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Do Cruise Ships Have Single Cabins

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Is A Single Cruise Cabin Good Value Tips For Booking Cruises With Single Cabins

Standard Single Cabin with Balcony Tour – Saga Spirit of Discovery Cruise Ship

The higher costs associated with travelling alone is one of the reported key concerns of solo travellers. To help reduce this unfair solo travel tax, it is worth considering a single cabin as a solo traveller, but it is not your only option.

First and foremost, dont expect the price of a single cabin to be half that of a regular cabin.

As a general rule of thumb, expect your fare to be 125 to 160% more than that of someone who is sharing an equivalent cabin class. However, this may still be a good deal compared to typical cruise single occupancy supplements of between 125 and 200 per cent.

When you are planning a cruise, it pays to book as early as possible and this more important is you are looking for a single room. Single cruise cabins are limited and coveted by solo travellers. Therefore, they can get booked up quickly. If you have your heart set on a single cabin, dont delay.

It pays to compare the cost of a single cabin to that of sole occupancy of an equivalent cabin.

You may find that there is not much of a difference and the regular cabin is in a better location. As it is impossible to provide a general comparison between the prices of single cabins and sole occupancy of regular ones, you will need to do this on a case-by-case basis.

Ill give you a real-life example. When I did my Norway fjords cruise on MS Britannia as a solo traveller in 2018, I booked a regular balcony cabin.

Sharing With A Stranger

Pros: No single supplement, cheapest option, make a new friend

Cons: Less time to spend alone, reduced privacy

If youre on a tight budget, the cheapest option would be to find someone to share a cabin with. If you do this, youll obviously have no single supplement to pay.

Sharing a cabin with a stranger certainly isnt for everyone. But, if youre a sociable person, then there are groups on Facebook where like-minded cruisers make friends online and save money by sharing a cabin on their cruise. To find them, type solo cruise into the Facebook search bar, click groups and youll see a list.

Just because you share a cabin doesnt mean that you need to spend your whole holiday with your roommate. It would be a good idea to set some expectations about how much time youll actually spend together before you book the cruise so that there are no concerns over appearing too distant or too full-on.

How Many Beds Are In A Cruise Ship Cabin

All cruise ship cabins sleep at least two people, unless they are designated as solo cabins and intended for a single traveler. However, many cruise ship staterooms can sleep additional guests — up to five in regular cabins, though three and four are more common.

Typical cruise rooms feature two twin beds that can be pushed together to form one queen. Some rooms with two beds feature an upper and lower berth or two single beds that cant be moved.

Cabins that can sleep three, four, or five guests often have upper berths that pull out from the wall or drop down from the ceiling to create bunks over the lower beds. Sofas can convert into beds for one or two, and some cabins have Murphy-style beds that pull down from a wall.

In certain situations, cribs and rollaway cots can be brought into a stateroom as beds for extra guests. So the number of beds can vary, even within the same cabin, depending on how many people are booked into it.

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Lets Talk Solo Cabins: Which Lines Have Them

Generally speaking, for ocean cruises, the newer the cruise ship, the more likely youre to find dedicated single cabins. These cabins are usually interior, which means you have no porthole, window or balcony. Though, some ships do offer virtual balconies that consist of an LED screen with a live camera feed from another part of the ship that approximates what you would see if you did, in fact, have a balcony from which to watch the world go by. Other ships also offer upgraded solo cabins with a window or a balcony.

Here are some of your options for ocean cruise cabins dedicated to one person that dont charge a single supplement:

Costa Cruises: Certain ships have a limited number of solo-designated cabins.

Cunard: All three Cunard shipsQueen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2all offer single cabins. Queen Mary 2s recent renovation saw the addition of 15 Britannia Single Staterooms that are more spacious than a typical solo cabin and offer ocean views through picture windows. Between Cunards three ships, you can sail just about anywhere in the world. If you want to try a quintessential transatlantic voyage though, between New York and London, book aboard Queen Mary 2.

Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity Edge, the lines newest ship, has two types of cabins for one: Single Staterooms and Edge Single Staterooms with Infinite Veranda. The latter has a drop-down glass panel that creates an open-air balcony without eating up precious space inside the cabin.

Oceanias Concierge Level Veranda Staterooms

16 Unusual Cruise Ship Balcony Cabins

Vista, Oceania Cruises newest ship, offers six 270-square-foot solo cabins. Dubbed Concierge Level Veranda staterooms, they all have balconies and entitle cruisers staying in them to Concierge Level amenities. This includes free laundry service, room service from the dining room menu, exclusive keycard-only access to the dedicated Concierge Lounge, priority embarkation and a complimentary bottle of Champagne.

The cabins also each include an ultraluxurious Tranquility memory foam bed, a seating area that overlooks a private balcony and ample storage space.

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Mscs Solo Inside Rooms For One

MSC Cruises has undertaken a shipbuilding boom, rapidly increasing the size of its fleet in a bid to make itself the largest cruise line by 2030. As the lines ships grow in size and amenities, they have begun to add cabins for solos. Currently, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Virtuosa, MSC Grandiosa and MSC Bellissima are outfitted with rooms for one.

