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What Cruise Lines Go To Greenland

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Carnival Legend To Sail To Greenland

Cruise ship MV Discovery in Greenland

Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador John Heald already teased it on Wednesday, but today, the cruise line is releasing a one-time 14-day voyage that will include calls to Greenland. Carnival Legend will be the lucky ship to be offering the epic cruise out of Baltimore, Maryland.

Heald posted on his popular Facebook page,I was lucky enough to sail to Greenland on the Carnival Legend when I was still a Cruise Director and wow, what an epic experience. I will be hosting this cruise again in 2023 and what a cruise it will be. These small villages are incomparable. No tours, no shops just wonderful people who live off the sea and the land and who will open their doors to you and let you share their lives. It is remarkable and oh so so quiet and peaceful.

The Spirit-class vessel will depart on September 2, 2023, from Baltimore on a 14-day voyage. The ship will first sail five sea days in a row before arriving at Nanortalik in Greenland on September 8. Carnival Legend will then make a call at Qaqortoq, also in Greenland, on the following day. Both calls to the country are located on the southern coast.

Heald continued to say,To get there we cruise through the iceberg filled Prince Christian Sound and that is, well, I dont have the words to describe how this feels as you see the Polar Bears, Whales and Yaks. And I am sure these Canadian ports which I have not been to before will be sensational as well.

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A Warm Culture Greets You

The island of Greenland is a self-ruling state and part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The resourceful Inuit people have lived here for thousands of years, managing to exist in often harsh conditions. Their culture and customs are still clearly visible, and the tradition of the kaffemik remains popular today. Greenlanders love their beautiful country and are proud to show it to visitors. You might see rock carvings and cultural memorabilia in artsy Qaqortoq, while artisans still use time-honored methods to make clothing from musk ox fur, called qiviut. In Nuuk, stylish contemporary architecture sits alongside traditional painted wooden houses. Its backdrop of mountain peaks makes it one of the most photogenic capitals youll ever see.

Can You See Northern Lights From Cruise Ship In Iceland

On Celebrity, cruises to Alaska and Iceland just might yield sightings of Aurora Borealis. That said, even if you dont see the Northern Lights during your cruise, theres plenty to fall in love with in these exciting destinations, from incredible dog-sledding competitions to hiking along stunning fjords.

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Development Of Symptoms In Greenland

What if – even after negative testing in Greenland – I get sickness symptoms and need to call a hospital?

  • Persons developing COVID-19 symptoms should go into isolation, monitor their symptoms and inform those people one has been in close contact with. One can take an antigen test, if desired. One may consider themself recovered and can end isolation after 48 hours have passed without symptoms.
  • You should only call the local health center or hospital if you develop serious COVID-19 symptoms. Contact the nearest health unit in Greenland at the following numbers:

Do I have to pay for hospitalisation in Greenland?

  • It depends on your residence.
  • For persons who reside outside of the Kingdom of Denmark, you should expect to have to pay for any treatments or hospitalisations. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy additional travel insurance that covers this situation if it is not already included in your travel or health insurance.
  • Residents of the Kingdom of Denmark are covered with their Yellow Health card in most cases, however it is recommended that you check in which circumstances you are not covered with the Health Authorities. It is recommended that you buy travel or health insurance.
  • For information about temporary residency and health coverage check the peqqik website.

If I get sick with COVID-19 while in Greenland then what happens?

Transport And Domestic Travel

Greenland Cruises

Can I arrive in Greenland on my own private vessel, or own plane?

  • Yes. From 2 March 2022, the rule that a ship may only arrive at a Greenlandic port if it has not docked at a port in another country within 14 days before arriving in Greenland has been discontinued. This means that cruises and arrivals of private ships in Greenland are now being reopened.
  • Yes, you can arrive in Greenland on your own aircraft in Greenland if all passengers from the age of 12 are fully vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine.

What should I be aware of if I want to travel domestically in Greenland with a child / children who have not been fully vaccinated?

