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Go Kart On Cruise Ship

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The Racetracks Were Inspired By The Ceos Grandchildren

They Put A Go-Kart Racetrack On A Cruise Ship!

When it came time to build Norwegian Bliss, the Norwegian Cruise Lines CEO, Frank del Rio, asked his grandchildren for their ideas. According Franko to del Rio, “I just said, ‘Why don’t you come up with a list of ideas you’d like to see on the next cruise ship?’ The next morning, they came up with the idea of a race track on board. I think next time they should put down a Personal Travel Agent on the ideas checklist.

Image credit to Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruising With Katy Perry On A $15bn Ship With Go

The songstress and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, joined the maiden voyage of Norwegian Prima. The ship has many other attractions, too.

Norwegian Prima is the first of six new vessels commissioned by the Norwegian Cruise Line company.

But not all of them can sing and dance on board no less. Hence, when Norwegian Cruise Line announced their new-build $US 1 billion ship Norwegian Prima would feature godmother Katy Perry performing during the inaugural cruise, berths were snapped up fast.

Godmother of Norwegian Prima, Katy Perry, joins Norwegian Cruise Line executives in Reykjavik, Iceland to officially name NCLs newest ship. Tristan Fewings

If that wasnt Hollywood enough, Perry brought along her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom, the former husband of Australian model and entrepreneur, Miranda Kerr.

It was so much fun to sprinkle some fairy godmother dust on Norwegian Prima and send her on her way to sail the high seas, Perry told guests at the start of the week-long maiden voyage, which sailed out of Icelands capital of Reykjavik, bound for England, France, then the Netherlands.

With a new-build cost of $1.5 billion, Norwegian Prima is all bling. It even sports an electric go-kart racetrack atop the ship, pictured here in Reykjavik ahead of its maiden voyage.

I always appreciate a family vacation and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I was happy to wish all the vacationing guests a happy bon voyage.

The spacious, light-filled atrium aboard Norwegian Prima.

What Are The Requirements To Race

One of the best things about these tracks is that there is no age limit to drive karts on them. You just need to be at least 55 inches tall. It doesnt matter how old you are! Another requirement to go on the tracks is to have the proper attire. This is very important, as it ensures the safety of the racers.

You shouldnt be wearing sandals when going karting. You are required to wear closed-toe shoes, as well as clothes that are not loose. Items like an open jacket or a scarf are not allowed as they run the risk of getting stuck on the wheels which could cause potential accidents. Other than these standard karting rules that you should be following, theres not much stopping you from being part of this amazing oceanic karting experience.

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Epic Things You Can Do On Cruise Ships From Skydiving And Go

We look at 10 of the coolest things you can do on cruise ships from skydiving and go-kart tracks to waterparks with thrilling slides and rides

  • 10:55, 11 Jun 2021

Long gone are the days when cruise holidays sparked images of a slow-paced getaway at sea, with activities limited to shuffleboard or eating.

Nowadays, cruise ships have been given major upgrades with heaps of thrilling and bucket-list-worthy experiences for all ages, with some ridiculously cool activities including skydiving, go-kart tracks, ziplines and water parks jam-packed with adrenaline-inducing slides.

Even bars and lounges have been given their own twists whether thats a sci-fi bar where your drinks are served by a robot bartender, or having cocktails on a platform that hangs off the edge of a ship.

We take a look at the top 10 coolest activities you can enjoy onboard

What Are The Requirements To Go On The Race Track


You dont want to wait in line or make a reservation and not be allowed to race. Make sure you make closed-toe shoes, or you will be turned away. Also, leave your bags somewhere else there are no nearby lockers to store your belongings, and bags are not allowed in the car. Also, dont forget your room key youll need it so they can identify you.

To drive alone, the minimum height to ride is 48 . The maximum height is 79. There are no age limits, so smaller riders can go in a two-seater with adults.

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Norwegian Joy Ride: A Tour Of The Go

This is the Norwegian Joy from Norwegian Cruise Line. The ship was originally used for Asian itineraries, but, following a $50 million makeover, it has been reassigned to North Americas west coastprimarily Seattle to Alaska, but also the Mexican Riviera and Baja from Los Angeles. At Norwegians invitation, Frommers took a short cruise to check out the vessel, from the go-kart racetrack on the top deck to the utility closet in steerage where they stash the cast of the onboard musical.

Okay, fine, that last part wasnt on the tour. But well show you all the other noteworthy features of the ship, right after we get these stats out of the way:

Norwegian Joy

  • Size: 167,725 gross tons, 1,094 feet long, 136 feet wide
  • Speed: 23.2 knots

Norwegian Cruise Line

Actually, lets start with something thats not onboard. Though Joy is the sister ship of the Norwegian Bliss, only the latter has studio staterooms and a separate studio lounge for solo travelers. Those accommodations werent considered necessary for Joys routes in Asia, where solo travel is less common than in the West. During the ships overhaul, some popular-in-Asia amenitiestearooms and casinos among themwere replaced with bars and expanded space for the spa and observation lounge . Studio staterooms were not added, however, which means that Bliss is still more congenial to passengers cruising on their own.

