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What To Pack For Disney Cruise

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What To Pack For A Disney Cruise With Free Printable Packing List

ULTIMATE Disney Cruise Packing Guide

A cruise is unlike any other vacation. This list is perfect for guests who will be sailing on a warm weather itinerary such as the Caribbean, Bahamian.

I have laid out your must-haves, added a few things that we think are totally worth bringing onboard any cruise, PLUS items that you will find a great addition to your Disney cruise such as pirate night apparel and stateroom magnets too! I have also created a handy free Disney Cruise Packing List Printable that you can download and print so you can refer to it as you pack.

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Tips

My dear friend Lindsey who has recently been on two Disney cruises shared SO much helpful information with us throughout our planning process. With her permission, Im sharing Lindseys incredible tips that for sure will help you if youre planning a Disney cruise. Even though we werent able to use all the tips, Im including them in the list!

Night before and arrival day
Ship stuff:
  • Kids Club: No reservations required. Drop those kiddos off whenever you want and go live your best life on the adult side. They will love it! I would recommend hitting the Kids Club pretty shortly after you board the ship in order to introduce the kids to it and get them super hyped about it. One level of the ship is mostly all adult stuff champagne bar, private pools, etc. Must do for when the kids are in Kids Club.
  • Pirate Night: There is always a pirate night! Bring pirate-themed stuff for yall to dress in everyone does it and its fun. They will give you bandanas on the ship but lots of families dress up and bring fake swords, eye patches, etc.
  • Cash & Gratuities: Opt to pre-pay your gratuities as part of the final payment. So much easier. You do not need money on the ship at all. Everything gets charged to your room.
  • Last Day Luggage: DO pack your luggage the night before and let them take it rather than having to lug it to breakfast and then off the ship the next morning at the crack of dawn so much easier on everyone.
Packing stuff:

What Should I Pack For A Disney Cruise

A. T-shirts If you wont do laundry, I would pack one or two more than the number of days of your trip.

B. Shorts One pair more than the number of days of your trip is plenty.

K. Nicer shoes For evenings and dinners.

L. Swimwear Two per person. Hang wet suits in the bathroom and alternate.

Pro tip: Put swimsuits in your carry-on. You wont get your luggage for a few hours after embarkation.

M. Any formal wear you want for formal night or dinners at Remy or Palo

N. Costumes and themed kids travel clothes Optional, but you may want them for Disney Cruise theme nights, like Pirate Night or Halloween parties.

Pro tip: If your child wants to go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, pack your own princess dress. Disney will sell you a costume. For the price of a black market kidney.

Bonus pro tip: Housekeeping leaves bandanas in your room on Pirate Night.

O. Workout gear Optional. Bring it if you plan to participate in the Castaway Cay 5k or will actually use a Disney Cruise Line gym onboard.

P. Rain jacket Optional. Check the weather.

B. An iron It isnt allowed.

C. Wrinkle release spray Steam from the shower has the same effect.

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A Keepsake For The Characters To Sign

This was a great tip that several readers shared where I asked for suggestions! If you bring something for the characters to sign, you can drop it off at guest services early in your trip, and then it will magically appear in your room before you depart! I brought the mat of a frame, and I provided markers, too. They could also sign a book, pillowcase, etc. I believe you can have two things per stateroom signed. I tucked an extra Christmas card inside with it to give them an idea of who they were signing for, just to add a little personal touch.

Now I just need to print a picture from our trip and tuck it in the frame! Our girls loved that Goofys signature looks like the number 60074. 🙂

A Tote Bag Or Backpack Is Also Helpful On The Ship And At Ports To Keep Belongings Together

What to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Both on the cruise and at ports, Finkelstein said a backpack, tote, or some other type of day bag is handy to keep all your belongings together. This will help cut down on making trips back and forth from your cruise cabin.

If you’re leaving for an excursion, for example, you might want to pack towels from the ship, sunscreen, cash, and an extra pair of clothes.

If you’re on the boat, you might want to keep a book, sunscreen, or sunglasses with you when you head for the pool or sundeck.

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Final Thoughts About What To Pack

I hope that you find this Disney cruise packing list to be helpful while you’re packing and preparing for your magical vacation. You’re going to have the best Disney cruise experience!

We love cruising with Disney and we plan to go on cruise #4 in 2020, so I’ll update this post with any new products that I find, new Disney cruise outfits that I wear, or new tips that I learn!

If you have any packing tips or items that you think are important to bring, please leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

Have a magical cruise! Bon voyage!

