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Can You Smoke On Viking River Cruises

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Can You Smoke On Norwegian Cruise Balcony

The Viking Experience: Extraordinary Elegance & Comfort

As stated earlier, guests private rooms and balconies are not supposed to be used for smoking. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes, and vapor devices are forbidden in those rooms. On both side of your stateroom or your balcony, smoking may cause a $250 USD cleaning charge to be added to your onboard account.

Who Are Aida Cruises

Aida Cruises are a German cruise line who are owned by Carnival Corporation. Aida cruises do primarily have guests who speak German although English speaking guests are also welcome. Most crew members onboard will speak English.

Aida currently have 14 ships and tend to attract a younger cruise passenger. All ships in the fleet feature eyes and lips on the bow which make the ships instantly recognisable.

Apt Luxury River Cruises Review Which Recommended Provider

Like Scenic, APT is another Australian river cruise company offering luxury river cruises in Europe and Asia. But in addition to the luxury cruises, APT also has an essential cruising tier for those wanting to see the sites for a little less expense. It didn’t rate poorly in a single part of our survey, but customer service and the quality of food on offer are really where it really stands out.

, or read our full APT Luxury River Cruises review for more information.

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Scenic Luxury Cruises And Tours Review Which Recommended Provider

Scenic specialises in luxury river cruises in Europe and Asia. It’s not cheap, but there are no nasty-surprises because everything’s included in the initial price, so the company still earns four start out of five for value for money. You have a choice of at least two excursions at every stop, while on-board, you’ll be treated to high-quality cabins, lots of space, excellent food and friendly and helpful staff.

, or read our full Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours review for more information.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

River Cruise Policies: Smoking, Alcohol and Age Restrictions

Cigarette smoking is only allowed in designated areas of the outdoor pool area fleetwide and within the Connoisseur Club . It’s also permissible in the following public areas: Horizon Lounge on Seven Seas Voyager and Seven Seas Mariner and Galileo’s on Seven Seas Navigator.

Cigar and pipe smoking is permitted in the Connoisseur Club cigar smoking is also allowed in the designated area of the pool area , but pipe smoking is not.

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Can You Book Viking Cruises Online

It is easy to personalize your upcoming cruise on My Viking Journey, our online portal designed exclusively for guests to prepare for and personalize their cruise experience. If you have a Viking booking number, create an account to: Review and manage your flight itinerary when booked with My Viking Air.

Can You Smoke On The Balcony Of A Carnival Cruise Ship

Smoking tobacco in designated areas on its ships, including on the exterior deck, is allowed in gaming and nightclubs. It is prohibited on ships. In staterooms, outside balconies are also prohibited. On the left, youll find an easy-to-use link that tells you where to find the Carnival ships smoking rooms.

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River Cruise Age Requirement

Age restrictions go beyond the bar, though. A river cruise usually isn’t designed to appeal to children. Some lines specifically prohibit younger guests, and most discourage it.

For example, Viking stopped accepting passengers under 18 for any trips booked after Aug. 1, 2018. American Cruise Lines, American Queen Steamboat Company and CroisiEurope, by contrast, have no age restrictions.

Crystal won’t accept children under 6 months and may limit the number of kids under 3 on a sailing. It also won’t allow passengers under 7 on any excursions involving a Zodiac craft.

Uniworld accepts passengers more than 4. On Tauck, the minimum age is 4 for European river cruises and 5 for Africa and while AmaWaterways will take 4-year-olds, it says it doesn’t recommend sailings for those under 8 and has a minimum age limit of 12 for African trips.

Avalon will accept passengers 8 and older. Emerald Waterways and Riviera limit passengers to those 12 and over, except for some Christmas tours. Scenic accepts passengers under 12 at their own discretion, except for its more family-oriented Christmas cruises.

Adventures by Disney has different age limits depending on the itinerary. Most begin at 4, although the trips are recommended for passengers 8 and older. A few trips have a minimum of 18.

Viking River Cruises Russia Reviews

Viking’s Own Vintner

One of the best places to go is the St, Peterburgs in Russia. When you go into it, enjoy the Baltic Sea attraction.

Cruise Saint Petersburg and on the boat and jump on the boat and the city in the city and on the canal trip and on the channel tour. Or the most important time to express 3.5-5 miles, where you will find the American church and cafes of the female church.

Viking River Cruises Reviews Russia

Its time to have a look at the reviews of viking river cruises in Russia to know whether you should be booking your ticket or not.

Noisiest Stateroom on the Ship 422

We have traveled with Viking before and always had pleasant experiences. We have never been to Russia and this looked like a nice cruise. It was our first time on their older ships. When we got to our stateroom we couldnt believe how noisy it was. It turns out we were located right below the major air handler for the entire ship. Besides the loud air noise there was a throbbing pulsing noise..So every night for the entire cruise we would go down to the second floor to sleep and then back to 422 during the day.

