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One Way Cruise From Ensenada To Hawaii

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The Best Hawaii Cruises

Hawaii Cruise on Carnival Miracle February 20 – March 6, 2022 part 1

Hawaii has hundreds of beautiful natural sites. Waterfalls, volcanos, beaches, and rainforests are only some of the myriad of reasons to visit, and what better way to see it all than a sweeping cruise of Hawaii?

Cruises are a popular vacation option in Hawaii, as Hawaii is made up of a cluster of distinct islands that are all relatively close to each other. Going on a cruise around Hawaii can easily take you to popular ports of Hawaii and give you plenty of time to enjoy the unique excursions and activities that are special to each location.

In this article, well take a look at all the upcoming cruises that will be going to Hawaii in 2021 and 2022. Well compare the pros and cons, and also go over the commonalities of all Hawaii cruise trips to help you make your decision. After reading this article, you should have all the basic information that you need to know about going on a cruise to Hawaii.

Holland Cruises And Princess Cruises

Holland America Line offers many different types of cruises from the mainland to Hawaii. You can pretty much pick your poison from the incredible array of exciting and soothing luxury trips. Opt for Hollandâs 18-day round trip cruise leaving from San Diego, or make that a 25-day cruise and add in stops in Mexico. If you prefer to leave from Seattle, take the 18-day round trip from Seattle. From Vancouver, take the 16 or 17-day round trip cruise.

Princess Cruises offers a 15-day circle cruise from San Francisco that stops in the same Hawaii ports as the other cruise lines, then circles to Ensenada, Mexico before returning to home port. Another Princess Cruise makes the same circle tour leaving from Los Angeles, and another leaves from Vancouver.


How To Estimate The Duration

There are multiple factors that determine the duration of the trip. The most obvious are wind speed and direction. Others are navigational skills of the skipper, boat type and length, and preparation. Breakdowns cost a lot of time, so a well-prepared boat will get there faster.

The direct distance from San Diego to Hawaii is 2,269 NM. But if you want to have a nice sailing experience you should probably try to get your sail in front of the eastward trade winds.

To make use of the trade winds, you have to first sail south. The trade winds only pick up until youâre roughly 600 miles west of California. Once you pick up the trade winds, itâs a great off-the-wind trip.

The crossing from the Californian coast to Hawaii is one of the longest ocean passages without any land nearby. Good to know before you go.

Letâs say you sail a mid-sized boat of about 30-36â² . The average cruising speed of these types of boats is about 6-8 knots. We sail 18 hours a day, at â letâs be conservative here â 6 knots.

Please note: I wouldnât recommend any boat under 28â². A longer boat tends to be more stable, which really helps a lot with handling, but also just with overall fun.

In ideal conditions, it would take us 9 days, 15 hours.

/ 60 = 7,22To account for 18 / 24 hours a day7,22 / 0,75 = 9 days and 15 hours

So how long would it take us in less than ideal conditions? Letâs say we sail on average 4 knots . It would take us 14 days, 11 hours.

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How Long Would It Take To Get To Hawaii By Boat


. Then, can you get to Hawaii by boat?

Itâs over 2,500 miles from the West Coast to Hawaii, and no ferry boats ply this distance. The cruises start at about 14 days, but you can select a longer option that calls in both Hawaii and Mexico if you have the time.

Secondly, how far is Hawaii from California by boat? San Francisco âHawaiiItâs roughly 2,500 nautical miles. High-performance boats may be able to reach Hawaii within 1-2 weeks.

Also to know, how much does it cost to take a boat to Hawaii?

Depending on the size of the boat and the mode of transport used to ship as well as the distance between ports, you can expect to pay upwards of $2000 to ship a boat to Hawaii.

How long does it take to sail from Alaska to Hawaii?

5.48 hours

Choosing A Cruise Line


Carnival offers the least expensive cruise fare from California to Hawaii. Keep in mind that Carnival ships tend to be larger vessels with a higher cruise capacity and less personalized service. Carnival Miracle holds approximately 2,100 passengers while the Celebrity Century and ms Veendam hold 1,800 and 1,350, respectively. The four Princess cruises have the largest passenger capacity, or roughly 2,600 passengers per ship, but like Holland America and Celebrity, cater to a more upscale crowd.

Of the four cruise lines, Holland America offers the most refined cruise experience. While children are welcome on all four cruise lines, young travelers may prefer Carnival Miracle for its youth programs, casual dining and water slides.

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Active Hawaii Cruises From San Diego

Surprisingly few cruise lines offer Hawaii cruises, given the popularity of this island tourist destination. The main reason for this is that operating routes primarily inside the Hawaiian Islands are subject to stringent regulations.

Only Norwegians Pride of America fits the criterion of having a mostly-American crew and being registered in the United States. As a result, Norwegian is the only cruise line that can offer 7-night Hawaii trips, which it does every week throughout the year.


