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Best Months For Alaska Cruise

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Alaska Cruise Weather In July


The late nights and early mornings can be very cold, but these are also the hours when most people are asleep in their cabins. Travelers cruising to Alaska in July should be sure to pack plenty of layers along with some waterproof outerwear, but they should pack light, removable layers to adjust to the warmer temperatures of the afternoons.

Things To Consider When Visiting Alaska

Now that you understand what the different seasons bring to the state, lets explore a few more things that will help you decide what the best time to travel to Alaska is for you.

These factors include the kinds of activities youd like to do, how tight your budget is, what weather you prefer, which wildlife youd like to see, and what events youd like to attend.

Taking A Cruise In October

Pros: If youre not wanting to deal with heat, then October is a great time to visit the Caribbean. While the humidity is always a factor, October see the start of a cooling trend in the weather. As well, while hurricanes can occur in October, the season is largely over so you dont have to worry about them disrupting your trip as much. Finally, cruise prices also fall during this time of year, meaning you can book a solid deal without spending a bundle.

Cons: It shouldnt be a surprise that April and October are two months that we consider great times to sail. Like April, the biggest con is that it can be difficult for people with kids to travel without taking their children out of school for a few days. Apart from that, the month sees good weather and cheaper fares, and its before the harsh winter hits many places in the U.S. and Canada, disrupting air travel to the port.

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Visiting Alaska In January

Alaskas long winter stretches from October through to April, during which temperatures plunge to well below freezing, the nights are long and much of the state goes into a hibernation-like shutdown. Although winter sports are available and a few lodges offer northern lights viewing, this is not the best time of year to visit Alaska.

Best Time To Cruise European Rivers: May

The Alaska cruise season is five months long

Peak season for European river cruises lasts from May through September. And if you’re after the best of those European summer vibe, it’s a hard time of year to top. Cafes are packed, streets bustle with life and days are long and warm.


There are some caveats, though. Most cities and towns along any of Europe’s rivers will be crowded. In some cases, heat waves and low rainfall can cause European rivers to be too low for ships to sail. If that’s the case, most lines will opt for motor coach tours. Additionally, depending on where you’re sailing, July and August may mean some local cafes and restaurants are closed for summer holidays.

If you’re seeking a slightly cheaper river cruise in Europe, spring can mean flowers in glorious bloom and milder temperatures. Tulip-viewing itineraries in the Netherlands and Belgium are especially popular. Keep in mind that heavy rains and early-spring flooding can make the rivers swell and the locks impassable.

Many river lines also offer Christmas market cruises in November and December to Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe. These tend to sell out quickly.

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East Greenland and Iceland NorthernLights. 14 Days Reykjavik to Reykjavik. Operated By: Intrepid Travel. Departures: Sep 2022 to Sep 2023. Trip Styles: Cruise, Winter, NorthernLights.

The arctic viewing season for northern lights cruises is from late September to late March/early April, though the best months are December through March, when there are the longest hours.

Where to see the northern lights. Anywhere within an area known as the auroral oval that sits above the Arctic and sub-Arctic offers opportunities for seeing the northern lights. The most easily accessible of these destinations are Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway, or travel further afield to Canada and Alaska.

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Discover the top tips for planning a cruisetoAlaska and uncover the besttimes of the year to spot Alaskas wildlife, locate must-see attractions, find Alaskan cruise deals and more. The besttimetosee the NorthernLights in Alaska is in September when the sun sets earlier, yielding darker skies that are ideal for witnessing the aerial.

Aug 28, 2022 · NorthernLights in the skies from an AlaskaCruise! The besttime to witness the NorthernLights is in the dead of winter, from 11:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., with peaks around 1:30 or 2:30 a.m. However, some say you can catch a brief glimpse of the NorthernLights 240 nights a year, especially during March, September and October..

The Best Time To Book An Alaskan Cruise

Book ahead for selection, wait for bargains.

Conventional wisdom for Alaska cruises is to book a year in advanceparticularly for travelers who want the best selection of sailing dates and cabins during the June/July peak season. Bargain hunters who are more flexible can often snag deals during the Wave booking season in January and February, when cruise bookings for all destinations peak last-minute deals can also be found as late as June.

Cruise lines tend to price higher for early bookings, with included add-ons like onboard credits or prepaid gratuities to entice buyers. Last-minute offers, on the other hand, are typically cruise-only. It also pays to monitor fares after the initial depositmany cruise lines will honor lower fares after the initial booking as long as the final payment hasnt been made. However, lower fares may not come with the same included amenities originally applied.

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Alaska Cruise Weather In June

Most of the month of June in Alaska is either cold or pleasantly cool with very cold temperatures being less frequent than in May. The lows can be as low as forty-three degrees Fahrenheit, and the highs can get up to the sixties on average.

