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Where Do The Cruise Ships Dock In Santorini

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Does Anyone Know Where Ncl Ships Dock In Santorini

Day 6 – Cruise Stop in Santorini – Exploring Fira – Donkeys – Food – BEST BAKLAVA – Steps

Trying to plan our day there as I’d like to make it up to Oia, but wondering whether the cruise will disembark at Skala , or Athinios . Does anyone have any insight, specifically for passengers that are not joining a shore excursion?

The website just says the name of the port is “Santorini Port” which I’m not finding helpful.

Thank you!

As you know the ship doesn’t actually dock at the port at all. It is a tender port so that the ship drops anchor off shore and passengers get to the port on small boats.

The information on line indicates that most of the time passengers are let off close to Fira but it seems to depend on how many ships are in port that day and also if the cruise line prefers for its excursion passengers to be dropped at Athinios where buses can meet them.

It is suggested that you can only find out for sure when you are on board the ship.

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Just returned . Ship moors off Fira and you are tendered . The way upto the town is by cable car or donkey or a 45min steep climb . The day we were there there were 5 cruise ships in so the wait for cable was about 1 hr and the same coming back . If you go on a ship tour they take you to the ferry port by tender and then the coach takes you to Oia and drops you off in Fira with a complimentary cable ticket and still the hour queue ? I have been when we were the only ship and it was much easy

Check this for other ships in port on your day….. always helpful…..

And slippery too…


How Do You Get To Thira

There are 3 options for getting to the village of Thira which is 260 metres above sea level. Walking 580 steps for 45 minutes, getting on a cable car or riding a donkey. At the time of publishing this post, the price of the cable car and donkey were both 6 euros each way.

A look down on the 580 steps in Santorini to the port of Skala

We had planned to walk but the steps are very exposed and we had heard it was quite difficult avoiding the donkeys and their waste. There was no way we wanted to ride a donkey as we felt that was so cruel, so we decided to take the cable car which was very easy to find. When you get off the tender head left and walk approximately 5 minutes you will pass some cafes and shops and you will see the entrance to the cable car on the right. If you choose to walk or take a donkey you will also see the signs to the donkey station and the steps.

Cable Car from Skala port to Thira, Santorini

I am really not so good at heights, and previous experiences with volcanoes have not gone well. The cable cars are not as you would expect going in a loop. Instead they are 6 cable cars that travel all together literally just up and down. I opted for the cliff view rather than admire the stunning views. With my nursing back ground I was very conscious of my increased respiratory rate and pulse and tried very hard to ignore it, and must admit I was very relieved when we reached the top!

A little anxious in the cable car in Santorini

Cafes And Restaurants In Skala

Along the pier there are a few restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy a leisurely waiting time – either for the remaining of the afternoon before getting back on the tender and to the cruise ship, or before going up to explore the island. To the left of where the tender boats dock, there a couple of nice taverns and to the right, a couple of cafes are good places to wait.

Syrtaki Restaurant in Santorini

If looking for a real Greek lunch the Editor’s favorite is Syrtaki: excellent fresh fish and one of the best salads in Santorini.

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Santorini Ferry Port Transportation

Passengers disembarking a ferry at Athinios Port in Santorini, Greece.

Athinios Port is much too far from any Santorini town to be walkable, so transportation will be needed no matter where on the island youre staying. Options are bus, taxi, private car or shuttle service, and private transfer arranged via your hotel. Generally, taking the bus is the easiest and cheapest option.

Be advised that most areas in Greece, including Santorini, have public transportation strikes throughout the year. These strikes affect all forms of transit, including, buses, trains, ferries, flights, and taxis. During strikes no buses, no ferries, and only a handful of trains and flights will depart on time . Taxis tend to be the least affected mode of transport, but in Santorini a taxi is hard to come by on a good day. Though strikes can occur any time, there is always a huge strike on May 1. Avoid booking any ferries or flights that day.

Will You Have Time To Enjoy A Boat Tour If You Visit Santorini On A Cruise Ship

Where Do The Cruise Ships Dock In Santorini

A simple answer to this question is that it depends on the time youre going to spend in Santorini.

If you decide to book a volcano tour that is supposed to depart from the Old Port, the arrival time of your cruise ship must be at least an hour before the departure time of the tour. Moreover, the departure time of the cruise ship must be an hour after the end time of the tour. For example, if the tour starts at 11:00 AM and finishes at 14:00, your cruise ship must arrive at 10:00 AM and depart from Santorini at 15:00.

