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How Much Does It Cost To Cruise To Antarctica

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How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Luxury Yacht In Antarctica

The 5 Best (And Unexpected) Things About An Antarctica Cruise.

Expect a week of private Antarctica cruising aboard a luxury yacht, with a dozen of your closest mates, to cost upwards of AUD 150,000. We wont lie, its not like we sell a hundred of these luxury Antarctica charters every year BUT if youre keen for a unique Antarctica expedition thats completely personalised to your wishes, one where you call the shots, then do contact us.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Antarctica

Cruising among massive glaciers and walking among penguins on the White Continent is a dream come true for many travelers. But the cost to go to Antarctica may cause some sleepless nights. Our experts share their inside knowledge and money-saving tips to help you answer the question How much does it cost to go to Antarctica?

The average Antarctica cruise cost is about $8,000 per person. The least expensive expeditions start at under $5,000. Luxury Antarctic cruises can exceed $15,000 per person.

Below we crunch the numbers and outline the considerations that influence Antarctic travel costs to help you determine how much it costs to go to Antarctica.

IN THIS POST Antarctica Cruise Cost:

Cruise Deals To Antarctica

Here are our best tips for finding a cheap cruise or cruise deal to Antarctica. If you book a guaranteed cabin , a cabin on a lower deck or sail on an older ship from a brand you like, then you can get the best price for a specific cruise to Antarctica. Last minute cruises deals to Antarctica appear as you get closer to the sail date, usually 1-2 weeks in advance. Taking a cruise to Antarctica in the shoulder season can also be a great way to find a cruise deal.

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How Much Does It Cost To Travel To The Uk For Two People

So, a trip to the United Kingdom for two people costs around £1,635 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs £3,270 in the United Kingdom. If youre traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kids tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared.

Can You Do A Day Trip To Antarctica

How Much Does an Antarctica Cruise Cost?

Antarctica is very remote, so its nigh on impossible to visit in only 24 hours. Most people will spend at least a week visiting the frozen continent, but that doesnt mean a day trip to Antarctica is impossible. You wont be able to set foot on this ice-capped land, but you will enjoy incredible birds-eye views of the mountain peaks and endless glaciers covering the most southern continent on Earth. So yes, it is possible to see parts of Antarctica in one day, but only if you choose to fly over.

The only way to set foot on Antarctica during a day trip is by organizing a private jet. That option is very costly and wont let you explore this vast continent for as long as it deserves. Since the journey by ship takes roughly 48 hours from Argentina, there is absolutely no way you could do a day trip without getting on a plane.

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Viking Expeditions: Antarctic Explorer

Viking Expeditions, from Viking, launches in January 2022, with new-build 378-passenger Viking Octantis. New amenities include a trio of pools at different temperatures, and a terrace with heated lava stone firepits. Count on about 25 experts onboard, including biologists and resident scientists working in the onboard laboratory, where guests learn about, and participate in, research. In the Hangar marina, guests easily and comfortably enter and debark RIBS and Zodiacs inside, rather than outside, the ship, avoiding ladder-climbing and boarding bouncing boats. Departs January 23, February 3, 14, and 25, 2022 prices begin at $14,995.

International Flights To Antarctica

If youre planning to head to South America to take advantage of the greatest range of Antarctica cruise options, then youre probably wondering how much an international flight will cost you.

  • From New Zealand, you will be in the best position, as non-stop flights operate between Auckland and Buenos Aires at an average price of about USD 930.

  • From Australia, and considering youll have to bunny-hop over New Zealand, youll need to add between USD 300 and USD 600 on the above-mentioned price, depending on whence you originate .

  • Once in Argentina, a domestic flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia costs around USD 400.

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How Long Does It Take To Get To Antarctica

They typically take between 17 and 23 days and are usually marketed as Ultimate Antarctica or Antarctica Explorer or something to that effect. Some Antarctica cruises are run specifically as Chinese Charters as over 80% of the Antarctica tourism markets growth is said to be driven by the Chinese.

When To Go To Antarctica

How Much Do Cruises Cost? What’s A Good Price? Vacation Impossible

Cruising in Antarctica is only possible during the continent’s summer, which runs from November through March. December and January are traditionally the most popular times to visit the region, when daylight lasts the longest and temperatures are the most manageable.

Those months are also when the wildlife is most abundant, with penguin chicks hatching by mid-December. Whale populations are at their highest beginning in January and remain high through March.

No matter which month you go in season, expect to deal with a wide variety of weather conditions — rain, snow, sleet and sun. Likewise, temperatures can change wildly throughout the day, ranging from a balmy-for-Antarctica 35 degrees Fahrenheit to well below freezing — and always be prepared for cold winds.

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Extra Expenses: Gear And Travel Insurance

As Antarctic climatic conditions vary and change rapidly, you need layers of clothing, from insulating undergarments to waterproof knee-high boots for wet Zodiac landings. Most cruise lines provide some of the gear others require that you bring your own. Prices can vary greatly depending upon the quality of the gear and where you purchase it.

