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How To Pack For Alaska Cruise

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Best Time Of Year For An Alaskan Cruise

What To Pack For An ALASKAN CRUISE! Ultimate Packing Guide

The best time to visit Alaska by sea is from June to August. The longest days of the year occur around June and July and the weather is warmer than usual. If youre hoping to catch Alaskas Northern Lights during cruise season, youll want to book your vacation around mid-September.

  • 1 suit
  • 1 trekking shirt. Didnt need two as the excursions are short and not strenuous.

An Alaskan Cruise requires a little more planning than a Caribbean or even European river cruise when it comes to packing. You need many more layers and a lot more luggage.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Alaska

Alaska is, unfortunately, not a great budget travel destination, although there are ways to cut costs. One website that broke down the full cost of a one-week trip for two people estimated the total cost at $2,000 on a shoestring and $9,000 for luxury travel.

Depending on where youre coming from, the flight to Anchorage alone will be several hundred dollars, and most flights within the state will be a few hundred more.

Rental cars can cost around $100 per day, not including insurance, and train tickets can be over $100 one-way, depending on the route. Food also tends to be costly in Alaska, both at restaurants and grocery stores.

Still, as in most places, favoring local diners and picking up groceries for some of your meals will cut your food cost considerably. Accommodations are another place where you can save some money in Alaska, as there are a number of hostels in Anchorage and Fairbanks and affordable campgrounds throughout the state. In many areas, homeshare rentals are also cheaper than hotels.

Beyond these basic expenses, the cost of traveling in Alaska really depends on how much sightseeing you do, and what type. Hiking independently in Denali National Park or elsewhere wont cost much scenic bush plane flights, on the other hand, run a few hundred dollars per person. In general, the more activities you do on your own, as opposed to on package tours, the more money youll save.

What To Pack For A 7 Day Cruise

A typical Alaska Cruise is a 7 day cruise. 7 day cruise packing list for Alaska can be something the underwear and day and night clothing items for 8 days. That can be enough.

Why for 8 days? You can add a pre-cruise day. It is not recommended to arrange the embarkation day and your flight arrival day on the same day. I have seen cruisers who arrived at the airport in the morning and then joining the ship. It looked very stressful. Actually they told me so. Get away from stress. Its a cruise vacation!

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Packing For An Alaska Cruise Is Easy

  • Dress in layers! You’ll hear this again and again when researching what to pack for your visit to Alaska. But what does that mean exactly? Begin with a lightweight short sleeved shirt , add a hoodie , cardigan sweater or fleece sweater , add to that an all-weather coat , & scarf if it is warranted. If you get hot, simply shed enough clothes to make yourself comfortable.
  • Most importantly, bring an all-weather jacket, preferably with a hood. I recommend a waterproof, breathable jacket rather than just a nylon windbreaker, especially if you plan to do a lot of outdoor stuff. Sometimes the wind kicks up across the ocean and even though it is sunny & warm, the cold wind will go right through you. The jacket doesn’t have to be heavy & lined, if you layer correctly, you’ll take care of the warmth, this will simply keep you dry! Brands you’ll find in my closet are Patagonia, , Columbia, , & when I can afford it , North Face or Arc’teryx 🙂

What To Pack For A Cruise In August

Your 2021 Ultimate Alaska Cruise Packing List: A Local

The chance of rain in August will go as high as 50% and you can expect a fair amount of showers during your visit.

The temperature will also start to dip exponentially as the month progresses. You need to pack all the waterproof essentials including waterproof shoes, a rain jacket, water-resistant pants, and a poncho. It is best to be as prepared as possible, so think about carrying scarves, warm sweaters, and hats.

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What Is The Weather Like

In a state as huge as Alaska, the weather varies dramatically by region. In Anchorage and throughout much of the state, average highs in summer months are in the low 60s, but temperatures sometimes climb into the 80s in the warmest areas. Northern Alaska is much colder, with average summer highs in the 40s.

Alaskan winters, true to stereotype, are a force to be reckoned with. For about four months during the winter, average highs stay below freezing in Anchorage and below zero in northern towns like Barrow. Many of Alaskas major towns receive around 70 inches of snow per year on average , but some areas can get up to 500 inches.

Preparing For Your Cruise

One of the smartest ways to prepare for your Alaskan cruise is to invest in travel insurance. When it comes to cruising, travel insurance is crucial because many cruise lines offer only basic coverage. If youre booking a trip far in advance, Trip Cancellation coverage can reimburse you if a certain unexpected event causes you or your traveling companions to cancel your trip. Consider adding travel insurance from a reputable provider, such as Generali Global Assistance. We offer three plans, so you can find one that best fits your needs.

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The Perfect Alaska Cruise Packing List For Any Time Of Year

Are you scouring the internet for an Alaska cruise packing list? Are you excited about your upcoming cruise to Alaska? Look no further because I love Alaska!

