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Are Seabourn Cruises Worth It

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What Is The Retreat

seabourn cruise line review

On Seabourn Encore The Retreat is the brainchild of internationally famous interior designer Adam D. Tihany. Hes responsible for almost every aspect of Seabourn Encores interiors. Tihany has also designed some of the worlds top luxury hotels and restaurants too.

The concept of a retreat-style space is not new to Tihany. The Mandarin Oriental Las Vagas and the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles both have poolside retreats imagined by him.

On Seabourn Encore The Retreat is centred around an elevated whirlpool surrounded by tables and chairs as well as comfortable sun loungers. Sixteen uber-luxurious cabanas encircle the space.

These upmarket beach huts boast every creature comfort including artwork on the walls, fine wood panel sideboards, a mini bar refrigerator, day beds and padded sun loungers. Theres even an enormous flat screen TV too! Noise cancelling headphones are provided for TV watching so you wont disturb your neighbours.

Ranking Among Luxury Cruise Lines

In a nutshell?

Seabourn is one of the best luxury cruise lines in the world.

Along with competitors Crystal Cruises and Silversea, it ranks right at the top of the list of luxury cruises.

Conde Nast Traveler rates it one of the top five small ship cruise lines in the world.

And the Seabourn Odyssey is one of the finest small luxury cruise ships Ive sailed on.

What To Expect On Board


As expected from a member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Seabourn offers exceptional cuisine prepared à la minute and served in open seating dining rooms. Upscale menu offerings include foie gras, quail, fresh seafood, and jasmine crème brûlée. Dishes low in cholesterol,

salt, and fat, as well as vegetarian selections, are prepared with the same artful presentation and attention to detail. Wines are chosen to complement each day’s luncheon and dinner menus, and caviar is always available. A background of classical music sets the tone for afternoon tea.

The Grill features steakhouse favorites and table-side preparations of Caesar salad and ice cream sundaes. The Colonnade, a more casual, indoor/outdoor alternative centered on an open kitchen, features lavish buffets or table service for breakfasts and lunch, and serves regionally themed, bistro-style dinners with table service nightly. Relaxed poolside dining at The Patio offers lunch buffets, salads, soups, grilled specialties, and pizza. Each evening The Patio features an array of fresh, inventive dishes for alfresco dining on deck. Alternative dining restaurants require reservations for dinner, but happily there is no additional charge.

Room service is always available. Dinner can even be served course by course in your suite during restaurant hours.

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Silversea Vs Seabourn Cruise Line

Silversea or Seabourn? That’s a tough question for cruisers waffling between the two lines for their next luxury voyage. Both offer fairly intimate ships that sail the globe, and both have new vessels — Silver Muse and Seabourn Ovation — with more new-builds in the works.

Both lines offer sophisticated and personalized service, as well as all-inclusive cruise fares that cover all beverages and gratuities. Silversea cruises — with a butler catering to every cabin — tend to be a bit more formal, while Seabourn ships offer a true sense of community via amenities such as Seabourn Square , a well-designed coffeehouse and an aft water sports platform.

So, in what ways do these lines actually differ? Let’s compare Silversea vs. Seabourn.

Myth : World Cruises Feature Long Stretches Of Sea Days

Silversea vs. Seabourn Cruise Line

These cruises traverse countries and continents, so do expect several sea dayswhere you’re not in port and free to lounge or relax on the ship all dayin order to do it but theyre carefully spaced out, with often no more than one or two such days in a row. Take Viking’s 161-day Miami to London world cruise on Viking Sun, departing December 14, 2020: You’ll average just one sea day between ports, and some segments, such as Venice to Corfu, or Naples to Grenada, don’t have any. And truth be told, on most cruisesespecially a world cruiseyoull welcome the down time after constant touring and other activities on land.

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An Alternative Premium Internet Service

If you want to watch Netflix or use communication services like FaceTime, then you will need Seabourns premium Wi-Fi internet package known as the Stream Wi-Fi Package. It allows you to stream video and make intenet calls from up to 4 different devices.

