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What Cruise Lines Go To The Galapagos Islands

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Galapagos National Park Rules

Galapagos Luxury Cruises with Quasar Expeditions

There are common sense rules that we should follow all the time, not only in the Galapagos National Park. I was happy to see that these rules are strictly implemented with a lot of controls, with the help of the local nature guides and people involved in conservation.

Among others:

  • Stay at about 6 feet from the animals
  • Dont feed the animals.
  • Dont use flash when photographing

To know about all the rules you can check out this official website on Galapagos conservation.

It would be great if we get the habit and will continue to follow these instructions on how to respect the environment and live in peace with nature.

  • The Marine Iguana they are everywhere. Here is in Playa Alemanes in Santa Cruz

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Does Your Galapagos Cruise Provide You With The Exploration Tools Youll Need To Properly Experience Galapagos

Because it just so happens that only 8 cruises in Galapagos provide their guests with the full list of exploratory tools, such as glass-bottom boats, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear. Dont forget: the Galapagos Islands are an EXPEDITION DESTINATION that is meant to be experienced in as many different ways as possible! This hack actually ties in quite nicely with our first hack, given none of these activities would be as enticing as they are if you didnt have the freedom to pick from the numerous different ways that these vessels offer for exploring the islands. Not in the mood to get wet, but still curious about the underwater world of Galapagos? Glass-bottom boats are here to save your visit! All while other guests are equally free to plunge into the water and snorkel around, or glide above it on a kayak in their own group with a guide!

What To Do On A Galapagos Cruise

For many, a Galapagos Islands cruise represents a once in a lifetime destination. The Swimming Iguanas, Blue Footed Boobies and Giant Tortoises are really just the tip of an incredible iceberg as with wildlife, flora and fauna that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world, your Galapagos cruise is bound to be something truly special.

The Galapagos Islands are filled with history, boasting some of the oldest species on the planet as well as playing host to Charles Darwin while he worked on his theory of evolution. The islands are filled with incredible creatures and stunning scenery and an expedition cruise is the best way to take it all in. For our top tips on choosing and preparing for your Galapagos cruise, check out our amazing Galapagos guide.

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Unsure Which 2022 Galpagos Cruise To Pick

Booking well in advance for a 2022 Galápagos cruise is the ideal way to secure your exact requirements, getting you the dates, ship and itinerary you want for a perfect adventure-of-a-lifetime Galápagos cruise. We always recommend this approach, particularly if you are planning a wider South American trip at the same time so that you secure all your travel plans long before you depart, and you don’t have to worry.Should you also want to look at other dates and not only 2022, you can look at all Galápagos Cruises here.

Each So Unique No Visit Is The Same

Ecuador, Galapagos Islands

Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, this archipelago of unspoiled, isolated islands will welcome you with its rugged charms and evolutionary wonders. Consisting of 19 islands and 42 islets that all rose from the sea as the product of volcanic eruptions, these islands are between 3 million and 4 million years old.

Completely oceanicmeaning theyve never been connected to the mainlandthe Galapagos Islands are truly a world apart. Settlers have carved out their lives on the lava rocks, pirates have profited, and scientists have explored. The history of the Galapagos is rich and diverse, with tales of basic survival and extraordinary discovery. For almost any modern adventurer, a journey through time to the Galapagos is a dream vacation.

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Southern & Central Route

This route will start off in San Cristobal and then take you to the islands of Espanola, Floreana, Santa Cruz, Bartolome, and then back to San Cristobal. You are sure to see some unique places during your trip and that may include the following: El Junco Lake, Wizard Hill, the lava tunnels at El Mirador and Los Gemelos , and Pinnacle Rock.

How Long Is A Galapagos Cruise

Expedition cruises in the Galapagos range in duration, with most trips lasting between 4 and 10 days. It may seem counterintuitive at first but do know that choosing a longer cruise here doesnt mean youll simply see more wildlife but youll see a much wider array of creatures. More AND different. The longer you can stay, the more youll get out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When it comes to duration, its also important to note that there are actually quite a few options on all the itineraries detailed below: not all 5-day Galapagos cruises, for example, visit the same islands. Read on to get an idea of just what you can see and experience in a set number of cruising days.

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Galapagos Islands Cruise Royal Caribbean

Were one of the best Galapagos local agency. Travel with! Book today. Galapagos Islands Cruise Royal Caribbean.

Allocated down the equator, some 1200 km off the South American shoreline of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are the queens treasure of the natural world.

A visit to this amazing Galapagos islands lives up to hopes for a protected area far away from the common headaches of the world. The skies are almost always bright and sunny, as well as the sea winds produce that appropriate air environment that quickly calms the entire body. The ocean is an ever-welcoming light green, matched by extended soft sand beach locations of crystal white, pink, dark and green. You can find crystal coves and protected mangrove lagoons, in addition to towering cliffs and caves.

Charles Darwinstheory Of Evolution Began Here

Celebrity Flora, Celebrity Cruises| Galapagos Islands | Cruise Review

Since the islands of Galapagos are considered approximately 97% National Park, the diverse species of animals isnt the only important part of them. Like Charles Darwin, the famous 19th-century biologist and author of the On the Origin of Species spent much of his time here studying the inhabitants of the Galapagos. He contributed to many theories and ideas about how natural selection occurs. It was in the Galapagos Islands that Darwins theory of evolution was literally born.