I visited there several times, and have put together a packing list for your cruise to Alaska. It is important to bring the proper clothes and shoes and extras in order to be prepared for all the unpredictable Alaskan weather.

Choosing what to put on your Alaska cruise packing list does not need to be difficult or overwhelming. You simply want an idea of what you need. And for your convenience, just about everything can be purchased online.

If this is your first visit to Alaska, or even if not, read aboutthe 9 things to know before traveling to Alaska!

What To Wear At Sea


Days at sea are fairly relaxed and you will want to be comfortable. Adults may want to use the spa or fitness center. Kids may enjoy the kids or teen club, lounge, game room, or, maybe it will be nice enough to use the pool or hot tubs.

Just keep in mind that it may take a few hours for your luggage to arrive so if you will want to change right away to enjoy the pool or other areas, be sure to pack what you need in a bag that you can carry on.

  • Jeans / leggings / athletic wear
  • Warm cover up or loose clothing to cover up
  • Pajamas

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What To Pack For Alaska Cruise

Alaska cruise packing list can be one of the trickiest ones. We have recently written an article on the Caribbean cruise packing list. Packing for Alaska cruise cannot be straightforward as such.

You know why?

Alaska is different from the rest of the United States because it has glaciers. The weather in Alaska varies. It changes day by day. One day its warm and sunny. The other day it rains and chilly. The humidity rate is also high when it rains. And it rains a lot.

Nonetheless, Alaska is one of the most popular destinations of the United States of America. Its the place the most booked cruise vacation for Americans in 2019.

I met an American videographer on Golden Princess. Its no secret, but Princess is one of the industrys major cruise lines for Alaskan cruises. She told me that Alaska is her best favourite.

I agree with her. Alaska holds one of the most beautiful scenic landscapes in the world. If you havent visited yet, you need to add Alaska on top of your next cruise list. You can trust us. We are both visual experts. We have experienced countless cruises around the world.

The weather is the very reason why you need to get some information about what to pack for an Alaska cruise. No worries, and no need to get stressed. This is why we have written this article to help you out. Finding things to pack for a cruise is fun.

What To Wear On A Cruise To Alaska

What to pack for an Alaska cruise? Im asked this question a lot. And my answer is always the same: not as much as you think.

With the typical Alaskan cruise ranging from one to two weeks, your Alaska cruise packing list should include clothing layers for outdoor fun with mix and match outfits for evenings, including formal nightif the cruise will have one.

In fact, as couple travelers, you and your partner could probably manage with one checked bag between you, a rolling carryon for her plus a personal item bag. Hell be fine with a backpack, which you can also share on those fabulous Alaska cruise excursions. This advice remains the same for solo travelers, too.

And, if youre an especially efficient packer, theres no reason why you cant pack your Alaska cruise attire into a rolling carryon, even when including cold weather gear.

Remember, lightweight, layered clothing is your friend. I traveled for 21 days in China using only a rolling carryon and a personal item bag. You can do it, too!

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What To Pack For The Rocky Mountaineer & Alaska Cruise


If you love an adventure and the great outdoors, then just imagine how incredible it would be to explore the Rockies and Alaska in one trip.

Book on the 17-day Rockies & Alaska Cruise Extravaganza Holiday and you will experience two-days on Rocky Mountaineer from Lake Louise to Vancouver and a cruise along the Inside Passage from Vancouver to Alaska. To view all our Rocky Mountaineer and Alaska cruises, click below:

While you can be sure to see the most spectacular sights in Western Canada and Alaska, many people worry about what they need to pack and wear on the cruises to Alaska.

Weve created a guide to help you answer the most common questions and queries you might have before going on this popular holiday in Canada.

Essentials To Pack For Your Alaska Cruise

How to Pack for a Cruise to Alaska (With images)

Regardless of what kind of Alaska cruise you choose, you’ll want to bring the following:

  • Rain hat.
  • Waterproof coat with a hood, which we both picked up at the Columbia Sportswear outlet at Cabazon shops near Palm Springs, Calif., for a bargain. While we were there we also picked up some shirts and blouses with SPF 50 protection to wear on tropical cruises, also dirt cheap. You can also shop for them online.
  • Waterproof boots or walking shoes if you plan to take shore excursions, or go on your own, to the forests as we do. Do remember sturdy socks or youll get blisters.
  • Biking outfits if you plan to book such a side trip, which most ships offer in Alaska. Helmets are often provided so dont worry about carrying one.
  • Sunscreen. Yes, I said sunscreen: When the rays are out in Alaska, they can really penetrate the skin.
  • Swimsuits. Sometimes it’s warm enough on the ship to jump into the pool on an Alaska cruise, so you should bring a bathing suit just in case — it doesnt weigh much and you never know.
  • Sunglasses are a must, for the glare from the icebergs.
  • Binoculars, because you dont want to miss seeing a caribou, elk, whale or other wildlife. Binoculars are provided in the staterooms on Seabourn and Crystal Cruises but Im not sure if they are on Regent, Princess or Holland America. Unlikely on Disney or Royal Caribbean. Call your cruise line or travel agent to find out.