  • As of 10 February 2022, the 5-day quarantine requirement for unvaccinated children has been lifted, so if you are travelling with unvaccinated children, they can move around freely from the time of arrival. There is also no longer a requirement to show a negative Covid test for domestic travel.

I have booked a cruise trip in Greenland. Can I still come?

  • Yes. From 2 March 2022, the rule that a ship may only arrive at a Greenlandic port if it has not docked at a port in another country within 14 days before arriving in Greenland has been discontinued. This means that cruises in Greenland are now being reopened.

Can I travel directly to my final destination?

Yes. From February 10, 2022, restrictions on access to public places and public transportation are lifted. However, it is still recommended to wear a mask/visor.

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Featured Greenland Cruise Deals

  • Iceland, Greenland, United Kingdom, British Isles
  • Ambassador
  • Our Frozen Planet Theme Cruise
  • Head west across the Atlantic to vast Greenland, keeping an eye out for whales
  • 22 days from: £1599pp
  • Northern Ireland, British Isles, Iceland, Greenland
  • Fred.Olsen
  • Experience the Qooroq Ice Fjord
  • Scenic cruise Prins Christiansund
  • Enjoy Whale watching in Akureyri
  • 15 days from: £2599pp
  • Faroe Islands, Greenland, Canada, Iceland
  • Ambassador
  • Cross the Atlantic, calling at pristine Greenland
  • Make several fascinating calls on Canada’s eastern seaboard, including historic Québec and stylish Montréal
  • Sail up the great St Lawrence River
  • 35 days from: £2829pp

Carnival Cruise Line Offers Epic 14

Carnival Legend to sail a one-time 14-day voyage to Greenland and Canada, departing in September 2023 from Baltimore.

Carnival Cruise Line is offering a one-of-a-kind 14-day voyage to Greenland and Canada that will be departing the U.S. in 2023 and will include eight days at sea and five stunning ports of call.

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Expedition Cruises To Greenland With Hurtigruten Expeditions

Pristine, beautiful, and peaceful. Well show you why these words are often used to describe Greenland. See pale blue glacial ice sparkle in the sun, walk through lush green valleys and Arctic tundra, and spot wildlife ranging from Arctic foxes to polar bears, depending on where we go. Our expedition ships bring you to places few ever visit, including the vast silence of Northeast Greenland National Park, an island beach in remote Disko Bay, or deep within a mist-shrouded fjord. Our onboard Expedition Team members years of expertise help you unlock the secrets of this immaculate island wilderness. They help bring you closer to its majestic scenery, captivating wildlife, and unique culture.

Welcome To Greenland Cruises

A Passenger Video of summer Greenland Discovery Cruise

Greenland Cruises offers shore excursions and other services to cruise ships visiting Greenland during the summer and fall.

Greenland Cruises has partners in almost every community along the West Coast.

If Greenland Cruises doesnt offer services in a town Greenland Cruises will be more than happy to help the ship get in contact with local tour operators or whatever is necessary to make the visit a good experience.

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Top Things To Do In Qaqortoq

Enjoy the Arts

Take a tour called the Qaqortoq Art Walk, where youll experience an interactive, open-air art exhibition featuring the work of nearly 20 Nordic artists. Each of the 24 sculptures carefully cradles the city of Qaqortoq. Called Stone and Man, its a cant-miss experience for Nordic history buffs and art lovers.

Nature Walks

Qaqortoq is best experienced on foot, whether youre taking a nature tour through the foothills or gallivanting through the center of town. Qaqortoqs hillsides lead to stunning fjord views, dramatic landscapes, and rows of colorful colonial homes in red, orange, and green everywhere you look.

Special Insights From Our Guests

I hoped to see wildlife on the expedition and this voyage exceeded my expectations, not only in that area, but with the expedition crew. They gave us the wow factor on a daily basis and kept us busy, informed and well-fed the entire time. Their enthusiasm and knowledge just enhanced the experience and we could all sense how much they love their jobs. Now Im hooked on Quark and am considering going to the Antarctic next year.

