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Can You Cruise To Hawaii From California

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Renting A Car In Port Is Easy

How to Fly from California to Hawaii in 2021 | Worksite Labs Pre-Travel Testing | Hawaii Travel Vlog

For those who don’t want to participate in a cruise-organized shore excursion, renting a car in port is a terrific way to go — and easier than you might think. Hawaiian cruise ports don’t look anything like those in Caribbean destinations: You won’t find vendors immediately off the gangway and cute little villages won’t be waiting for you immediately upon disembarkation.

Instead, you need to drive to get to points of interest, either by taking a cruise ship-sponsored or independent tour or by renting your own car. Several rental car companies offer free shuttles to retrieve cars in most ports make your reservations in advance for the least hassle.

If you are going out on your own, be sure to ask for a map and create a game plan with your group before you step off the ship. Also, be sure you know what the parking situation is in ports where you have an overnight stay and need to park the car overnight most ports do not have onsite parking, and you will likely need to pay to park at a nearby lot.

Finally, always remember to take valuables with you when parking at beaches or tourist attractions to avoid break-ins.

Choosing A Cruise Line

Carnival offers the least expensive cruise fare from California to Hawaii. Keep in mind that Carnival ships tend to be larger vessels with a higher cruise capacity and less personalized service. Carnival Miracle holds approximately 2,100 passengers while the Celebrity Century and ms Veendam hold 1,800 and 1,350, respectively. The four Princess cruises have the largest passenger capacity, or roughly 2,600 passengers per ship, but like Holland America and Celebrity, cater to a more upscale crowd.

Of the four cruise lines, Holland America offers the most refined cruise experience. While children are welcome on all four cruise lines, young travelers may prefer Carnival Miracle for its youth programs, casual dining and water slides.

Small Ship Luxury Cruises That Depart From California

I’m including this as a seperate category since it is important to note that a vast number of small ship cruises also visit Hawaii. These cruises vary in price and length so much that I can’t possibly even add a spectrum. Suffice to say, this is the option to take if neither price nor time is a limiting factor. For instance, you could do a 19-day Los Angeles to Auckland cruise on Crystal Serenity or a 136 “World Cruise” on Viking Star that visits Hawaii.

The choice is yours but these voyages will offer a different level of Hawaii cruise experience due to both the extra attention available on the smaller ships, but also the ability to visit smaller ports and get closer to marine life than you can in a traditional cruise ship.

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Can You Take A Cruise From Florida To California

Cruises from Florida to California pass through the epic and historic Panama Canal. Itineraries last from 13 to 18 days and make stops in Central America and Mexico with the main cruising season running from October to May. Several cruise lines offer trips through the Panama Canal with departure points in Miami or Ft.

Cruise Lines Traveling To Hawaii

The Best Honolulu Vacation Packages 2017: Save Up to $C590 ...

There are several ways to book your Hawaiian cruise. You can book through any of the online travel companies or you can book with a travel agent locally.

You may want to consider booking directly with the cruise line that will take you from place to place. Shopping each of these services can help you to save money, too. Plus, not all cruises are the same. Find out what activities, port calls and overall experiences you can expect.

Popular options to cruise around Hawaii include these cruise lines.

  • Princess Cruises offers a range of great Hawaiian cruises. They often leave from Los Angeles, California, but other port options may be available. A popular option is the 14-night cruise from Los Angeles on the Golden Princess cruise ship.
  • Carnival Cruise Line provides Hawaiian cruises, too. This large company offers a number of different cruises, including those coming from Hawaii to the States. Twelve night cruises are popular, leaving from Ensenada or Honolulu.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line also offers Hawaiian cruises from Honolulu and from Los Angeles. The Pride of America ship is one of the most popular for the Hawaiian cruises.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises offers several cruises throughout the year to Hawaii and the other Islands. They offer departures from Vancouver, specifically on the Rhapsody of the Seas.

There are many other cruise lines to choose from, too. Your goal should be to find the one that fits your needs the very best.

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Hyatt Waikiki Standard View

Steps from the azure blue waters and soft sands of Waikk Beach, Hyatt Regency Waikk Beach Resort and Spa offers magnificent personalized services and luxurious amenities including world-class dining, award-winning spa, interactive cultural activities, 24-hour fitness centre, swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and more than 60 on-site boutiques. The resort provides the perfect place for those who want to make the most of their island experience and connect with the heart of Hawai`i. And for your convenience, Norwegian Cruise Line can assist you with island adventures, transfers and more.

Steps from the azure blue waters and soft sands of Waikk Beach, Hyatt Regency Waikk Beach Resort and Spa offers magnificent personalized services and luxurious amenities including world-class dining, award-winning spa, interactive cultural activities, 24-hour fitness centre, swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and more than 60 on-site boutiques. The resort provides the perfect place for those who want to make the most of their island experience and connect with the heart of Hawai`i. And for your convenience, Norwegian Cruise Line can assist you with island adventures, transfers and more.