The Stream Wi-Fi Package is free for guests in Penthouse and Premium suites, as well as Diamond-level Seabourn Club members. According to Seabourn, guests booked in Ocean View and Veranda suites can upgrade to the Stream Wi-Fi Package for a nominal charge.

Review Of Seabourn Quest

A review of Seabourn Cruise !

My husband and I have been cruising for years. We especially love transatlantic cruises because we love sea days. We heard so many good things about Seabourn and we booked a transatlantic cruise expecting it to be a trip of a lifetime. Little did we expect it would be such a trip which we will forever forget.

We thought it was a bit odd when we checked in how the crew and passengers were treating us as persona non grata. However, we just took it as check in worries.

Upon boarding, we were directed to our room, we unpacked, and then, from that moment, we were treated as sub-human.

Seabourn prizes itself for its hospitality and knowing everyone. All the reviews I read said that within 2 -3 days, all the staff would be calling us by our last names with the honorific. I noticed it with all the passengers, except with us. I brushed it off thinking, perhaps the crew was too tired.

We went to our room and the food and beverage manager came and said this had never happened before, we don’t know why this happened, but we will take care of it. I was completely in tears. . We were told the individuals who assaulted us would be talked to.

The next day, the Crew Captain approached us, didn’t address us by name, and simply said, “are we all good?” My husband and I, knowing we had 13 days left, decided to simply say yes. The fact is, not everything was ok.

Don’t waste your money!

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Sign Up For Seabourn’s Mailing List

Seabourns “Seamail” list is a great place to find special promotions and package deals. You’ll currently find its annual “Extraordinary Opportunity Event” , which offers a variety of incentives and upgrades on select voyages departing in 2019. Among the benefits of booking now, Seabourn is offering suite upgrades, up to $500 in shipboard credit, up to $500 air credit per person, 15 percent savings when you book consecutive cruises on the same ship, and $1,000 shipboard credit for those booking penthouse or premium suites. Opt into their mailing list here.

Myth : You Can’t Take A World Cruise If You Have A Full

Seabourn Ovation Tour & Review ~ Seabourn ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review [4K Ultra HD]

Internet speeds on ocean liners grow ever faster, and are even free on some lines, meaning you can work remotely while you sail. Seabourn ships nearly doubled their speed in the last two years. Silversea tripled its in the last three years. Crystal Cruises’ internet bandwidth is now eight times the 2017 level. If you want to work, check with your cruise line, but chances are, beyond emailing you can plan for chats and video conferencing, and and reviewing and sending without much issue. .

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Seabourn Encore The Retreat

Seabourn Encore The Retreat

Seabourn Encore The Retretat review. We reveal the secrets of this exclusive space with its range of added perks.

Perched high above the ocean on Seabourn Encore, amid gleaming white cabanas, is The Retreat. This exclusive space comes with a range of added perks, but you will pay extra to use it.

The Retreat On Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruise Line offers a luxurious cruise experience, open only to those with budgets large enough to cover the high fares for its all-suite, all-balcony, all-inclusive ships. But if you’re looking for an even more exclusive VIP experience, you’ll want to book a cabana at The Retreat, found only on the line’s biggest and newest ships.

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Top Reasons To Cruise

  • Service Service is a premiere element of all Seabourn voyages.
  • Ever-changing Itineraries Seabourn ships seldom repeat port calls from one voyage to the next, nor do ships sail from a single home port.
  • Formality Seabourn cruises are a bit more formal than most other luxury lines, but never stuffy.
  • Older Clientele Fellow passengers on Seabourns cruises are generally older and more well traveled than on most cruise lines.
  • Sailing The Mighty Amazon In Style On The Super Swank Seabourn Quest

    Win a Ultra

    What’s it like to cruise the Amazon on a luxury ship? Awesome. Fantastic. About as good as it gets.

    After years of planning, my first mate Richard and I finally cruised the mighty Amazon River last month on the spectacular 450-passenger Seabourn Quest.

