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Can You Smoke On Cruise Ships

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Norwegian Cruise Line Smoking Policy

Can you get Cigarettes on a Cruise Ship?

Guests are permitted to smoke in designated areas on open decks. Some of Norwegians larger cruise ships offer smoking sections in the casino.

While smoking is not allowed in cabins or balconies, guests booked in Garden Villas may smoke in their private garden and on the private sun decks.

Cigar and pipe smoking are permitted in designated cigar bars on select ships.

Read the Norwegian Cruise Line smoking policies.

Cruise Ship Smoking: Is Smoking Allowed On Cruises

Whether you’re a smoker or someone who has never so much as touched a cigarette or cigar, you might be wondering about cruise ship smoking policies, especially after many lines changed their rules during the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are here to answer some of your biggest smoking-related questions.

Smoking On Cruise Ships

The major cruise lines have already tightened their rules for cigar and cigarette smoking policies and this includes the mainstream lines Carnival, NCL Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and MSC, to the mid-market leaders Celebrity, Disney, Princess, Holland America.

Smoking on cruise ships has been an important issue since the 2006 fire which broke out aboard Star Princess. The fire was started after a passenger flicked a lit cigarette over the balcony railing. It landed on the balcony below, setting on fire the balcony partition and the furniture. Eventually, the fire spread and destroyed 238 staterooms. A man lost his life, the ship suffered huge loses.

Fire is the second-rated among the most disastrous cruise ship accidents right after ship sinking, which is in true connection with the Smoking on cruise ships theme. Still, many passengers want to smoke in their cabins, on their balcony, in dining rooms, all around the pool deck areas.

In an effort not to repulse smokers and to please non-smokers, the major cruise lines had to rewrite their rules for smoking on ships. As part of the effort, most of them are now banning cigar and cigarette smoking on cruise ship balconies.

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Oceania Cruises Smoking Policy

Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas. Smoking areas include the forward starboard corner of the Pool Deck on Deck 9 and the aft port corner of Horizons Deck 10.

According to Oceania Cruises smoking policy, smoking is not permitted at any indoor venues, casinos, cabins, or balconies.

Travel Industry Math Is Always In The Companys Favor

Cruise Ship Smoke Stack Square cruise ship cruising cruiser

Travel companies always do the math so it favors them.

Heres funny math on an airline refund in 2019. And heres a 2015 case involving United frequent flier points.

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How do you know a company will use travel math? You could say the fine print gives them permission or that lack of fine print gives them permission . But for me, the best explanation is that the company is in business. If its taking your money, its always going to use math that favors it.

Fosses case is a borderline one, when it comes to travel math. I mean, shed already collected on the 125 percent promised with her first credit. Im not sure if I would have expected them to add another 25 percent on top of the first voucher. Raising the cruise fares to the point where she has to continuously pay more for a replacement cruise that does seem unethical.

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While Cigars Are Presidential They Have Special Rules

Cigars and Fidel Castro are ubiquitous, Churchill inspired Churchills, and even some U.S. presidents are associated with cigars. Historically and right up through the present day, for better or worse, tobacco has been the main crop for many countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, not to mention the United States itself. Tobacco pre-dates Columbus. If you are on a cruise that goes through this region, then cigars should be addressed in your cruise companys top-10 FAQ.

Where cigars can be smoked, so can pipes. You will find that the smoking areas can be even more restricted because of their heavier aromatic smoke. Cigar and pipe smokers are usually directed to outside deck smoking areas or specific cigar lounges.

Can You Smoke On The Balcony Of A Carnival Cruise Ship

Smoking tobacco in designated areas on its ships, including on the exterior deck, is allowed in gaming and nightclubs. It is prohibited on ships. In staterooms, outside balconies are also prohibited. On the left, youll find an easy-to-use link that tells you where to find the Carnival ships smoking rooms.

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Scenic Luxury Cruises And Tours Review Which Recommended Provider

Scenic specialises in luxury river cruises in Europe and Asia. Its not cheap, but there are no nasty-surprises because everythings included in the initial price, so the company still earns four start out of five for value for money. You have a choice of at least two excursions at every stop, while on-board, youll be treated to high-quality cabins, lots of space, excellent food and friendly and helpful staff.

, or read our full Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours review for more information.

Who Is Costa Cruises

Cruise IQ – Where can you smoke onboard a cruise ship?

An Italian cruise line owned by the Carnival Corporation, Costa Cruises offers value-added services that are popular among families, young cruisers and groups.

The line has a relaxed smoking policy, allowing guests to smoke on their balconies. Nevertheless, smoking in cabins isnât allowed.

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The ship features additional smoking areas and almost all bars on the top deck have ashtrays.

Costa Cruises also have a space called âCigar Lounge,â where passengers are allowed to smoke cigars, cigarettes and pipes.

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Apt Luxury River Cruises Review Which Recommended Provider

Like Scenic, APT is another Australian river cruise company offering luxury river cruises in Europe and Asia. But in addition to the luxury cruises, APT also has an essential cruising tier for those wanting to see the sites for a little less expense. It didnt rate poorly in a single part of our survey, but customer service and the quality of food on offer are really where it really stands out.