If you bring all your own attire except for waterproof boots and a parka , count on spending the following: $55 to $100 for a fleece jacket to wear under your parka, $50 for one set of thermal base layers, $55 and up for thermal trousers, $35 for a warm beanie or winter hat, $35 to $80 for waterproof rain pants and $10 for glove liners to wear under your $20-to-$100 snow gloves.

Comprehensive travel insurance, including emergency medical coverage, is mandatory. Also check your credit cards and see if any offer travel insurance coverage or benefits. Prices for trip and medical insurance vary by your age and the state in which you reside. Insurance can run up to $2,000 or $3,000 per person for a deluxe plan if you’re 65 years old. Read the fine print, particularly the cancellation exclusions, before purchasing.

Popular Ports In Antarctica

Classic Antarctica sailings visit Deception Island, Port Lockroy, Elephant Island and Half Moon Island . The Lemaire Channel is also a popular attraction though not a port, Zodiacs are often lowered here for scenic cruising.

Longer Antarctic itineraries might also include stops in South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

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An Expedition Team With Expertise Experience And Enthusiasm

Youll get the full perspective on what you see and experience in Antarctica in the excellent company of our Expedition Team. Their knowledge and operational experience of Antarctica is second to none, and their passion and energy is infectious. Through our lectures and workshops, youll gain a deeper understanding of this splendid, complex and fragile ecosystem and how to protect it.

Sightseeing Antarctica Flights From Australia

How much does it cost to visit Antarctica From Australia?

Although this option doesnt allow to actually set foot on Antarctica, it is a very unique offer thats only available from Australia. Every summer, a select number of chartered sightseeing flights depart from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. The return flight lasts about 12hrs, with the first icebergs spotted usually within 3-4 hours of taking off. This is, as you can imagine, the day trip to trump all day-trips, with a rotating seat roster in place to ensure everyone can enjoy a visual feasting theyll never forget. Youll have a chance to move around and chat with other passengers as you enjoy the startling views below for at least four hours of the entire flight.

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Antarctica Travel From India

Regions: Antarctic Peninsula |South Georgia |South Shetland Islands |Falkland Islands

India is closer to Australia and New Zealand than it is to South America, however it costs less overall to visit Antarctica via South America than it does via Australia/New Zealand. Flights from India to Hobart, Australia or Invercargill, New Zealand to visit Eastern Antarctica are about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the cost of those to Ushuaia at the tip of South America to visit the Peninsula region. There are many more trips that visit the Peninsula however with greater variety of itinerary, ships and duration. It is also possible to fly from South America to join a cruise ship in Antarctica. The journey to Eastern Antarctica is by ship only, it is not possible for tourists to fly to that side of Antarctica and a longer part of the journey will be spent at sea than when journeying to the Peninsula.

Fig 1.

1 – New Delhi, India 2 – Ushuaia, Argentina 3 – Antarctic Peninsula 4 – Hobart, Australia 5 – Invercargill, New Zealand 6 – McMurdo 7 – Commonwealth Bay

Visas and Flights

There are a smaller number of cruises that depart from Australia or New Zealand visiting the opposite side to Eastern Antarctica. These trips are longer and therefore more expensive with a sailing time of 6-7 days there and the same back again in a total trip duration of 26-30 days. They usually leave from Hobart, Australia or Invercargill, New Zealand, frequently leaving from one and returning to the other.


Comfort And Luxury Levels Count

Taking everyone one needs to the ends of the world is an expensive endeavour, let alone when that everything includes an array of luxurious options. 5* luxury costs a lot more than 3* everywhere you go the difference in price is simply exacerbated when talking about Antarctic cruises. Some of the expedition ships cruising Antarctica are spectacularly lush and, combined with all the factors, among the most expensive in the world.

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Alcohol ~ Cost To Visit Antarctica

For alcohol, Im not going to mention how much I had to drink on the ship, but I will tell you how much everything costs, so you can figure out how to apply it to yourself

Alcohol ~ Cost to Visit Antarctica Cost
Bottle of Vodka in Ushuaia $6.19

On the ship, there was a happy hour every day where you could get a specialty cocktail for $4! They were always Antarctica themed which was super fun. For the other drinks, I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were, especially since we were trapped on board! Beer or wine was $5 , soft drinks were $2, liquor was $6-8, and some specialty drinks as well. Nothing over $8.

In Ushuaia, I did have a beer with lunch here and there, and they were $3.50 each at most places, but one cocktail at Hard Rock was a little over $5 which is still rather surprising since I got the same drink in Poland for more!

Also in Ushuaia, before we got on the boat, a few of us decided to bring some libations with us to cut costs. I brought a bottle of watermelon vodka which I mixed with Sprite and some people brought some bottles of wine. My bottle of vodka was $6!!! Man, I wish we had those prices at home!