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Top Food & Drink Spots Near The Qaqortoq Cruise Port

The food scene in Qaqortoq is minimal, so dont expect to find chain restaurants lining every street corner downtown. Stop in for drinks and live music at Arctic Cafe. When you see a yellow VW peeking from the wall, youll know youre in the right place. Restaurant Napparsivik is popular for morning or afternoon coffee, fresh meat and fish dishes, and regional eats. Inside the Hotel Qaqortoq, enjoy a drink at Mikisoq, a local pub.

Carnival Legend Restarting In November 2021

Cruise Southern Greenland in the Ultramarine

Carnival Legend has not yet resumed cruise operations but is scheduled to restart on November 14 out of Baltimore. The ship will replace Carnival pride sailings, as that ship will head down to begin cruises out of Tampa, Florida.

Carnival Legend will start with a seven-day cruise that will include three days docked in Bermuda. This will also be the first chance guests will get to enjoy the newly refurbished cruise ship.

On August 20, 2021, the ship completed its dry dock in Marseilles, France, after receiving the new red, white and blue livery. There were also some minor enhancements on the interior, along with the arcade being moved to deck 3 to replace the chapel and library.

The vessel has been making its way across the Atlantic and recently arrived back in Miami, Florida. The ship will prepare and get the crew ready to welcome the first guests on November 14. However, the anticipation will grow the closer the vessel gets to departing on its epic 14-day voyage to Greenland on September 2, 2023.

Feel free to discuss this topic and all things cruise at our new boards. A place where readers can ask questions, help their fellow cruisers and general cruise discussions on cruise lines and ports.

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Culture & History Of The Qaqortoq Cruise Port

Surviving in the frigid climate was no small feat for early residents, who were Paleo-Eskimo populations, Norse Vikings, and later, the Dorset people. Most of Greenland is occupied by arctic ice caps, so most people who settle down to live in the country gather in coastal cities and towns. By the 20th century, Greenland had established strong trade ties with North America and Denmark. The economy relies on natural resources, from whaling to fishing.

Qaqortoq Port Facilities & Location

Once you arrive, there is a tourist office with helpful city maps and free internet. You can get your bearings here before heading out to explore. Local maps detail the areas hiking trails and the most popular attractions you can choose from on a Greenland cruise to Qaqortoq.

Attractions Between South And North Greenland

The route between Ilulissat in North Greenland and Narsarsuaq in South Greenland has been a real hit among cruise guests in Greenland for many years.

With landing sites in the string of towns that lie between the two destinations, tourists are assured of getting a varied insight into several of the countrys most popular towns and settlements.

Wonderful sights and attractions can be experienced on a daily basis, but South Greenlands nature and Viking ruins and North Greenlands huge icebergs are without doubt absolute highlights on such a journey.

South Greenland’s nature and Viking ruins and North Greenland’s huge icebergs are without doubt absolute highlights on such a journey.

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Reasons To Cruise To Greenland

With 27,000 miles of coastline and fewer than 60,000 residents, Greenland is one of the most remote and pristine places on the planet. From immense glaciers to deep fjords, glittering icebergs, and iconic wildlife, our expedition ships bring you on a unique adventure to the worlds largest island.Greenlands rugged west coast features colorful towns. It is flanked by deep fjords and glaciers all the way up to Disko Bay, where uninhabited islands stud the blue Arctic waters. The east coast is practically uninhabited. It boasts the largest national park in the world, as well as the most extensive fjord system.

A Variety Of Cruises For All Tastes

Silversea Expeditions – Iceland & Greenland

For a great all round experience of Greenland begin or end your cruise in Kangerlussuaq, at the bottom of a long, narrow fjord close to the Ice Cap which is an essential place to visit from Kangerlussuaq.

