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Where To Cruise In September

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Fall Colors & Termination Dust

Southwest Airlines CEO: I’m very optimistic about return of travel

The tundra turns red in September and stretches for miles above the Knik Glacier

Fall colors in Alaska are beautiful but different from the Lower 48. In Alaska, very few trees turn red. Most of ours turn yellow and orange. On the other, the tundra can glow bright red–and smell fragrant beyond words. If you’re a , you may be interested in a fall foliage photo tour.

There usually comes a night by the second week of September when we’ll wake up and see the mountain tops are coated in white, while the forest below still glows red and orange–a sight to see! We locals call these early snows Termination Dust, as in signaling the end of summer and that old man winter is just around the corner.

What To Pack For A Cruise To Alaska In July

July enjoys the warmest average temperatures of the summer , which is why its one of the best times to cruise to Alaska. Be sure to pack a mix of short and long-sleeved T-shirts and waterproof pants that can convert into shorts, in case you get extra sunny and warm days during your cruise.

Chances of rain also increase as the summer months go by, so dont forget to bring all of your rain-related gear, including a light roll-up waterproof jacket, when you cruise in July.

Seward: The Biggest Weather Gamble

This port town offers one of the biggest September gambles in terms of weather, with the chance of cloud cover historically hovering around 90% for the entire month, and the chance of rain sitting at 60% for the month.

Even though cloud cover and rain can affect visibility, its not a dealbreaker for any activities, assuming you have the appropriate gear and clothing . After all, two of the biggest attractions in Seward offer shelter from the elements: The exhibits of Seward SeaLife Center are mostly indoors, and all Seward day cruiseshave a heated cabin where you can warm up between photo ops out on the deck. Seward Ocean Excursions offers small-group custom charters year-round.

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Liberty Of The Seas Sets Sail On Test Cruise

Yes, test cruises are still happening, though not as frequently as they were this summer. Liberty of the Seas departed today on a four-night simulated voyage from Galveston. The goal is to gain CDC approval to welcome larger number of unvaccinated guests — mainly children — onboard its fall sailings.

The ship is scheduled to cruise with paying passengers beginning October 3. Its alternating Western Caribbean itineraries will visit either Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel, or Grand Cayman, Falmouth , and Cozumel.

When Is The Best Time To Cruise

Norwegian cancels August and September cruises due to ...

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for when to sail: It depends on your own personal priorities. Whether youre looking to avoid the rough seas or score a bargain deal, theres a time of year thats best for you. If youre looking for low prices, shoulder season the time between peak and low season is a great option, but it may come with trade-offs like rainy weather or fewer wildlife sightings. Check out our breakdown of the best time to cruise based on destination, weather, and price:

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New Vaccine Requirement For Cruises Sailing In September 2021

The biggest change in terms of protocols will begin in September when Royal Caribbean begins requiring all passengers to be fully vaccinated if they over the age of 12.

Due to a change in the policy of The Bahamas, Royal Caribbean cruisers ages 12 and older will now have to show proof of vaccination to sail from Florida.

Up until September Royal Caribbean was allowing adults to opt out of showing proof on sailings from Florida due to a Florida law that prevents businesses from asking for proof.

The Bahamas announced between September 3 and November 1, all passengers old enough to be vaccinated on a cruise ship must be vaccinated in order for a ship to visit any port in The Bahamas, including private islands.

For cruises departing from any U.S. port and visiting The Bahamas on and after Sept. 3, guests who are 12 and older must provide proof of vaccination in order to sail. This also applies to itineraries that include Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Travelers unable to show proof of vaccination will be unable to sail. Those of our guests under 12, who are currently ineligible for the vaccine, can still cruise with us as long as they continue to provide a negative test result at boarding and follow certain health and safety protocols.

Carnival Pulls Second Ship From Australia

The Carnival ship shuffle continues in Australia, with the line pulling Carnival Splendor out of Australia, citing “uncertainty” over a restart date in Australia.

The line is canceling planned operations of Carnival Splendor from June 10, 202, through September 26, 2022.