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River Cruise Basics: Onboard Smoking Policies

May 6, 2013 By Aaron Saunders

Recently, luxury ocean cruise line Crystal Cruises announced its intention to go nearly completely non-smoking beginning in 2014. Because of that, we thought it would be a good time to look at smoking policies aboard European-based river cruise ships.

Smoking policies are becoming more restrictive aboard ocean cruise ships, but theyve always been stringent aboard river cruise ships. With a multitude of stateroom options including ones with French Balconies and full, step-out balconies the rules may seem unclear, particularly to those who are familiar with smoking policies on major deep ocean cruise lines that may allow smoking on balconies.

The general rule of thumb that is applicable for nearly every major river cruise line in Europe: Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the ship at any time.

This decision also has roots in safety: Fire is one of the most dangerous threats to any ship. Eliminating the potential risk of accidental fire in the ships interior spaces is a prudent decision.

Each river cruise line typically has a designated smoking area this is normally on the uppermost deck, but the designated smoking area will vary between line and ship, depending on design and construction. The location can be determined once onboard, but is typically well-marked and surrounded by metal ashtrays.

Viking European River Cruises For Chinese Travelers

In Fall 2016, Viking became the first European river cruise company offering itineraries on dedicated to Chinese tourists riverboats. The company dedicated two longships, on which the primary onboard language is Mandarin.

The first longship’s 2016 itineraries are on Rhine River, between homeports Amsterdam and Basel. The second longship’s 2017 itineraries are on Danube. On both riverboats, all the hotel staff is Mandarin-speaking, all the signage is in Mandarin . The onboard cuisine is traditional Chinese plus European dishes by Michelin-star chefs.

All excursion programs ashore are organized by Viking River Cruises. Each ship has all 8 Mandarin-speaking tour guides assigned to 25-passenger groups. The Rhine cruise program includes a shipboard overnight in Amsterdam and 3 days in Basel with Lake Lucerne tour. In Strasbourg, passengers take the high-speed TGV train to Paris. Optional deals include private jet travel for 1 day at the price of USD 30,000 pp. Cruise fares start from around USD 4,300 pp.

Cruise Lines International Association/CLIA’s projections for 2020 were that the number of Chinese cruisers to Europe will be the same in comparison to the Americans.

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Cigar Aficionados Rejoice These Cruise Ship Cigar Lounges Will Become Your New Favorite Thing

Cigar lounges have played an important role in American history from cinema appearances to private lounges in major cities enjoyed by many. Cigars have always been classier than cigarettes and lounges dedicated to the cigar smoker bring up thoughts of leather chairs, a relaxed atmosphere, and ones favorite alcoholic beverage. As in the past, todays cigar aficionados talk and learn about cigars, share stories, and enjoy a good smoke during their visit to cigar lounges. For those that enjoy a fine cigar and cruises: are you aware there are a number of cruise ship cigar lounges?

Happy Traveler CommentWe would like to THANK Cesar for all of the hard work he put into making our trip to Hawaii a GREAT experience! He made sure our traveling ran smooth ! We can’t wait to book another vacation with him! THANK YOU Cesar and ALOOOOHA!!! Mia W.

These classic spaces are specifically designed for cigar smokers. The true cigar aficionado will immensely enjoy the experience of a cruise ship cigar lounge and will be especially thrilled combining said experience with sights of cigar rollers and history in port stops throughout the Caribbean. has all the information on cruise ships that go to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean destinations where cigars are prevalent, as well as other sailings that have cruise ship cigar lounges available.

Viking Mississippi River Cruises

Download Can You Smoke On A Cruise Ship Balcony ...

The company plans to add cruise ships on Mississippi River . However, the process is slowed due to issues regarding the so-called “Jones Act” . It imposes restrictions on where USA-based ships can navigate and how to be staffed.

Company’s plan to enter the US river cruising market was officially announced in 2015. In October 2018 was announced as a potential start-up the year 2021. By 2027, Viking plans to increase river’s annual passenger shipping capacity to over 100,000 by deploying six Viking riverboats. The 7-day cruise itineraries will include roundtrips from New Orleans, as well as one-ways between New Orleans and Memphis TN, and between St Louis MO and Minneapolis-Saint Paul MN.

Viking’s USA-based riverboats will be newbuilds , each with 5 decks, passenger capacity 386, all-balcony staterooms , an aft-located infinity pool, bow ramp . All the 6 ships will be built and owned by ECO Shipyards and operated under charter by Viking Cruises USA.

The first boat starts operations in August 2022. Bookings opened in 2020 – on March 31 and on April 15 . Currently, Viking River Cruises USA offers 4 itineraries, themed as:

  • “Heart of the Delta” – prices started from GBP 3390 pp
  • “America’s Heartland” – from GBP 4790 pp
  • “Southern Celebration” – from GBP 3390 pp
  • “America’s Great River” – from GBP 8690 pp

Viking’s main competitors on the US market are American Cruise Lines and American Queen Voyages .

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Alcohol Age Limits On River Cruises

When you’re traveling with someone under 21, rules about alcohol can get even more complicated.

Cruise line practices vary widely, with some following the law of the country where the ship is traveling, and others limiting alcoholic beverages to passengers 18 or 21.

