or “Oil Channel” that leadsto Marghera isn’t deep or wide enough for large cruise ships, anddredging it will cause environmental damage to the Venetian Lagoon intwo ways: It will accelerate tidal flows within the lagoon, and it will stir up heavy metals and other toxic sediments that haveaccumulated in the industrial channel over the last 50+ years.

The Marghera industrial port will require a new terminaland otherinfrastructure to support cruise ships.

Italian law forbids operating passenger services inpolluted or high-risk industrial areas such as Marghera’s petrochemical port.

Cruises To Amalfi Coast Sicily Dalmatian Coast

A very popular Italy cruise itinerary is to embark Venice to sail to the Dalmatian Coast. Cruising around Italy from Venice to Rome and Barcelona is also a popular itinerary. Ports of call in Sicily and along the Amalfi Coast are popular Italy cruise vacation destinations. Browse our hand picked Dalmatian Coast cruises.

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River Cruise Tours & Trips In Italy

The magic of Italy extends all the way to the rivers of this beautiful country, creating the perfect vantage point for splendour. Choose from a number of river cruise deals that match all budgets and holiday preferences, while also visiting differing ports of call. Find here the best 7 day Italy travel itineraries.

  • Venice, Chioggia, Polesella, Porto Viro, Burano
    Age Range
    16 to 100 year olds
  • “I am new to cruise and this one exceeded my expectations on every possible level…”

    Venice, Burano, Murano, Chioggia, Padua, Arqua Petrarca
    Age Range
    1 to 99 year olds
  • Milan, Verona, Venice, Chioggia, Polesella, Porto Viro, Burano
    Age Range
    16 to 100 year olds
  • 2 to 99 year olds
  • Venice, Chioggia, Polesella, Bologna, Ferrara, Porto Viro, Burano, Torcello, Island of Mazzorbo+1 more
    Age Range
    16 to 100 year olds
  • Milan, Venice, Chioggia, Polesella, Porto Viro, Burano
    Age Range
    16 to 100 year olds
  • 1 to 99 year olds
  • Venice, Chioggia, Vicenza, Porto Viro, Rovigo, Verona, Mantua, Cremona, Parma
    Age Range
    1 to 99 year olds
  • 1 to 99 year olds
  • Dubrovnik, Monopoli, Otranto, Crotone, Giardini Naxos, Amalfi, Sorrento, Naples, Civitavecchia, Rome+2 more
    Age Range
    12 to 99 year olds
    Country Region
  • 12 to 99 year olds
    Travel Style

Travel On Cruise Ships Outside Of Canada

Cruise Ship in Venice, Italy HD Wallpaper

You should continue to avoid all cruise ship travel outside of Canada. If you decide to take a cruise outside of Canada despite this advisory, there are some important facts you should consider.

If an outbreak of COVID-19 or another contagious illness were to occur:

  • you could be subject to quarantine procedures onboard the ship or in a foreign country
  • the range of consular services available on cruise ships may be significantly restricted by local authorities, especially in situations of quarantine
  • the cost of medical care could be very expensive if required, and you may need to pay for your medical bills immediately in cash

The Government of Canada wont pay your medical bills, including COVID-related expenses or medical evacuation.

If youre infected with COVID-19, you wont be able to return to Canada on a public flight until 14 days have passed. You shouldnt depend on the Government of Canada for assistance to change your travel plans.

The Government of Canada will continue to evaluate the situation and make changes as necessary to ensure the health and safety of all Canadians.

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Unforgettable Luxury Cruises To Italy

Experience the joys of la dolce vita on one of our award-winning cruises to Italy. This spectacular destination has a bounty of treasures waiting to be discovered, from mouthwatering cuisine and stunning landmarks to ancient ruins and unforgettable sights.

Our Italy cruises visit the countrys most beautiful destinations. Dive into the azure ocean off the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Cruise down the romantic canals of Venice. Explore famous ruins and works of art in Rome. Witness the spectacular vistas of the Mediterranean Ocean in the Amalfi Coast.