What Cruise Lines Go To Hawaii

Considering the popularity of this island tourist destination, surprisingly few cruise lines offer Hawaii cruises. The main reason for this is the strict requirements for operating itineraries solely within the Hawaiian Islands. Ships must have a mostly-American crew and be registered in the United Statescriteria that currently only Norwegians Pride of America meets. Consequently, Norwegian is the only cruise line able to offer 7-night Hawaii cruises, which they do every week, all year long.

Pride of Americas itinerary is an enticing option, sailing round trip Honolulu and providing guests with 100 hours of in-port time on Hawaiis idyllic islands. With overnight calls on Maui and Kauai, youll have the opportunity to experience more of these destinations by renting a car or by booking multiple excursions, which are generally required to see anything of interest beyond the pier.

If you dont mind spending several consecutive days at sea, Princess, Carnival and Holland America all offer 15-night cruises from California to Hawaii. Most of these include the benefit of a call at Lahaina, Mauis most charming town, which Pride of America does not visit. Round trip California itineraries also often include a bonus stop in Ensenada, Mexico, the birthplace of the Margarita and home to the best wineries in the country!

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Are All Cruises Cancelled For 2021

Cruise Lines Continue To Cancel Sailings Further Into 2021. All cruises on Oceania and Regent have been canceled through March 31, 2021. That same day, Royal Caribbean announced it would be suspending its global sailings through February 28, 2021. Sailings in Australia are now cancelled through April 2021.

Hawaiian Cruises Departing From California

Hawaiian Cruise from Los Angeles

Hawaiis Big Island is a frequent port of call on Hawaiian cruises.

Californias coast is the closest place on the U.S. mainland to the Hawaiian islands, making the states four major cruise ports Long Beach and San Pedro in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco the most geographically convenient points of departure for cruises to Hawaii. Its still a considerable voyage, starting with four to five straight days surrounded by nothing but the vast blue Pacific before you spot the fringes of the Hawaiian islands on the horizon. Here, youll hop from island to island, spending sunny days in the tropics and balmy nights onboard the ship, before heading back to California or onward to a new destination. If youre keen to cruise from California to Hawaii, know that there are around half a dozen major cruise lines and a handful of luxury lines offering such trips their duration and itineraries vary considerably.

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Things To Know About Planning A Hawaii Cruise

Perched in the North Pacific surrounded by crystal blue waters, the Hawaiian archipelago seems like a destination made for cruising. But planning a Hawaii cruise is more complicated than one might imagine. Its remote locale and protective regulations mean surprisingly few cruises are offered to this Polynesian paradise.

Among the many perks of a Hawaii cruise is the ability to see four islands within the span of a weeka logistical feat only accomplished through several flights for land vacationers. Cruising is also a highly economical way to see Hawaii, a notoriously expensive vacation destination.

Last but certainly not least, the wonders contained within the islands themselves are what bring in over nine million visitors each year. Cascading waterfalls, revered volcanoes, abundant marine life, postcard-perfect beacheseach of Hawaiis islands offer unique and memorable experiences for guests to enjoy.

Here are the five most common questions answered about planning a Hawaii cruise.

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Whens The Best Time For Couples To Visit Hawaii

With the kids back in school in September, this is a great month for parents to go on a couples cruise to Hawaii. Its the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, or simply spend quality time together resting and reconnecting.

Cruises in September visit multiple Hawaiian destinations such as Hilo, Kailua Kona, and Lahaina.

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Hawaii Cruises That Departs From California

This is the most common way that people cruise to Hawaii and it is a fine option. Unfortuantely, because of the distance from the mainland, this adds several sea days to your voyage. For example, for cruises from San Diego this would add FOUR sea days to your trip. On a round trip Holland America Line Zuiderdam Hawaii Circle Cruise that turns a cruise with five days in Hawaii to a 17-day cruise that includes a stop in Ensenda, Mexico to satisfy regulations regarding the PVSA. Of course, if you want something special and have plenty of time, Zuiderdam also hosts a 45-day Tales Of The South Pacific scheduled for October next year that leaves and returns to San Diego but explores Hawaii and the South Pacific for a starting price of only $7,000 vs the 17-day Hawaii Circle Cruise for $1,899.

For folks with lots of time, this is a great option since it generally isnt that much more expensive than booking an inside cabin on Norwegians Pride of America cruise ship. For example, both of them are about the same price for Hawaii cruises in the spring of 2022 at a starting price for an inside cabin coming in about $2,000 per person. Certainly thats a lot of extra value for the Holland America Line option.

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Hawaii By Boat: You Can Get There From Southern California

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Question: My sister, 85, wants to go to Hawaii to visit her grandson, but she does not want to fly. Cruise lines and agencies have indicated this is impossible because of federal laws and restrictions that require a stop in a foreign port. Is there a way to do this?