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get To Antarctica

5 Worst Things About An Antarctica Trip. Should They Stop You Going?

If youre planning a trip to Antarctica, you will most likely start your journey in Ushuaia, Argentinas most southern city, since that is where most ships depart. Although you can usually find the best deals by booking your trip way in advance, there are other ways to save some money on this unforgettable journey.

This option may not be for everyone, especially those who like to have their trips planned well before going. However, choosing not to book and having some spontaneity may save you some dollars when organizing your cruise. Spend a few extra days in Ushuaia and seek out the last-minute deals, which can often sell for up to half the standard rate. Make sure to visit a few agencies to find the best bargains. All this can bring down the overall cost to something in the region of $4,000-$5,000 if youre lucky.

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Antarctica Cruise Cost For Solo Travelers

Some ships offer a willing-to-share program to help solo travelers keep costs down. If you are willing to share with a same-sex roommate, then you will be paired with another traveler to avoid paying a single supplement. Other ships might offer dedicated single cabins at a reduced rate. Or single travelers can opt to pay a supplement to guarantee a cabin of their own. Antarctica is popular with solo travelers, so we advise you book early to get the best price.

Distance Time And Experience

Firstly, Antarctica expeditions from New Zealand take longer due to greater distance and more days at sea. This translates into more time to enjoy the journey and, most importantly, more time on the Antarctic continent! The East Antarctic coastline and Ross Sea are some of the most remote destinations in the world and are locked under ice for most of the year. The Antarctic expedition cruise season departing from New Zealand lasts three months December, January, and February. Overall, the pricing reflects the extra days in Antarctica, greater distances travelled, and the many years of experience required to navigate these remote and rugged seascapes.

Heritage Expeditions takes you off the beaten path to a part of Antarctica that few people get to see. We rarely even see another ship in the Southern Ocean or Ross Sea!

The extra days at sea provide opportunities to soak up lectures from our expert staff, composed of biologists, geologists, wildlife experts, and historians. Engaging discussions offer insight into the natural world and history of the polar region, building context and excitement for that first iceberg sighting or view of the continent itself.

Additionally, our longer route means travellers cross the Arctic Circle and venture further south than any other passenger ships that explore Antarctica. This exclusive opportunity allows many of our guests to even see the Southern Lights!

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Scenic Cruises: Antarctica In Depth With Patagonia Adventure

A 21-day expedition, with 12 days onboard the sleek Scenic Eclipse, allows ample time to taste single-malts in the complimentary Whiskey Bar touting some 120 selections. Choose a pillow from the menu for your verandah suite entry-level accommodations begin at a generous 344-square-feet. Exploration standouts include submarine and helicopter outings. On Day 13, head to Argentinas Patagonia for endemic wildlife and glaciers galore. Explore the national parks Los Glaciares and Torres del Paine. Departs November 10, 2021, January 29, 2022, and February 16, 2022 prices begin at $24,057 per person.

Popular Activities In Antarctica

Last Minute Antarctica Cruises

Zodiac cruising and shore landings are by far the most popular activities on an Antarctica cruise. Whether you’re whizzing by a glacier, hoping to catch an iceberg calve off or are checking out a colony of seals napping on a large ice floe, getting onto an inflatable rubber boat to check out the sights is the highlight of every day.

Equally, shore landings, which might take cruisers to a remote scientific station or to within a few feet of curious baby seals, offer once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Some Antarctic cruises also offer cruisers the chance to hike, snowshoe, mountaineer or even swim during shore landings.

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How To Reach Antarctica

You can travel to Antarctica by sea or by air. Sailing is the most popular way to reach Antarctica. There are several cruise ships that sail to Antarctica by crossing The Drake Passage that takes approximately 48 hours. Flying to Antarctica takes about 2 hours from South American cities like Buenos Aires or Santiago.

Breakdown Of My Antarctica Travel Costs

Airfare: $1786.29 from LAX to USH on LAN airlines

Travel Insurance: $438 for VERY comprehensive coverage. If I had it to do again, I would have gone with almost the same amount of coverage for MUCH less money from World Nomads. Be sure to check what insurance limits your operator requires.

Cruise Cost: $11,790 for a double cabin with One Ocean Expeditions, whom I highly recommend. They dont sponsor me, Im just an enthusiastic fan.

Crew Tips: $10-$15 per day per person. This worked out to $180 for me at $15 per day.

Hotels in Ushuaia: $135 at Alto Andino Hotel and $165 at Del Bosque Apart Hotel. I allowed myself one night in Ushuaia on either end of the trip in case anything went wrong with the flights or ship arrival, and to see Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego as well. Both hotels were fine mid-range properties, although I have to admit I had a bad experience with the bath tub at Alto Andino.

Meals in Ushuaia: 2 meals at $30 each. Im only counting dinners in Ushuaia, because I only snacked otherwise. My dinner for both nights in Ushuaia was at Kalma Resto, one of my favorite restaurants Ive ever been to. For the cost of a meal at the Cheesecake Factory in America, you can get a world class, locally-sourced meal.

Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Drop me a line below and Im happy to help you try to save some money on your trip to the most beautiful place in the world!

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