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What Do The Categories Mean On Disney Cruise

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Connecting Stateroom With Verandah Versus Connecting Stateroom With Porthole

What Does PORT ARRIVAL TIME ACTUALLY Mean?? | Disney Cruise

If you really don’t care about the view or getting fresh air into your stateroom, then a porthole and even an interior stateroom might be a cost-effective choice.

The other thing to consider is that if you are planning on taking kids and you are and your spouse plan on staying in one stateroom and the kids in the other, if you have a verandah view – there is the concern of the kids opening up the balcony. While there is a lot of security around the locks on the verandahs, if you are a parent that is concerned about this type of stuff, this is something you might want to think about.

With our four kids, they all slept in the other room , and it was fine .

Can You Book Disney Connecting Staterooms That Have Different Categories

There are a few cases where there is a balcony connecting with a non-balcony, but they are for connected handicapped accessible staterooms. Here’s a video of one of those rooms – it has two windows and extra large handicap accessible space. It doesn’t have a privacy curtain like some of the other rooms in this category.

Outside of this exception, the Disney Cruise Line ships do not have rooms that connect between different room high level categories. What you can do is book rooms that are adjacent/adjoining to each other where they are close in proximity. Just make sure that your travel agent has booked rooms next to each other, linked the rooms, and added a notation not to upgrade you.

I know having an adjoining room might not be a great option for families with littles. I do think the main reason why this question has been asked so often by cruisers is for parents that have a desire to have one room with a non-verandah view for their kids and the other for the parents to be able to keep an eye on as well as use for their own enjoyment.

Concierge One Bedroom Suite Stateroom On Disney Fantasy And Disney Dream Category T

There are 19 One Bedroom Suite Staterooms with 536 square feet of space and 86 square foot verandah. There is a Queen size bed in the bedroom and a double sofa bed in the living area. There is also a single pull down wall bed in the living area.

The living area has a dining table and you can order from the dining room menus.

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Guaranty Stateroom Category A Great Disney Cruise Line Deal

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Looking for a great deal on a Disney Cruise Line vacation? If youre here, then I bet you are! Most often, the best time to book a Disney Cruise is when Disney first releases their new itineraries and sail dates. This does require booking 18 months or more in advance. However, there are times when youll see a GT or Restricted Guaranty Stateroom category become available which is usually a really great deal!

Restricted Guaranty Stateroom categories most often appear after the final payment due date and may or may not be available in all stateroom categories.

What are Stateroom Categories?

Glad you asked! Disney Cruise Line has 4 Stateroom Categories: Inside, Oceanview, Verandah and Concierge. Each category will have staterooms that vary in price. The pricing is based on the and whether forward, aft or midship.

What is a GT Category?

Great question! As the sail date & stateroom categories begin to fill up, the prices will rise. After the final payment due date DCL may find they have plenty of staterooms that still need happy guests. That is when youll see, an IGT , OGT or VGT Restricted Guaranty Category become available. The Concierge Category is typically not included in this category. This cruise fare is deeply discounted and can be close to that first release pricing!

What does this all mean? Well, its complicated but doesnt have to be! A Restricted Guaranty Stateroom Category is for you if:

Interior Stateroom Category 11a 11b And 11c

Day 2 At Sea Aboard the Disney Magic

These sleep up to 4 and are 184 square feet. There are 160 of these Disney Cruise Staterooms available.

Wondering what the A, B, and C mean? These relate to the location on board ship we will talk about this more later.

All of the inside and outside staterooms sleep either 3 or 4 people maximum. There is a Queen bed and a sofa bed in all staterooms.

Some also have a pull-down bed above the sofa so they can sleep 4.

These are the only staterooms which do not have the split bathroom. We have stayed in this category and found it fine as a great choice when you are on a budget. Everything is well designed, but it is compact.

If you think you are going to spend a lot of time in your stateroom this honestly is probably not a great choice. However, if this is the only one that fits into your budget then our opinion is go ahead and book. You still get to enjoy everything everyone else does on the ship you just dont pay as much!

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Stateroom Layouts On The Disney Magic And Disney Wonder

1. Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah

  • Sleeps 7
  • Category R: There are only 2 of this type of room on each ship. Both are on deck 8 at the mid to front of the ship . The one on the left is the Walter E. Disney Suite and the other, on the right is the Roy O. Disney Suite.
  • 1,029 square feet, including the verandah
  • Two bedrooms with queen size bed the other has two twin beds and two pull-down upper berths
  • Two and a half bathrooms with whirlpool tubs
  • Living room
  • Media library with wall pull-down bed
  • Dining salon
  • 6. Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah

