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How To Work For Cruise Ships

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Cover Letter For Couples Applying For Cruise Jobs

How to Work on a Cruise Ship!

Depending on the cruise jobs that the couple is applying for will determine the type of cover letter that should be sent. For couples that are applying as a couple, such as for the Port and Shopping Guide, follow the instructions given by Onboard Media above.

In cases where the couple is applying for two separate jobs, it is up to the couple if they want to disclose the fact sooner than later. When working with a recruitment agency, the couple may choose to enclose a joint cover letter with two separate resumes. The cover letter would specify that you are looking to get hired together.

Follow Up Your Job Application

Show them that you are really interested in the position by following up on your job application. If you dont follow up on your application, they might think you are not really interested in the job. But dont overdo it because he might be peeved with your overzealousness. Give him a call if he fails to fulfill his promise that he will call on you.

The Dating Culture Is Dramatic But Can Also Be Amazing

I expected to experience college-like drama on the ship, but the reality was even wilder.

Picture adults who are away for seven to nine months at a time, working extremely hard and under stress but having an incredibly glamorous life trotting around the world.

Some are married. Some are single. Some are married but “single” on ships. Some are undercover. Some are truly amazing partners but most of the time, you find out the hard way that they’re not.

There are so many heartbreaks but also plenty of amazing love stories on the seas.

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Your Cabin May Not Look Like What You Expect

Cabins on cruises range from small, inside rooms with no windows to suites as big as a condo apartment.

So make sure you see physical pictures of the type of cabin you book – especially if you do it through a travel agency – so you know what you’re getting.

It’s a much different experience to book a room with two sets of bunk beds and no window versus one with a picturesque balcony and individual beds.

How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship With No Experience: Tips For Beginners

Working Onboard a Cruise Ship Overview

Some job listings for a cruise ship can look too frightening for those candidates who believe they do not have enough experience and qualifications. Like students, for instance. Cruise ship employers are not necessarily looking for the most qualified and experienced candidates, but rather for those who can sell themselves most efficiently. Job listings often include skills and experience of a potential perfect candidate. However, recruiters know that sometimes applicants, especially those who have little background, cant meet all preferred requirements.

If you are starting your career and want to work on a cruise ship with no experience, we recommend that you do not focus on sector-specific skills you do not have. Instead, consider your transferable skills and learn how to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Analysis of transferable skills is crucial for beginners who have little or no experience at all. When applying for a job, whether on a cruise ship or in any other company, the key is to relate your past achievements and knowledge with the potential position.

Here are some tips on how to include transferable skills in your CV and cover letter:

  • Review the job listing and requirements
  • Analyze your past accomplishments, skills, and job history, if any
  • Find a match between what you can do and what the company wants
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    Sending Sms Text Messages On A Cruise Ship

    SMS text messages are sent via mobile network, so you should be able to send and receive text-only messages in your phones native message app anywhere your phone has service.

    After you leave port and your cruise ship is about nine to twelve miles out at sea, the ship will connect to the at-sea provider. If you dont put your phone in airplane mode before this point, once your phone loses the closest cell tower signal it will automatically connect to this service.

    Using an at-sea provider can be super expensive! Youll be charged for data as well as per text if you choose to use this serviceand thats for all incoming texts, too!

    Hours Can Be Sporadic

    Cruise ship work revolves around the guests on the boat. So work schedules and hours can be random and some days quite long.

    Theres always a chance that you will have to work extra hours, off hours, or during the night depending on which department you are in. Maybe thats something you are looking for and something youd like!

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    What Makes Working Aboard A Cruise Ship So Different

    Working aboard a cruise ship is an exciting and richly rewarding opportunity that requires you to operate in a small, tightly-knit team.

    Working at sea is the perfect opportunity to explore the world whilst doing the job you love. You’ll also be able to improve your practice as you work.

    Expect far more hands-on and intimate interaction with your patients.

    You May Have To Sit With Other Guests At Dinner

    Cruise Ship Jobs – How To Work On A Cruise Ship

    Although this tradition is becoming outdated, there are still instances where you may have to share a large table at dinner with other guests.

    This assignment is sometimes given to you before the cruise.

    Although many guests enjoy the experience of getting to know other passengers, don’t worry if you want to keep your group separate – just talk to maître d’ once you board for a new table assignment.

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    Crew Love To Have A Good Time When Not Working

    It is cliched to say “work hard, play hard”, but it is very true of the crew too.

    Alana Campbell added, “How hard they work is pretty well known…. but crew members generally party much harder than the guests.”

    Depending on the ship, different facilities were available to crew to unwind, but so-called “hall parties” would always work in a pinch. These are parties when a few crew members in nearby rooms would open up their doors and hang out in the hall, similar to a neighborhood party on a street somewhere.

