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Where Are Disney Cruise Ships Registered

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New Vacation Operation Unit

Once Upon A Disney Wish, An Enchanting Reveal Of Disney’s Newest Ship | Disney Cruise Line

In February 2009, Tom McAlpin left the Disney Cruise Line presidency and was replaced by Karl Holz as president of Disney Cruise Line and New Vacation Operations. In early 2009, Disney and Canaveral Port Authority extended their agreement to 2022 with expansion to the terminal to handle the new class of ships. A re-posting of the Disney Magic to Europe in 2010 adding DCL’s first North European cruises with Mediterranean cruises.

With the arrival of Disney Dream in 2011, Disney Wonder was relocated to Los Angeles. With the arrival of Disney Fantasy in 2012, Disney Magic was relocated to New York City in May 2012 for only the Summer season, before relocating to Galveston, Texas.

In late 2012, Disney Wonder began sailing cruises out of Miami, Florida, respectively. In 2013, the Disney Magic relocated to Barcelona, Spain and the Disney Wonder relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. for the summer season. In Autumn 2013, the Magic and the Wonder returned to the United States but switched home ports, with the Magic leaving out of Miami and the Wonder leaving out of Galveston. In January 2014, the Wonder took over for the Magic in Miami and the Magic joined the Dream and Fantasy in Port Canaveral, placing all four ships in the state of Florida for the first time. Since then, the Magic and the Wonder have once again switched places.

Cruise Ship Registry Flag State Control Flag Of Convenience

Cruise ship registry and flags, what is flag-state , flags of convenience – all of these are the subject of the following survey. We offer you a list of smaller and really big cruise ships sailing under foreign flags and some info about cruise ship registration by cruise line company .

Why Do Cruise Ships Have To Be Registered To A Country

Every ship is required by law to be registered in a country. The laws of the country in question are used if there are any private maritime disputes.

The country to which the ship is registered has control over the ship in regards to things like regulations and procedures.

Theyre also in charge of regulations in regards to pollution although the cruise lines do take this very seriously and consistently perform better than the minimum requirements. The countries where the ships are sailing also are able to monitor and enforce regulations.

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Dcl Cruise Itineraries 2022

In early-2022 DCL cruises to Hawaii and also offers various itineraries from the USA to the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico. Departures are from homeports New Orleans , Galveston TX, San Diego CA, Port Canaveral, Miami FL. Every voyage from Florida visits Disneyâs private island, Castaway Cay.

MS Disney Wonder returns to Hawaii for two 10-night roundtrips to Honolulu from Vancouver BC . Disney Wonder from Galveston cruises to the Western Caribbean on 4-night itineraries, followed by 4- and 6-night roundtrips from New Orleans. A special 6-night Bahamian itinerary from both Galveston and New Orleans visits Castaway Cay and Key West.

MS Disney Fantasy cruises from Port Canaveral starting with a 6-night Western Caribbean voyage, followed by 7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean roundtrips.

MS Disney Dream from Port Canaveral offers 3- and 4-night Bahamian voyages to Nassau and Castaway Cay. A special 4-night cruise includes 2 stops at Castaway Cay.

MS Disney Magic cruises from PortMiami on 4- and 5-night Bahamian roundtrips and 5-night Western Caribbean. A special 3-night itinerary visits Castaway Cay and Key West Florida.

In March-April 2022, Disney Wonder from Diego offers roundtrips to Baja Mexico , including a special 2-night Ensenada voyage . The 4- and 5-night Baja cruises visit Cabo San Lucas or Catalina Island.

Just Released Early 2023 Itineraries And Departures:

Minister Garneau Announces Extension of Cruise Ship Ban in ...

In early 2023, Disney Cruise Line will return to top tropical destinations in the Bahamas â including Disneys private island, Castaway Cay â as well as the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera, delighting guests of all ages with one-of-a-kind vacations at sea. A variety of enchanting itineraries will set sail coast-to-coast from U.S. home ports including Miami and Port Canaveral, Florida New Orleans Galveston, Texas and San Diego.

Baja and Mexican Riviera

Embark on a sun-splashed getaway to Mexico on a 3-, 4-, 5- or 7-night cruise departing from San Diego, CA. Dock in coastal towns that may include Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada, Mazatlán or Puerto Vallarta.

The Caribbean

Feel the warm breezes of the Caribbean transport you from one tropical destination to another on a 4-, 5-, 6-, or 7-night cruise from Port Canaveral or Miami, FL, Galveston, TX or New Orleans. Ports of call may include Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Tortola, Costa Maya, Jamaica, Puerto Rico or Disney Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island paradise.

The Bahamas

Soak up the laid-back pleasures of island life on a 3-, 4-, or 5-night cruise. Also, enjoy an 8-night cruise to Bermuda stopping in King’s Wharf. All cruises depart from Port Canaveral or Miami, FL. Your journey drops anchor in tropical ports of call that may include Nassau, King’s Wharf and Disney Castaway Cay, DCL’s private island in The Bahamas.

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What Happens If A Cruise Line Violates The Pvsa

Cruiselines will typically be diligent about planning their routes, but theres no way to guarantee 100% effectiveness when avoiding fines. Even if they do plan it perfectly, there are still situations where this will happen.