Due to Covid-19, cruise services are limited towards Hawaii. Right now, there is only one cruise line active that offers to cruise from San Diego to Hawaii. It is Holland America Line and it offers Hawaiian cruise holidays departing from San Diego that last between 15 to 45 days and include at least eight nights on the ocean.

In short, Holland America offers day and night cruises from San Diego to Hawaii if you dont mind being at sea for several days. The majority of these feature a stop in Lahaina, Mauis most attractive town. In addition, many round-trip San Diego itineraries include a bonus stop in Ensenada, Mexico, the origin of the Margarita, and home to some of the countrys best vineyards!

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Hawaii

Visitors can go to Hawaii any time of year, but the most popular for tourists is from the middle of December until March or April when the weather hovers in the high 70s Fahrenheit, but also expect to see higher transportation and hotel costs during this time. Many people travel during this time because the weather in their home countries is cold and Hawaii is a lovely escape.

If you prefer fewer people, as well as lower flight, cruise, and hotel costs, look to visit during the offseason, which is from mid-April to mid-June and then again from September until mid-December. Bonus, theres actually less rain in Hawaii during these times too.

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What Is The Best Month To Cruise To Hawaii

Shoulder season or off-season for Hawaii cruises takes place between May and June, and again in September through mid-December. If you want to enjoy an affordable Hawaiian vacation with glorious weather, the shoulder season is the best time of year to sail to Hawaii.

What cruise line goes to Hawaii?

Hawaii: Cruise Lines

Cruises From San Francisco To Hawaii

Tips for Your Hawaii Cruise Vacation (7-day Norwegian)

Two cruise lines offer voyages from San Francisco to Hawaii. They are round-trip. See the complete schedule of departures below.

Hawaiian cruises are one of the great vacations. Visit as many as four of the islands. See an active volcano. Snorkel or surf. See the hula dance. Enjoy the good island food. And maybe see whales.

This video is a short promo listing reasons to go on a cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco. It is from Princess Cruises.

These cruises are a great vacation adventure. A little more than two weeks of crossing the open Pacific and exploring Hawaii.

For more options in addition to these out of SF, consider a cruise to Hawaii from Los Angeles or a cruise to Hawaii from San Diego.

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The Best Hawaii Cruises For Every Type Of Traveler

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands offers U.S. travelers an immersive South Pacific escape with all the comforts of home. In fact, our 50th state is in many ways an ideal cruise destination. It has year-round sunny weather, four main islands featuring varied topographies including sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, volcanic mountains and vibrant green valleys and a wide array of land- and water-based activities.

The main caveat? Cruise options are somewhat limited just a fraction of whats available in the Caribbean and many itineraries involve multiday crossings from the West Coast. Only one cruise line offers Hawaii itineraries throughout the year seven others visit during specific months or when repositioning ships in spring and fall.

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Looking for the island sailing thats right for you? Heres a look at the best Hawaii cruises for every type of traveler.

One Way Cruise To Hawaii

Is there such a thing as a one way cruise to Hawaii from California? My fiance and I would like to get married in Hawaii, we are flying from Philly and would like to stop in CA to visit some family and break up the flight. A cruise that would then take us to Hawaii , where we’d stay for a week, get married then take us back to CA would be great!

I’m a little confused. Your headline says “One way cruise” yet you’re looking for a cruise from CA to HI and then back to CA. That’s round trip!

As far as your itinerary, I couldn’t find any cruises from CA to HI. I am guessing that since there’s no ports of call between the two points, it wouldn’t be a very interesting cruise. There are cruises around the Hawaiian Islands, however. Norwegian offers them.

Well, we’d like a 1 way cruise because we’d want to then stay in Hawaii for 1 week and then take a cruise back to CA. All of the cruises, you can’t get off and stay someplace for a full week…you have to stay with the cruise itinerary. Does that make sense? Kinda hard to explain! o)

Yes, I get what you mean, but I’m thinking you probably won’t find a one-way.

Both Holland America and Princess Cruises have a 2 week cruise from LA to Hawaii, then back to LA, with a few days in Hawaii and a stop in Ensenada.

As far as I know Half Brit is correct. A colleague of mine’s family went on a cruise that Half-Brit describes. It was 19 days or something with 14 days out at sea to make the trek back and forth.

San Diego

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas offers an all-inclusive experience, including business-class flights, unlimited shore excursions, unlimited Wi-Fi, and premium beverages. The lineâs luxurious ships have no more than 375 cabins, all of which are suites, and the staff-to-guest ratio is 1 to 1.5 one of the best in the industry. Regents Leis and Luaus cruise is an 18-night journey aboard the Seven Seas Navigator, round-trip from Los Angeles. The ship spends a day in Ensenada before crossing the Pacific to Hawaii and visits Hilo, Kahului, Honolulu and Nawiliwili.


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Sail To Hawaii From Mainland Us With These 4 Itineraries

What Are the Worst Times to Cruise to Hawaii From Ensenada, Mexico ...

Hawaii is a perfect bucket list item to cross off during the pandemic. Whether sailing from Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego, there is a way for every cruise lover to explore Hawaii from the mainland U.S.

