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What’s Included On Disney Cruise

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What Are The Smoking Rules

Disney Cruise – What’s Included and What’s Not Included?

Disney Cruise Line does not allow smoking in Guest staterooms. Smoking is also prohibited in all interior spaces throughout our ships. Beginning November 15, 2013, a new rule will go into effect where smoking will also be prohibited on stateroom verandahs. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas of the ship. Guests found smoking in their staterooms or on their verandahs will be charged a $250 stateroom recovery fee, which covers deep cleaning that includes air filter replacement, carpet extraction and the cleaning and replacement of drapes, comforters, blankets and pillows, along with verandah cleaning and maintenance.

Aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, guests are allowed to smoke:

  • Outdoors on Deck 4 starboard side from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. only

On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, guests are allowed to smoke:

Nursery For Children Under 3

The programming for children onboard a Disney cruise is certainly top tier. But the complimentary childrens programs, Adventure Ocean, are only offered for children older than three years old. Children age 6 months to three years old are offered the Its A Small World Nursery instead at an hourly rate.

The nursery, due to the extra level of care and supervision required, is an additional cost. However, I still think cost it is very reasonable. The current rate is $4.50 per half hour for the first child, and $4.00 per half hour for any additional children in your family. Space at the nursery is very limited and as such it is really important to book reservations in advance online. Refer back to the booking window chart at the beginning of the post to determine when you can do so.

I am sure if you already booked your cruise you will know the age limits required to sail. But if you are still planning your cruise, the minimum age to sail on a Disney cruise is 6 months on the day of sailing. However, on a transatlantic or Panama Canal cruise the minimum age is increased to one year. Also keep in mind that the nursery is not open 24/7 and hours can vary. You will want to check the cruise planner each day for exact details on hours. ;

What Is The Cheapest Way To Book A Disney Cruise

The cheapest way to book a Disney cruise is to book as far in advance as you can for the best price. Disney sometimes offer discounts for Florida residents and for the US military, so be sure to claim these if they apply to you.

When it comes to booking your cruise, a good travel agent will be able to get you a discounted rate compared to booking direct, so its always worth getting a quote. If you live in the UK, . Shes Disney-mad and will help you with every aspect of booking your cruise.

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Food On A Disney Cruise

The first thing to keep in mind with this comparison is that when you are on a Disney Cruise you truly are getting more. Lets look at food first. The Disney Dining Plan entitles you to one Quick-Service Meal, one Table Service Meal, and two Snacks per person, per day, whereas on a Disney Cruise you have unlimited meals and snacks. Admit it: access to ice cream whenever you want sounds pretty sweet! But it goes beyond that.

On our recent trip aboard the Disney Magic, we experienced Rapunzels Royal Table, a dinner show that is at least on par with Cinderellas Royal Table in Walt Disney World. Character meals such as these in the park require two Table Service Meal credits on the Disney Dining Plan.

For many cruisers, breakfast and lunch will be at Cabanas, an all-you-can-eat buffet, which compared to the Disney Dining Plan equates to a 1 credit Table Service experience, not a Quick Service Meal, plus you get one extra meal. But maybe Room Service is more your style. On the Disney Dining Plan, we are back to a two-credit Table Service charge for In-Room Dining at the Disney Resort hotels, whereas Room Service on a Disney Cruise ship is included â you only have to tip.

Disney Cruise Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique dresses kids up like royalty for a small fortune. There are also pirate packages for a slightly smaller fortune. You can find these boutiques in the theme parks as well. Prices for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique packages vary based upon the services you choose.

Should you care?: Maybe. I dont, because my boys dont care. It would be nice if it was included, but it would probably be impossible to squeeze everyone in for free.

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Are Port Transfers Included On A Disney Cruise

Port Transfers to and from the cruise from the Disney resorts or Orlando airport are available via Disney bus transportation for an additional fee, currently around $40 per person each way.;

Fees vary for other ports.;

Be mindful that if you are a larger party, private transfers may be much more cost-effective.;

But, do note that if you are staying at the Hyatt at the Orlando airport the night prior to your cruise, Disney offers a truly magical experience where you can leave your luggage in your room and it will be picked up and delivered from the hotel directly to your stateroom if you are taking Disney transportation.;

Weve used this a few times, and its a real lifesaver.;Just be sure to request it in advance and ensure you confirm the service when you check-in for your stay.

Are Spa Treatments Included On A Disney Cruise

Spa Treatments and the Rainforest Room are not included in the cruise fare.;Spa treatments are available for additional fees and can be booked in advance or onboard.;

They range from traditional spa services to special couples experiences and medical offerings like cool sculpting.;

You can also buy day passes, or cruise-length passes to the Rainforest Room, a spa area that offers themed showers, steam rooms , heated loungers, and hot tubs for a truly relaxing experience.

