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What Cruise Lines Include Airfare

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Think About What Youll Do If You Miss The Sailing

Which Cruise Lines Include Alcohol In The Fare?

Its not a fun scenario to plan for, but if you choose to fly in the same day, missing the ship is a very real possibliity. Photo by Steve Mason /

Cruise lines sell as many airfares as they do by dangling a safety carrot. Most of these programs promise to get you to the ship at their expense if your flight is late or canceled, and theyll rebook your return flight automatically if, say, the ship arrives late in port because of engine problems or a weather delay. Royal Caribbean International calls its program ChoiceAir, Holland America Line calls its Flight Ease , and Carnival Cruise Lines is called Fly Aweigh.

If youre not booking through the cruise line, your best insurance is to arrive at least one but preferably two days before sailing. Also, your travel insurance policy might provide some compensation if theres a flight delay, but read the fine print before you leave home to evaluate the exclusions.

No Surprises On Your Bill

For a luxurious vacation at sea that wont deliver a shocking bill on disembarkation day, focus your search on all-inclusive cruises. While most of the best cruises can, at times, feel all-inclusive if you eat in the main dining room and drink only tap water on the rocks, thats not always the case. Many restaurants on the bulk of cruise ships, even on the most trusted cruise lines, carry an extra fee , and soda, wine, beer, and cocktails are going to cost you. And if you want to try a spinning class in the fitness center or do yoga on the deck, expect to see a charge added to your folio.

True all-inclusive cruises, on the other hand, offer guests nearly everything they could dream of while at sea . Of course, the per person fare will be higher than your usual stateroom on the big cruise ships, but youll get so much more included and have no surprises on your credit card statement. How much higher will depend on the specific ship and how luxurious it is!

If youre traveling as a family, consider one of the best cruises for kids, but for an all-in grown-up experience, try these all-inclusive cruises that cover all meals, even at the specialty dining destinations on board, as well as all activities. Many of them will also cover your alcoholic drinks, gratuities, laundry, shore excursions, airfare, and more. Read on to find out whichand to book your next trip! If you decide that youd prefer to be pampered on land, head over to this list of the best all-inclusive resorts.

Is Air Included In My River Cruise

September 23, 2015 By Aaron Saunders

More and more river cruise lines are advertising their products as all-inclusive and its obvious to see why. As travellers grapple with fluctuating exchange rates and a litany of additional expenses, river cruisings inclusive nature is as much a draw as the beautiful destinations that these journeys operate in.

But with the term all inclusive comes a great deal of confusion, especially for first-time cruisers or vacationers who might be used to all-inclusive resorts. And the big question that often arises is this: Is my airfare included in the cost of my cruise?

Generally speaking, no.

Now, from time to time river cruise lines or individual travel agencies may do something to sweeten the pot, from discounted airfare to inclusive airfare rolled into a larger package deal. But by and large, airfare for river cruises is still a separate purchase. However, there are three ways you can go about handling air.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

In 2016, Regent unveiled its new, $450-million all-suite seas explorer, the Regent Seven Seas Cruise.

Dubbed the most luxurious ship on the planet, this cruise ushers a new era of possible sea exploration like nothing youve seen before.

Having taken a decade to work and launch this, a deeper examination reveals that Regent did pay close attention to details to bring out an unforgettable art collection.

Regent Seven Seas Cruise ranks at the very top for the all-inclusive cruise with airfare because it offers just about anything you can imagine.

Whether you need unlimited Wi-Fi, fitness classes, specialty dining, open bar, or gratuities, and of curse airport transfers, you get it right here.

The cruises plan even includes shore excursions at each port and a one-night pre-cruise hotel stay if you belong to the Concierge-level suites.

While this major luxury cruise line is truly all-inclusive, the standard cost doesnt cater for premium shore excursion, top-shelf liquor, and SPA treatments.

Regent Seven Seas Cruise features large suites, which make them ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of a lot of space.

A number of cabins feature roomy bathrooms, beautiful bathtubs, walk-in closets, and balconies.

The dining menu lists many great dishes, some of which youve probably never tried before.

Whats more? Regent even allows you to make a special request of your favorite recipe.

If anything, this is a great way to meet new people and make friends you never had before.

Which Cruise Lines Are All

These Cruises Come With Airfare Included

When it comes to all-inclusive packages on cruise lines, some companies have stronger reputations than others. Cruise lines also have varying degrees of all-inclusive packages. Here are a few of the best all-inclusive packages that include pretty much everything :

These are just a few of the cruise lines that offer all-inclusive cruise packages. Check with your favorites to see what kind of deals they have available at the beginning of the year to get the best rates and offers.

