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What Cruise Lines Allow 18 Year Olds To Travel Alone

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What Permission To Travel Or Consent To Travel Letters Do

Cruise ship to depart from Port Tampa Bay after 18-month hiatus

A consular officer at the U.S. Office of Childrens Issues verified that many countries require a Permission to Travel letter with parents notarized signatures, plus identification for the child , and that both are essential.

Consular Information Sheets issued by the U. S. Department of State often carry this warning: In an effort to prevent international child abduction, many governments have initiated procedures at entry/exit points. These often include requiring documentary evidence of relationship and permission for the childs travel from the parent or legal guardian if not present. Having such documentation on hand, even if not required, may facilitate entry/departure.

A CBP spokesperson recommends that all travelers read the helpful online resource Know Before You Go.

Who And How Many Can Be Authorized As Drop

Parents or Primary Guardian may select a total of four people to drop off/pick up their child from Guppies Nursery and from Splash Academy .

The authorized drop off and pick-up people are the same people and must be listed on the child’s profile at the time of registration and must be 18 years of age or older.

The drop-off/pick-up person must always have the following:

1. His/her key card and the childâs key card

2. Noted password share the password with all pick-up and drop-off people

3. Handy Phone if issued

4. Essential items if using the Guppies Nursery on the Norwegian Escape: diapers, wipes, bottle, approved snack or drink, change of clothes, non-spill sippy cup. All items as applies to the child’s age and needs.

If the person does not have the key cards or password, this will delay the drop off and pick up process for Guppies Nursery and Splash Academy age groups. At pick up, the child will not be released until proper keys and information is provided.

On port days, children ages 3 – 12 are combined for programming from arrival into port to departure from port or 6:00 p.m., whichever comes first. Please know that children under 12 always have proper supervision when in Splash Academy.

Children should never be left by parents unattended on the ship during a port day.

Get Out And Mingle The First Night

You might be tempted to unwind in your stateroom the first night, especially if you had to travel a long way to get to your solo cruise and are still feeling tired from the journey. However, spending time in public spaces on the ship is a great way to meet new people and one of the best things to do on a cruise.

Celebrity roofdeck

Strike up a conversation and make some new friends on the very first night of the cruise. Nothing is better than a familiar face when youre traveling solo.

Check the program in your stateroom before you head out to the next activity. You may find events that are solo cruiser friendly.


Exchanging stateroom numbers is helpful, too, so you can call new friends later on in the cruise to arrange times to meet up for dinner, a drink, or games.

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Do Teens Need To Wear A Wristband

Throughout 2018 and moving forward all ships will be issuing an Entourage VIP Wristband for all registered teens to wear for the duration of the cruise. Teens need to bring their key card and be wearing the wrist band to enter Entourage and participate in the programs. Replacement bracelets will require parent acknowledgement and a replacement fee will apply.

How The Airlines Handle Unaccompanied Minors

European Waterways River Cruise Line Review and Profile
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While most of the time kids under 18 years old are flying with at least one adult, usually a parent or grandparent, there are times when that might not be the case. Parents are understandably a bit uncomfortable with letting their kids fly unaccompanied.

Carriers have different policies covering ages and types of flights and charge different fees for unaccompanied minors. All airlines charge extra fees both ways for unaccompanied minor service, and a designated adult must take children to the gate and pick them up at the gate at the destination.

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Can My Child Bring In Electronics Or Personal Items

It is not advised for a child to bring in electronics or personal items to Splash Academy. In the event the child does bring in an item, the child is fully responsible for the item if lost or damaged. In addition, while in program, the device should be used on a limited basis as to not distract other children from the program. We also reserve the right to remove the item in attempt to control shared content that may be inappropriate for all ages.

What Is The Splash Academy And Guppies Nursery Safety And Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency during Splash Academy and/or Guppies Nursery hours:

Child Care Team shall gather the children in their care and bring them safely to the Child Pick-Up Point where the children can be claimed by their parents. An announcement will be made as to the location of the Pick-Up Point.

On the order from the Captain, all unclaimed children at the Child Pick-Up Point will be accompanied by the Child Care Team to an assigned lifeboat.

No child will be left unattended.

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Our Picks For The Best Cruise Lines For Young Adults

Millennials tend to spend their money on experiences instead of on material things. The following best cruise lines for young adults know this and have catered their ships and activities to this. On their ships, youll find nightclubs and concert venues, along with things to do like bar crawls, hiking excursions and onboard zip lining.

Get To Know The Crew During Your Solo Cruise

Cruise Ship Employees Reveal What Conditions Are Like On Board | Secret Info (CRUISE NEWS)

We pride ourselves on having a friendly, engaging crew from all around the world. Many of our cruise passengers enjoy talking with them and learning about the area of the globe theyre from.