Earl Gardner, Riverside

Answer: Yes. It wont be easy, it wont be cheap and the vacation wont be short. But it will accomplish the goal for Gardners sister, Jeanette Jones.

In the golden age of travel, passengers could sail to Hawaii. Some of my fondest travel memories involve sailing from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Honolulu and back on the old Matson Lines, the Bay Area passenger and cargo company that helped build tourism to Hawaii. These five-day cruises were an elegant introduction to transoceanic travel that no airline trip could ever match, especially these days.

But the tyranny of time meant the waning of passenger cruise service to Hawaii, and by the 70s, we bid aloha to our peaceful passage. Jets were in sailing was out.

I was close to going down with the ship when help arrived from CruiseCritic.coms message boards. There, a respondent suggested I begin looking at trips that start in a foreign country. Blimey! And olé!

I found a few trips that sail from our neighbors to the north and south: NCLs Norwegian Sun , Royal Caribbeans Rhapsody of the Seas , Princess Pacific Princess and Celebrity Mercury .

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Tour The Garden Island By Helicopter From Nawiliwili Kauai

Considered by many to be Hawaiis most beautiful island, theres no better way to take in Kauais lush vegetation and spectacular mountainscapes than by helicopter as most of the island is inaccessible by road. Soar over picturesque waterfalls and towering pali as you learn about the islands history and legends from a knowledgeable local pilot.

California To Hawaii Round

Round-trip cruises from California ports to Hawaii start at 14 days in duration, which allows for nine or 10 full days at sea as bookends to four or more days of island hopping. Cruise ports in the islands include Honolulu on Oahu, Lahaina on Maui, Nawiliwili on Kauai, and the ports of Hilo and Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. An example of a round-trip cruise is Holland Americas 18-day Circle Hawaii trip, which takes you from San Diego to Hilo, then Kona, Honolulu, Lahaina and Nawiliwili before returning to San Diego.

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Can You Take A Cruise To Hawaii From California


With convenient roundtrip cruise departures from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancouver, it’s easy to cruise to Hawaii in style and avoid the hassle of a long, boring plane flight to paradise. And if you‘re on the West Coast, it’s even easier to sail local residents can drive in and sail on the same day!

One may also ask, can you take a boat to Hawaii from California? If you are ready to head for Hawaii on a Carnival Cruise, you can take off from either Vancouver, in British Columbia or Long Beach, in California. The Vancouver cruise is a one-way experience. It offers 11 tranquil days on the blue Pacific.

Similarly, you may ask, how much does it cost to cruise from California to Hawaii?

Hawaiian 14-16 day cruises from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancouver cost about $1,200-$2,600 per person, double occupancy for an interior room, depending on cruise line, embarkation point and sailing date.

What is the best month to cruise to Hawaii?

Shoulder season or off-season for Hawaii cruises takes place between May and June, and again in September through mid-December. If you want to enjoy an affordable Hawaiian vacation with glorious weather, the shoulder season is the best time of year to sail to Hawaii.

Hawaii Cruises Travel Tips

Trans Pacific Crossing – Attempting a Lifelong Dream to Sail From Hawaii to California
  • One of the biggest issues Hawaii has is those who visit taking the lava rocks. It is advisable that you do not do this.
  • Reserve tickets for the well-known tourist destinations in advance, such as Pearl Harbor.
  • Make sure to bring enough sunscreen with you! It can be very hot and sunny.
  • A lot of the land is sacred, and you should make sure you treat it as such.
  • Stop and listen to the local music and try the local food.
  • Speak with the people there and learn more about the history of the land and their ancestors.
  • Slow down and take in the sights, sounds, and smells around you while there. You will appreciate the area and your time more.
  • Try Poi, it is one of the most delicious things you will ever have and a staple in the Hawaiian community.

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Cruise To Hawaii From San Diego California

Hawaii is the best of all worlds with fresh fruit-forward cocktails sun even in your shade beaches in all colors hiking, biking and surfing adventures and coffee that tastes like chocolate. Does it get better? Yes, it does. There are numerous Hawaiian cruises leaving from San Diego, so as you are parked on your California beach, think volcano, think tropical, think sea life youve never seen, think warm water thats waiting for you. Theres no better way to swim with the dolphins or run your hands through black sand than on a cruise to Hawaii. At, we not only specialize in discounted Hawaii cruise vacations, but our competitive rates on a Hawaiian cruise and our customer service is outstanding, our staff is Hawaii-savvy and helpful, and we offer Hawaii cruises that leave from San Diego on two major cruise lines: Carnival Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises. Book your cruise to Hawaii online or call us at 1-877-721-8085 for discounted rates plus free onboard credits. Hawaii cruises are your means to an island end, and theres no better time than the present.

Can You Cruise From California To Hawaii

With convenient roundtrip cruise departures from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancouver, its easy to cruise to Hawaii in style and avoid the hassle of a long, boring plane flight to paradise. And if youre on the West Coast, its even easier to sail local residents can drive in and sail on the same day!

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