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Princess Cruises Smoking Policy

Princess Cruises allow smoking in designated areas whichinclude outdoor smoking areas, cigar lounges and a section of the nightclub. Inthe casino, smoking is allowed only whilst playing designated machines and notat table games. The casino will have one or more non-smoking nights on eachcruise. Electronic cigarettes are permitted in cabins and within the smoking areas.

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Msc Cruises Smoking Policy

MSC Cruises allows smoking on board, although this is limited. As mentioned on their website, smoking is limited to designated areas marked with ashtrays and signs.

However, smoking is not allowed in the cabin or on its balcony.

On MSC cruises, you are not allowed to smoke anywhere other than designated smoking areas. Smoking regulations should be strictly adhered to on any cruise ship.

Cruise Line Policies On Marijuana

Royal Caribbean crew member burned as fire breaks out on cruise ship in ...

There is conflict on the legal status of marijuana at the state and federal levels.

Many states have chosen to legalize marijuana for medical and personal use. However, consumption and possession of cannabis is illegal under US federal law.

Cruise lines that depart the US must follow federal laws. As such, even cruises that depart states with legal pot status must prohibit the use of marijuana.

The ship isnt the only place where pot is prohibited.

Cruise lines have policies that prohibit the use of weed on the ship, at the cruise terminal, in ports of call, and during shore excursions.

In other words, dont expect to use weed at any time during your cruise vacation.

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Alcohol Age Limits On River Cruises

When youre traveling with someone under 21, rules about alcohol can get even more complicated.

Cruise line practices vary widely, with some following the law of the country where the ship is traveling, and others limiting alcoholic beverages to passengers 18 or 21.

Those enforcing a drinking age of 21 include American Queen Steamboat Company, Viking River Cruises, Emerald Waterways, Tauck and Uniworld.

But others are more flexible. For example, Adventures by Disney in Europe allows 18- to 20-year-olds to drink if a parent signs a waiver.

Crystal River Cruises aims for a middle ground, serving beer and wine to those more than 18, although it limits spirits to passengers more than 21.

Avalon Waterways, Scenic and APT will serve alcohol to passengers more than 18. And CroisiEurope follows the drinking age of the country its visiting, which in Europe is generally 18, and sometimes younger.

Which Cruise Lines Allow Smoking

Cruise line smoking policies have become fairly uniform in recent years. Below, we outline what’s allowed by each of eight major brands.

Note that specific locations where smoking is permitted vary from ship to ship within each cruise line’s fleet, and unless otherwise noted, the rules apply to cigarettes, tobacco pipes, cigars, vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line limits the smoking to its casinos and casino bars, nightclubs and select outdoor spaces. In fact, it’s one of the only lines to permit nightclub smoking at all.

Cigars and tobacco pipes are limited to certain outdoor spaces only, and smoking of any kind is not allowed in cabins or on cabin balconies.

Here is a full list of Carnival’s designated smoking areas.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises maintains a non-smoking environment across its fleet, with the exception of designated areas. Contact Celebrity for specific locations on each ship.

Unlike other cruise lines, Celebrity does not allow smoking in its ships’ casinos, and smoking is not allowed in staterooms or on verandas. Violators face fines of up to $250 and other consequences.

You can read more under Celebrity’s smoking policy.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney does not allow smoking in any public areas or passenger rooms. It is also banned on stateroom balconies. Violators face fines of $250.

Disney does not have casinos on its ships, which effectively eliminates smoking there.

Holland America Line

Princess Cruises

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TheWhat to Expect on a Cruiseseries, written by Cruise Critic’s editorial staff, is a resource guide, where we answer the most common questions about cruise ship life — including cruise food, cabins, drinks and onboard fun — as well as money matters before and during your cruise and visiting ports of call on your cruise.

Can You Smoke On A Cruise Ship The Ultimate Guide

New Smoking Policy on a Cruise Ships – Now STRICTLY enforced!

May 28, 2022

Disclaimer: I may receive a small commission when you make a purchase from a link on this site, at no added charge to you. For more info, please read my Disclosure Policy.

For smokers and non-smokers alike, knowing where smoking is allowed on your cruise is so important. In this guide to cruise line smoking policies, Ill explain the guidelines for where its OK to smoke on a cruise and where its strictly forbidden.

Whether youd prefer to steer clear of any secondhand smoke on your cruise vacation, or youre a smoker looking for the right place to light up on your upcoming cruise, Ill share all the basics you need to know.

Plus, Ive included a line-by-line list of smoking policies for 39 cruise lines, as well as a handy chart to see the basic policies at a glance.

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Regent Seven Seas Smoking Policy

When you travel with Regent Seven Seas, you will find that they do not allow smoking in dining areas aboard the vessel. Cigarettes may only be smoked in specifically designated areas aboard each ship.