Finding a bartender you get along with so you can have your own local bar on the ship is an easy way to feel comfortable in a lounge while cruising solo.

Get to know your cruise director, who youll often see walking around the ship. If they know youre a solo cruise passenger, they may give you some insider tips on upcoming activities or entertainment you wont want to miss.

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How Can I Find Out More About Cruise Activities For 18

You might like the following article:

The What to Expect on a Cruise series, written by Cruise Critic’s editorial staff, is a resource guide, where we answer the most common questions about cruise ship life — including cruise food, cabins, drinks and onboard fun — as well as money matters before and during your cruise and visiting ports of call on your cruise.

Say Yes To Dining With New People

Joining people for dinner is a great way to make friends and have a fun meal at the Main Restaurant or in a specialty restaurant.

People will likely be intrigued by you traveling on your own, want to get to know you better, and enhance their own dining experience. Even couples like to socialize and meet new people on vacation. Since youre all travelers who enjoy seeing the world, its easy to swap travel stories.

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What Is Freestyle Free Play

Freestyle Free Play are designated time slots scheduled by the Youth Program Manager within the Splash Academy programs, which allow friends and siblings to play together. Although we advertise that children 3 – 12 can play together, the Youth Program Manager still reserves the right to keep 3 and 4-year-olds separate for the overall safety of the entire group. Please inquire with the Youth Program Manager with any questions. Freestyle Free Play may vary per ship and itinerary.

What About Solo Cruises For Seniors

The 10 Best Rhine River Cruises 2021/2022 (with 1,261 ...

Senior citizen cruises provide a worry-free vacation featuring world-class accommodations and a vacation experience tailored to their interests. Our cruises have onboard activities to suit everyone, from thrilling entertainment and live music to speakers series and guided meditations.

On solo cruises for seniors, accessible staterooms and excursions for all types of mobility levels ensure our guests see as much of the world as they desire.

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Do I Have To Share A Room On The Cruise Ship With My 18

While you can’t book a room on the opposite end of the ship from your older children , most cruise lines let you place your teen or young adult children in an adjoining cabin, a room across the hall or one just a few doors down. This setup is ideal because you all can have some privacy, but still be within easy proximity for meeting up for activities. You can find out more about cruise line age policies in our story.

Visas & Travel Documents For Minors

In an era of heightened global security, many foreign countries are revising their visa and documentation procedures as well. Laura Tischler, a spokesman for the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the U.S. Department of State advises families: Contact the embassy of your destination country or study the Consular Information Sheets provided at travel.state.gov to find out what that countrys requirements will be in terms of documentation, in order to bring a child into the country.

A March 2019 report by Scott McCartney in the Wall St. Journal noted some other documents which might prove essential, depending on the destination. These include an original, raised stamp birth certificate for each minor in your party, extra passport photos on white backgrounds, plus about US$50 in small bills so that you can purchase entry visas on the spot. Be sure to assign a neighbor or relative back home the responsibility of retrieving some of these documents and sending them, if you need them after departure.

As one of our editors and her son discovered while checking in for an American Airlines flight to Cancun, Mexican law requires that if only one parent or non-custodial adult is accompanying a minor under 18 from Mexico, he/she must carry a notarized Permission to Travel Letter from the childs other parent or guardian granting permission to leave Mexico with the child, including the dates of travel, the accompanying adults name, contact information, and a notarized signature.

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Are There Proper Protocol Guidelines For The Teen Passengers

Yes. Teens are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times. Upon coming to Entourage, Teens should have their key card and wristband available/visible. Teens are also responsible for any personal items brought to activities and events. Teens participating in our programs are prohibited from smoking, drinking alcohol and using profanity. Violence and vandalism will not be tolerated.

It is highly encouraged for teens/parents to have open communication when in and out of Entourage.

All crew members are instructed to report inappropriate behavior to Ship Security. There is a 1:00 a.m. curfew for all teenage guests. Teens must proceed to their staterooms unless they are accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Norwegian strongly discourages teens from travelling ashore alone in the ports of call.

Best Cruises For 18 Year Olds

Grandfather Pleads Guilty In Toddlerâs Cruise Ship Death | NBC Nightly News

Gone are the days when cruise ships were a reserve for older people and newlyweds.

Nowadays, cruising vacations are a popular thing among 18-year-olds and young adults.

And with over 40 cruise ships in operation, youre probably wondering which are the best cruises for 18 year olds?

Cruising vacations are often compared to a candlelit dinner if you choose the wrong wine, you may ruin the entire experience!

Its no secret that 18-year-old are traditionally difficult to please and can wreak havoc on an otherwise blissful vacation.