For example, if somebody on board needs medical attention and needs to be dropped at the nearest port in Washington before arriving at their foreign destination in Vancouver. In this example, the cruise line will be fined $762 for that single passenger and nothing else.

If there is inclement weather that stopped someone in Florida from reaching their destination in the Dominican Republic and the cruise was canceled after leaving the port, they will be fined the $762 per passenger that is dropped off at the US port.

However, in a circumstance like this, the cruise line would try to negotiate the fee with the CBP for a lower rate, as this was not a planned landing. This is because if some of the largest passenger vessels have a serious emergency and need to get off, the fines could be steep, while the cruise lines will still have to refund their passengers.

If a cruise ship has 3,000 people on board and has to dock, it could be facing a fine of over $2.2 million. In these situations, fines will likely be reduced but not eliminated.

Dcl Cruise Itinerary Changes 2022 Spring Schedule

In late-December 2020, DCL released a revised cruise schedule for voyages leaving in late April and May 2022 .

Disney Dream ship’s 4-night “Bahamian Cruise” depart on May 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30, 2022). The voyages visit Nassau and Castaway Cay Island. Disney Dream’s 3-night “Bahamian Cruise” leave on May 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2022), to Nassau and Castaway Cay.

Disney Fantasy ship’s 7-night “Western Caribbean Cruise” depart in 2022 on April 23, May 7 and 21, to visit Cozumel Mexico, Grand Cayman, Falmouth Jamaica and Castaway Cay. Disney Fantasy’s 7-night “Eastern Caribbean Cruise” leave in 2022 on April 30, May 14 and 28, to visit Tortola Island BVI, St Thomas Island USVI and Castaway Cay.

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Who Requests The Fines

While the Passenger Vessel Association is responsible for overseeing the cruise industry in the United States, they are not responsible for charging or receiving these penalties.

The Customs and Border Protection will deliver and accept fines from passenger vessels who violate the PVSA. There may be circumstances where CBP agents do not pursue a fine for a violation on the grounds that they see fit. However, this is a rare occurrence.

What Is Flag State Control

Designing The Disney Wish: Grand Reveal Of Disneyâs Newest Ship | Disney Cruise Line

The cruise ship’s flag state controls the vessel and its crew – an absolute authority. Ships have to comply with all the flag state’s maritime rules and regulations, which are, of course in accordance with the international maritime rules and regulations by the IMO . The flag state has the absolute authority over the ship, for not complying with the norms the flag state can impose penalties on the ship and crew. Flag states are required to carry out regular inspections, to ensure safe and secure shipping of passengers and goods, to send detailed inspection reports to the IMO. The IMO has 167 Governments as members.

For cruise ships registered in the USA – the USCG , search and rescue operations. “The Officer in Charge Marine Inspections” – for the inspection of all US-flagged cruise ships relating to construction/equipment/manning, casualties/accidents and for investigations of cases of misconduct/negligence/incompetence of officers and crew.

For cruise ships registered in the UK – the MCA is the flag state control executive agency responsible for the implementation of the GB’s and the International maritime law and policies. It operates through the UK’s HMCG – safety control, coastal water monitoring, and testing, issues licenses to officers/crew, monitoring of the UK’s AIS network .

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Why Most Cruise Ships Are Registered In Bahamas/panama And Not In Usa

The Bahamas is the No 1 registry of cruise ships worldwide and the world’s 3rd largest ship registry after Panama and Liberia. Why cruise lines do not enjoy the idea of having their ships registered in the United States and prefer to operate ships registered in other countries?

The biggest of the largest in the cruise travel industry along with major shipping companies prefer The Bahamas as flag-state/flag of convenience over USA simply because for a “Bahamian” ship US labor laws do not apply.

On any marine vessels registered in the Bahamas there are no codes about the number of hours a seafarer may work or his/her days off, no minimum wages, staff can be punished by the captain in case of complaining about issues . In other words, while on the ship, the captain has the absolute authority. This is the classic maritime law. Similar “benefits” offer Panama and Liberia as flag states.

What Is Flag Of Convenience

“Flag of Convenience” is called the flag state of a merchant ship when registered in a state different from that of its owners. More than half of all merchant ships in the world are registered under flags of convenience, and according to the latest statistics – around 90% of all commercial marine vessels calling on US ports are under foreign flags. There’s only one big sea cruise ship registered in the USA – ms Pride of America, and the sole reason for that is she sails in Hawaii exclusively, the whole year-round.

As the market always determines the prices, often choosing a flag state means minimizing costs to maximize the revenue. And for a cruise ship owner, making a choice between using the fiscal advantages of registering ships in the open registry and registration in a national/close registry means making a choice between good business and not so good business.

In 1922, W. Averell Harriman registered two of his American-owned ships under the Panamanian flag, the main reason being to avoid Prohibition. In 1948, E. Stettinius founded the Liberian ship registry, later followed by Bahamas and Bermuda, Malta and Portugal. Some countries have cruise ships registered in their national registries.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Disney’s fifth resort and its second in Asia, opened September 12, 2005. The resort is located in , , Hong Kong. The resort consists of theme park, , and three hotels, with land reserved for future expansion. It is owned and operated by , an incorporated company jointly owned by and the . The first phase of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort occupies 320 acres .