Yesterday Carnival announced Carnival Spirit would be redeployed in Jacksonville taking over Carnival Ecstasy’s itineraries.

However, in an update to the announcement, the line confirmed Carnival Spirit will replace Carnival Ecstasy in Jacksonville for departures from March 7 through April 9, 2022, but the next two cruises are being canceled, then a new ship will be assigned from the Carnival fleet to Jacksonville for the Ecstasy itineraries, effective April 23, 2022. That announcement will be made shortly.

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Cruise Ship Restart News: September 3 2021

As the summer winds down, most re-launching cruise ships are setting sail on Saturday and Sunday. We will be publishing our weekly updates on Fridays to alert you to which ships are debuting over the weekend.

Get all the details about ship launches and simulated voyages with Cruise.blogs master list of 2021-2022 debut sailings.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Travel Tips

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  • A brand name that you know and can trust.
  • Industry master, with over 50 years of experience and operation in the cruise line sector.
  • They provide an incredible travel experience to all ages and have amazing amenities to help heighten your experience.
  • Rock walls, surfing, and even waterparks to offer you something unique that you won’t find on any other cruise ship.
  • Simply unpack and settle in once, then relax into your stateroom for the remainder of your trip.
  • Our fast processes for embarkation and disembarkation give guests even more time to explore and allow for quicker access to the ship to reach anything you may need from us or your room.
  • Incredible staterooms and suites to offer you the most relaxing experience while onboard.
  • Incredible personalized experience designed to provide a family-like atmosphere.
  • The industry’s most knowledgeable cruise managers and guides, providing you with the best guided experiences in the cruise market.
  • Varied excursions available including everything from walking tours to guided biking tours, hikes, and more.

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Shorter Days Cooler Temps More Rain

What is certain is that the days are shorter. But there’s still more daylight than many places in the U.S. see during this same time of year, or even during their summer.

During the first half of the month, it can still feel like Alaska summer, with temps in the high 50s and 60 , and about 14 hours of light every day .

But by the end of the month, temperatures are about 10 degrees lower overall , and daylight starts slipping away. The sun doesnt rise until about 8 a.m. and sets at 7:30pm.

What Should I Pack For An Alaska Cruise In June

A to Alaska is popular for two reasons: the long daylight hours and the low chance of rain. In June, daylight lasts between 18 to 20 hours and the average temperature varies from a high of 40 degrees to mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bring along at least one pair of polarized sunglasses and a good sleep mask .

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Cruise Ship Restart News: September 10 2021

School has started and the fall travel shoulder season is upon us, but cruise ship restarts are not slowing down. This week, three cruise ships on three different lines will make their 2021 debut, and more lines are announcing return-to-cruise plans for their remaining ships.

Get all the details about ship launches and simulated voyages with Cruise.blogs master list of 2021-2022 debut sailings.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Highlights

Seattle cruises in September 2016. Cruise to Alaska ...
  • An incredible company that has been in operation since 1969.
  • A well-known name in the cruise line industry, with service standards that accompany their length of time in the industry.
  • Winner of a plethora of service awards, including “Best Cruise Line in the Caribbean,””Best Cruise Line Overall,” and “Best Cruise Ship Symphony of the Seas.”
  • Amazing rooms in various sizes available for all of your accommodation needs and party sizes.
  • Breathtaking views, offering you uninterrupted views of the water, the shores, and all of the beautiful sights of each destination.
  • Unmatched customer service to make your trip a relaxing and unforgettable experience.
  • Knowledgeable tour guides to accompany you to places that you might have never heard of.
  • Lots of space to explore and get to know the ship.

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Wonder Of The Seas Trades China For Florida

Wonder of the Seas, soon to be Royal Caribbeans and the worlds largest cruise ship, will not make its grand entrance in China and sail with Asian passengers as originally planned. Instead, the cruise line announced that the ship will head to the U.S. and debut in Fort Lauderdale on March 4, 2022. Wonder will then head to Barcelona in May 2022 for a summer season of Western Mediterranean cruises.

