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Msc Cruise Ships By Size

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Itinerary Of Msc Cruises

MSC Divina Cruise Ship Tour & Review 2022

This section provides a concise review of MSC’s current and future cruise itinerary program. The company operates regularly scheduled voyages in Europe , Caribbean , South America, South Africa, Asia, Arabia Gulf. Currently, MSC has no plans for ship deployments in Alaska.

MSC’s Grand Voyages are seasonally offered relocation cruises including Transatlantic crossings , Suez Canal , Mediterranean-Baltic-UK, Europe-South Africa. Cruises to Nowhere MSC offers in South Africa.

In 2023 will be inaugurated MSC’s ultra-premium expedition travel brand “Explora Journeys” . This is a separate subsidiary company that manages a fleet of 4x boats . Explora Journeys operates global itineraries including in Europe , New England USA and Canada, Alaska, Caribbean.

With its newbuilds, MSC attracts a large number of retirees during winter and targets families with kids during summer and the school holidays. The company’s smaller liners offer longer and more exotic itineraries but lack modern kids’ facilities as they are tailored to older travelers.

The Latest In The Meraviglia Class

The aforementioned MSC Euribia sets sail in June 2023. A member of the Meraviglia class, you can expect this ship to offer tons of fun and a mega-ship setting.

The unique hull design focuses on MSC Cruises commitment to sustainability, while the LNG system will reduce the ships greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.

Fun features include five pools, a large waterpark, the longest LED dome at sea in the promenade, and of course, all the other fun youve come to expect from MSC Cruises.

Msc Cruises Ships By Size

MSC Cruises has made a significant investment in ship construction in the last 20 years resulting in todays diverse fleet that sails worldwide.

Whether it be a smaller ship that voyages to quaint ports or a mega ship with all the bells and whistles, MSC offers something for every cruiser, including visits to their private island of Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in The Bahamas.

Cruise ship size is evaluated based on their gross tonnage, which despite the name, is not its weight but rather a measurement of inside space. Here is how MSC cruise ships rank by size.

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What Is The Msc Seashore Capacity

We’re often asked how many passengers are on the MSC Seashore. The ship’s capacity is 5,331. When comparing the occupancy to the average MSC passenger capacity, you’ll find that the average ship in the fleet holds 4,298 guests. Feel free to look at our graph above to see where this ship falls in line with all other live MSC ships.

Msc Wedding Cruise Deals

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Since 2015, MSC Cruises has a new cruise wedding program available on Caribbean itineraries. The program offers onboard marriages in several Caribbean port destinations, including Nassau Bahamas, Bridgetown Barbados, Grand Cayman Island, Falmouth Jamaica, Cozumel Mexico, San Juan Puerto Rico, Philipsburg St Maarten, Charlotte Amalie St Thomas, and also Miami Florida USA .

MSC partnered with the wedding-planning company “The Wedding Experience” and offers cruise wedding packages with prices starting from USD 1600 and USD 2200 weddings. MSC’s basic wedding package includes a pre-cruise event manager, a ceremony coordinator, 1 bottle of Champagne, 1 cake for two, 1 bridal bouquet, 1-hour photo session.

Event planners work with the couples to handle all the details . Also provided are wedding consultants and ceremony coordinators. Onboard / ashore receptions and ceremonies offer various options – video/photo packages, fresh flowers, themed music, food and drink packages, also specialty items and ground transportation for ashore events.

Couples booking groups of 13 or more cabins receive a complimentary balcony stateroom. Couples booking groups of 30 or more cabins receive a complimentary suite. Complimentary Yacht Club stateroom is offered for 50 or more booked cabins. Onboard ceremonies can be attended by up to 150 non-cruising guests.

MSC Cruises’ first ship to offer onboard weddings was MSC Divina.

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Mscs Big Push Into The North American Market

If you are not yet familiar with the MSC cruise line, be prepared for that to change. MSC has up until now been a small presence in the North American cruise market. But MSC and its ships are getting bigger. They need somewhere to go, so MSC is sending the biggest and best of the fleet to impress American cruisers.