What Not To Add To Your Disney Cruise Family Packing List

A. Baby monitor You will be able to see and hear the baby at all times in the box that is your room.

Note: Some people leave their kids in their stateroom while they go to another stateroom to visit another person. That is a personal choice, and a little Madeleine McCann-ish. If you think you want to do that, you should pack the baby monitor.

B. Pack n Play Disney Cruise pack and plays are available.

C. High chair The restaurants have them, and you most definitely dont want them taking up space in your stateroom.

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What About Alcohol On Disney Cruise Ships

Disney cruise guests aged 21 and older can bring two bottles of unopened wine or champagne or 6 bottles of beer on board at each port of call.

These must be carried on and cannot be stowed in check luggage. If you want to have these at dinner, there is a corking fee. If you want to enjoy in your room, dont forget a corkscrew.

What Can I Leave At Home To Avoid Overpacking

Disney cruise || Packing vlog || March 2022

Honestly, clothes is where we always overpack. Try to pack clothing items that you can wear during the day time and night time.

Have you cruised with Disney? What items are on your Disney Cruise Packing List?? Share them in the comments below to help other future cruisers.

*This post may contain affiliate links which wont change your price but will share some commission.

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How To Dress For A Disney Cruise

What to Wear on a Disney Cruise During the Day

Disney Cruise Line is generally cruise casual. During the day, things like shorts and T-shirts are fine. Swimwear and tank tops are not allowed in the dining areas. However, I did not see anyone wearing a normal tank top get turned away. I think the tank top rule is just intended to deter hairy men from coming to lunch in their undergarments.

Evenings in the Main Dining Rooms

Disney Cruise dinner attire is cruise casual on most nights. There are opportunities to dress up, but they are optional. Even formal night does not require you to dress formally. In general, you can expect:

Three Night Cruises: One cruise casual night, one pirate night, and one formal night

Four Night Cruises: Two cruise casual nights, one pirate night, and one formal night

Five Night Cruises: Three cruise casual nights, one pirate night, and one formal night

Six Night Cruises: Four cruise casual nights, one pirate night, and one formal night

Seven Night Cruises: Four cruise casual nights, one pirate night, one formal night, and one semi-formal night

Disney Cruise Line Dress Code at Specialty Dining Restaurants

Disney Cruise Line offers specialty dining for adults at Remy and Palo at an extra charge. Kids are not welcome. Both restaurants have a stricter dress code than the main dining rooms.

How Many Pieces Of Luggage Can I Bring

Each guest is allowed two pieces of luggage plus one additional carry on .

The less bags the better, as you have to store your suitcases in your stateroom.

There is ample room beneath your bed for a reasonable number of suitcases, even the large size. Under the bed clearance is a little more than 13 inches. I have found that all of our luggage will fit comfortably under the bed.

You can stack suitcases inside each other if you have bigger and smaller luggage.

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Things You Must Pack For A Disney Cruise

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Getting ready to set sail with the Disney Cruise Line? If so, youre in for a treat with fine dining, entertainment, and themed nights aboard most of the ships.

And youll want to pack appropriately with all of that fun in mind. So, to help you prepare, here are our 10 must-haves to pack for Disney cruises!

Heres our list of items youre going to want to pack for your Disney cruise:

Disney Cruise Pirate Attire

Disney Cruise Dress Code  Treasured Family Travels

The second night on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas is pirate night. It is not required to dress up as a pirate, but lots of families will be dressed in their finest pirate gear. Elizabeth went all out in her pirate costume and makeover from the Pirates League.

The Pirates League is like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique except you are transformed into a pirate instead of a princess. Mr. Smart Mouse opted for normal clothes.

I didnt want to skip Pirate night attire or wear a costume so I opted for something in the middle. I wore a pirate inspired outfit of black jeans, a striped t-shirt, a long burgundy scarf I used as a sash, and some large hoop earrings.

If you want to learn more about Pirate Night heres a video we made of the activities including Pirates League.

Pirate Night Items

  • Dress pants or dressy jeans
  • Necklace or other jewelry

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Sound Machine & Nightlight

Your room will be awesomely dark thanks to the black-out curtains, so you might want to pack a nightlight my kids definitely wanted it on at night so they could see if they got up. We also used an app on our phones to drown out the sounds of other guests in the hallway or walking above you. The sound machine app was particularly helpful during the day when our youngest was napping. Not only did it help mask the sounds of guests outside, but it also kept her from hearing us as we moved about on the other side of the curtain or on the balcony right outside her door!