On the other hand, if you book a catamaran cruise or a private yacht cruise, the departure port will be Ammoudi or Vlychada Port. In this case, your cruise ship must arrive at least a couple of hours before the cruise tour starts because usually, the pickup is on the nearest road just a few meters away from the cable car. Youll need approximately one hour to reach there and another hour to reach the port through the shuttle service. The time to depart, however, should be 2.5 hours after the tour ends. This is because youll need an hour to reach the cable car from the port and chances are that youll find a long queue of passengers waiting for the cable car. You might have to wait for half an hour or so before you get a seat. Please note that the last ships tender departs an hour before the cruise ships departure time.

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Tips For Staying Safe In Santorini

Wear walking type sandals not flip flops I learnt the hard way. It was a extremely hot the day we visited and my feet were very sweaty. Whilst I was videoing the cable car, my feet slipped forward and sheared the thong off both of my flip flops and lifted one of my toe nails. Luckily I didnt fall down the cliff as a wall was in the way! Instead of doing the sensible thing and buying new sandals there I decided to chance it by hopping back to the tender through the various bits of shade. You may have noticed I am not built for ninja warrior type exercise and the strange looks I got running and hopping from shade to shade was not surprising. By the time I got back to the ship my feet were pretty burnt and I plunged them straight into a cold bath! So our top tip for Santorini is wear sensible shoes!

There are shady areas to be found but would definitely recommend wearing a hat and drinking plenty of water. It gets hotter as the day goes on so a visit in the morning, we think is preferable.

Santorini is also not suitable for anyone with mobility problems. We were on our cruise with Pauls father who has mobility problems and he decided to stay on the ship which was a wise choice.

Private Car And Shuttle Service At Santorini Ferry

  • The best way to get a private transfer from the Santorini ferry port is to pre-book with Welcome Pickups. Prices are determined and paid for in advance, so everything is taken care of before you arrive. After booking your ride youll be sent a confirmation email, followed by a photo of your driver so youll know exactly who to look for at the port. Your driver will monitor your ferry in case of late arrival, and be waiting for you upon arrival at the port with a welcome sign. Child car seats can be pre-ordered in advance of your trip.
  • Welcome Pickups costs about the same as a pre-booked taxi , but because theyre pre-paid, you wont need to worry about having cash on hand.

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Best Time To Visit Santorini

High Season: ;JuneAugust. The weather is warm but there are a lot of tourists and the prices are high.

Shoulder Season: ;March-May and September-October have mild weather, fewer tourists, and a bit lower prices.

Low Season: NovemberFebruary. Most budget-friendly and not many tourists, but also colder weather and lots of cafes, restaurants, and activities are closed.

Ideas On How To Spend Your Day

Santorini Cruise Port Information

One of the reasons we booked our recent Aegean Shores Cruise;on the was the excellent itinerary which included the island of Santorini in Greece. We had seen all the spectacular iconic photos and wanted to experience it for ourselves.

Approaching Santorini

Sailing towards Santorini on the Thomson Dream Cruise Ship and seeing the volcano with all white buildings across the top coming into view was quite spectacular.

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Old Cruise Port To Oia

Old cruise port is the point where there is a great concentration of tourists from the cruise ships that arrive daily in Santorini. Small boats carry visitors from cruise ships to the old port. Then undertakes the cable car or the traditional donkeys of Santorini for their rise to the top of the caldera in the city of Fira. It is quite time consuming process especially when the number of visitors are a few thousand. Santorini Transfers undertake your guided travel-tour from the cable car station to the beautiful and impressive Oia. Comfortable, clean and luxury vehicles are employed for this purpose. Contact us via our reservation form; and make a reservation to offer an unforgettable excursion to your few hours of stay, in Oia or some of the islands most popular attractions. Noticethat you have to choose from Booking Type: Other and Transfer Type: Special Transfer. You can contact us; using our simple form for any info you need, or via our ;using messenger or via mobile-viber: +306972287072. There are many choices depending on your time of stay and your needs. This service is mostly for cruise ships visitors but everything can be scheduled and redefined after a timely contact with our agency.

  • Open 24 hour a day

All information and personal details are encrypted protected and secure by an SSL license. We;are committed we ll never sell or share your personal information. Feel safe with us.

How To Get To Fira From Old Port Or Vice Versa

The easiest and most common way to reach the Old Port is by a cable car. It takes only three minutes. On the other hand, if youre feeling adventurous and decide to walk to the port, itll be 587 steps. Local donkey ride is another easy way to get there.

Important note: Please note that Gialos, the Old Port is nestled at the foot of a rocky cliff below Fira. If you decide to go by a cable car or on a donkey, youll have to pay 6 per side of the ride.