  • Sleeps 3-4
  • This floor plan is broken down into 2 categories 05 & 06
  • Category 05 A, B, & C
  • 05 A has 58 staterooms on deck 7. All are located midship
  • 05 B has 106 staterooms: 46 are on deck 7 in the front or back and 60 are on deck 6 all located midship.
  • 05 C has 56 staterooms 46 are on deck 6 in the front or back and 10 are on deck 5 all located near the back .
  • Category 06 A
  • 06 A has 32 staterooms on decks 5,6, & 7. All are located back . 6 are wheelchair accessible.
  • 268 square feet including verandah
  • Queen size bed
  • Upper berth pull-down bed
  • Privacy divider
  • Enclosed private verandah with limited views

    8. Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom

  • Sleeps 3-5
  • Category 09 is divided into 4 categories A, B, C, & D
  • 09 A has 58 staterooms located on decks 5, 6, & 7 in the front . 2 are wheelchair accessible.
  • 09 B has 66 staterooms located on deck 2, all are mid-deck.
  • 09 C has 80 staterooms located on decks 2, either in the front or back .
  • Sleeps 4
  • Tips For Choosing A Stateroom

    Rooms on Disney cruise ships are larger than rooms on most other ships in the industry, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your familys needs and budget. One thing to remember when booking is that all rooms must include one adult on the reservation.

    You need to ask yourself how much time you will be spending in the room when you start looking at the different categories of rooms. If you tend to get motion sick you may want to book mid-ship and on a lower deck as they dont move as much as a room in the front or in the back

    Mid-ship is the hub for all activities on board. The elevators are more crowded than those in the fore and aft of the ship. There is more hallway traffic, which can lead to more noise outside your stateroom. This area of the ship tends to be more congested in general. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing area of the ship to call home for the length of your cruise consider the fore and aft sections of the ship.

    Booking a concierge stateroom allows you to enjoy concierge benefits such as exclusive areas on the ship where you can use the internet, sample complimentary food and drinks, and watch the large-screen TV. You will also have your own private access to Deck 13, which is an exclusive sun deck reserved for concierge guests.

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    Disney Cruise Line Weddings And Vow Renewals

    Disney Cruise Line wedding packages are usually available on all cruises, but only a few weddings are allowed for each sailing: one or two on the ship, one on the island. You can hold a Disney Cruise Line wedding, commitment ceremony or vow renewal that is as small as just the two of you, or as large as 100 guests. A Disney Cruise Line wedding package is an add-on on top of your regular cruise fare. Disneys Fairy Tale Weddings offers full details on locations, guest limits and pricing.

    The same information applies to a commitment ceremony or vow renewal. As far as Disney is concerned, the planning and costs for these ceremonies are all interchangeable.

    • If you will have guests sharing your special day, it is easiest to have a single travel agent handle everyones arrangements, so that all of the names and reservation numbers can be cross-referenced as part of your wedding party. This will also help you to get group seating arrangements for dinner aboard the ship. Every attempt will be made to seat you and your guests near each other, if not at the same table.
    • If you and your guests will be booking at least 8 cabins, you may qualify for group status, which brings some extra benefits. Ask your travel agent for details.

    Can The Partition On The Verandahs Be Removed Between Two Staterooms

    What Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ numbers could mean for the future of media

    Yes! When we arrived in our stateroom, the verandahs were still connected. We asked our stateroom attendant in the first hour of being on the ship and he was able to unlock it just a few hours later. Note: The stateroom attendants are pretty busy in the first few hours of the new guests on the ship, so just be aware. Maybe ask them around the 3-4 hour mark.

    The partition just flips back and is then locked in place, making for a bigger balcony. In addition, you would then have two sets of verandah furniture to move around as you please.

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    Can You Sneak Alcohol Onto A Disney Cruise

    Disney Cruise Lines has a very generous alcohol policy which allows you to bring a limited amount of alcohol onto the ship with you.

    However, there are always going to be those guests who try and beat the system and sneak alcohol onto a Disney Cruise. Just dont. Please dont.

    If you look online I am sure you will find many tips and tricks about how to smuggle alcohol onto a cruise ship. Some people might even succeed and not get caught.

    However, most will be caught. The cruise lines have many years of experience with this and your bags are checked.

    When they find it they will confiscate it. Not just hold it for you. They will confiscate it.

    Just dont even try to sneak drinks on a Disney Cruise. Its the wrong thing to do.

    Drinks In Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Restaurants

    When you dine in one of the main restaurants such as Animators Palate or Tianas Place you will have a large selection of drinks to choose from some free and some for an extra charge.

    The same also applies to Remy and Palo which are adult-only restaurants.

    All of the soda types which are available on the pool deck for free are also not charged for in the restaurants. So for instance, if you want an iced tea or glass of Sprite this is complimentary.

    If you want a soda that is not on that list, for example, a Root Beer, there will be a charge for this.