    Cruise Ship Jobs That Dont Require Experience

    Here are some of the jobs that you can get on a cruise ship that does not require experience:

  • Galley Cleaner
  • Laundryman
  • Engine Room Wiper
  • Any of these positions will provide you an effective launching pad by which you could progress into a higher ranked and higher-paying position on the cruise ship.

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    What About Travel Insurance

    While onboard and for the duration of your contract, the cruise line will provide health insurance for basic needs and emergencies, Jessica describes. During your vacation, there will be no coverage from the cruise lines, so depending on where you are from, you might need to purchase additional insurance to cover the vacation months before you return for the next contract.

    For more on travel insurance basics, check out our notes from a nurse on insurance here.

    Use Free Onboard Credit For A Wifi Package

    Facts About Working on a Cruise Ship

    Savvy cruisers know that racking up free onboard credit is a great way to save money on a cruise. Why not use some of it to purchase a WiFi package for your voyage? You can get free credit in a variety of waysfrom booking during cruise line promotions, from your travel agency, even from being a cruise line shareholder!

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    How Long Does It Take To Get Hired On A Cruise Ship

    The whole hiring process can take from 30 to 90 days. But in a worse case scenario, it can even last 6-8 months.

    For entry-level positions that are mainly hired through the recruitment agents, you will have to pass 2 interviews in approximately 30 days after applying. For managing jobs, you may have 2-4 interviews. The first interview will be held with an agent and the second one with an official cruise company representative. Managers will also meet Operation Department Heads and other representatives. Usually, this stage will take 3-6 weeks. You will get informed about the successful results in 10-14 days following the meetings.

    Then document preparation starts. As weve already mentioned, you will need to go through a medical examination and do a criminal background check. Depending on the country you are from, the criminal check can take from 24-48 hours up to several weeks. The medical tests will be done in 2-4 weeks, based on the doctors you need to visit and your current location.

    However, some others aspects can influence the time it will take to get an offer to work on a cruise ship:

    • Each company has a time frame for the hiring process and additional requirements that could make it longer.
    • During the summer, which is the busiest season, companies may need to fill some vacancies immediately. Thus the process sometimes can be very quick.

    Q9 What Is Three Bucket System

    Answer. Many interviewers can ask you this question because on board this is the system that is followed by every department to maintain the hygiene level.

    • Washing, Rinsing, and Sanitizing
    • They add 100 PPM chlorine in water during sanitizing. PPM.

    If there is any medical issue onboard like nose running, Diarrhea, etc then they use 200 PPM for sensitization otherwise always 100 PPM.

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    What Others Are Saying

    I went for an interview last Tuesday in Vancouver and the next day I heard back that Cunard Cruise Lines wanted to talk with me. Four hours after my chat with Cunard, they offered me a position on the Queen Victoria as an International Host. I will board the ship in six days! Once again, thank you for everything!

    I would like to personally thank Earl for helping me to acquire a cruise ship job. I followed his guide precisely and in less than two weeks I have landed a job on board a major cruise line! Im headed to Alaska and Im so excited to begin this journey. To those of you who want to work on board a cruise ship, GET THE GUIDE!!! It helped me tremendously and I know it will help you! Santana Mackline, USA

    Thank you for a great guide! I had to laugh because you wrote right when you least expect it, youll receive an email informing you that you have been selected for an interview. Thats exactly what happened! They offered me the job on the spot and said I looked very good on paper . So instead of freezing over the holidays, Ill be working on Holland America Line visiting Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala. Katie Hart, North Carolina, USA

    The cost of this detailed, 175-page guide is only:

    $25 USD

    Thats all youll ever need to spend in order to land a cruise ship job that will allow you to save $2000, $3000 or even as much as $5000 per month.

    When that first pay check comes in, I guarantee youll consider this one of the best investments youve made!

    Gratuity Is Automatically Added For Each Passenger But You Can Change It

    HOW TO GET A JOB ON CRUISE SHIPS | Tips for working on ships

    Guests usually check their bill on the last day of the cruise and panic when they see gratuity charges under each person’s name.

    Gratuity is automatically calculated at a per-person, per-day rate for your servers and housekeeping crew, but you can change the amount by talking to the guest-services desk.

    Just be sure to consider the crew before changing it – they are very hardworking.

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    Q 4 What Are Your Weaknesses

    Answer: This also a very important question in which interviewers want to know your weakness because your weakness can affect the company profile or your job profile. They may not hire you so while giving such kind of answer you can include some positive points, even it is a weakness but it should be positive.

    • I can cot say no when someone asks for help.
    • I trust people very quickly.
    • Straight forward.
    • Get nervous when talking to strangers.
    • Take the decision very quickly.
    • To speak lies is difficult for me.
    • More talkative

    We all know, more than 90% of companies are selling only two things, one is their service and another is their product.