However, they are all insides with a single bed and roughly 129 square feet of space.

What Are P& os Single Cabins Like

Like Royal Caribbean, the type of solo cabin will depend on the ship.

Arcadia, Azura, Britannia, Iona and Ventura have a small number of single interior cabins.

Aurora, Azura and Ventura have single sea view cabins

Arcadia, Aurora, Iona and Britannia have single balcony cabins.

Note also that you will be sleeping in a single bed in all of these cabins.

Arcadia and Aurora are adult-only ships, perfect for those looking for a child-free holiday!

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Which Ships Have Solo Cabins

Solos hoping to avoid the dreaded single supplement should know that select cruise ships have cabins designed and priced specifically as single-occupancy rooms. Called solo cabins or studios, these are usually small staterooms with most of the same standard amenities as regular cabins, and can be inside, ocean-view and, on a few rare ships, balcony category rooms.

For solo cruisers looking for ships with cabins created specifically for them, here is a list of cruise ships with solo cabins, organized by cruise line.

Best And Worst Cabins On Cruise Ships

21 Best Cruise Cabin Tips, Secrets, & Things to Know

What are the best and worst cabins on cruise ships – and why? Where and what are the best cabins on a cruise ship is a question about location , fares and price-inclusive amenities. Where and what are the best and worst staterooms are among the general questions for first-timer cruisers.

Staterooms are like tiny homes at sea, and choosing your “best” is kinda personal. Your choice also will depend on the company, vessel, room size, type/view, deck location, amenities. Not to forget the special offers with super low-priced promo deals that could change everything you know on the subject. Find out more secrets at our stateroom tips and tricks.

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Can I Choose My Cabin

Unlike with hotels, when you book your cruise, you will select the exact room you prefer. In other words, you can choose to stay in room 5142 and not 5069, and you will come away from your booking with a cabin number thats all yours. You can look on the ships deck plans and pick out the perfect cabin category, deck, and cruise ship cabin location .

There are a few times when you would not pick your room number. One example is when you book a guarantee room. Thats when you agree to let the cruise line pick your cabin in exchange for paying a reduced rate. You book a minimum category, and before your cruise, you will be assigned a room in that category or higher .

Another time you cannot pick your room is if the cruise youre interested in sells out and you get on a wait list. Should you be offered a spot because someone else canceled, you will have to accept whichever room is available .

Where Are The Best Cabins On A Cruise Ship

Choosing the best cruise cabin location on your ship is a matter of personal choice. Generally, your cabin will be located either on lower deck, mid-ship, forward or aft , with some pros and cons to all these locations. Booking a “guarantee” cabin is an open deal – you pay for a cabin category – best prices are guaranteed, but not necessarily the best location.

  • Lower Deck cabins – cheapest. The cheapest are the lower deck Interior staterooms. The main advantage is a smoother ride. Main disadvantages – you’re using constantly elevators/stairs, more engine noise/vibrations, the sound of the anchor dropping .
  • Higher Deck cabins – more expensive. You’ll feel more motion . But you’re closer to the best ship amenities – entertainment and dining venues, onboard pools, Spa, bars and lounges, etc.
  • Midship cabins – less motion and a central location. The main disadvantage – more traffic outside. Also, check the lifeboat locations .
  • Forward cabins – the most motion, wind and spray, smaller windows . Forward located suites provide larger than average balconies.
  • Rear cabins – more motion than the midship cabins, but less than the front ones.

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Best Large Balcony Cabins

Aft balcony cabins have the ship’s largest private verandas, and there are just a few such rooms per deck. They are lined up along the stern and give more terrace space and privacy. Aft cabins located in the ship’s corners are usually with wraparound balconies.

Larger balconies also have the “hump cabins”, located where the vessel’s superstructure changes from narrower to wider. Most verandas there are angled and with curvy outlines. For more hump cabins search in the fleets of Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises.

Which Cruise Ship Cabins To Avoid

The Best Cruise Ships with Cabins for Solo Cruisers

After analyzing their deck plans, we’ll list here the most famous ships and their “worst” cabins. The “bad cruise cabins” issue is not about amenities, but about location – and noise. Cabins located nearby the ships’ elevators or with some public areas above , or near public bathrooms may present some noise concern during the day or late at night.

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Cruise Line Justification For The Single Supplement

Cruise cabins are sold at loss-leader rates to get customers onto the ships andhopefullyspend even more money on things like alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, shore excursions and gambling. Even with imposing a supplement on the solo passenger, an empty cabin bed equals lost revenue in the eyes of cruise lines. Had they been able to charge a second guest for the privilege of sleeping in that bed, that guest would likely have done so after a long day of buying drinks, spa treatments, shopping or gambling.

Taking A Cruise: Recommendations And Resources

Book a Cruise:Have a specific cruise you want to book or just need some help and inspiration? Get a cruise quote through us: Cruise Quote Form.Not Sure What to Book?Learn everything you need to know to find and book the perfect cruise in my How to Cruise For Less cruise course.Dont Forget Your Travel Insurance:You could be stranded abroad, lose your entire cruise fare, or be hit with MASSIVE medical bills if you dont have cruise travel insurance. I use comparison websites to compare quotes: Compare Quotes Here.Our full list of travel recommendations can be found here.