    Your Server will very quickly learn your free drink preferences and these will usually be waiting for you when you arrive at your table.

    Many people choose to drink wine at dinner. You can bring your own bottle , or order from your Wine Package. There is also a Wine List available with bottles or wines available by the glass.

    You can order any cocktail you want, but there will also be a special selection on your menu each day with drinks chosen to compliment the food and theme of the restaurant.

    There are always two which are alcoholic with another non-alcoholic choice.

    There are also specialty coffees and liquors which are an extra charge.

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    Tips And Tricks For Picking A Stateroom

    Disney Cruise Line has several different categories of staterooms with somewhat confusing names and descriptions. Heres an overview of the various types and the key differences between them, with some notes on our picks for the best value.

    How Important is Stateroom Location?

    There are two classic rules of thumb about stateroom location: higher on the ship is better and closer to the center of the ship is better. In our experience, those rules of thumb are not actually very helpful.

    Similarly, being higher on the ship doesnt hugely improve your views or experience. You get a slightly better view from a verandah on deck 8 than on deck 5, but only slightly. In the few cases where youd like a view from as high as possible , youll want to go up to the top deck for the best view anyway. Everything on the ship is a quick elevator ride away no matter which deck you are on.

    Category Numbers And Letters

    Disney is changing its classifications of room categories a bit starting in 2022, so some of this guide changes for those cruises. Any cruise that embarks in calendar year 2021 or before uses the old system, and any cruise that embarks in calendar year 2022 or later uses the new system. Where it makes a difference, well call it out below.

    Room Sizes

    Inside Staterooms

    Best bets for inside staterooms:

    Oceanview Staterooms

    Best bets for oceanview staterooms:

    Verandah Staterooms

    Best bets for verandah staterooms:

    Concierge Staterooms

    Best bets for concierge staterooms:

    Disney Cruise Line Will Be Changing Staterooms In 2022

    Cruising on the Disney Magic for the Marvel Day at Sea ...

    SaraPlease note: some posts may contain affiliate links which means our team could earn money if you purchase products from our site

    Today Disney Cruise Line announced destinations and booking availability for early 2022 sailings. Also announced was the maiden voyage of the new Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Wish, as well as changes coming to staterooms!

    Beginning in 2022, Disney Cruise Line will be updating existing stateroom categories to provide greater consistency across the fleet.

    DCL is eliminating some categories and modifying the concierge categories in an effort to make things more intuitive for guests. Not all stateroom categories are changing, and the number of staterooms and cabin numbers will remain the same for all ships.

    These changes will not go into effect until 2022. For sailings in 2020 and 2021, DCL will continue to sell the current stateroom categories.

    As for the Disney Wish, its maiden voyage is now scheduled for the summer of 2022. As previously announced, the Disney Wish will be powered by liquefied natural gas or LNG, one of the cleanest-burning fuels available. At approximately 144,000 gross tons and 1,250 guest staterooms, the ship will be slightly larger than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

    We arent sure what the changes to the stateroom categories will be, but we are excited to find out!

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    Two Rooms Are Better Than One

    As mentioned earlier, for a family of 5 its often cheaper to get two rooms rather than one, but the same logic applies to families of 4. It can happen that the only rooms left that can handle 4 people are high-category, expensive ones. If less expensive rooms with fewer beds are available, you may be able to save money by booking two lower category rooms.

    Even if you can get a single lower-category room that sleeps 4, its almost always worthwhile pricing out the cruise as two staterooms for comparison. Even if you dont find a cheaper two-room option, you might be surprised to find one thats only slightly more expensive. Unlike hotel pricing, where a second room always costs the same as the first room, cruise pricing has large supplementary fares for the 3rd and 4th occupant of a room, which makes splitting much more attractive. For example, you might find that a single room costs $3000, broken down into $1000 each for the first two guests and $500 each for the 3rd and 4th. Split into two identical staterooms of the same category you originally picked and your total fare is now $4000, or $1000 each for all 4 guests. Thats only a 33% increase in price for a 100% increase in space ! Depending on the category and sailing, youll generally find that splitting 4 people into two staterooms of the same category is 15%-40% more. And if youre willing to make the second room a lower category, like an interior room on the same hallway, that reduces the cost even more.

    Is There More Noise In A Connecting Cabin Than A Non

    Connecting rooms are not noiser. If your neighbors shout or make noise, you’ll hear them whether you have a connecting door or a solid wall.

    Here’s a big tip: If you are on a Disney Cruise, there is bound to be children everywhere. If a family has booked a stateroom, you may hear children opening the connecting door out of curiosity and hear them asking their parents about the door. What you could do preemptively is knock on their door and ask the family to allow you to open the door so they can see what your room looks like to settle their curiosity.

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