Zac ThompsonZac ThompsonNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Cruise Line

The Power Is Controlled By The Staff

You might be hoping you get a face car when you race. The speed of the cars is actually dependent on the staff. In fact, when you first start on the track youll be disappointed with the speed out of the gates and climbing the hill. Its not until all the cars are on the track that the power is turned up and you can really start to drive quickly. As well, if there are any incidents on the track or when its time to pit at the end of the race, your speed will be cut.

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Does Norwegian Encore Have Go

The Norwegian Encore has a go-kart track called the Encore Speedway, and stretches 11,500 feet, covers whopping two stories, and has enough room to accommodate up to 10 riders at a time.

Just like the Carnival cruise go-karts, all the karts are electric-powered and can hit up to 30 mph, which is a bit slower to allow racers to navigate all the 10 turns.

The track features four sections that dangle over the edge of the deck, in one case, around 13 feet above. All races take eight minutes, and the 11,500-foot track also features a viewing track for spectators to enjoy the race as well as use lasers to tag racers and offer them an additional turbo boost.

Its tracks are the first of their kind on a cruise ship. However, they are not just theme-park karting tracks they come with an authentic racing experience like you will find in traditional go-kart racing.

In addition to where spectators can site, the tracks also covered pit lane, floodlights to allow racers to ride at night or poor-lite region, and a digital system that records your laps.

This karting track on the Norwegian Encore offers a completely exceptional experience in the middle of the water.

If go-karting races are not your thing, the tracks are situated towards the rear of the ship, giving those who like quietness and peace time to relax and enjoy your cruise.

What Are The Race Cars Like

Norwegian Bliss Go-Kart Race Track on a Cruise Ship

Having ten gas-powered go-karts noisily making their way around the track would kill the peace and quiet for other passengers. So to get around that, Norweigan went with electric cars. Norwegian added speakers in the headrest that blast engine sounds to make sure riders still felt that authentic race car feel. The cars can be one or two-seaters . There are mixed reports as to the top speeds, but its reported they max out at between 30 and 40 MPH. The cars have a turbo button that is supposed to give a boost of speed, but weve heard these buttons no longer actually do anything.

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Does The Cruise Ship Provide Safety Gear

Norwegian Cruise Line provides a helmet with a visor, as well as a balaclava to all racer. The helmet sock fits over your head like a ski mask and prevents the helmet from touching your bare head. Not only is this more hygenic, but its also much more comfortable. The helmet socks are also washed after every single use so the whole experience is very clean and sanitary.

How Much Are Go Karts On Norwegian Encore

Each race session takes about 8 to 10 minutes, costing $15 per session. That is not too much to a price for an unbelievable experience of go-karting on top of a luxurious cruise ship.

A single lap is enough for those who just want to have a taste of go-karting. But to satisfy your appetite fully, you should consider going for several laps, since it is possible to bundle them up.

And if you are not fully quenched, consider purchasing the Unlimited Weekly Pass, which costs around $199 and lets you race whenever time you wish and whenever sessions you want for the entire week you are onboard the cruise. Splurging for this plan also comes with other perks, for instance, you will be able to benefit from the priority line, which means you donât have to wait in line too long.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Launches Ship With Go

Cruise ships have had a rough go over the past couple of years, but the Norwegian Viva may have what it takes to lure travellers back to the ocean. The 965-foot giant can accommodate more than 3,200 guests and has an amenities list that most theme parks would envy. Countless swimming pools, bars and restaurants live within this wonderland on water. If that doesnt get your engine revving, theres also a full-size go-kart track. Scheduled to hit the sea on June 2023, Norwegian Cruise Line recently gave viewers an inside look at their latest fleet member.

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Image: Norwegian Cruise Line

Known as the Ocean Boulevard, The Viva offers a 44,000-square-foot walkway that wraps around the entire ship, allowing guests to discover all the exciting features. Theres a 10-story plunge slide called the Drop that flings passengers down the side of the boat into the water. As previously stated, theres also a three-story go-kart track that can host up to 15 racers for some high-speed action at sea. Additionally, theres an outdoor sculpture garden, several infinity pools and an open-air food hall with 11 eateries.

Image: Norwegian Cruise Line

Making its debut trip throughout the Mediterranean in June 2023, Norwegian Viva will port at Athens, Barcelona, Rome and Lisbon. Then, shell head to the Southern Caribbean for the winter season.

Which Norwegian Ship Has Go Karts


Asked by: Caleb Crist

Norwegian Cruise Lines latest recreational option is a 1150-foot long go-kart track onboard its new cruise ship Encore, which will go into service in the Caribbean in late November.

the Norwegian Joyare notNorwegian Bliss and Norwegian JoyNorwegian Joy Ride

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Skyride On Carnival Horizon And Carnival Vista

Your family can pedal hanging recumbent-like cycles at speeds of up to 18 mph across an elevated 800-foot-long track around Carnivals two newest cruise ships while at sea or in port. A small portion of the SkyRide track isgulpactually hanging high over the water! Whether youre racing your kiddo or just taking a leisurely ride to see the sights from a new perspective, Carnivals SkyRide is easily one of the coolest experiences on any cruise ship in the world.