Therefore, its crucial to pick the right cruising line otherwise, you will end up dealing with a bored, grumpy young adult.

The good news is that most modern cruise lines are more accommodating to 18-year-olds than before. With competition running high for this new market, most cruise lines are trying to outperform each other in keeping these 18-year-olds happy.

Some offer custom-made pool activities, spa treatments, and flexible dance festivals .

Whether they will be cruising alone or with you and the family, you need to pick a cruise line that will keep them entertained and give them the most memorable experience.

Speaking of memorable experiences, here is a list of some of the best cruises for 18-year-olds

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What Is The Guppies Nursery Discipline Policy For Children Under 3 Years Old

  • Step 1: Warning: The Nursery Attendant addresses the child and it is explained that his/her behavior is unacceptable and needs to be improved immediately.
  • Step 2: Second Warning: If the behavior continues, the Nursery Attendant addresses the child and it is explained that his/her behavior is unacceptable and needs to be improved immediately.
  • Step 3: Reflection Time: If the child continues to disobey the Nursery Attendant, reflection time is issued and the parents are notified at pick-up time.
  • Step 4: Suspension: If a time out is not effective in eliminating the inappropriate behavior, the parents are located and the child is grounded from the program for 24 hours. After 24 hours the child is welcome to return to program.
  • Step 5 5: Dismissal: Once the child is allowed back into the program after the initial dismissal, if any disobedient behaviours continue, the child will no longer be allowed to participate.

Depending on the nature of the behavior, the more severe behaviours may warrant a higher discipline as deemed appropriate by the Nursery Coordinator or Youth Program Manager.

Can I Sea Some Id The Abcs Of Cruise Line Age Policies

By Heidi Sarna

You may think anything goes in those lawless international waters, but truth is, the cruise lines maintain fairly strict policies governing the age at which you can drink booze, gamble and occupy a cabin alone. Typically, the combination key/ID/charge cards each passenger is issued clearly indicate if the holder is under age. The only hope of getting a drink on a cruise ship if you’re an underage teen is getting some older sucker to buy it for you when no one’s looking. If a cruise line wants to be hard nosed, they can eject transgressors from the ship at the next port of call — at their own cost. Drinking laws may be much more lenient on shore, for instance in the Caribbean.

Of course it wasn’t always this way. Just a decade ago rowdy high school groups were a common sight on big cruise ships, especially during the spring break months. Barely chaperoned mobs of young binge drinkers would practically take over a ship, hogging deck chairs, spilling out of cabins, passing out in hallways, puking on stairs and boldly staggering up to adults in bars asking for drinks .


All passengers must be 21 years old to drink alcohol no matter where the ship is sailing. You must be 18 to gamble in the casino if you’re under age 21, there must be at least one person in the cabin over 25.

Celebrity Cruises

Costa Cruises

Crystal Cruises

Disney Cruise Line

Holland America

Norwegian Cruise Line

Princess Cruises

Regent Seven Seas

Royal Caribbean

Silversea Cruises

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Canada Requirements For Minor Consent Letters

The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade reminds visitors that, Foreign officials and transportation companies are vigilant concerning documentation for children crossing international borders. Make sure you carry the proper identification for yourself and any children traveling with you, including any documents that might be required by the authorities of the country you intend to visit, and by Canadian authorities on your return to Canada with the child.

Canada regulations request that adults entering the country with minors also carry a photocopy of the signature page of the passport belonging to the guardian who signed the permission to travel letter.

Although minors under 16 may enter Canada from the U.S. by land or sea with only a photocopy of their U.S. birth certificate, the U.S. Customs & Border Protection notes that children under age 18 must carry notarized travel permission letters if they are traveling without their parents.

I’m Fine With My Kids Having A Glass Of Wine With Dinner Or A Drink In My Presence Can I Permit Them To Do So If They’re Under 21

JD Sports and Debenhams are in talks over a rescue package ...

Cruise line staff cannot serve wine or any other alcoholic drink to your underage son or daughter. If you want them to be able to drink with you, choose a line that sets the drinking age at 18 in the region you’re sailing.

While it’s possible that restaurant wait staff might not notice if you give your teen a sip of wine, cruise ship staff do have the right to disembark passengers found giving alcohol to minors, so you do so at your own risk. What you do in the privacy of your own cruise room will likely not be monitored, unless your young adult child then goes out onto the ship and behaves inappropriately.

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What Does Entourage Have To Offer Teens 13

Entourage combines the hang out zone, dance zone, game zone and party zone. The Teen Counselors plan intriguing activities and challenges to keep the teens coming back for more. Activities and games may take place around the ship. Parents should know that the activities are hosted by the Teen Counselors. However, when activities take place around the ship, Entourage may be unsupervised.

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