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Where Do Antarctic Cruises Leave From

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Antarctica Falklands & South Georgia In Comfort

Antarctica Cruise Watch-Outs. 8 Things Brochures Don’t Warn You About

Travelling aboard a modern, luxury, custom built expedition ship offering cabins with private balconies, excellent amenities, speed through the water and outstanding food, all youve got to do is sit back and enjoy the adventure. The all-inclusive price provides very

  • 16-17 Days

An epic 23-day voyage which packs in an astonishing 7 days in Antarctica, 4 days in wildlife-rich South Georgia and the Polar Circle at 66 degrees south. It’s very rare to find a trip combining all three places. Limited departure

  • 23 Days

Purpose-built to tackle polar waters, an eco-minded vessel makes the ocean crossing between Antarctica and the wildlife Eden of South Georgia as comfortable as possible. Traverse the breathtaking Antarctic Sound where huge tabular icebergs dwarf the ship and immerse yourself

  • 19 Days

Aboard a very capable and spacious 134-passenger vessel, spend 7 days exploring the Peninsula with the planned highlight being reaching the Polar Circle. This 14-day trip benefits from spacious cabins and outer decks, and the option to camp out or

  • 14 Days

How To Get To Antarctica From The Usa

Getting to Ushuaia via Buenos Aires: Daily direct flights to Buenos Aires operate from New York, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta . Once in Buenos Aires, there are regular flights to Ushuaia.

Getting to Punta Arenas via Santiago: There are daily, direct flights to Santiago from New York, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta . Once in Santiago, there are regular flights to Punta Arenas. There is also an indirect flight from Los Angeles to Santiago via Lima .

Cruises To Antarctica Are A Wonderful Opportunity

A cruise to Antarctica is a serious and expensive venture. It should be planned carefully, and you should check out all the options available to you before committing to an expedition. But there are plenty of state-of-the-art, seaworthy vessels available for you to look into if youre thinking of tackling the frozen landscapes of the worlds southern pole.

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How To Get To Antarctica From Your Front Door

The majority of cruises leave from Ushuaia , whereas Fly & Cruise trips leave from Punta Arenas . These two port cities don’t offer international flights, so to get to the start of your trip you’re likely to have to fly via Buenos Aires , or Santiago .

Most trips depart from and return to the same location, but occasionally you may fly out from Punta Arenas and sail back to Ushuaia, or vice versa. Luckily, flying into one country and out of the other is not only do-able but often no more expensive than returning the same way.

Our customer service team can provide advice and assistance in finding the right flight option for your Antarctic adventure.

What Will I Do And See On My Antarctic Cruise

Ocean Nova

Prepare to be busy on an Antarctic cruise! Once youve arrived in Antarctica the backbone of each day is taken up by the off-ship excursions, of which there are normally two daily of between 2-3 hours long. These are either landings, where you go ashore to visit a penguin rookery or a place of historic interest, or a zodiac cruise when youre on the lookout for wildlife and photographic opportunities.

There are often optional adventure activities including kayaking and camping as well as the Polar Plunge and a programme of lectures delivered by the expedition team.

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Antarctica Cruise: Packing List And Gear

An Antarctic cruise can be one of the most amazing adventures youll ever experience. Just imagine this scenario for a moment: the sun reflecting brightly off the ice glaciers and snow-covered surfaces, creating a plethora of colors and lights that creates an image thatll last forever. There are also a seemingly endless number of islands you can explore across the Southern Ocean where youll be able to truly immerse yourself in the wonders of Antarctica.

Hiking snow-and-ice-covered terrain, joining wildlife walks, or participating in an off-ship adventure option such as kayaking require different kinds of clothes. Guests are wise to plan ahead and pack accordingly. Photo: Nicky Souness

However, as you can imagine, you need to prepare for the elements of such a trip. Antarctica is one of the coldest places on the planet. The sheer force of the wind gusts that roll in off the ocean means youll want the proper gear and equipment to keep you warm and safe.