You May Not Go Fast But It Feels Fast

Well be honest, you dont go that fast in absolute terms in the carts. Weve seen reports of up to 30-40 mph, but having raced on the ship firsthand, thats not the case. Wed estimate you go more 10-15 mph. While that may not sound fast, given how low to the ground you drive and the number of curves, it really feels much faster. There are definite times when you have to let off the gas to make a corner cleanly. Bottom line, you wont be disappointed with the speed.

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There Are Height Requirements

If you want to drive alone, then you need to be at least 55 inches tall . The good news is that there arent age requirements. As long as you are tall enough, you can drive. Note that some websites showing the minimum height of 48 inches, but on the ship it was in fact listed as 55 inches to drive alone. Smaller riders can go with larger drivers to also enjoy the track.

Seawalk On The Regal And Royal Princess

Norwegian Encore Features | Largest Go-Kart Track at Sea

Its not a ride and there are no harnesses or special outfits to wear. But we think the SeaWalk on the Princess Regal and Royal is a pretty cool experience. Essentially, this is just a walkway, but the SeaWalk proves itself to be much more than that! Its a 60-foot long corridor that extends a mind-boggling 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship, putting the whole walkway over the sea and well over 100 feet above the water. Oh, yeahits all glass too !

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The Race Tracks On The Norwegian Encore

Although this karting track is located on a ship, it is comparatively large even for enclosed karting standards. Precisely, the race track is 350 meters long and 5.5 meters wide. In addition to the 10 corners along the tracks, there are also some straight parts of the track to provide racers with overtaking opportunities.

Additionally, they are multi-level tracks, thus you can find some inclinations at some points to provide great views of the water.

To enhance the racing experience onboard, the electric-powered karts create sounds of F1 engines while running, making the whole thing more authentic.

Since the track is just 5.5 meters wide, it can be tricky to overtake at certain points, but this only makes the whole experience more fun.

What I can advise anyone planning to go go-karting onboard the Norwegian Encore is to remember this is a luxury escapade and some drivers may want to drive slow to take in the views of the ocean.

As for experienced racers wanting to finish first, be mindful of this too. Take your time and you will have plenty of opportunities to overtake them.

This Cruise Ship Has A Go

The world’s first seafaring race track has got to be one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

If you love the idea of being stuck on a boat with a couple thousand other people, being forced to eat meals with people you’ve never met, and occasionally getting trapped at sea, cruises are a great way to have a fun vacation on a budget.

Personally, I’ve been on two cruises, but as nice as they were, I can’t say I’ve had a hankering to try another one. Until now.

Apparently Norwegian Cruise Line is about to launch a new ship called the Norwegian Joy that will have the world’s first seafaring race track. Truly, humanity’s greatest achievement.

The rest of the ship looks swanky as hell, which isn’t surprising since it’s apparently tailored to ultra-wealthy Chinese customers, but this go-kart track idea has some serious potential. Unlimited food and go-karting is a winning combination no matter where you are, and being able to enjoy both while at sea sounds like my kind of fun.

Forget suntans, shuffleboard, waterslides and mai-tais. Spend your week-long vacation sussing out the best racing line, practicing your trail braking, and figuring out which go-kart’s governor is tuned just a touch faster than the rest of the fleet.

Then, when the racing day is done, you can head to dinner, eat three entrees, and retire to one of the casinos for the evening.

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Getting Stuck Behind People Is An Issue

If there is one complaint about the racetrack on Norwegian, its that you can get stuck behind slow drivers. Given the turns and the width of the track, finding a spot to pass can be tough. If someone is going slow around the track, you could be going at a turtles pace behind them until things open up for passing.

Go Kart Track Being Added To 2nd Norwegian Cruise Ship

go karting on the Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that they will be adding a race track to their second cruise ship when Norwegian Bliss is launched in 2018.

The two level race track will feature electric go karts and the track will be 40% longer than the one currently on Norwegian Joy. This will be the first North American based cruise ship with a go kart track on board.

After burning rubber at the race track, guests can test their agility at the open-air laser tag course. Themed as an abandoned space station, the course comes to life both day and night as guests go into stealth-mode and compete against family and friends with state-of-the art laser guns.

After working up a sweat, guests aboard Norwegian Bliss can cool down at the ships expansive pool and sundeck featuring two spacious pools and six infinity hot tubs that scale the side of the ship. The ships Aqua Park also includes two multi-story waterslides. Not for the faint of heart, the high-speed Ocean Loops free fall slide includes two exhilarating loops, one that extends out over the side of the ship and a second see-through loop that stretches down to the deck below, sure to offer a wet and wild ride.

The tandem Aqua Racer slide allows guests to race side-by-side on inner tubes for more than 360 feet, with a translucent section that provides stunning ocean views as guests twist and turn to the finish line.

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