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Royal Caribbeans Studio Staterooms

Royal Caribbean boasts the most single digs of any cruise line, with about half of the ships in its fleet housing at least two. However, the most impressive are Super Studio staterooms with balconies, found on Anthem of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Spectrum of the Seas and Odyssey of the Seas.

Reaching up to 199 square feet with 55-square-foot balconies, these cabins are outfitted with a mix of bedding types and plenty of space for one person.

This Luxury Cruise Line Adds Solo Cabins To Its Fleet And They Come With Balconies

Cruise Tips Which Ships Have Solo Cabins

The single-occupancy cabins will make their debut in 2023.

Going on a cruise as a solo traveler typically means paying a supplemental fee to make up for occupying a cabin meant for at least two people. But in recent years, several major cruise lines have done away with that practice by adding cabins specifically designed for a party of one.

The latest company to join the trend is Oceania Cruises, a luxury line offering sailings around the world.

When Oceania’s newest vessel, Vista, makes its debut in 2023, it will feature six cabins for travelers embarking on the ship themselves, according to a press release. This marks the first time in Oceania’s nearly 20-year history that the company will add this type of cabin to its fleet.

Referred to by the cruise line as “spacious and airy yet cozy,” these single staterooms will measure 270 square feet, and like every other cabin aboard the Vista, they’ll even feature a private balcony. They’ll also offer a Tranquility memory foam bed, a seating area that overlooks the private balcony, and plenty of storage space.

Thanks to its categorization as a Concierge Level Veranda Stateroom, cruisers in these single-occupancy cabins will also have access to Oceania’s Concierge Level amenities. These extra perks and services include free laundry service, room service from the dining room menu, exclusive keycard-only access to the dedicated Concierge Lounge, priority embarkation, a complimentary bottle of Champagne, and more.

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Special Types Of Staterooms

  • Crew cabins are located on one of the crew decks , while cruise ship staff cabins are in the passenger areas.
  • Single cabins are generally difficult to find. The world’s best ships with single cabins belong to the fleets of such famous operators, like Fred Olsen and P& O on the UK market and NCL Norwegian Lines. The best of all ships with single-occupancy cabins is the NCL Norwegian Epic, boasting 128 of its 100 square foot “Epic Studios” – specifically designed for solo travelers, and features a full-size bed and a large round window looking out into the corridor.
  • Family cabins – many of a standard size for its category, but with more beds and bathrooms, providing more privacy for parents. The best lines with family cabins are Carnival, Disney, Celebrity, Princess, and NCL.
  • Accessible/Disabled cabins are special accommodations for passengers with mobility challenges. These rooms have wheelchair access, wide doors , a bathtub with grab bars, roll-in showers, portable ADA kits for guests with hearing impairments, closed-captioned televisions.
  • SPA cabins – Spa-deck staterooms with direct access to the ship’s Spa and Fitness complex.

Does A Cruise Ship Cabin Have Its Own Bathroom

Cruise ships are not like your college dorm. You do not need to don a robe and run down the hallway to shower in a shared bathroom with the other residents of your hall. You get your very own private bathroom even though its a small one.

Typical cruise ship bathrooms feature a toilet, single sink with a few shelves for storing toiletries, and a small shower. Bathtubs are not standard, though certain ships and cabin categories offer them. Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths are provided, as is hand soap and some kind of shampoo and body wash, either in dispensers or in travel-size bottles.

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What About Solo Cruises For Seniors

Senior citizen cruises provide a worry-free vacation featuring world-class accommodations and a vacation experience tailored to their interests. Our cruises have onboard activities to suit everyone, from thrilling entertainment and live music to speakers series and guided meditations.

On solo cruises for seniors, accessible staterooms and excursions for all types of mobility levels ensure our guests see as much of the world as they desire.

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Who Are Solo Cruisers

How Big Are Cruise Ship Cabins? 27 Examples, All Cabin ...

You might be asking why on earth someone would want to go on a cruise by themselves or perhaps the term “solo cruisers” conjures up images of young singles on the prowl. There are, in fact, many reasons why a passenger might be sailing alone or solo in a cabin. Sometimes passengers who never imagined that they’d ever sail alone have unwittingly joined the ranks of solo cruisers. A solo cruiser may be:

  • A single, divorced or widowed person
  • Someone who has vacation time but their family or friends dont
  • A person who likes to cruise but their family or friends dont
  • Someone who prefers privacy over sharing a tiny cruise cabin or who simply enjoys traveling alone
  • A solo extended family member such as an aunt, uncle or in-law whos part of a larger group such as a family reunion
  • A person whos part of a large group of friends or co-workers, but doesnt have a roommate

A few cruise lines feature a limited number of cabins designated for single occupancy sparing the solo cruiser from having to pay double. While cruise lines advertise these single cabins as having no supplement, the single rate is usually slightly higher than the per-person rate of comparable double occupancy cabins. For instance, where a double occupancy room might cost $599 per-person for a total of $1198, a single occupancy cabin costs $799 total.

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