Cloud cover and precipitation conditions from May persist throughout June and July, and wind speeds remain low as well. Layers are essential for this type of fluctuating weather, and travelers should be sure to pack waterproof jackets and shoes for rainy moments, cardigans or light sweaters, and other warm clothes like jeans, long skirts, and tights.

When To Cruise The Alaska Islands

Best and Worst Time to Cruise Alaska

Alaskas long and winding coastline has over 2,600 named islands with diverse landscapes and attractions for a variety of interests. An Alaska Islands cruise will take you to explore a number of these islands, where you can immerse in wildlife spotting, photography, shore excursions and more.

Chicagof Island is a nature lovers paradise. With its plunging fjords, porpoises, whales and the largest population of bears per square meter in the world, its ideal for nature photography.

The Brothers Islands also offer some of the best Alaska Islands wildlife spotting, with more whales, porpoises, sea lions and numerous birds. Be sure to also visit Baranof Island to experience remote communities, hiking and bathing in blissful hot springs.

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Things To Do In Alaska In April

Alaska Events in April: While the Alaska cruise season is creeping ever earlier into April, the towns along Southeast Alaska itineraries are still quite sleepy and you may not find all shops and restaurants opened or fully staffed. That’s especially true in Skagway, where snow can keep the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad may only travel a few miles due to snowed-in tracks. Juneau is an exception, as it’s the state capital and always buzzes.

Alaska Wildlife in April: Much of Alaska’s wild side is still sleepy in April, so don’t expect to see bears, caribou, or salmon in the southeast. Bald eagles are aplenty, and will likely be some humpback whales as well as orcas, sea otters and sea lions in the waters as you cruise Alaska’s Inner Passage during April.

Alaska Fishing in April: While salmon aren’t running in April, you’ll be able to snag a wide array of lake and river trout in Alaska’s waters in April. Halibut season is officially open in April as well, though you’ll have better luck catching one later in the year.

What to Eat in Alaska in April: Alaska is still emerging from the long, cold and dark winter in April, so don’t count on farmer’s markets or direct-to-table fruits, vegetables or herbs. Instead, opt for picking up the various jellies, jams and candies that are made from local summer and fall harvests, like salmonberry, spruce tip or blueberries.

If You Prefer Fewer Crowds And Lower Pricing

If a cruise with fewer crowds is important to you, it might be a good idea to avoid Alaska cruises in June, July, and August. Not only will there likely be more guests onboard during the summer, but in the ports you are visiting as well. If you are looking for a more quiet experience onboard and on shore, consider cruising to Alaska in May or September.

Plus, as prices are cheaper in the shoulder season, it can be an excellent opportunity to upgrade your stateroom category or splurge on add-ons like excursions, dining packages, or beverage packages.

A suite that costs $2000 per person in May may cost upwards of $3300 per person in mid-July. Such a large price difference allows you to enhance your Alaska cruise experience in other ways, whether booking a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour or kayaking through fjords.

However, its not necessarily a good idea to pick a cruise based solely on price. While price should definitely be a consideration, its important to consider other factors before choosing an Alaska cruise.

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The Best Months For An Alaska Cruise For Low Prices

Alaska is not a cheap cruise, but if you want to save money on your cruise fare, then your best bet is May or September.

For the same reasons May and September feature lower crowds, these months see most often the lowest prices for a cruise because of the combination of colder temperatures and the school calendar.

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Best Time For Wildlife/nature Viewing In Alaska

September is a really good month to cruise Alaska with better prices ...

If you cruise very early or very late in the Alaska season, you may miss out on some excursions, shopping, or experiences that have not yet opened or have already closed up shop for the year. Longer days in mid-June give you the most daylight to explore.

Most glaciers can be seen calving in August as the temperatures reach their peak, but youll likely get to experience the amazing phenomenon any time during the season.

Glacier Bay National Park is the most popular glacier viewing opportunity, so look for an itinerary that includes this stop.

For wildlife viewing in Alaska, youll want to consider mid-July to mid-August. These are the months where the salmon are spawning and the bears are feasting.

For whale watching, August is the prime time along the coast. Birds, including Alaskas sizable bald eagle population, are visible all summer, but their activity declines when the cool September weather sets in.

Pro Tip: For the best time to cruise Alaska to see wildlife, youll want to cruise in early August, when bear and whale sightings are at their peak.

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Best Time To Cruise To Bermuda: June

Bermuda cruises sail from April through mid-November, mostly during Bermuda’s beach season. Most people travel during the summer months , making those voyages pricier, but you’ll find deals on spring and fall departures .

The Bermuda hurricane season lasts from June through November, as it does for the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast. But the island is generally far less likely to be struck than either of those regions, and a strike is most common between late August and October. October also tends to be the rainiest month in Bermuda.