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A Typical Galapagos Cruise Itinerary

Whether traveling with your family or a group of friends, or on a vacation or honey moon, Galapagos Travel Center will help bring your dream of a Galapagos cruise to life. All-inclusive 8-, 5- and 4-day cruises are available to visit the Galapagos Islands’ remote and untouched points of interest, all in comfort and with high quality service.

Discover the Galapagos Islands, one of the world’s most famous and pristine natural laboratories, through excursions lead by expert Naturalist Guides appointed by the Galapagos National Park. They’re eager to share a wealth of knowledge about the many historical and natural highlights of the Galapagos archipelago.

Varied activities await you at each of the visitor points to be explored in Galapagos. Kayak on tranquil bays of turquoise waters, take a peek at colorful sea wildlife while snorkeling, and trek through moon-like volcanic landscapes.

If you want to get the inside scoop on traveling to the Galapagos Islands, look no further! Get Galapagos Travel Center’s top 10 tips on how to travel to the Galapagos Islands, now!

The Nemo Ii Galapagos Cruise

The Nemo II is a motor-sail catamaran offering an island-hopping cruise of the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy a cruise of the northern or southern islands over either 4, 5 or 8-days.

The Nemo II offers double cabins with a personal bathroom. In the dining room, you will then enjoy 3 meals each day prepared freshly by talented chefs. The rooms on the Nemo II are air-conditioned to keep you comfortable on your cruise.

You will then enjoy guided tours around the islands themselves to find fantastic wildlife, beautiful bays and enjoy stunning scenery.

On your Nemo II Cruise, you can choose between two itineraries that visit either the northern or the southern islands.

To provide an example, heres a summary of the 8-day northern itinerary aboard the Nemo II Cruise:

You will begin your cruise on Baltra Island where you will first cruise to Seymour Island. Here, you will find a diversity of Galapagos birds, including the royal frigates.

The next day, you will visit the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, which offers a fascinating landscape and viewing the famous giant tortoises. You will also visit the Charles Darwin Research Center in the afternoon to learn a little more about the Galapagos and the wildlife.

The evening will be spent on cruise to Isabela Island ready for the following morning.

The next day, you will enjoy some beautiful scenery with a visit to Punta Moreno with its fascinating volcanic landscape. Enjoy spotting different birds, marine iguanas and see the coral reef.

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What Cruise Lines Visit The Galpagos

With these luxury Galápagos cruises, youll be well set to explore this incredible destination in style aboard high-end cruise ships, mega yachts and expedition vessels that are state-of-the-art and more like sea-worthy boutique hotels.

Insider Tip: Boats in the Galápagos Islands are limited to a maximum of 100 passengers, so small-ship expeditions like Celebrity Flora, Silversea Galápagos and others can sail right up to the islands, making it easy to experience the region elegance and from the comfort of your luxury ship.

Because land-based explorations are limited to the five islands that can be reached in one day, travelers wont be able to visit the more distant islands that ship-based itineraries include.

Visiting the Galápagos on a luxury cruise gives guests the chance to explore deeper into this ecosystem and experience even more of the islands diversity. You’ll waste less time traveling between islands by day, and each morning you’ll wake up in a new destination ready for a full day of exploration.

Snorkeling with sea lions – one of the islands most famous residents – is commonplace.

The benefit of traveling on a smaller-capacity cruise ship is a more intimate onboard experience, faster transfer times between your main vessel and the ship-to-shore boats or, even better, direct access to the islands right from your boutique cruise ship.

How To Choose Your Galapagos Island Cruises

Best Galápagos Islands Cruises


There are different types of ships in the Galapagos Islands: catamarans, yachts, vessels and sailboats. It is known that catamarans are more stable and best suited for seasickness travelers. For example: boats like Archipel I, Archipel II and Reina Silvia dont cause seasickness that fast. The bigger motor vessels like Legend, Santa Cruz and Isabela are also spacious and stable.


The capacity for Galapagos Islands cruises ranges from 16 up to 100 passengers. The services on the cruise depend on the size of the boat. Most of the catamarans and yachts in the Galapagos Islands are small in size. This allows guests on board to have a more personalized service, have a small group for daily excursions, and get to know everyone on board. There are also larger vessels that offer bigger outdoor spaces and facilities, such as a swimming pool, boutique, library and a kids corner.


There are 4, 5, 7 and 8 day Galapagos Island cruises. Also, a 15 day cruise is possible by combining two itineraries. The decision on the right number of days might depend on how many islands you would like to see, and also on the budget for the trip. Generally, the 8 day itinerary covers most of the islands. However, there are also very good short itineraries that visit the highlights of some of the main islands.








We are here to help!

