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Cruises To Greece From Usa

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When Is The Best Time To Go To The Greek Isles

Greek Islands Cruise with Celebrity Cruises

Summer is the most popular time to visit Greece, with warm weather perfect for sunbathing and cooling off in the islands surrounding deep blue waters. June through September is peak season, with July and August seeing the most frequent sailings. During these times, it can get very hot, with temperatures reaching into the 90s , so much sure to stay hydrated and pack light, cool clothes.

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Romance And Culture Await On A Greek Island Cruise

Its no wonder the Greek Islands have always been a perennial favorite of travelers. Greece is a magical, romantic destination where you can wander alongside stunning coastlines, explore the ruins of ancient cultures, and dine on fresh Mediterranean cuisine all in one vacation.

On one of our luxury Greek Island cruises, explore far-flung beaches, drift out to sea on catamarans and kayaks, and duck into tiny tavernas where you can eat and drink like a local. From the sun-soaked stone buildings in Santorini to the white-sand beaches that beckon in Mykonos, a Greece cruise is the best way to experience the captivating Greek Islands.

To Stand At The Crossroads Of Civilisation

From the Iberian Peninsula to the Turkish Riviera, the Mediterranean is where Europe meets Africa and Asia. Throughout history, the sea has allowed men to travel from shore to shore and from east to west, discovering new curiosities and trading knowledge and goods. The Mediterranean boasts a unique blend of cultures: small ports with Byzantine architecture, ancient Ottoman cities, Greek and Roman ruins, Hispano-Moresque palaces… From the Black Sea to the Adriatic and from the Aegean Sea to the Strait of Gibraltar, every community has its own distinctive style and way of life.

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Ports Of Call & Excursions

October 9, 2022 –Lavrio

Arrival 10/9/2022 early morning Disembarkation 10/9/2022 at 7:00 AM

Near Athens, Lavrion is a peaceful port welcoming boats from around the world. The town has been known since ancient times for the silver-producing mines of Lavrion, which were major contributors to the wealth of Athens and to the Greek economy in the 20th century. Weather permitting, take a stroll through the town and discover the many vestiges of this industry that flourished until the 1980s: old Neoclassical-style constructions, industrial buildings, and worker houses. Not far from there, the ancient site of Thorikos reveals a Greek theatre and a marble temple dedicated to Demeter, both well preserved. The elegant silhouette of Le Ponant will be awaiting you at quay, to take you on an incredible journey to the heart of the Greek islands.

Le Ponant

Unique of its kind, Le Ponant is one of the most majestic sailing vessels in the world. With 16 spacious cabins and suites, one crew member per passenger, a dedicated chef, and authentic and exclusive experiences to be enjoyed at every stop, designed for and with you, the ship redefines the concept of luxury yachting and promises you an extraordinary experience.

In addition to its tasteful and refined design by Jean-Philippe Nuel, it has many innovative and environmentally friendly amenities.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Highlights

Cruises From Florida to Athens, Greece
  • An incredible company that has been in operation since 1969.
  • A well-known name in the cruise line industry, with service standards that accompany their length of time in the industry.
  • Winner of a plethora of service awards, including “Best Cruise Line in the Caribbean,””Best Cruise Line Overall,” and “Best Cruise Ship Symphony of the Seas.”
  • Amazing rooms in various sizes available for all of your accommodation needs and party sizes.
  • Breathtaking views, offering you uninterrupted views of the water, the shores, and all of the beautiful sights of each destination.
  • Unmatched customer service to make your trip a relaxing and unforgettable experience.
  • Knowledgeable tour guides to accompany you to places that you might have never heard of.
  • Lots of space to explore and get to know the ship.

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Best Of Greece Cruise

This enchanting 8-day small ship cruise through the Greek isles showcases both off-the-beaten path treasures and some of the most popular islands in the region. Experience everything from sacred Delos with its remarkable ancient ruins and unspoiled Kythira to glitzy Mykonos and Santorini with its famous caldera.

As you glide across the Aegean, occasionally stopping for swims in those alluring turquoise waters, expect plenty of luxuries aboard the ship along with an intimate atmosphere that allows for a more personalized experience along with exceptional service.

Cruises To Greece Leaving From The Usa

The shortest cruise from the U.S. to Greece is a 25-day journey.

Greece, both the mainland and islands, is an ancient and storied tourist destination, a place of legend and real-life treasures with a seafaring heritage embraced in contemporary times by countless cruise passengers from all over the world. With the exception of epic around-the-world voyages, at the time of publication only a handful of cruises departing from the United States call at ports in Greece all on their way to Italy. They range from 25 to 47 days and call at numerous other European countries in addition to Greece.

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Amazing Foods Of Crete

With some 35 million olive trees and wine presses dating as far back as 1500 BC, its no wonder that the gastronomy of Crete is so special and tasty. Crete produces a third of all the olive oil in Greece, and 90 percent of it is extra virgin. The islands unique biodiversity includes myriad native wild herbs and greens.