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Q: Why Do I Have To Provide My Costco Membership Number

The travel program is offered as another service to your Costco membership. Our goal is to offer outstanding vacation value, with special offers and inclusions that are only available to Costco members. Just like in a Costco warehouse, our travel products offer brand names you recognize and trust, so youre assured of high-quality travel arrangements.

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Is A Cruise Fare Similar To A Hotel Room Price Or Airfare

In one very important way, cruise prices have more in common with airfares than hotel prices, as prices are quoted per person and not per room . Also akin to airlines, the least expensive fares get you the least desirable space on the vessel. A cheap fare will typically get you a cheap cabin inside and on a low deck. Want a sea view or a balcony? Youll have to pay more.

Another way cruise fares are like airline fares is that they can change daily, based on complicated algorithms of supply and demand, as well as time-sensitive sales, so youll want to do some research or watch prices for a few weeks to know whats a good deal.

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Finding Cruises With Flight Packages

Several major cruise lines in the U.S. make it easy to connect with your cruise with options to book your flight for any cruise:

  • Carnival: The Fly2Fun air program lets you book your flight between 4 and 321 days before your ship sails in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean and Central America. The cruise line offers two products: With Flexible Fares, you dont pay airfare until making your final cruise payment the lower-priced Restricted Fares requires you to pay when booking the cruise.
  • Holland America Line: FlightEase offers competitive pricing from multiple airlines, late arrival guarantee and booking up to 330 days before your departure date.
  • Princess Cruises: EZAir promotions advertise that flexible fares are sometimes even lower than restricted fares. The company offers late arrival protection and flight changes within 45 days with no change fee.
  • Royal Caribbean: The Air2Sea program guarantees the lowest price on your choice of airlines. If they miss the mark, theyll credit back 110 percent of the difference as credits onboard your cruise. They also give you your choice of flights from those that will work with the cruise departure time. The company guarantees youll make your cruise on time if booking through them.

The Balance Of Cruise Fare And What Is Included In Your Cruise

What to Expect on an All Inclusive, Luxury Cruise

The clearest piece of advice here is quite evident in that you cant judge whether a cruise is good value for money or not just based solely on the cruise fare. The minimum expectation is that all cruise ships include port-to-port travel, accommodation and food but beyond that, you simply dont know.

There is plenty to consider before your ship sets sail and a company offering a higher fare than another for a similar cruise might actually end up being more value for money. This is where it is worth doing your homework to see what is going to be right for you.

Taking your personal preferences into account is going to be vital. You may prefer to skip excursions and explore on your own, you might not drink alcohol or it could be that you have no interest in going to any specialty restaurants.

Its good to plan out how much each person per day will spend to get the right deal for you and which liner is going to best match your circumstances. Once you do that, you are not only going to have a great cruise vacation but you will also save a lot of money too.

Check out these articles for more information on the costs of cruising:

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The Cruise Line Will Assist You With Travel Disruptions

The cruise lines travel department has the back of all cruisers who purchased flights through them. If your flight is delayed due to weather or a mechanical problem, agents will assist you with rebooking. Should the flight issues lead to you missing your ship, the line will make arrangements to get you to the next port of call.

The same is true if your cruise ends unexpectedly early due to weather, mechanical issues or an illness outbreak. The cruise lines air department will rebook cruise passengers who booked their flights through the cruise line, but independent travelers will be left to fend for themselves.

Considerations For Booking A Cruise Including Flights

Not all flights included with cruises are the same. Some flight packages have a tight connection or arrival time that can make you nervous about getting on board in time to sail. Carnival and Princess offer protection guarantees that will get you to the ship at the next port. Choice of travel time may also be limited, which could mean red-eye flights that leave you bleary-eyed and weary at the start of a vacation. Those wanting a more flexible schedule to enjoy the origination city for a day or two might want to pass on cruises that include flights.

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American Cruise Lines Now Offering Airfare Option For Domestic Us Cruises

American Cruise Lines has announced it has added a new flat rate domestic airfare option for all its U.S. cruises. The flat rate pricing includes domestic air service to each of the ACLs 19 major cruise hubs in 16 states.

Americans small ship fleet has doubled in size in the past five years and now includes explorations in 31 states from Alaska to Florida. Each year, ACL continues to build new small ships right here in the U.S. and expand its offerings on land, air, and sea. In addition to complimentary pre-cruise hotel stays available for all their U.S. river cruises, American has recently added over 50 new shore excursions, private cruise coaches which follow the riverboats, and land packages, including luxury options at Four Seasons hotels.

Our new flat rate airfare is an added convenience when booking small ship cruises with us. As a company, we are always looking for new ways to personalize our guest services from booking to boarding and the new flat rate airfare will create a seamless experience for many of our guests, Carter Robertson, ACLs executive vice president said in a statement announcing the additional airfare option.

Cons About Adding Airfare Through The Cruise Line


Adding airfare through the cruise line is not always the most enjoyable option, however, and there are several detriments to this course of action.