MSC Cruise Line

The brand new ship Seascape will make its debut in Miami in December 2022. Seascape weighs in at 170,000 gross tons, and holds up to 5,800 passengers.

Image Credit: MSC Cruise Line

In March 2022, MSC laid down a clear marker that it is here to stay. MSC broke ground on a new $400 million cruise terminal at the port of Miami that is scheduled to be the largest in North America. Yes, MSC is planning to build bigger than all of the other cruise lines that operate out of Miami. Passengers who regularly cruise out of PortMiami on Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and other cruise lines will be seeing a terminal that can handle three MSC mega-ships at a time, and can process up to 36,000 passengers per day.

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How Long Is The Msc Seashore

From end to end, the Spectrum of the Seas length equals 1,112 feet . Compare that to the average ship length of all 21 active vessels in MSC fleet, measuring 1,024 feet . Please see our size comparison chart above to see how this ship falls in line with all other active ships in the fleet.

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Portmiami Msc Terminal Aaa

MSC World Europa – Sneak Peek of MSC Cruises Largest Ship Ever

In July 2018, Miami-Dade County and MSC signed an agreement for extended preferential berthing rights and a Memorandum of Understanding for the building of a new Cruise Terminal AAA at Port Miami.

Port Miami is the exclusive home port of the company in the United States. The new agreement extends the existing Saturday preferential MSC berthing rights also to Sundays. Additionally, the new cruise terminal, due to be completed by October 2022, is projected to be able to accommodate line’s next-generation, MSC World Class cruise ships carrying up to 7,000 passengers.

The revolutionary MSC Seaside, which debuted late 2017, sails year-round from Port Miami to the Caribbean from recently completed Terminal F. Line’s MSC Divina also offers seasonal Caribbean cruises from October through March, while MSC Armonia joins the North American-based fleet of MSC Cruises beginning year-round voyages to Havana December 2018.

As of November 2019, MSC Cruises’ largest ship, MSC Meraviglia joins the other 3 ships at PortMiami.

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Divina & Preziosa Onboard Facilities

MSC Cruise Line

MSCs newer ships are full of large, sometimes glitzy public areas. The line is clearly proud of its central atrium with Swarovski Crystal staircases.

MSC Cruise Line

There are also numerous lounges.

MSC Cruise Line

And the sports bar features a bowling alley.

Resort Pool Areas

MSC Cruise Line

When I cruise, especially in the Caribbean, I like to partake of the entire cruise experience. To me, this includes using the pools and hot tubs and other resort facilities. MSC provides ample and varied places to worship the sun, cool off in a pool, or relax in a bubbly hot tub. On the Fantasia Class ships there are dedicated spaces for kids and teens that include splash zones and water slides.

On Divina and Preziosa, there is a pool and hot tub area covered by a transparent dome, allowing passengers to use the facilities in any weather.

At the back of both ships there is a calm adults-only pool with a convenient nearby bar.

Id rank MSC pool and resort areas on the newer ships as top-notch, equal to or better than other cruise lines.

Spa Facilities

MSC Cruise Line

Msc Seaside Cruise Ship Design

The MSC Seaside cruise ship is 323m-long, with a beam of 41m and gross tonnage of 154,000t. It can accommodate up to 5,179 guests. The ship incorporates a bold design and features a 360º seafront promenade. The large and spacious ship provides a comfortable stay for passengers.

The public spaces of the ship feature a two-deck glass-walled atrium, and panoramic exterior elevators.

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Biggest Cruise Ship In The World Announced By Msc Cruises

    Save this for later.

In the cruise world, bigger means more: more amenities, more days at sea, and of course, more people. Now, MSC Cruises just said it’s going all-in on more by placing an order for its biggest cruise ship everand it’ll fit the most passengers of any cruise ship on Earth.

Called MSC’s World Class, the new fleet of ships, built by STX France, will host 2,750 cabins, for a total maximum occupancy of 6,850 guests. The world’s current largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, fits 6,780 at its maximum occupancy. For perspective: a little over 100 years ago, the world’s largest ship, the ill-fated Titanic, fit only 2,344 passengersabout a third of the size of MSC’s new World Class.