Ship Nurse Job Description:

Disney Wonder  Ship Exteriors

The ship’s nurse is an experienced Registered Nurse responsible to provide appropriate day-to-day health care to passengers and crew members aboard the cruise ship. The cruise ship nurse reports and works under the direction of the ship’s lead nurse, ship’s physician and ship’s chief doctor. She/ he is called first in case of medical emergency aboard the cruise ship providing first aid care until arrival of the ship’s physician. The ship nurse performs nursing care in a proficient, calm and professional manner during routine work shifts as well as duringa crisis, increased workload or emergency situations. She/ he initiates nursing intervention for non-urgent patients, such as but not limited to ice application, dressings, splints and bandages, calculates correct drug dosage and administers medication as per physicians prescription/order. She/ he also assist the physician with procedures/ treatments, document nursing interventions/ observations and sets up treatment rooms, checks emergency equipment, maintains established par levels of medical supplies/ medications.

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How Can Cruise Ships Fly A Foreign Flag

Its surprisingly easy for a cruise ship to fly a foreign flag.

Closed Registries

Most countries have closed registries which means that the ship usually has to be owned and/or constructed by the country in order to fly the flag. This also affects employment with a certain amount of the employees working onboard having to be from that country.

Open Registries

On the other hand, some countries have what is called open registries. This means that almost anybody can register a ship to the country in question and in some situations youre able to just apply online. Some countries that have had open registries in the past have since changed to closed registries due to problems with crime.

There are still plenty of countries with open registries where its relatively easy to register a ship there if youd like to.

Both of the Carnival ships shown below are registered in Panama.

Disney Private Island Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is a Bahamian private island leased by Disney Cruises. It serves as an exclusive port of call for Disney ships. Castaway Cay is located close to Great Abaco Island. In 1997, Walt Disney Company bought a 99-year island lease from the Bahamian Government , giving the company substantial control over the cruise ship passenger experience on the island.

In early August 2017 was announced that Disney is looking to buy a second Caribbean private island to be developed as an exclusive port of call for the company’s new cruise ships. The reason for a new private island destination is that Castaway Cay has the capacity to handle ships with capacity up to 875 cabins, otherwise it becomes too crowded. Such a “private island” option emerged in 2016 with Egg Island . However, those plans were abolished after some environmental studies showing that the island’s ecosystem would not sustain the planned development.

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Where Do Disney Cruise Line Ships Come From

Disney Cruise Line sailings have been temporarily suspended and the 4 ships in their fleet are docked. The Disney Fantasy and Magic ships are in the Port Canaveral Anchorage. The Disney Dream is in Port Canaveral and the Disney Wonder is in San Diego. Lets not forget, Disney is currently in the middle of building their 5th ship, the Disney Wish.

We know where the ships are, but where did they come from? The two key names you need to know are, Fincantieri and Meyer Werft. Both of these are shipyards who were commissioned by Disney Cruise Line to construct their fleet of ships.

Fincantieri is an Italian shipbuilding company based in Trieste, Italy. Already the largest shipbuilder in Europe, and in 2108, became the 4th largest in the world. The company builds both commercial and military vessels. Fincantieri is where the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder were built.

In 1995, Disney ordered the Magic to be built. Its port of registry is Nassau in the Bahamas and its total cost was $400 million dollars. The Magic was built in two halves with the bow built at Fincatieris Ancona shipyard and the stern at their Marghera shipyard. The bow was then towed to the Marghera shipyard where the halves were joined. Its maiden voyage was July 30, 1998, and its been in service ever since.

Sister ships, the Dream and Fantasy were ordered by Disney in 2007 and built alongside each other at Meyer Weft Ship Yard.

The Disney Wish

Why Are Cruise Ships Registered In Foreign Countries

All Aboard! Introducing The All-New Disney Wish | Disney Cruise Line

Most American travelers have multiple options when it comes to securing their rights if something goes wrong with a trip. You can file complaints with consumer organizations and trade associations. Contact regulatory agencies and attorneys general. And even litigate through the court system .

But when it comes to a cruise industry that does not fly American flags on its ships, addressing problems can be more dauntingand often unsatisfying.

Foreign flags, domestic problems

As I reported last year, only one major cruise shipNCL America’s Pride of Americais registered in the United States, according to data from Most of the big boats fly Bahamian flags, but other popular registries include Panama, Bermuda, Italy, Malta and the Netherlands. In fact, according to Cruise Lines International Association, 90% of commercial vessels calling on U.S. ports fly foreign flags.

This can be viewed as a robust free-market debate. Some maintain burdensome U.S. regulations have forced cruise operators to plant their flags elsewhere, while others say these corporations are seeking to attract American dollars while skirting American safety and consumer protection laws.

This is a fact that even the Federal Maritime Commission acknowledges: “It is important to know that the Commission has no authority over: passenger line vessel operations, safety issues, amenities onboard vessels or fare levels.”

Asserting your rights

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