So what are some of the items you should pack? Whats the proper Antarctica cruise packing list and gear youll need for your journey through this remote, pristine part of the planet? This guide will help you prepare for an incredible adventure in Antarctica.

Yes You Can Go Swimming In Antarctica

Be sure to take along a swimsuit to Antarctica. Hardcore, thick-blooded northerners might not consider it “swimming”, but Antarctic cruise travelers often have the opportunity to take a short dip in the icy waters of Antarctica.

Hurtigruten and some other cruise lines offer “swimming” at almost every stop. Ships who allow guests to swim at only one port offer it at since the water is warmer due to volcanic activity.

On Hurtigruten cruises, all guests who go swimming get a certificate and their photo taken. Due to peer pressure, sometimes more than 50 guests will take the plunge.

If you think swimming in icy waters is crazy, then you can wear that swimsuit into the hot tub, sauna, or spa.

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You Might Not Get Seasick

Seasickness is the elephant in the room that’s always a worry for those planning a cruise to Antarctica. Ships take at least 36-48 hours to sail across the Drake Passage that separates South America from the Shetland Islands off the coast of Antarctica. And, they have to return back to South America, which takes another couple of days. This Passage is well-known for its rough seas, and it can be awful. However, sometimes it can be the “Drake Lake”–very calm and peaceful.

Everyone who travels to Antarctica should pack some type of seasickness medicine in their suitcase. Once your ship gets near Antarctica, the sea usually becomes calmer, but even 48 hours of misery is too long. On the plus side, even those who’ve been seasick remember the wildlife and majestic scenery of Antarctica when they get home, not their mal de mer.

How Do I Visit Antarctica And How Long Does It Take To Get There

A 19-Day Antarctic Cruise on Quark Ocean Adventurer

The best way to visit Antarctica is by expedition cruise ship, most of which depart from the port of Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Argentina, South America and the world. From Ushuaia, it takes 36-42 hours by sea to arrive to first views of Antarctica and the peninsula region. No small affair, a visit to Antarctica is a truly multifaceted, extensive journey before you even set foot on the continent this is one of many reasons to go with an experienced tour operator.

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Rough Seas & Seasickness

Travelers to Antarctica should be prepared for the possibility of rough seas. Cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula cross the Drake Passage, which is known as one of the roughest seas in the world. From Ushuaia it takes 2 days to cross the Drake Passage each way.

Once ships arrive in Antarctica, seas tend to be calm as ships cruise in protected waters close to shore. Longer expeditions that include the Falkland Islands, South Georgia or Ross Sea require additional days at sea, which can also cause seasickness, depending on current conditions. Read our tips to combat seasickness.

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Essential Antarctica Cruise Packing List

If youd prefer a shorter journey in Antarctica, you can always hop aboard the Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake adventure. This is a 9 day journey where youll fly by charter plane from the bottom of South America, over the Drake Passage, to King George Island where youll board your vessel to explore the Antarctic Peninsula. Youll experience rewarding shore visits and Zodiac cruises, marvel at intimate wildlife, explore historic polar sites and make the most of your landmark visit to the 7th Continent.

Even for a short trip, youll need to make sure you prepare for the elements. Thats why we have a detailed expedition packing list to help you assemble the right gear and the right equipment to bring on your adventure into Antarctica.

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What Our Customers Think Of How To Get To Antarctica

My advice is to review the videos that are out there on a trip to Antarctica. Read the reviews of the different type of cruises and determine what works best for you. Get in touch with Swoop and let them help with narrowing down the choices. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2018

Terrie Mandina -United States Of America

If you have never been, there is no way of preparing for the impact of being there. The untouched, natural beauty, the mighty icebergs, the silliness of the penguins. You will be spending hours just sitting in one spot adoring the view. Read the full review

Travelled: January 2018

Zoltan & Stephen Nemeth -Florida

For ease and efficiency few things beat flying to Antarctica. If I’d have known it was that easy I would have gone years ago!