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A Crucible Of Evolution

Hidden away in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, the Galápagos Archipelago formed millions of years ago when subsea eruptions pushed up a group of volcanic islands. These remote islands were at first arid and barren, but rainforest animals from Central and South America soon colonized them after floating across the ocean aboard rafts of vegetation. Only the birds and reptiles could survive such a long voyage. Thus, the Galápagos became seeded by new arrivals, free from mammalian predators. Each species was forced to adapt to the different island environments, making natural selection apparent to Darwin when he arrived. Youll learn about this and more from your knowledgeable onboard Expedition Team, who will inform and educate you in onboard lectures and guided nature walks.

Galapagos Islands Cruise Terminal

Most Galapagos cruise ships depart from Baltra Island. Until 1986, Baltra had the only Galapagos airport. Now, the airports are two – one for flights from South America, and the other serving the whole archipelago. Private planes to Galapagos also fly to Baltra, as its airport is the only one offering overnight aircraft service.

Next map of Galapagos Islands cruise itineraries shows the two main routes and all island stops in the archipelago.

Flights to Baltra include immediate bus shuttle transportation to one of the island’s 2 docks.

  • The first dock is in a small bay, and serves all the Galapagos cruise ships and tourist boats.
  • The second dock serves the local ferries .

Baltra was established during WW2 as an US Army Air Force base. The stationed here flight crews patrolled the eastern Pacific Ocean searching for German submarines and providing protection for the strategic Panama Canal.

The following map of Galapagos Islands also shows the list of animals that can be seen on each island.

Port Galapagos Islands cruise ship schedule shows timetable calendars of all arrival and departure dates by month. The port’s schedule lists all ships with cruises going to or leaving from Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Galapagos Province. To see the full itineraries and their lowest rates just follow the corresponding ship-link.


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Type Of Galapagos Boats

The most intuitive method to differentiate boats in Galapagos is the category we assign them according to their level of service, facilities and features: Luxury, first class, mid-range and budget. Almost always the category goes according to the price of the cruise however, there are other characteristics that have an important impact on the experience you may have.

A medium size cruise ship with more than 20 passengers offers very different experiences than a smaller boat, such as a motor yacht, catamaran or sailing boat. To learn more about the differences between a large and a small boat, please .

How To Choose Between Different Galapagos Yachts

Choosing the Best Galapagos Cruise with Quasar Expeditions

To choose the perfect Galapagos cruise you should consider:

  • Yacht type
  • Your trip budget
  • Yacht availabilities for your travel dates
  • Galapagos cruise itinerary
  • Yacht amenities & comfort

It can quickly become overwhelming with so many options. Thats why we recommend getting in touch with Happy Gringo.

Let our experienced team of Galapagos experts take all the stress out of making your Galapagos cruise choice. Together we help to weigh up the pros and cons of each yacht, to find your perfect Galapagos cruise!

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Galapagos Islands Cruise Port Highlights

Every one of the Galapagos’ official visitor sites has something unique to offer, but travelers will be able to experience the greatest hits — sea lions, marine iguanas, lava lizards, endemic birds — on the majority of islands. Here are a few of the most popular spots.

Santa Cruz features the Galapagos’ most populous “city,” Puerto Ayora, and is the island chain’s main tourism hub. The island offers visitors the only chance to experience the Galapagos’ interior high-lands, one of a few places to spot giant tortoises in their natural habitat. The Charles Darwin research center, a visit to which is included on every cruise, is also located there.

Champion Islet’s waters transform into an aquarium teeming with life during September and October, when the water temperatures drop. Sea plants thrive, which brings the marine creatures, which in turn brings in the sea birds. Sea lions, especially the curious juveniles, often zip past and around the awkward humans in fins and masks.

South Plaza encompasses less than one-tenth of a mile in area and is one of the Galapagos’ smallest visitor sites. But the tiny island, which was formed by volcanic uplift, makes a powerful impression with its color-changing ground vegetation, sea birds and colony of Galapagos land iguanas. The successful male iguanas can be seen standing guard in front of a cactus tree, waiting patiently to provide a hungry female with a piece of prickly fruit.

Galapagos Islands Cruise Guide

Discover an archipelago of such breathtaking biodiversity that it inspired Charles Darwin. Today, it promises unrivaled opportunities for wildlife watching.

Trace the story of life itself by taking a cruise to Galapagos, one of the worlds most wildlife-rich areas. This stunning archipelago features all kinds of evolutionary oddities, including giant tortoises, flightless birds, swimming lizards and Darwin finches. Snorkel around these islands where colonies of multicolored fish frequent the waters. Even those who are not impressed by wildlife will be awed by the Galapagos volcanic scenery and forest-covered islets.

Cruises to Galapagos are rarely mega-ship expeditions found in places such as the Caribbean. Most operators offer ships with occupancies no larger than 100 people, sometimes taking as few as 20 or 10 guests. Visit these unique natural landmarks, which feels like escaping into untamed wilderness, where nature is free to run its course.

Choose between several different types of Galapagos cruises. This trip doesnt have to use your entire vacation budget, as Galapagos cruise deals are available with economy berths. For something a little more upscale, choose operators that offer luxury options for a truly relaxing journey, far more comfortable than Darwins expedition on the Beagle.

As Galapagos is still a wild, untamed swath of nature, bring appropriate all-weather gear. Quick-drying clothes and sturdy footwear are both recommended.

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