According to leading Greek nutritionist Stefanos Pertsemlides, While the Cretan diet does not differentiate much from the Greek/Mediterranean diet, what is unusual is the very wide variety of ingredients that Crete asthis is quite unique, especially for an island. In fact, the term Mediterranean diet is based on the Cretan diet of the early 1950s, he adds, when a very important study revealed the Cretan diet to be a protective factor against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Whether you feast on herb-suffused Cretan pork sausage, chicken souvlaki marinated in yogurt and garlic, or dakos, a kind of bread rusk with chopped tomatoes, drizzled with soft cheese and sprinkled with olive oil, Cretan cooking and its myriad traditional meze, or small appetizer plates, will leave you hungry for more. Excellent restaurants include Ferryman in Elounda Peskesi in Heraklion and Portes and Ta Chalkina in Chania. But even the humblest taverna in Crete turns out tempting dishes youll probably want to text home about.

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To Appreciate The History And The Unesco Sites

Celestyal Cruises in Greece: Cruising to Milos and Crete

From the Greeks to the Romans and Ottomans, men have been vying to rule the Mediterranean Basin and control its shipping routes since ancient times. Today, the numerous UNESCO World HeritageSites are a testament to the region’s economic and cultural wealth and to the diversity of the Mediterranean people. Setting sail on a Mediterranean cruise is a chance to admire a myriad of perfectly preserved artefacts and unmissable sites: the Acropolis of Athens the Theatre of Epidaurus the sacred island of Delos the ancient city of Nessebar the archaeological ruins of Delphi the medieval city of Rhodes the historic centres of Valletta Dubrovnik, Kotor and Syracuse and the relics of Pompeii, Rome and Venice.

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What Are The Best Sailing Tours In The Greek Islands And Santorini

As I said above, visiting Santorini on a cruise is not ideal. You only get to spend a few hours on Santorini and those hours are when your entire ship is also touring the island you dont get to see the magic of what makes Santorini so special. And you dont get to stay overnight and see the island in the morning when it can feel almost deserted even in high season.

But sailing tours are different. On the sailing trips I list below, you meander around the Greek islands and make stops in a number of different places that are wonderfully off the beaten path. You start or finish your trip in Santorini so you get to spend 1 or more nights on the island to see how it really is.

Greek Isles Cruises Travel Tips

  • Enjoy the mainland. While the islands of Greece offer some spectacular adventures, the mainland is also loaded with things to do and is often overlooked
  • Enjoy eating like a local by noticing which restaurants the locals are inhabiting. You will find the best food in these locations. Keep in mind, Greeks eat late, often around 10 pm
  • Punctuality in Greece is not something that is strived for as in other areas of the world. Enjoy the laid-back life and dont expect super snappy service in restaurants. Enjoy the delays and take it all in!
  • Much of the older generation in Greece is Orthodox and as such will frown upon nudity. We suggest also avoiding churches and monasteries in skimpy clothing.
  • As with all travel, make sure you keep your valuables close to you, especially on crowded transport
  • Levels of English is good throughout the country, but the Greeks love it when you are able to throw in a word or two of Greek

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Popular Greek Isles Cruise Ports

Greece is home to more than 200 inhabited islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas. These are three of the most popular destinations to visit on a Greek Islands cruise:

  • Santorini, Greece: Step out of a postcard and into Santoriniâs weaving roads lined with white-washed buildings and blue-domed roofs overlooking a glimmering sea. With beaches shaped by volcanic eruptions and wine producers dotting the island, Santorini is the perfect place to kick back and relax.
  • Mykonos, Greece: Known for its spectacular beaches and delicious Mediterranean food â think olives, cheese, honey, and pistachios â Mykonos is a must-see destination while in Greece. On the island, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos to see ruins from nearby Delos, the birthplace of Apollo, or rent ATVs to explore the islandâs rolling hills on your own.
  • Athens, Greece: Greeceâs capital, known as the cradle of Western Civilization, is a history-loverâs paradise. Visit the Acropolis, the Temple of Poseidon, the Theater of Dionysus and the Parthenon, as well as museums like the Museum of the City of Athens and the Museum of Cycladic Art.

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Greek Isles Cruise Highlights

Best Way to Travel Greek Islands: 7 Day Norwegian Cruise from Venice ...

Pack comfortable shoes and a bathing suit: of Greeces many draws, you cannot miss relaxing on the beaches of Mykonos and Santorini or hiking up to historical gems like the Acropolis. Other must-sees include ruins like the Parthenon, Ancient Mycenae, and Mystras. In Athens, the and the Acropolis Museum showcase Greek treasures preserved from the earliest centuries of Western civilization. For shopping, stroll through Plaka, a historical neighborhood in Athens, or Monastiraki.

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Day 2 Delos & Mykonos

Enjoy breakfast, freshly prepared on the ship before joining an optional tour of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Apollo. The uninhabited island is a sacred place home to some of the most extensive ruins that date from the golden age of classical Greece, including a theater, temples and more. Well sail to Mykonos next, just a few miles away, making a stop for a refreshing swim along the route. The rest of the day can be enjoyed at your leisure, visiting the islands famous windmills and sampling the famous nightlife in one of the clubs.