Travelled: December 2016

Agi -Hungary

Dear Swoop family, we would like to thank you for all the amazing effort you made in getting us to Punta Arenas in time.

Travelled: December 2015

Erik & Natascha -The Netherlands

From the moment we arrived in Antarctica on the jet, I realized that I had landed in a world that I could have never have envisioned being in. It was certainly life changing. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2021

Ray Applebaum -USA

Kristen Hilt -United States Of America

I would book with Swoop in a heartbeat and have already been recommending Swoop to others. Read the full review

Travelled: February 2019

Elisabeth Eppich -Canada

Elizabeth Hess -United States Of America

Chris -USA

Reasons To Travel To Antarctica

Antarctica Travel Guide  Vacation Advice 101

1.AdventureWhat can be more adventurous than exploring one of the most untouched places on the planet? A trip to Antarctica is a non-stop journey of unforgettable experiences.

2.Part of historyBecause Antarctica is so isolated and has such extreme weather, very few people have ever visited the continent at all. As opposed to visiting an established destination, you are now part of the story, witnessing the grandeur first hand.

3. Another worldGabrielle Walker, an environmental scientist in Antarctica, describes the continent as being almost alien: “The first time I went there it was like walking on another planet. It’s just ice and rock – no trees, no plants, no anything else.

Despite being almost entirely covered in ice, Antarctica is, by definition, a desert. A desert is generally categorised as a place that receives less than 254 mm of rainfall a year . With Antarctica receiving only 166 mm annually , it certainly fits the bill.Read more

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Get To Antarctica From Australia

  • To Hobart:If you are on a specialty cruise departing from Hobart, Tasmania, there are numerous options. Popular flight routes depart from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Most travelers from Australia will fly to South America to get to Antarctica from there.
  • To Buenos Aires:There are no direct flights from Australia to Buenos Aires. Travelers getting to Antarctica from Australia might consider connecting through Auckland, New Zealand, or through Santiago, Chile.
  • To Santiago:Flights from Sydney, Australia, to Santiago, Chile, operate four days each week. Once in Santiago there are regular daily flights to Punta Arenas, Chile .

Antarctica Is Warmer Than You Think

Having heard the horror stories of Antarctic winters, many travelers think the temperatures are way below what they are willing to tolerate. Cruise ships only visit Antarctica between November and March, which is the Austral summer.

Since cruise ships primarily visit the Antarctica Peninsula, which is the northernmost section of the continent, temperatures are even warmer than further south. The Austral summer temperatures on the Peninsula range from the high 20’s to mid-30’s or -2 to 2 degrees Centigrade. Those arriving from northern North America know that it’s much colder there in January.

Winds can make it feel colder, but when you are ashore and moving about, sometimes you even get too warm! Cruise ships usually provide warm boots and some type of waterproof jacket, but be sure to check your cruise documents carefully. Long underwear, hat, and gloves are needed when riding in the RIBs ashore. For example, Hurtigruten provides the warmest boots you’ll ever find, so you don’t need to pack any. However, it’s branded jacket is wind and waterproof, but you’ll need something warmer underneath.

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Fly From Punta Arenas Chile

Fly-in cruises to Antarctica are one of the more hassle-free ways to see this end of the world, with flights going from Punta Arenas in Chile to King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands. Here, youll join an Antarctic expedition cruise at the gateway of the Antarctic Peninsula. The beauty of flying from Punta Arenas is that this southernmost city in Chile is close to the incredible Torres del Paine, so you can spend a few days exploring the amazing national park pre or post-cruise.

The flight takes a little less than two hours, so a fly-in cruise is a great option for those who are pressed for time or suffer from seasickness. Be aware, though, that the flights tend to be sporadic and often arent guaranteed. As the flights cross over the tempestuous Drakes Passage, their departure is dependent on the weather conditions. If youre set on visiting Antarctica with a fly-in cruise, make the expedition between December and February this is the only time of year when weather conditions permit this route. On the cruise itself, youll explore this magnificent untouched landscape in many ways, including Zodiac boat excursions, spotting sea birds, penguins, seals and whales and on-board lectures.