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Where Is The Meeting Point If You Book A Private Tour

For private bus tours, the meeting point is at the top of the cable car. Once you reach the Old Port of Fira, youll have to take a cable car to go to the top. Depending on your tour organizer, you may find a guide waiting for you on the top with a sign that has your name or the company name on it.

For private cruise tours, the meeting point could be either at the top of the cable car or Old Port. If its the latter, the cruise will start there. Otherwise, youll have to meet the tour guide at the top of the cable car wholl pick you up and drop you at the start port of the private cruise.

Typically, a private cruise in Santorini starts from Ammoudi Port or Vlychada Port while the drop off may be the Old Port of Fira. Its best to book a cruise and request the organizer to arrange either the meeting point or the drop off location at the Old Port. This will allow you to witness the breathtaking views of Santorini from Caldera while helping you save some precious time by eliminating the need for arranging transportation.

An ideal itinerary is:Old Port > cable car > port of the private cruise by a shuttle > private cruise experience > drop off at Old Port on yachtORPickup from Old port on a yacht > private cruise experience > Fira via shuttle service > Old Port via cable car > cruise ship on a ship tenderGet in touch with us to find out about the availability of a private cruise that has its meeting point or drop-off at the Old Port.

Exploring Santorini On Your Own

Santorini Shore Excursions. Santorini Travel Guide.

For those planning to explore Santorini on your own, cruise travelers will find and Exchange Office with some of the best rates in the Eastern Mediterranean, a Tourist Information office or Car and Scooter Rental – although you will have to go to Fira to pick up the vehicle the top of hill.

Amoudi Bay in Santorini

There are also a few local operators/guides offering tours of the island, and in Skala you can also get on the excellent transfer to the bay of Amoudi that deserves to be highlighted.

Cable Car in Santorini

Skala is also the location where you will get on the Cable Car to Fira or on a Donkey unless you are prepared to go up 587 steps, which are shared with the smelly equines.

Donkey’s Steps in Santorini

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Local Tours And Excursions

If you haven’t booked an excursion onboard, you can still get on a tour with local and independent tour operators right at the Port of Skala.

Tour Operators in Skala

Most of these tours are pretty much identical to the ones offered by the cruise lines and although prices can be a little lower do not expect to get a huge discount. However, the local operators/guides tend to have fewer excursionists in their groups, which in itself can be much nicer. At the Port of Skala, there is also an excellent transfer to the bay of Amoudi that deserves to be highlighted – more about this below.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

The Euro is Greeces primary form of currency. While credit cards are widely accepted, its recommended to double check before using a credit card. Tipping taxi drivers isnt common, but its polite to do so when given great customer service, and a typical percentage would be 10% of your fare. Its also customary to leave some Euros behind at a restaurant if the service or meal was very satisfactory. If there is no service charge included in your bill, a 10% tip is customary. Finally, if youre taking a tour in Greece, leave an additional tip of 5-10 for your tour guide.

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Do Greek Ferries Use E

  • Certain Greek ferry companies, such as Golden Star Ferries and Aegean Speed Lines, now offer electronic tickets, eliminating the need to collect physical tickets at the port. After booking e-tickets on, you will receive a confirmation email with links to web check-in. After checking in online on the day of your departure, you can then download your boarding pass to print on your own or keep in your phone/tablet to present when you board the ferry.

Santorini Port Location Address And Map

Day 6 – Cruise Stop in Santorini – 90 Min Tour of Oia – Blue Dome Churches – Best Views

Where is the ferry port in Santorini? Ferryhopper is here to help and show you all the available information on Athinios port. The main port of Santorini is located in the center of the island, on the east coast. Near the port you can find all sorts of amenities and services, such as cafes, banks, car rentals and a parking lot.;The distance between Athinios and some of the most popular settlements in Santorini are:

  • The distance from Oia is 20 km
  • The distance from Fira, the capital is 7.5 km
  • The distance from Kamari is 9.5 km
  • The distance from Akrotiri is 9 km

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Getting Ashore How Does Tendering Work

Ships can not dock at Santorini, and a tender is needed to get ashore. A tender is a smaller boat that takes passengers ashore. Sometimes the ships life boats are used, this time it was boats from the port of Skala that transported the passengers to shore.

The tenders taking passengers ashore in Santorini

Once we were on the tender, Skala Pier was a short 10 minute journey.

Skala Pier in Santorini

There are a selection of restaurants and souvenir shops at the pier, some shade to get out of the heat and some cafes and bars to grab some refreshments.

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