Cruise Industry News has found four cruises to help travelers comfortably explore the state this month and season.

Ship: Carnival Miracle Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Line Capacity : 2,124 Built: 2004 Homeport: Los Angeles Itinerary: Mexico and Hawaii

The 2,124-passenger Carnival Miracle is sailing a 15-day roundtrip cruise from Long Beach, Los Angeles. The itinerary includes four days at sea before the ship arrives at its first destination of Honolulu in Hawaii. Next ports of call include Maui , Kona and Hilo, before the Miracle heads to Ensenada in Mexico for day 14 and back to Los Angeles early on day 15.

One Hawaii sailing is available for booking this season, with a departure on Feb. 20. Prices start from $1,929 per person based on double occupancy.

Ship: Grand PrincessCapacity : 2,600 Built: 1998 Homeport: Los Angeles Itinerary: Mexico and Hawaii

The Grand Princess is sailing a 15-day Hawaiian Islands roundtrip itinerary from Los Angeles, California. Five ports of call are on the agenda: Honolulu, Kahului, Hilo, Kauai and Ensenada in Mexico.

One sailing date is available for booking this season, with a departure on Feb. 13. Prices start from $999 per person for an interior room based on double occupancy.

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Can You Take A Cruise From California To Hawaii

Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival launches a 14-day cruise from California to Hawaii aboard the Carnival Splendor in 2018. The round-trip cruise departs from Long Beach and stops at Maui, Honolulu and twice on the Big Island in Kona and in Hilo. The last stop before returning to California is at Ensenada.

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Where Do Hawaiian Cruises Leave From

Leading cruise lines offer different points of departure, to allow you to board the cruise at a convenient location.

Many cruises leave from California , and Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

For those leaving from California, Ensenada is a popular side-excursion. Its not in Hawaii but is close to many of the docking areas in California.

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Princess Cruise Line Hawaii Cruises

Grand Princess is a two-week cruise that leaves from Los Angeles. Notably, its itinerary calls for more days of cruising than days spent in the dock for land activities, making this a great choice for travelers who want to spend time on the open water and taking in scenic ocean views.

It stops at Hilo, Honolulu, Kauai, Ensenada, and Maui for one day each, giving passengers a taste of each island. Its a slightly older cruise, making it perfect for people who enjoy a more laid-back experience and arent looking for a floating resort. Its a favorite of families with mature children and senior couples looking for a Hawaiian getaway.

The Ruby Princess leaves from San Francisco and features a 15-night itinerary filled mostly with cruising days. It ports at Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, and Hilo for one day each, plus a final stop on Ensenada. For the rest of the days, expect to cruise to azure Hawaiian waters in between port days.

An excellent Kids Club makes this cruise a favorite for families with young children, but dont let that fool you the ship is known for a laid-back, easygoing vibe that parents will definitely appreciate!

The Sapphire Princess departs and returns to Los Angeles. It stops in all the favorite Hawaiian tourist destinations like Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Hilo, and Ensenada. Recently refurbished in 2018 for even more luxe appeal, this is a great cruise for travelers who want a modern, full-service type of cruise.

The Best 13 Cruise To Hawaii Vacations

ENSENADA MEXICO| Bus Tour & Tips |PRINCESS Hawaii Cruise

by Contractor | Nov 16, 2020 | resources, Travel Tips |

Who could resist the allure of spending a relaxing vacation in Hawaii? Scenic beaches and countless other attractions make Hawaii one of the top destinations in the world. And while the islands themselves are an attraction on their own, what if you could make traveling to them a vacation as well?

A cruise to Hawaii gives you that opportunity. Unlike simply flying on a commercial airline, a cruise ship offers you a luxurious travel experience.

In this article, well look at some of the best cruises to Hawaii. Our list will include two kinds of cruising options. One is a round trip option. The other is called a repositioning cruise, where you begin in one location and end in another.

For each cruise option, well give you all of the important details you need to know. This includes travel time as well as specific accommodations. With no further delay, here are the best 13 cruise to Hawaii vacations.

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Perks Of Cruises To Hawaii From San Diego

  • One of the considerable advantages of a Hawaii cruise is the possibility to see four islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island in a week. To explore all these 4 islands, the land travelers would require several flights which takes more time and more money.Cruising is also a cost-effective method to experience Hawaii, which is known for being an expensive tourist destination.
  • Last but not least, Each of Hawaiis islands offers travelers unique and memorable experiences, such as cascading waterfalls, famed volcanoes, teeming marine life, and postcard-perfect beaches. This natural beauty of the islands is what attracts almost nine million people each year.
  • Repositioning Cruises From Los Angeles

    Several cruise lines offer repositioning cruises from LA. The destinations of these one-way cruise are Florida, New York, Canada, Japan, Australia, Peru and Chile.

    A repositioning cruise is one that shifts a ship from one departure port to another. Out of Los Angeles, the cruises often go through the Panama Canal to the East Coast. Repositioning cruises are usually good bargains because one-way cruises are not as popular as round-trips.

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