Antarctica South Georgia & Falklands In Style

Atlas Ocean Voyages: A Cruise to Antarctica

Voyage south in Shackletons footsteps, exploring the highlights of the Southern Ocean as part of this classic 20-day adventure. A well-balanced itinerary and the choice between 3 well-appointed expedition ships really marks this trip out. Plus, you

  • 20 Days

For a truly 5 star Southern Ocean experience, this is the voyage to consider. Cosseted aboard the most luxurious, all-inclusive expedition ships currently in Antarctica, enjoy outstanding cuisine, impeccable service and daily guided

  • 19 Days

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Fly To Ushuaia Or Punta Arenas

To begin your journey to Antarctica, you first need to get to Ushuaia, Argentina, or Punta Arenas, Chile. The easiest way to do this is by flight from the capital cities. For example, after a few days on a tour of Buenos Aires or a tour of Santiago, take a flight to either Ushuaia or Punta Arenas.

We usually recommend adding at least a day in either city, so that you can visit some of the attractions they have to offer, for example, a day tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park in Ushuaia, or a city tour in Punta Arenas.

There are other connecting cities, though, for the easiest and best Antarctica trip, we recommend traveling from southern Chile and or Argentina to get to Antarctica.

Cruise To Antarctica From Australia & New Zealand

Each year a handful of specialty cruises may depart from Australia and New Zealand. These are true expeditions and take much longer than cruises from South America.

The most common embarkation points in New Zealand are Invercargill and Dunedin. Cruises from Australia typically depart from Hobart, Tasmania.

Voyages will visit sub-Antarctic islands such as Macquarie Island, the Auckland Islands or Campbell Islands. These remote outposts are rich in birdlife and wildlife. They serve to break up the longer ocean crossing.

  • How Far is Australia from Antarctica?The Antarctic continent is over 1600 miles from Australia. The Ross Sea is over 2100 miles from Australia.
  • How Long Does it Take to Get to Antarctica from Australia?The crossing from Australia to Antarctica can take up to 7 days depending on weather. Some Antarctica cruises depart from Australia, visit the White Continent, and then return to the same port. Others begin in South America and end in Australia, or reverse. Either way, these cruises are much longer than cruises from South America. Antarctic cruises from Australia and New Zealand range from 25-35 days.

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Discover South Georgia Antarctica And Falklands

This voyage stands out by visiting the Antarctic Peninsula first and keeping the wonders of South Georgia for the second half. Plus youll be travelling on board one of the most exciting new Polar ships with spacious cabins, state-of-the-art technology

  • 19-25 Days

This fantastic trip covers all the must-see highlights of an extended Antarctic expedition. With 21 nights aboard, you will venture far south past vast icebergs to cross the Antarctic Circle, before taking in jaw-dropping king penguin colonies in the

  • 23 Days

With four medium-sized expedition ships and regular departure dates throughout the season, this well priced voyage is a popular option. Across striking landscapes and icy seas your company will include penguins, seals, whales and skuas. For the adventurous, optional kayaking

  • 10-13 Days
  • 12, 13 or 14 Days
  • $7,550

Starting Your Journey: How To Get To Antarctica From Your Home

Cruises to Antarctica: What to bring and everything you ...

Most cruises depart from Ushuaia, Argentina. Fly-and-cruise trips depart from Punta Arenas, Chile.

There are NO DIRECT international flights into these ports, so most travelers must route flights through Buenos Aires, Argentina, or Santiago, Chile.

Below is our advice on how to get to Antarctica from your home, using these air travel hubs. Our specialists can assist with your flights to get to Antarctica. There are several daily flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and Santiago to Punta Arenas.

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