    For him it was a dream come true as hed always wanted to visit this relatively remote destination. For me, it exceeded expectations both because of the magnificence of it all and because we got to experience it from an air-conditioned, deluxe vessel where we could soak in the views from our private balcony or up on deck while being served refreshing drinks, cold towels and even platters of caviar on request

    Of course, luxury ships aren’t for everyone, and there are lots of cruise lines operating on the Amazon, including SeaDream, G Adventures, Lindblad Expeditions, Aqua Expeditions, Avalon Waterways and others. So go at your own pace and travel style.

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    Myth : World Cruises Aren’t Designed For Active Travelers

    Cruise Critics McDaniel emphasizes that these trips are for everyone, no matter your vacation style. You can take it as fastor slowas you like, she says. Plus, baby boomers trend active. Count on treadmills, weight stations, and yoga classes that are as busy as your neighborhood gym. If you’re especially drawn to an active vacation, check out Silversea’s Expedition World Cruise on the Silver Cloud, for a 167-day trip that visits Ushuaia, Argentina and goes to Tromso, Norway, departing January 30, 2021, visiting 30 countries across six continents. Passengers explore each spot primarily by zodiac, calling on Easter Island, Australias Kimberley region, and the big get, Antarctica. Feel your heart pound while gawking at Luxor, photographing orangutans in Borneo, and searching for polar bears in Svalbard.

    Seabourn Review: A Mediterranean Odyssey

    The first week in May I found myself on Seabourn Odyssey,sailing from Barcelona to Valletta.

    She is a small intimate ship with 229 suites, all with oceanview and most with veranda. Although sunny, it was too windy tospend much time ashore, so I had ample time to enjoy the Seabournexperience on board.

    My Veranda Suite on Deck 6 was spacious with plenty of storage,a walk-in wardrobe and a marble bathroom well stocked with MoltonBrown toiletries. Although a bottle of Champagne was on ice wenever had time to drink it, as Champagne is served by the glass inall the bars and all drinks are complimentary.

    Seabourn staff are all hotel trained and know how to make youfeel special and pampered. Ask your room stewardess to run a bathfor you and you are greeted by a candlelit bubble bath with awonderful aroma, sprinkled with rose petals.

    Sailaways had a party atmosphere, with the band and Seabournsingers entertaining us opera-style on the pool deck and bar staffserving up cocktails, Champagne and caviar as the ship glidedmajestically out of port.

    Seabourn Square is like a top class hotel lounge, where guestscan enjoy a morning coffee and cookie, or read the daily newspaperon an iPad whilst lounging in a reclining chair. You can also havea comfortable consultation with the team on board, sitting face toface – so much nicer than queuing to stand at a reception desk.Here you can put down a deposit on your next cruise, discuss yourplans, or book a shore excursion.

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    Seabourn Encore The Retreat: Is It Worth It

    Is it worth it? Ultimately, that all depends on personal preference. The Retreat is a secluded space and it does offer more privacy and luxury, however there are no ocean views something many guests we spoke with disliked.

    On the other hand, the premium beverages served in Seabourn Encore The Retreat represent significant value, it should be remembered that they would come at an additional charge if consumed elsewhere on the ship.

    When we sailed on Seabourn Encore demand for The Retreat was not high. Indeed it was one of the quietest places on the ship. Most days there were no more than 2 couples using the space. At any rate the general consensus among passengers we spoke to was that they didnt want to pay over-and-above their all-inclusive cruise fare.

    Seabourn Cruise Line: Whats On The Horizon

    Seabourn Encore Ship Tour and Review : 7 Things You Need To Know

    Stay tuned for two posh new, expedition-style ships, ordered by Seabourn, to debut in late 2021 and 2022.

    As well as Zodiac boats and kayaks, theyll carry two submarines.

    Adventure cruising in the Arctic and Antarctica will be a whole lot more comfortable than when my mother and I cruised Antarctica years ago!

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    What To Expect When You Cruise With Seabourn

    Its easy to talk the talk and promise exceptional cuisine, white-glove service, exciting excursions, and more. But to actually fulfill those statements makes all the difference and that is what sets Seabourn apart. This award-winning cruise line doesnt just talk the talk it walks the walk. From the on-board experience to the excursions at port, get an inside look on what to expect when you cruise with Seabourn below.