What other Alaska packing tips would you add?

In our series Packing for a Cruise

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What To Pack For A Cruise In September

Lets take a look at what clothes to pack for an Alaska cruise in September. It will be the September shoulder season in Alaska, meaning there will be chilly weather and fewer tourists.

The temperatures will REALLY drop, especially after the height of the day, and youll appreciate heavy layers of clothes like hats, scarves, thick socks, wool sweaters, warm jackets, and gloves.

Despite the cold, September is a great time to see wildlife as animals start to migrate and hunt in preparation for hibernation.

To capture the wildlife, do not forget to carry your best camera and a travel tripod.

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What To Pack For A Cruise In June

Planning the Alaska cruise in June is a great idea for two reasons one is the low chance of rain and the other is the long daylight hours. Lets see what kind of clothes to pack for an Alaska cruise in early June.

Youll be able to enjoy daylight between 18 to 20 hours and the average temperature will range from the highs of 40 degrees to mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

You must carry a pair of polarized sunglasses and a good sleep mask in addition to the layers and other essentials.

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What Should I Pack

As the Rockies & Alaska Cruise Extravaganza Holiday heads to so many different places you can expect to experience lots of different climates and that makes it harder to decide what you need to pack.

It can be really easy to over pack, but here we try to give you a helping hand by advising you the essentials to pack, things for the train and the Alaska cruise.

What Kind Of Shoes Will I Need In Alaska

Pack With Me For An Alaska Cruise

As for footwear, youll still want to reserve a pair of flip-flops for the pool and a dress shoe for a formal dinner, during the daytime youll especially want to be smart about your selection. Its really all about making the most of your excursions. During your cruise, activities could range from a glacier and whale quest to an exploration of the great Misty Fjords. With this in mind, a comfortable, waterproof sneaker would be perfect. You may also want to bring along hiking and rubber rain boots.

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Complete Alaska Cruise Packing Guide

From toiletries, to outfits, and everything in between, we detail our Complete Alaska Cruise Packing Guide to help eliminate your stress.

Youve been on many cruises before and think you have mastered packing. So did we! But, packing for an Alaskan cruise is altogether different than what you would typically pack for a Caribbean cruise. From toiletries to outfits, and everything in between, we detail what we pack for our trips in this Complete Alaska Cruise Packing Guide to help eliminate your pre-cruise stress. Even if you are a veteran cruiser, you might find a few additional items that will be helpful on your next cruise.

Admittedly, we do tend to be over-packers. So, we were able to cut our original list back a bit for our second Alaskan cruise in 2018. Hopefully, our list will help you figure out your essential items and condense your packing list to reduce extra luggage fees from your airline.

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What To Pack For Alaska: Travel Gear

Binoculars if you have a small and lightweight binocular with you, it will change the way you cruise. Its a must item to take to Alaska. Imagine you are watching the scenic landscapes with a binocular and having a glass of wine holding on the other from your balcony cabin. This is a real luxury. You can also feel the glaciers much closer to you from the ships open deck. Maximize your glacier-viewing experience with a binocular.

How can you watch wildlife animals without a binocular? The binocular can also be your friend not only at hiking but shows on the ship. A binocular is one of the most important items in what to pack for a cruise checklist pdf. You can find the list at the end of this article.

Camera there is one more item you need to consider. its Alaska, and I do recommend you to bring not an iPhone camera but a proper camera! I bet you can have great opportunities for landscape photography. Photographs can be your best souvenir. The air is super clean and the lights for photography are just right! Anyone can be a good photographer immediately.

Other useful items for excursion:

  • Backpack
  • An umbrella and/or rain cover

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What To Pack For Alaska Cruise In August

Packing for a cruise can be confusing and tricky. Perhaps when you learned there would be formal nights onboard, you had nightmarish flashbacks to ill-fitting prom tuxes and figure skater-style sequin dresses.

Dont worrybeing ultra-casual wont be a hindrance on your cruise, and you can fit in with the formal dining nights with ease. While people certainly rock formal wear, my goal is to pack carryon only for the flights to and from the cruise terminals and to make sure my clothes are versatile as possible.

Creating an interchangeable capsule wardrobe is the key to simplified packing, which can easily fit into a carryon suitcase with the help of packing cubes to compress your clothing!

  • Dinner in Specialty Restaurant

My formal clothing was worn each evening as per the cruise dress code. I probably could have worn the same top for the semi-formal dinners, but it was more fun to have options. Each night after dinner, my husband and I would race back to the cabin to change into jeans and a sweater before checking out the evening activities.

I wore the same gown with a different scarf and earrings for our two formal nights. Although some people did not go all out, there were enough of us who did, making it very festive and totally glamorous definitely worth the effort.

What are your suggestions on what to pack for Alaska cruise in august? Comment below!

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