  • The cruise line is not responsible for seat assignments: passengers must contact the airline for special requests.
  • Most flights will be the day of the cruises departure, making them very early days. In the case of longer flight travel, passengers may fly a day or two before or be required to take redeye flights.
  • Frequent flyer miles are frequently not applicable when purchasing airfare through a cruise line.
  • Flights may be more indirect and require more layovers than if booked separately.

For passengers who are flexible with their travel options and prefer to maintain the convenience of having the cruise line handle their arrangements, these restrictions are not as significant and need not typically hamper vacation plans.

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American Cruise Lines Unveils Flat Rate Airfare Option

Cruise Line & Cruise ShipAmerican Cruise LinesClaudette Covey January 13, 2022

American Cruise Lines unveiled a flat-rate domestic airfare option for all its U.S. cruises, whose flat rate pricing includes domestic air service to its 19 major cruise hubs in 16 states.

Our new flat rate airfare is an added convenience when booking small ship cruises with us, American Cruise Lines Executive Vice President Carter Robertson.

As a company, we are always looking for new ways to personalize our guest services from booking to boarding and the new flat rate airfare will create a seamless experience for many of our guests.

The new flat rate airfare option is available during the booking process and is is not subject to future changes in fares, the line said.

During the past five years, the company has doubled the size of its fleet.

Despite the pandemic, American Cruise Lines Maryland shipyard kept its shipyard open throughout 2020 and 2021, unveiled two new modern riverboats in 2021 and will introduce two more new riverboats in 2022.

The line, which offers complimentary pre-cruise hotel stays, has added more 50 new shore excursions private cruise coaches, which trail the riverboats and luxury land packages, which include stays in Four Seasons hotels. options as stays in Four Seasons hotels.

American Cruise Lines new sailing season commences in late February 2022 and continues through December.

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Cruise And Flight Packages

Contact your cruise expert to find out about cruise packages including flights, hotels and more. Save time and effort by allowing us to book your cruise vacation for you. Simply select your cruise, submit a booking request, and ask your cruise expert about package deals. Enjoy the added convenience and affordability when you book your next Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise vacation.

Relax with the peace of mind that everything has been taken care of. If you know the destination that you would like to travel to then select it in the advanced search above. If you are flexible with your choice of destination then take a look to the right for our selection of best cruise and flight package deals. Book now!

A great option if youre looking for a fly-cruise deal is to also consider a repositioning cruise. Why not call one of our friendly cruise experts on 1-888-403-1425 to talk through your options and find the best deal for you.

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Find Top Deals On Cheap Flight And Hotel All

Furthermore, cruise vacations may have hair salons. Even more, there might be swimming pools, nightclubs. And there may be yoga, illusionarium, music shows. Other activities include live concerts, youth, and kids programs. The total package price could be even with a fitness club with personal trainers. Or there will be dancing lessons and movies in the cinemas. And it will also include golf, scuba diving. So you receive value for your money with many entertainments.

You Cant Always Pick Your Airline Schedule Or Flight Routing


Many cruise lines now offer choice and flexibility with airline arrangements, letting you pick your airline, travel time and routing. However, some of the cheaper, more restrictive options leave the booking exclusively to the cruise lines air department, allowing you no say in your flight route unless you pay the aforementioned deviation fee or pay more for a flexible booking option. For example, with Viking, youd need to upgrade from their base Inclusive Air option to the pricier Viking Air Plus fares in order to choose your specific flights.

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Celebrity Cruises Offering 25% Off Cruises And Airfare

Celebrity Cruises kicked off a new Spring Sale today that has 25% off cruises and flights and includes free drinks, WiFi, and gratuities.

Celebrity Cruises Spring Sale will run for the entire month of March and is good for cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, and all around the world . It gives cruisers not only the opportunity to save on their cruise fare, but also on airfare as they travel to the port.

Celebritys Spring Sale includes the following:

  • 25% off cruises
  • 25% off Economy Class airfare savings from specified U.S. and Canadian gateways
  • $100 per person airfare savings for all other US & Canadian gateways
  • Combinable with Always Included that offers free drinks, WiFi, and gratuities
  • Good for cruises that depart from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
  • Sale ends on March 31, 2022
  • View Prices on Cruises on Celebrity

Savings Offer applies to new bookings made 03/01/22 03/31/22 on sailings departing 04/01/22 03/31/23 excluding Alaska Cruisetours and Galapagos. Savings Offer provides 25% off Standard Rate cruise fare for all guests in the same stateroom, is combinable with Always Included and will be automatically applied at checkout. No promo code required.

Airfare is discounted up to $300 pp off market air fare, by gateway depending on departure and arrival gateways. All other gateways departing from the United States or Canada will receive a $100 per person airfare savings.

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