    Bookings Available Now For Seabourn 2024 World Cruise

    Luxury line Seabourns has released bookings for its 2024 world cruise. Departing from Los Angeles, the Seabourn Sojurn covers 72 destinations across 28 countries and five continents.

    On January 11, 2024, Seabourn Sojourn will leave Los Angeles and embark on an epic journey and you can buy your tickets now.

    The luxurious vessel will visit Hawaii, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Arabia, Egypt and the Holy Land, before finishing up amongst the history of Athens.

    If youre not looking to spend quite that long at sea, you can instead opt to join the cruise for just a segment of the full adventure.

    Our 2024 World Cruise aboard Seabourn Sojourn promises to be an extraordinary journey across the world. Whether guests book the entire 145-day voyage or join us on one of the many available segments, guests can look forward to visiting many of the worlds most prized destinations and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, said Josh Leibowitz, president of Seabourn.

    Booking a world cruise with Seabourn for 2024 offers a truly incomparable chance to explore the world on the #1 rated cruise line.

    The voyage includes 20 overnight stays, as well as 21 further stays well into the evening.

    One of the planned major events is Caviar in the Surf, where Seabourn officers will be standing in the water with you, serving all the caviar and champagne you desire, held on the beach in Ko Kook, Thailand.

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    Myth : You’ll Gain Weight On A Cruise That Long

    You neednt gain weight on a cruise of any length. Not only is there plenty to do on shore to get you moving, but ships today feature expansive, well-equipped fitness centers with a healthy lineup of workout classes, and even private trainers.

    Plus, more cruise lines are embracing healthful dining. Oceania Cruises, with an Around the World in 180 Days on Insignia that departs next January, adds more than 200 new vegetarian menu selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this October, well ahead of its Miami to San Francisco sail. Regent Seven Seas Cruises has introduced a creative new plant-based menu added to standard offerings in advance of its 132-day January 2020 world cruises on Seven Seas Mariner .

    Is This Line Right For You

    Seabourn Cruise Ships &  Special Offers from Ireland

    Choose This Line If

    • You consider fine dining the highlight of your vacation.
    • You own your own tuxedo. These ships are dressy, and most men wear them on formal evenings.
    • You feel it’s annoying to sign drink tabs everything is included on these ships.

    Don’t Choose This Line If

    • Dressing down is on your agenda.
    • You absolutely must smoke on your private balcony. It’s not allowed.
    • You need to be stimulated by constant activity.

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    Chefs Market Lunch Extravaganza:

    For lunch on one sea day, the galley was opened up to guests and set up as a lavish buffet.

    We were welcomed into the dining room with Campari-and-champagne cocktails.

    Then we walked into the shiny stainless-steel galley, where a red carpet had been thrown on the floor for the occasion.

    Singing chefs carved slabs of roast beef and stirred pans of linguine carbonara.

    Trays of fresh sushi begged to be eaten.

    And mini-desserts promised sweet satisfaction.

    It was fun and festive and interesting to see the working kitchen where the ships meals are prepared.

    Plan Your Seabourn Cruise Line Vacation

    A leader in small-ship, luxury cruising, Seabourn has an elegant fleet of ships that appeal to sophisticated, independent-minded passengers whose lifestyles demand the best. In addition to personalized service, Seabourn delivers all the expected extrascomplimentary wines and spirits, a stocked minibar in all suites, and elegant amenities. Expect the unexpected as wellfrom exclusive travel-document portfolios and luggage tags to the pleasure of a complimentary mini-massage while lounging at the pool.

    Peace and tranquility reign on these ships, so the daily roster of events is somewhat thin. Wine tastings, lectures, and other quiet pursuits might be scheduled, but most passengers are satisfied to simply do what pleases them. One don’t-miss activity is the daily team trivia contest. Prizes are unimportant: it’s the bragging rights that most guests seek.

    Although the trio of original Seabourn ships were sold, the line now has five larger, even more luxurious ships in service.

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