    Avoid All Travel On Cruise Ships Until Further Notice

    If an outbreak of COVID-19 were to occur on a cruise ship while you are outside of Canada:

    • you could be subject to quarantine procedures onboard ship or in a foreign country
    • the range of consular services available to those on cruise ships may be significantly restricted by local authorities, especially in situations of quarantine
    • it is unlikely that there would be a government-organized repatriation flight to return to Canada

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    Filipinos Are Popular Cruise Ship Workers

    Filipinos, from the island nation in the South China Sea, are the largest single nationality employed by RCCL. In total, the company employs 11,000 Filipinos, making up 14 percent of its seagoing employees.

    There are several reasons why Filipinos make good cruise ship crew members. The Philippines has a strong maritime heritage, so many islanders are still drawn to a seafaring life. In addition, Filipinos speak English and are renowned for providing service with a smile — two skills important when working with cruise passengers.

    Similarly, Indonesians, Indians and Malaysians have an excellent reputation in the tourism and hospitality industry, and many cruise lines have employment offices or run regular recruitment drives in Asia.

    Why Work On A Cruise Ship

    Letâs Work on a Cruise Ship, Shall We? â SHEA MAGAZINE

    The most obvious benefit of working on a cruise ship is the opportunity to travel the world. As an on-board member of staff you’ll see far-flung destinations such as the Caribbean, South America, the Mediterranean, Europe and Asia. Find out more about working abroad.

    Costs such as accommodation and food are taken care of. As you’re usually on board ship for at least six months of the year, it’s easier to save money without rent or other living costs to pay for and whatever you earn you keep as disposable income.

    Another advantage is the connections you make when working on board. You’ll meet a variety of people from all backgrounds, forge new friendships and make international contacts that will come in useful during your career.

    Also worth a mention are the opportunities for progression. Cruise line companies invest time and money into training their employees, and once on board you’ll be encouraged to seek promotion.

    Working on a cruise ship is starting to sound pretty good, but life at sea isn’t for everyone.

    To reflect the fact that accommodation and living expenses are taken care of, salaries are often low, although earning tips can top up your wages.

    And while you might be travelling the world it’s certainly not a holiday. Hours for staff are long and days off are a rarity. Homesickness can also affect your time on board.

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    There’s A Lot Of Job Opportunity

    With the cruise industry expanding, and Royal Caribbean continuing to build new 5,000-plus-passenger ships, the opportunities for people looking for a career at sea are not going to dry up any time soon. Be it captains or childcare workers, dancers or doctors, chefs or cruise directors, stateroom stewards or spa therapists, each Royal Caribbean ship provides around 450 different types of jobs at various ranks.

    In common with other cruise lines, Royal Caribbean operates recruitment programs around the world in countries such as the Philippines, China and Indonesia in order to ensure it always has enough staff to fill its employment needs. In May 2016, it opened a new office in Manila with the aim of increasing the number of Filipino crew to a total of 30,000 in the next five years. Additionally, the line says that many potential crew members apply for jobs after hearing about employment opportunities from friends and family members who already work for Royal Caribbean, and there is never any danger of a shortage of staff.

    Apply For A Cruise Ship Job

    While some cruise lines require you to apply with their head office, others use an agency or hiring partner. Consider the cruise line you want to work for and review the careers section of their website. Once you find a job you’re interested in, follow the instructions to submit your application online. Typically, you’re required to submit a cover letter and resume.

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    I’ve Worked On Cruise Ships For 6 Years Here Are 10 Things You Need To Know Before Booking Your Vacation

    • After working on cruises for six years, I know the main things you should keep in mind when booking.
    • Some items, like alcoholic drinks, aren’t included in the original price of your cruise .

    Although sailing blue waters, eating endless amounts of food, and seeing world-class entertainment may sound like a dream getaway, cruising is a very unique experience with several moving parts to consider.

    I’ve worked on board cruise ships for six years, so here are 10 things you should know before booking your vacation:

    Direct With The Cruise Line Job Application

    How to Work on a Cruise Ship | Picking a Position

    Disney Cruises: According to their cruise job page, at Disney Cruise Line, you can set sail on the job opportunity of a lifetime aboard their extraordinary ships. You can create an unforgettable voyage for families by delivering exceptional guest service, while also charting the course for an incredible career journey of your own.

    Royal Caribbean: Royal Caribbean is one of the largest cruise lines in the world and they have plenty of cruise jobs available for those looking to start working on a cruise ship. You can apply directly on their site Royal Careers At Sea using the link provided.

    Princess Cruises: The Princess Cruises Careers Page has plenty of job opportunities broken down into Shipboard, Corporate and Alaskan categories. You can click-through the links and apply directly on their website with emails and mailing addresses available for all of their head offices.Carnival: By clicking this link youll be brought to the Carnival Cruise Ship Jobs page where you can apply for any type of job offered on the cruise line. Carnival promotes an energetic, open and fun workplace culture for their employees.

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