Currently, MSC has orders with STX France for two ships, to be inaugurated in 2022 and 2024, with options for two more ships in 2025 and 2026. The boats’ dimensions are quite staggering, measuring 1,082 feet by 154 feet. For comparison, an American football field is 360 feet by 160 feet, so each ship is nearly the size of three football fields. They’ll also contain a massive 200,000 GRTthat’s gross register tons, or the total volume permanently enclosed inside the ship. In other words, that’s a lotbut just slightly behind Harmony of the Seas‘ 226,963 GRT.

The Msc Value Proposition

Plaza Athenee, Paris

One thing that has helped the MSC cruise line grow so quickly is the value the company offers cruisers. The low prices were the first feature that brought MSC to my attention, and the deal offered on my first MSC cruise to the Middle East in 2018 was the reason I gave the line a try.

Prices on MSC cruises are generally lower than comparable itineraries offered by the big North American lines like Princess, Norwegian, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean. A person planning a 7-day Caribbean cruise may discover that they can save hundreds of dollars by booking with MSC. The same can be true in Europe or on more exotic itineraries.

But what are you getting for that lower price? And setting aside price, are passengers getting an enjoyable vacation experience with MSC? In this review, my goal is to introduce you to the MSC experience, and especially to compare what to expect on MSC as opposed to other cruise lines.

For background, Ill let you know that I have been cruising for more than 30 years, with lots of experience on mainstream lines that have catered to North American passengers, such as Norwegian, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity.

Unlike Mr. Backroad Planet himself, I have never cruised on Viking, and I am quite sure that MSC could not possibly compete with the Viking experience. So lets all put those Viking reviews out of our minds, and adjust our expectations. When you book an MSC cruise, its because you want a nice holiday at a value price.

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Activating Your Onboard Account

Any frequent or novice traveler knows that just about every other cruise line or hotel handles your expected spending by taking your credit or debit card information in advance. Once you are checked in, all expenses are charged to your onboard account, which is then billed to your selected card, unless you have made arrangements to pay in cash. Its all taken care of before you set foot on the ship or in your hotel room.

Not MSC. On this line, you have to take an extra step after you are on the ship to register and set up your onboard account. Passengers are advised that they need to locate the Cruise Card Activation Point. This is an electronic kiosk that looks something like an ATM. On Preziosa I found the machines by the Guest Services desk. On Divina there were machines at Guest Services and outside the casino.

At the Activation Point, passengers are required to scan their cruise card and then scan the credit or debit card that they want to use for onboard purchases. But theres more to the process. The onboard account doesnt automatically take care of things. Instead, passengers need to enter the amount they want to authorize on the card. The default Preziosa amount was 250, although passengers could adjust that amount up or down depending on what they thought they would be spending. Then the designated amount was charged to the card up front.

Switzerland And The European Union

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In December 2016, a political compromise with the was attained effectively cancelling quotas on EU citizens but still allowing for favourable treatment of Swiss-based job applicants.

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Is The Msc Seashore A Good Ship

Each of MSC’s ships offers a unique layout with features and activities catered to all. Whether the MSC Seashore is right for you will depend on your individual preferences. Do you prefer a larger or smaller ship with many or fewer guests? Are you hoping for many family activities or entertainment options for an older clientele. Our deck maps layout and activities list provide a helpful guide to what you’ll find on board. Feel free to explore the see if this ship is suited towards your preferences.

Msc Cruises Ships By Size Age And Class

MSC Seaside – Ship Visit (Full version)

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MSC Cruises has 19 ships currently in service, with two more being launched in 2022 which will bring the total number of ships in the fleet to 21.

With so many ships, it can be tricky to know which one to choose. When you see a particular cruise advertised, its good to know if its on one of the newer, bigger ships or an older, smaller one. This can help you to work out if the cruise you want to book is good value for money.

Even regular cruisers can get mixed up about which ship is which, so Ive created this handy guide to MSC Cruises ships, with tables to order the MSC ships by size, year and class.

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What Happened To The Harmony Of The Seas

In May 2022, the cruise ship crashed into a dock in Jamaica and suffered damages. It had left Port Canaveral and went to the Bahamas before leaving for Jamaica, where it hit a dock.

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