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Disney Cruise Line Tips

How much are tips on Disney Cruise Line? Disney Cruise suggested tips are $13.50 per person per night as of the time of this writing. This amount is automatically charged to your onboard account. You can ask them to remove the Disney Cruise gratuities from your bill, but given that the employees work hard, I would not recommend that.

There is nothing stopping you from leaving extra as well if you choose to do so. These tips can be left in Disney Cruise Line gratuity envelopes.

The Disney Cruise tips per day are broken down as follows:

1. Dining Room Server $4.50

2. Dining Room Assistant Server $3.50

3. Dining Room Head Server $1.00

4. Disney Cruise Stateroom Host $4.50

You also need to tip people who deliver room service and bartenders.

Should you care?: Im going with yes on this one. The Disney Cruise employees certainly deserve their tips, but it would be nice if they were included like at all inclusive resorts.

Disney Cruise Pro tips: Consider a Disney Cruise travel agent who offers a Disney Cruise onboard credit to book with them to cover this cost.

Specialty Adult Dining While Not Included Is Definitely Worth It

What’s included on a Disney Cruise?

It is possible to eat for the entirety of your Disney cruise without paying anything additional onboard. However, I think you would be doing yourself a disservice if you do not book a specialty dining experience. Specialty dining is for adults only, and is available on all of the Disney cruise ships.

The two specialty restaurant options are Palo or Remy. Palo is on all of the ships, and Remy is only on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. Either Palo or Remy are great options for a special meal for adults onboard. The food and service is out of this world incredible and I highly recommend you do not miss it.

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The Details Are Astounding

Want to feel super important as you embark on your voyage? Prepare to have an entire cast of crew members welcome you aboard, by name, when you clear the gangway. Want ketchup with your morning hash browns? Your server will pour it for you — in the shape of Mickey’s head. Need to use the toilet while your travel companion is in the shower? No worries. Your cabin has two bathrooms: one with a shower and sink and another with a sink and toilet. On our Halloween sailing, a two-deck-tall tree stood in the ship’s atrium; on Halloween morning, passengers woke to find that it had “bloomed” with pumpkins overnight as they slept. There are little surprises around every turn. Trust us: They’ve thought of everything.

Want An Even More Magical Vacation Try The Disney Wish

If you want to take an even more magical Disney Cruise Line vacation, we recommend booking on Disneys newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish. Most rooms onboard the wish have either ocean views or verandas, and each room is themed with decor inspired by a classic Disney fairy tale.

Disney Wishâthe newest ship to join the Disney Cruise Line familyâsets sail in Summer 2022. Be among the first to experience the all-new enchantment on board, where fantastical worlds and beloved stories from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar are brought to life like never before.

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What Is Charged As Extra Cost On A Disney Cruise Ship

There are of course some things that you will be charged extra for.

All excursions, or Port Adventures as Disney calls them will be charged as extra.

Any trips to the spa or salon also have a separate charge. You may want to indulge in a visit to The Rainforest.

Phone calls and internet usage are extras too.

Professional photographs are another extra cost on a Disney cruise. It is one way that you may find yourself spending some extra money on board.

A Disney ship is a great chance to get some wonderful photos with the characters. The Disney photographers are excellent and you can purchase professional photos from them if you want to.

Remember though that you can always use your own camera to take pictures of the characters. You do not need to purchase the professional ones.

There are usually some extra charge events like Wine Tasting. These are a lot of fun and usually, cost around $25 extra per person.

There are self-service laundry services with a small charge, as well as laundry service. You can take a huge amount of luggage on board though so you may want to skip the laundry on a Disney cruise.

How Much Is A Disney Cruise Compared To Other Cruises

Do Disney Cruises Include Food? Your Guide To Whats ...
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Let me start by saying that Im definitely a budget cruiser. While many people like to cruise for less than $125 , Ill aim for half of that, if I can.

While Im happy to pay a bit more for a special cruise, Ive always written Disney cruises off as being way out of my price range.

But, with Disney Magic offering short cruises from the UK for the first time, I went ahead and booked one. You can read my review of that cruise here.

It was way more than Id usually spend, so lets look a little closer to see exactly how much Disney cruises cost compared to other cruise lines.

So, lets dive in and see how much a Disney cruise costs, what you get for the ticket price and whether its worth it.

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Will I Get Seasick

While getting seasick used to be a concern when taking a cruise, this doesnt affect too many people anymore.

The Disney Cruise Line has stabilizers and other high-tech controls that minimize the ships movement. Also, weather tracking devices help to keep the Disney Cruise Line in calm waters as much as possible.

Chances are you will experience a wonderful cruise and wont have to worry about seasickness at all. There are several over the counter remedies for seasickness that some guests choose to bring with them just in case it happens, though. If you need to purchase anything over the counter, some medicines are available at guest services desk on deck 3 of any ship, and a select shops on board.

Specialty Adult Only Dining

Specialty Adult Only Dining is available on all Disney cruises.