May in Bermuda is your best bet for shoulder season travel if you’re after discounts and the highest likelihood for sunny skies and warm temperatures. Even so, you can expect temperate weather year-round, and far less humidity than islands farther south. If it’s too chilly for the beach in the shoulder season, you can always try out the island’s many golf courses and spas.

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The Timeline For Cruising Alaska

While the state is beautiful during any season, the best time to cruise Alaska is between May and September. Between these months, there is an average of zero inches of snowfall in Juneau and Anchorage. The days are longer than they are in the winter, and theres usually much more to do. The Anchorage Market, for instance, runs from mid-May to mid-September on the weekends, so no matter which month you choose, a visit may be a part of your cruise itinerary.

May to September also has the safest and calmest water to cruise on, but which of those months is the best time to take an Alaskan cruise? Well break down the pros and cons to help you decide when to experience the great Alaskan wilderness and culture. Some factors to consider include:

  • Hours of daylight
  • Wildlife sightings
  • Potential for crowds

Check out our breakdown of the months between May and September to decide when is the best time to visit Alaska based on what you want to see and do.

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What Alaska Is Like In The Spring

The average spring temperature in Alaska is around 24 degrees Fahrenheit, though this varies depending on the specific region that you visit. Most days will be cold but clear with occasional rain showers and an occasional sprinkling of snow mixed in.

  • : March is a bit of a transitional month in Alaska with very chilly weather and frozen grounds. Though late in the season, you may still be able to see the Northern lights and enjoy other winter activities such as dog sledding.
  • : Due to the warming of the temperature, ice and snow begin to melt during this month, resulting in a soggy landscape make sure to pack boots if you visit in April! Most days you will experience clear weather that is perfect for hiking or wildlife viewing.
  • May: Tourism season is just around the corner, so take advantage of the fast-warming weather to hit some of the biggest tourism spots such as Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park, and the Inside Passage. In just a couple of short weeks, all of these peaceful spots will be overrun with tourists so take full advantage of nature and solitude while you can.

Denali Zipline. Photo courtesy of

Are Alaskan Cruises Family

These Are Best Cruises To Go On By Month! See Why!

Absolutely! Id suggest looking into cruise lines that will offer more activities for children, such as Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, or Royal Caribbean because you wont find yourself by the pool as often as you might on a Caribbean itinerary.

When it comes to excursions, there might be some more adventurous ones that younger children wont be able to attend. However, they are sure to love a wildlife quest in Sitka, Skagways White Pass scenic railway, a whale cruise in Icy Straight point, or a trolley tour in Ketchikan!

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Taking A Cruise In September

Pros: With the busy summer cruise season past, students back to school, and summer vacations in the rear view mirror, September offers a shoulder season of sorts. While the Caribbean is still warm perfect for those that want to hit the beach and the water cruise fares are heavily discounted versus the expensive summer months. In other words, you get the warm weather of the summer with the lower prices of the fall. Its also the last chance to sail Alaska for the season, when crowds are fewer and fares are generally cheaper.

Cons: September actually marks the peak of hurricane season. Historically, the first week of the month is the busiest for storms and then activity quickly drops off later in the month. Still, even if your ship isnt directly impacted by a storm, it can cause issues at Caribbean ports.

When Do Cruises Go To Alaska

Since ships dont stay in Alaska year-round, they come from different parts of the world to cash in on the over one-million passengers annually that embark to see the final frontier.

The first cruise ships typically begin plying the waters of Alaska the last week of April or the first week of May. The full Alaska-based fleet arrives by mid-May or so.

Then at the end of the season, cruise ships begin repositioning from Alaska the first week of September, with the last cruises usually sailing by September 15.

Once the Alaska season is over, the ships are dispersed back to different regions of the world, including Asia, Australia, the Mexican Riviera, and the Caribbean.

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When Should You Cruise To Alaska

As you have read above it really depends on a few factors:

  • Do you mind going during peak season when its a little more crowded?
  • Can you stand the temperatures during the colder months?
  • Are the Northern Lights on your bucket list?
  • Are you hoping to see a lot of wildlife?
  • Do you mind going during the rainy months?
  • Are you a floral enthusiast that wants to see all the flowers in bloom?

The best times to go to Alaska on a cruise ship are between the months of May and September, but between July and August is going to be peak season. Its during these summer months that most people like to go on these trips partially to escape the heat, and partially because they have a better chance of seeing some wildlife.

In May and September the temperature will be a little colder, so you may need to pack accordingly, but you will also see some of the more rare sites during these months. In May you will see Alaska in the spring and many wild flowers will be blooming everywhere with truly vibrant colors. You will also see a lot of animals in the spring time.

In September you have a good chance of seeing some of the northern lights, which is a spectacular show that everyone needs to see at least once in their lifetime. You may experience some rain during these months that are on the fringe of the peak season, but it is worth it in my opinion.

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