Those enforcing a drinking age of 21 include American Queen Steamboat Company, Viking River Cruises, Emerald Waterways, Tauck and Uniworld.

But others are more flexible. For example, Adventures by Disney in Europe allows 18- to 20-year-olds to drink if a parent signs a waiver.

Crystal River Cruises aims for a middle ground, serving beer and wine to those more than 18, although it limits spirits to passengers more than 21.

Avalon Waterways, Scenic and APT will serve alcohol to passengers more than 18. And CroisiEurope follows the drinking age of the country it’s visiting, which in Europe is generally 18, and sometimes younger.

Viking Rhine River Cruises Reviews Of Food And Beverages

Lunch and dinner included a complimentary wine or beer. The ships bar was stocked with some excellent options and if you like to drink, I can tell you the silver spirits drinks package is well worth the money and better than any other drink package I have ever seen to date, which is worth cheering for.

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Emerald Waterways Review Which Recommended Provider

If you like the sound of Scenic’s river cruises but are put-off by the cost, you’ll want to consider it’s more cost-conscious sister, Emerald Waterways. All its ships have been built within the last 10 years, so it’s no wonder they were highly rated for spaciousness and facilities. The food is top-quality, too, making Emerald Waterways a great option for a slightly more wallet-friendly European river cruise.

, or read our full Emerald Waterways review for more information.

Travel Industry Math Is Always In The Companys Favor

Explore Europe with Viking River Cruises

Travel companies always do the math so it favors them.

Heres funny math on an airline refund in 2019. And heres a 2015 case involving United frequent flier points.

I call this travel math.

How do you know a company will use travel math? You could say the fine print gives them permission or that lack of fine print gives them permission . But for me, the best explanation is that the company is in business. If its taking your money, its always going to use math that favors it.

Fosses case is a borderline one, when it comes to travel math. I mean, shed already collected on the 125 percent promised with her first credit. Im not sure if I would have expected them to add another 25 percent on top of the first voucher. Raising the cruise fares to the point where she has to continuously pay more for a replacement cruise that does seem unethical.

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What Is And Isnt Included In The Vikings Fare

Before booking a ticket, its crucial to know what type of amenities are included in the ticket and what may charge you some extra bucks. River cruising, generally in Europe, is pretty all-inclusive. However, there are a few differences based on the different brands.

But we are doing a Viking river cruises review here. So what exactly is the case when you look at this cruise company. When you look at the Viking fare, understanding what you are going to get is very important because a lot of people, particularly if they are coming from ocean cruises.

Take a look at the river cruising fares and think theyre on the high side. Thats because theres a lot of stuff included. The obvious things included are your

  • Accommodation
  • Owners Suite

Riviera Travel Review Which Recommended Provider

Riviera Travel is not only one of the best river cruise lines around, it’s also one of the cheapest. The on-board facilities aren’t quite in the same league as some pricier rivals, but Riviera is second-to-none when it comes to customer service, spaciousness and food and drink.

, or read our full Riviera Travel review for more information.

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Viking River Cruises Food Review

Generally, on cruises, the area of most weakness is in the quality of the food. I can honestly say that the food was the best Ive ever had on a cruise. It wasnt anything out of this world but it was very tasty with good presentation and most importantly, variety.

I also noticed the chef was also on hand to accommodate any of the passengers dietary requirements. So when it comes to the Viking river cruise food reviews, I certainly give them good remarks.

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Viking Rhine River Cruise Reviews

Itâs Official: Viking to Start Mississippi River Operation ...

Originating from the Swiss canton of Graubünden, the Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe. So why not explore it? Thats exactly what you can do with Viking cruises. But is the journey worth it? Should you go on it? To know that, lets do a complete Viking Rhine river cruise review.

A Rhine River cruise excursion takes you into the heart of Europe, where fairytale villages, cultural centers, and stately castles have long been witnesses to European history. The banks of the river are packed with vibrant capitals, historic treasures, and natural beauty. The Viking river cruise Rhine review is incomplete without having a look at what youll experience in your journey.

  • Amsterdams charming canals and gabled houses
  • Mythical Lorelei Rock at the Middle Rhine Gorge
  • Colognes Gothic Dom

River Cruise Line at Xmas Cheapskates

Just come back this is the 6th time weve been with this company and am afraid there wont be a 7th. They changed itinerary just before we left and then again when we were there think it was to save money on mooring fees..Came back to bus, no driver people with walking sticks, wheelchairs were waiting to get on but locked driver said he was having a waffle and coffee, it was bitterly cold. All this because we had to wait for a new driver at a chocolate factory later on.We would have been too early otherwise.

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Who Are Costa Cruises

Costa are an Italian cruise line owned by the Carnival Corporation. They offer great value cruises and are popular with families, young cruisers and groups.

A number of languages are spoken on board and the Italian ownership is felt in the dining and entertainment.

To find out why Costa have made it onto my Best Cruise Lines For Families list, check out our recommended cruise lines page here: Best Cruise Lines For Families

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