Oceania Cruises: Waves To Waterways

Oceania’s Waves to Waterways cruise begins in Miami, ends in Venice and calls at 14 countries over 47 days. The initial transatlantic crossing is broken up with a visit to Bermuda. Days 13 to 27 are dedicated to ports in Spain and Portugal. Among them are two of Spain’s Canary Islands three of its Balearic Islands mainland cities including Seville, Valencia and Barcelona and Madeira and Lisbon in Portugal. Numerous French and Italian ports follow, including Saint-Tropez, Marseille and Corsica in France and Portofino, Sardinia, Rome and the Amalfi Coast in Italy. A day on Malta is also featured. One destination in Greece is included Cephalonia in the Ionian Islands. The final days of the cruise are spent in Tirana, Albania Kotor in Montenegro Split in Croatia and finally, Venice, where the journey ends.


  • While cruises from the U.S. to Greece are desirable, they are limited in number and availability and call at only one to three destinations in Greece. If visiting ports in Greece is a priority for you, consider flying to Europe to pick up one of the many available cruises with more comprehensive arrays of Greek islands and mainland ports in their itineraries.


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Up Close And Personal To The Very Best Of Greece And The Greek Islands Cruise Vacations

Its easy to fall under an eternal spell of romanticism during a cruise vacation in Greece and the Greek islands. The eastern reaches of the eastern Mediterranean were the crossroads of many influential civilizations of antiquity from Phoenicians to Mycenaeans to Athenians and still more, as historic sites bear witness throughout the islands of the Dodecanese chain. From the majesty of the Acropolis in Athens to the beauty of picture-perfect islands such as Mykonos and Patmos, Greece and the Greek islands cruise Vacation is an all-time classic destination that appeals to every sense. No other country has given the world so much cultural heritage. The countrys lauded history and multifaceted architecture blend with incredible natural settings in port cities like Kavala and Volos a spellbinding gateway to the otherworldly landscapes of Meteora in Thessaly, the lunar-like rocks of Sarakiniko Beach and blue-domed churches of Santorini.

The Best Yacht Cruises For Santorini & The Greek Islands

Celestyal Cruises in Greece: Cruising to Rhodes, Santorini and Mykonos

All of these sailing tours are with G Adventures a fantastic company that offers unique boat tours of the Greek islands on 15m charter yachts. A skipper/captain/tour-guide is on the boat the entire trip. Theres a kitchen and 3 bathrooms, safety vests, and snorkeling equipment. Some meals onboard, some on land. These tours sell out quickly so book as early as possible. Dates vary by tour but most begin sailing in late April or early May and run until mid or late October.

Yacht cruise of the Greek islands. Eat on board, swim and snorkel at private beaches, and sail around the Greek islands at your own pace.

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What Are My Cruise Line Options For The Greek Islands

Most of the popular cruise lines offer Greek Islands cruises, and youll find seven to eleven-night sailings from Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, and MSC Cruises.

It is also common to find sailings that combine a Mediterranean itinerary with a Greek Islands itinerary. These types of sailings are usually longer in duration, and very well worth it for anyone with the time to explore.

For a more upscale experience, join the Celebrity Apex and embark on a seven-night Greek Islands cruise out of Piraeus. If you prefer a longer cruise, Norwegian Getaway will take you on an unforgettable 10-night journey across the Mediterranean Sea and throughout the Greek Islands.

Cruise lines continue to announce new sailings and destinations that you can book now, setting sail as soon as this June. Stay up to date with ourlatest new sailings announcements.

*Please note, conditions to board vary per cruise line and per country of residence. All travel is subject to frequently changing governmental restrictionsplease check government advisories before scheduling trips.

Why Are Cruise Ships Heading To Greece

Well, for starters, besides opening to tourists, Greece is among the first countries in the world to allow cruise ships to sail its waters, which is great news for companies that have kept their ships still for over a year. And, according to cruise industry insiders, people want to sail.

At the same time, in an attempt to re-ignite interest and restore trust, cruise companies are not only offering flexible payment, refund, and booking options, they have also slashed prices and are offering free rebooking for departures in 2022.

For some, traveling or taking a cruise sounds risky, particularly in view of the COVID-19 developments. For Greece however, which relies heavily on tourism, reopening to travelers is critical and cruise companies are welcoming the decision to allow their ships to service out of the country.

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At the same time, Greece welcomes the interest and arrival of global cruise giants after repeated efforts in the past few years to establish Greek ports as homeports, which would significantly increase revenue generated by passengers.

That said, at least two of the worlds leading cruise companies will be homeporting from Greece this year for the first time.

Greece has traditionallytogether with Italy and Spainbeen among the top three destinations for cruise travel in Europe.

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What Should I Pack For A Cruise To Greece

Ground can be uneven — especially at archaeological sites — so pack sturdy shoes. The Greek Orthodox religion is pervasive in Greece and maintains conservative views — especially regarding women if you’re planning on visiting any monasteries — and you should — pack something to cover your shoulders, as well as a skirt or dress.

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