Embark on exciting shore excursions that include in-depth city tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, and more. Theres no shortage of beauty and wonder awaiting you on a luxury Italy cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

What To Do On An Italy Cruise

Your cruise to Italy may have various stops depending on your port for departure and length of travel but there are a few things you must do on your vacation. Plan your days for each port to enjoy the sites. From Cannes, France Barcelona, Spain Naples, Italy to Athens, Greece there are many historical sites and world-renowned artwork to see. Eat local cuisines from each port such as pasta, tapas, wine and pastries. Shop like a local at various markets and for high-end fashion items.

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Shopping Near The Livorno Cruise Port

Looking for souvenirs? Livorno has shops of all varieties and price points near Via Grande, which crosses the historical center of town and is accessible via shuttle bus from the port.

Find even more shopping in neighboring Florence or Pisa, where designer leather goods, silk scarves and ties, glass arts, and more gifts are widely available.

Luxury Hotel Barging In Italy

Naples, Italy (Capri & Pompeii) Port Overview | Europe Cruise | Princess Cruises
  • Diverse landscapes, colourful lagoons and incredible nature
  • Discover the Veneto regions captivating Roman, Etruscan and Byzantine history
  • Cruise in Venetian hospitality and style aboard 20-passenger La Bella Vita

Throughout the season the 20 passenger La Bella Vita provides Italian river cruises that encompass the romance and architecture of Venice and the captivating lakeside setting of the Renaissance city of Mantua. Venice is, of course, one of the countrys crowning jewels, but Mantua, in the central northern area of the country, has also been a hub of art, culture and music for centuries. The route inland takes you along the River Po and the Bianco Canal through the Po Valley.

Delicious seafood, local culinary specialities, fine wines and attentive service complete the experience of this fairy-tale adventure and explain the appeal of our boutique barging experiences. Luxuriating in a friendly and relaxing boat environment, travellers have an opportunity for a unique perspective on some magnificent cities

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Sunny Sexy And A Little Bit Showy

World class food and underpins World Heritage Sites a go-go, set against a backdrop of good weather and the good life. Enthusiastic locals welcome you with open arms and loud ciaos wherever you go, endless Vespas buzz around you, while sunsets seen from tiny trattorias provide a little romance. The country holds a special place in our hearts: its simply our very favourite place there is. The waters are our home, its where Silversea was born and its the foundation of our Made it Italy style and substance. From the Amalfi Coast, to the historical cities of Rome, Venice and Florence, right down to the fabulous beaches of Italys boot, Silverseas Italy luxury cruises are more than a sum of their parts. Though we may travel, here is home.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

Italys currency is the Euro, and while credit cards tend to be accepted in most places, carry a little cash to cover a meal, a coffee, or a taxi ride should you need it. Tipping is not required at restaurants in Italy. Instead, there will be a 1-3 euro charge automatically added to your check called a coperto, which covers the tablecloth, silverware, and bread. Tipping cab drivers or hotel porters is not typical, but appreciated.

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Choosing Between Italian Cruise Lines

While both Italian cruise lines offer outstanding amenities, travelers who prefer cruising on classic Princess-type vessels will feel more at home onboard MSC Cruises. Conversely, passengers who enjoy modern Carnival-type ships will likely be more comfortable taking a Costa cruise. Regardless of which line you choose, you will be guaranteed a trip rich in Italian heritage.

Walk On The Wild Side

Italian Transports

Who says Italy is only churches, pizza and high-brow art? Take a hike through the hills of the Tuscany region or have a dip in the crystalline waters of Capri, where the harbor is filled with yachts as far as the eye can see. From the pristine coasts to the rolling hills, Italy is a natural beauty.

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An Italy Cruise Vacation For The Whole Family

There are family vacations. Then there are the kinds of awe-inspiring vacations your family will remember forever. Sail on an Italy Cruise with Norwegian and discover the ease and convenience of unpacking once and experiencing it all. Freedom, flexibility and family entertainment offered on Italy cruises allows guests of all sizes to experience the best vacation ever. Because on family vacations, it’s all about options. And Norwegian’s got them, from accommodations that fit all families to delicious dining choices even finicky eaters can’t refuse. We haven’t forgotten about teens – they also have an exclusive onboard refuge at Entourage.

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