When you embark in Kangerlussuaq your cruise will almost certainly involve a trip north to the Disko Bay area, typically arriving in Ilulissat and cruising along the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Ilulissat Icefjord, before heading wither heading south to Kangerlussuaq or across the Davis Strait to Canada or back towards Iceland with further Greenlandic destinations on the itinerary.

You might also be arriving on a larger cruise on your way across the Atlantic and in that case you normally only have one or two stops in Greenland unless youre traveling aboard a dedicated expedition cruise ship or a schooner, both of which usually travel through fjords and explore nature and wildlife off the beaten path on fairly open itineraries.

Regardless of the ship type and irrespectively of your choice of season, be it early in summer when whales are abundant or on the edge of autumn when the northern lights come out, a cruise in Greenland is the perfect way to experience the country.

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Admire The Biggest Icebergs In The World

It is a sea of ice, where sky blue melts into sparkling white on the horizon. Where the silence is only broken by the cracking of the icebergs. Because it is the icebergs that reign here. With UNESCO world heritage status since 2004, Ilulissat Icefjord includes the largest icebergs in the world, including in the Antarctic. A record made possible by the position of the fjord, at the sea mouth of the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. This drains 6.5% of the Greenland ice sheet.

Greenland From North America And Europe

A handful of cruise ships that can carry a couple of thousand passengers call at Greenland on transatlantic voyages that typically start in North America and Europe.

These cruise ships usually try to sail through Greenlands perhaps most beautiful fjord, Prince Christians Sound in South Greenland if the mouth of the fjord is not blocked by large icebergs.

The ships typically have the cultural town of Qaqortoq in South Greenland as a port of call and sometimes also the countrys biggest town and one of the worlds smallest capitals, Nuuk.

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What Can I See On A Greenland Cruise


Roughly 80% of the Greenland land mass is covered by Ice. Where the icecap reaches the fjords and the sea huge pieces of ice calve into the icy waters creating one of Greenlands most beautiful sites.

Nature & Wilderness

Greenland is home to some of the largest areas of unspoilt wilderness on the planet. Majestic fjords, mountains and glaciers are just some of the highlights you will encounter.


Greenland is home to a vast array of wildlife in the sea and on the shore. Due to its size, wildlife sightings are not as frequent as other Arctic destinations, but you will likely encounter wildlife on your voyage.

Greenlandic People & Culture

A voyage to Greenland would not be complete without meeting the local people and experiencing the local cultures in the towns and villages.

Landings And Small Boats Expeditions

Cruise Destinations: North Greenland [Visit Greenland!]

Visit some of the most remote areas imaginable, where no infrastructure exists for our ships to dock. This is where our small boats come in. Whether we head for a pebbly beach, a rocky fjord inlet, or an uninhabited island, our small boats are a comfortable and convenient way of getting to the heart of Greenland.

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During Your Greenland Cruise

Greenland has a wealth of wildlife but unlike other destinations such as Svalbard it is harder to see. If your main aim is to encounter wildlife we recommend Svalbard, Antarctica or South Georgia over Greenland.

If you aim is to explore and untamed wilderness and experience Greenlandic culture our trips are perfect for you and there is a good chance you will encounter wildlife.

Wildlife we have seen on previous voyages includes whales, Musk Ox, Arctic foxes and hares, seals and a avriety of birds.

Please note it is very difficult to see a polar bear in Greenland although it is possible on cruises to East Greenland. If seeing polar bears is highly important to you we recommend Svalbard as the chances are much higher.

A part of the adventure of an expedition cruise is to spend time exploring the wilderness which means every trip is different. Our route is decided on the day of boarding and is chosen by the expedition leader and the captain in line with the prevailing weather and ice condition.

On a typical cruise, you can expect daily shore landings to visit sites of natural interest or local cultures and to undertake short wilderness hikes.

Our guides will ensure that you see the very best that Greenland has to offer.

The temperature in Greenland varies depending on the month of travel. During the summer months when we operate our Greenland cruises the temperature is usually much warmer than people expect for the Arctic.

In Scoresby Sund the average temperature is:

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