What is Palo on a Disney Cruise?

Palo, an Italian themed restaurant is available on all ships for brunch or dinner for an added fee, currently, of $40 per person .;

An optional wine pairing can be added to dinner for another $59.;Palo Brunch is a fan favorite and consists of a mix of a very high-end buffet .

With an ala carte menu featuring breakfast and Italian fare .

What is Remy on a Disney Cruise?

Remy, a French restaurant inspired by the movie Ratatouille, is a fine-dining experience equivalent to a three-Michelin starred restaurant and is available for a significant additional fee for champagne brunch, or dinner only aboard the newer Dream class ships.;

Remy offers a prix-fixe dining experience where diners choose between a French or American menu and are then treated to a multi-course meal where the service and presentation are rivaled only by the amazing quality of the food itself.;

Dinner also starts with an included Colette, a themed cocktail that should not be missed.;Brunch at Remy is currently $75 per person, an additional $30 per person for Champagne pairings.;

Remy dinner starts at $125 per person, but with wine pairings and potential up-charges for things like caviar service or Waygu beef entrees, dinner at Remy can easily run into the $200-250 per person .

Remy also offers a desert experience separate from dinner for $60 per person, with an added wine pairing costing $25 per person.;

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Is The Disney Cruise Cost Worth It

Looking at these numbers, we can see that the average, non-discounted Disney Cruise Line vacation could cost your family of four almost $200 more per person, per night, than the average, non-discounted Walt Disney World vacation would. And if you are getting amazing attractions, dining, and experiences at Walt Disney World and on a Disney Cruise, why spend the extra money on one instead of the other?

Since so many Disney fans visit Disney World in Florida and sail on Disney Cruise Line out of Port Canaveral in Florida, itâs no surprise that the question of whether to take a Disney Cruise or go on a Disney World trip would come up. Here are some reasons why the Disney Cruise cost is worth it and what sets Disney Cruise Line apart from Walt Disney World Resort. Remember that every Disney trip is a magical one, but a Disney Cruise vacation is truly something special!

Can I Cancel My Cruise

Disney Cruise Additional costs

The cruise line said;guests with COVID-19 symptoms or exposure may cancel their bookings within;14 days of sailing and get a full refund or apply their;fares toward;future sailings without Disney’s;usual cancellation fees. Guests without COVID-19 concerns will have a “relaxed cancellation fee schedule” this year.

Guests who book sailings by July 31 for travel this year can change their sail;date;up to 15 days before their scheduled departure.

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Nearly Everything Is Included

Spend a day in one of Disney’s parks ashore, and you’re likely to shell out a small fortune for food. On a Disney cruise, you’ll eat for free in one of a handful of dining rooms each night. Each ship in the fleet also has a buffet and counter-service eateries offering quick nibbles like pizza, burgers and deli fare. There are a couple of added-fee restaurants for adults only; they’re great for escaping the kiddos if that’s your goal, but they can also be avoided if you don’t want to incur the additional cost.

You’ll also pay extra for some things like specialty coffee and ice cream, alcohol, and spa and salon treatments, but otherwise, Disney sailings are a great value for your money when you consider the quality of the onboard entertainment, the caliber of service and the fact that, unlike most other cruise lines, soda is included in cruise fares.

Can Cruise Itineraries Change

Occasionally, weather conditions and other circumstances beyond Disney Cruise Lines control require an itinerary change. In these situations, the cruise line will make every attempt to visit alternative ports where guests will enjoy popular vacation destinations and safe conditions.

Sometimes itinerary changes will occur during the sailing. For example, occasionally rough seas make it impossible to dock at a certain port. While this doesnt happen often, it is best to prepare for the unexpected.

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What You Get For The Disney Cruise Price

Upon first glance, youre probably thinking that a Disney Cruise Line vacation may be double the cost of a Walt Disney World vacation. And depending on how many people you are traveling with, the length of vacation, where you are staying/sailing, and the type of room you book, you could be right! But the most important factor to keep in mind is the true value of your vacation: what you are getting for the price.

Here is everything included in a Disney Cruise Line vacation, according to the official website:

  • Enchanting Entertainment: Delight in Broadway-caliber musicals, lively deck parties and fireworks at sea .
  • Spacious Staterooms: Designed for Families: extra space and storage, sitting area, and split bath to allow more people to get ready at the same time.
  • Disneyâs Private Island: Relax in paradise with beach chairs, umbrellas, waterslides and a buffet lunch .
  • Variety of Dining Options: Enjoy upscale restaurants, buffets, poolside snacks, and 24-hour room service.
  • Imaginative Youth Clubs: Play in themed clubs for every age, staffed by specially trained Disney counselors.
  • Nightclubs & Lounges: Discover adults-only areas that include a variety of bars and pubs.
  • Pools & Recreation: Splash it up in freshwater pools and waterslides at sea.

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