The 6,800-passenger ship will be Royal Caribbeans fifth Oasis-class ship and will feature 100 more cabins than the reigning worlds largest ship, Symphony of the Seas.

Denali: Prime For Fall Colors And Possible Snow

First the bad news: Most tours and hotels around here close between the 15th and 20th of the month, and many summer activities draw to a close by the middle of the month. Meanwhile, the national park starts offering abbreviated versions of their summer bus toursbasically, the tours only drive as far into the park as you can go without seeing signs of winter along the road . So, if you want to experience the entire park roadall the way to Kantishna and Wonder LakeSeptember is likely a no-go.

But that doesnt mean things are totally shut downand there are some nice upsides to September here. There are several B& Bs in the town of Healy that stay open year round. And the color is gorgeous: youll see a nice mix of the bright yellow deciduous trees in the lower elevations near the park entrance, and as you get into the park and the tundra emerges, youll see a vibrant, deep red. The views get even more spectacular if you take a flightseeing tour and see the parks colors from above.

Northern lights adventures with Northern Alaska Tour Company

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Eastern Alaska: The Quietest Place In September

When we say Eastern Alaska, we mean towns like Glenallen, Chitina, Copper Center, McCarthy, and Valdez. This area is similar to Denali in the sense that many hotels and tours shut down by mid-Septemberafter which things are really shut down. So, if you want to experience this area, you just have to come in the early part of the month.

Dinner Or Smart Casual Clothes

European airline bookings increased following relaxed Covid rules: Ryanair CFO

Aside from the comfortable and sports clothing youll wear during the day and on excursions, youll also want to pack dressier attire, too. During dinner in the ships main restaurant, cruisers will dress according to Celebrity Cruises dress code.

Women can wear a smart dress, skirt, pants, or jeans with a casual top, and men can dress in pants or jeans with a short-sleeve sport shirt.

As for shoewear, the only rule is that flip flops are never allowed during evenings on the ship.

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Where Else To Try

Europe is also a popular destination for September cruises, as its iconic capitals and natural wonders have an appeal which lasts throughout the year. There’s a great choice when it comes to Europe’s capitals and you can explore the medieval streets of Estonia’s capital Tallinn, the historic treasures of St Petersburg and the architectural appeal of Copenhagen.

Norway’s dramatic coastline is also yours to enjoy, as you visit such ports as Tromso, Flam and Stavanger and witness the awesome power and beauty of the country’s fjords and glaciers throughout the month of September.

Staying in the north, there are also quite a large number of September cruises which visit the inspiring state of Alaska. Choose from several itineraries cruising the Inside Passage, Glacier Bay and the Hubbard Glacier, where you can witness first-hand the beauty and power of nature.

Go Cruise1st For Your September Cruise

Were an award-winning agency dedicated to delivering the highest level of service. Customers have commended our dedication, attention to detail and expertise. We have carefully hand-picked every cruise on our website to ensure your voyage is the experience of a lifetime. Although the quality is of the highest standard, we strive to offer exclusive deals. Simply enter your voyage dates, destination and budget, and youll find a variety of awe-inspiring possibilities for your next holiday. Happy travels!

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Carnival Wont Offer Covid Tests At Homeports

Carnival previously announced that it was going to add on-site Covid-19 testing to its cruise homeport terminals, in order to assist passengers who need to show a negative Covid-19 test taken just two days before their ship departs.

However, the lines president, Christine Duffy, stated this week that due to logistical challenges, the plan was not feasible. Cruise guests will need to find their own Covid testing spot prior to arriving at the pier for their sailing.

Alaska Cruise Packing List: Clothing

Three Cruise Ships at Barcelona last Monday, the 8th of ...

Since the weather in Alaska can vary from warm to cold on a daily or even hourly basis, its important that your clothing choices include items that can be layered on top of each other for warmth, or easily removed if the weather is hot.

Aside from varying temperatures, you might book Alaska shore excursions that are more adventurous than sightseeing and beach-oriented activities. For this reason, youll need to pack specific activewear clothes in your suitcase for a variety of experiences, such as kayaking through fjords, spotting wildlife outdoors, and ziplining through forest trees.

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