As they explain in their policy, pipes and cigars are only permitted in the Connoisseur Club on the following vessels:

  • Seven Seas Voyager

Also, cigars are permitted in a designated pool area on all ships.

What Happens If Youre Caught Smoking In A Non

Cruise lines are very strict with their smoking policies, and can assess hefty fines for people who are caught smoking in non-smoking areas. They can even kick you off the ship at the next port!

And no, you wont get a refund if youre disembarked for breaking a cruise line policy. Youll also need to find your way home at your own expensenot a fun way to end your vacation!

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Fred Olsen Smoking Policy

Smoking will only be permitted on room balconies , and in designated open deck areas.

All Fred Olsen ships have an outside smoking area and do not allow smoking inside the ship.

There isnt a cigar lounge or any internet room which allows smoking. Interestingly youre not allowed to smoke on deck 7 or Black Watch and Boudicca so if you do want to smoke on your balcony make sure you dont book one of these cabins.

What Is And Isnt Included In The Vikings Fare

Can You Smoke On Your Cruise Ship Balcony

Before booking a ticket, its crucial to know what type of amenities are included in the ticket and what may charge you some extra bucks. River cruising, generally in Europe, is pretty all-inclusive. However, there are a few differences based on the different brands.

But we are doing a Viking river cruises review here. So what exactly is the case when you look at this cruise company. When you look at the Viking fare, understanding what you are going to get is very important because a lot of people, particularly if they are coming from ocean cruises.

Take a look at the river cruising fares and think theyre on the high side. Thats because theres a lot of stuff included. The obvious things included are your

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Viking European River Cruises For Chinese Travelers

In Fall 2016, Viking became the first European river cruise company offering itineraries on dedicated to Chinese tourists riverboats. The company dedicated two longships, on which the primary onboard language is Mandarin.

The first longships 2016 itineraries are on Rhine River, between homeports Amsterdam and Basel. The second longships 2017 itineraries are on Danube. On both riverboats, all the hotel staff is Mandarin-speaking, all the signage is in Mandarin . The onboard cuisine is traditional Chinese plus European dishes by Michelin-star chefs.

All excursion programs ashore are organized by Viking River Cruises. Each ship has all 8 Mandarin-speaking tour guides assigned to 25-passenger groups. The Rhine cruise program includes a shipboard overnight in Amsterdam and 3 days in Basel with Lake Lucerne tour. In Strasbourg, passengers take the high-speed TGV train to Paris. Optional deals include private jet travel for 1 day at the price of USD 30,000 pp. Cruise fares start from around USD 4,300 pp.

Cruise Lines International Association/CLIAs projections for 2020 were that the number of Chinese cruisers to Europe will be the same in comparison to the Americans.

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Smoking Bans: Where To Light Up On Cruise Ships

When was the last time you heard someone say, “Mind if I smoke?” What used to be a common-courtesy question with a laissez-faire response has become the social equivalent of asking, “Mind if I pour anthrax in your coffee?”

With cities, states, and even whole countries enacting increasingly strict smoking bans for public places, it’s no surprise that cruise lines are getting on board with the new normal.

“It’s a different world now — basically a nonsmoking world to be sure. Evensmokers understand that,” says Larry Pimentel, president and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises, one of the cruise lines with the most nonsmoking policies.

Once upon a time, and not very long ago at that, there were “no smoking” sections in the public rooms on many cruise ships. Today, the situation has reversed with a vengeance, and designated “smoking permitted” sections are becoming fewer and farther between.

Just this past week, three of the major cruise lines — Carnival, Princess, and Holland America — revised their smoking policies to ban smoking in most public spaces and all staterooms, effective Dec. 1, 2011 for Carnival and Jan. 15, 2012 for Princess and HAL.

To be fair, the cruise lines’ cleaning regimes do seem to do the trick: In a decade and a half of cruising, I can recall only one stateroom that betrayed lingering cigarette odors from a past sailing.

The Best Ships for Nonsmokers

Smoking Regulations, Line by Line

Azamara Club Cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines

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Is Smoking Allowed On Cruise Ships A Line

Cruise ship smoking policies vary by cruise line, but typically smoking is not allowed, except in a few designated onboard areas.

Can you smoke in cruise ship restaurants? No. What about cruise ship cabins? Never, unless you are vaping and only a handful of ships permit that. Are you allowed to smoke on cruise ship balconies? Definitely not its a fire hazard. Can you light up on deck? Typically yes, but only in designated areas.

If kicking back with a cigar and a glass of Scotch is your idea of vacation, look for ships with dedicated cigar lounges. Just dont plan to get high on the high seas: You are not allowed to smoke marijuana on a cruise ship, even if you have a medical marijuana card or are departing from a state where recreational use is legal.

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What happens if you get caught smoking on a cruise? Most ships charge a $250 cleaning fee and reserve the right to take further action . On Carnival Cruise Line, each violation is subject to a $500 fine, and you could also get banned from ever sailing Carnival again.

Read our line-by-line guide to cruise line smoking policies to learn where you can and cannot smoke on cruise ships.

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