Beach / Pool Essentials:

Water-resistant tote bag – Our Large Cube is the ideal beach or pool tote bag. It comes with an easy-grip handle so you can grab it as you go. The see-through design allows you to see what you need when you need it! Plus, its water and sand resistant .

SunglassesMust have for protecting your eyes from the sun! Bring at least 2 pairs for each family member .

Waterproof phone case – In case youre using your phone as a camera for your cruise trip, its also worth it to invest in a waterproof phone case.

Waterproof watch – Nothing fancy, just a simple waterproof watch set to your ships time!

Cooling towel – Very helpful during hot days on the beach or by the pool! You only need to soak this towel in water for a few minutes and the cooling effect lasts for hours.

Sand toys – Go for cheap toys that you can dispose off after use.

Beach blanket – Youll love this water-resistant and sand-proof beach blanket from Bertte! Takes away the hassle of cleaning up after a trip to the beach.

Hat – Make sure each family member has a hat! Also, you cant go wrong with this Minnie Mouse hat for girls and this Lightning McQueen hat for boys.

Sand-off mitt / baby powder – If youre not a fan of sandy legs after a beach trip, invest in a sand-off mitt which can ease the cleaning process for you! Or just bring baby powder with you during excursions to the beach.

Goggles – Not a necessity but can make a world of difference for those who enjoy swimming a lot!

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Magnetic Hooks For Towels And Wet Bathing Suits Also Come In Handy In Cabins

With a family of four, wet bathing suits and damp towels quickly pile up, so Finkelstein said she always packs a few magnetic hooks to create some extra space to dry those items.

Since the doors on Disney cruises tend to be metal, Finkelstein will place a few of the metal hooks on the back of her stateroom’s front door.

Finkelstein added that the hooks don’t take up much room, so they’re worth the space in her suitcase.

What Are Disney Cruise Luggage Limits

What to Pack for a Disney Cruise (2021)

According to this post, DCL allows each guest to bring two pieces of checked luggage , and one carry-on bag that isn’t bigger than 9x14x22.

However, I have to say that after three cruises, I’ve never once seen my bags being weighed or measured at the port, so I don’t know how serious they are about these limits.

My husband and I always bring four pieces of luggage with us on a Disney cruise. We each pack one large suitcase , one small suitcase, and we both wear a backpack. I wear this small Belle backpack, it’s the perfect size to hold the basics that I need while walking around on the ship!

I know it says that you can only bring one carry on bag per person, but we always each bring a small carry on and a backpack and we’ve never had an issue. On our last cruise, I carried on three bags has our Fish extender gifts in it) and I still had no problem carrying it all on board with me.

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Things You Need On Your Disney Cruise Packing List

I always find myself scrambling to pack before a trip, but I really struggled before a recent Disney Dream cruise. I scoured different websites, asked friends, and finally came up with what I thought was the right gear to take along. Some of the items were used, but others should have been left behind. This list is for everyone who needs a Disney Cruise packing list.

Do I Need To Take Formal And Semi

The term formal is very subjective thus, formal for me might not be formal for you. Therefore, a formal night is as formal as youd like it to be. It is worth noting that the Palo restaurant has a dress code, and if youd like to dine there for either brunch or dinner, youll be expected to dress up.

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Costumes For Pirate Night

Finally, if your cruise features a pirate night, definitely dress up for that! It really makes the night even more fun. They will leave each person a bandana in your stateroom, and youll see a lot of people just wearing that somehow. But if you plan ahead, you can bring a few extra things to complete your look!

With all daughters, we had NOTHING for pirate costumes , so I reached out to my friends with boys. They did give me some great stuff to borrow, but in the end, I decided most of it would be too hard to pack. So I ended up creating the easiest, most packable costumes possible! I simply cut up a t-shirt for each of us, and then I bought some red fabric that wouldnt fray and cut a sash for each person.

I then swung by the party store and found eye patches for only $0.30 each. We all wore black on the bottom , and then I knew wed each get a bandana to use to complete our look once we were on the ship. It really was so easy, and it took up very little space in my suitcase. We got a lot of compliments around the ship people seemed to love that we all matched!

Keep in mind that they have lots of fun backdrops set up where the photographers can take your picture on this night . Unfortunately, this was the night that one of my daughters ended up getting sick, so our night was over before we could get to that. 🙁

If youd rather buy pirate costumes, check out this super cute little girl costume and this fun one for boys.

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