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Where To Book Disney Cruise

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Payments / Refunds On On Disney Cruises

How to book the perfect Disney Cruise

Effective Sept.11, 2018, Disney Cruise Line is adjusting its Final payment and Cancellation Policy:

  • Final payment for all non-suite/non-concierge staterooms on Cruises 1-5 Nights will be due at 90 days prior to arrival and cancellation fees will begin at 89 days versus 74 days.
  • Final payment for all non-suite/non-concierge staterooms on Cruises 6 Nights or more will be due at 120 days prior to arrival and cancellation fees will begin at 119 days versus 89 days.
  • Specific final payment and cancellation policies have been eliminated for holiday sailings and sailings where the Embark and Debark is a non-U.S. port

The deposit requirement is for: All new Bookings, Bookings in which the sail date has changed, and Bookings that are reinstated.

Final Payment To finalize your reservation, simply apply payment. Your full and final payment depends on the length of your cruise the embark and debark port if you are staying in a suite/concierge stateroom or a non-suite/non-concierge stateroom and if you are sailing on a Holiday date:

Below is a review of the final payment due date and cancellation policy for all sailings and categories:

Cruises 1 to 5 Nights where embark or debark is a U.S. Port


Travel Protection Options On Disney Cruises

We want our Clients to have the vacation of their dreams! So we’ve created a travel protection plan just for you. The Disney Cruise Line Vacation Protection Plan is a package of benefits that help prepare you for the unexpected before, during, and even after their trip. The Plan includes travel insurance, 24-hour assistance, and Disney’s Cancel For Any Reason feature. This feature delivers a credit of up to 75% of the cancellation fees to be used toward a future Disney Cruise Line sailing – so if you cancel for a reason that may not be eligible under the insurance portion of the plan, you still receive a credit for a future cruise! For bookings made prior to March 6, 2014, the feature provides a credit of up to 100% of the cancellation penalties towards a future Disney Cruise Line sailing.

If At First You Dont Succeed

Try, try again. Remember that phrase? Yep it works here too. Sometimes people book cruise excursions and then have to cancel later. Or sometimes people cancel their entire cruise, making any excursions associated with their reservation become available. Just like Fast Passes and Dining reservations, cancellations happen all the time and could mean a Disney Cruise Line excursion youve been hoping for might just open for you at the right time.

We hope these tips make planning a Disney Cruise a little less stressful! And as always, remember, youre going on a Disney Cruise, so its going to be fabulous no matter what you do!

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Theres Something Better Than A Mickey

Yes, the perennial park favorite is available at mealtimes and through room service, but the best mouse-shaped treat is at Cove Cafe. Order up a cappuccino, ask for Mickeys face on it, and prepare to enjoy your jolt of caffeine with some extra magic. Itll cost a couple bucks, but the joy of sipping and snapping a Mickeyccino will always outshine the complimentary coffee served on board.

Book The Special Character Breakfast

Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club Platinum Gift My Memory ...

For cruises that are 7 days or more, youll likely have the option to attend a free breakfast with some beloved Disney characters. In the On Board Fun section, see what is available to you. Tickets go fast and you must have a ticket. Just like with other Character Meet and Greets, I suggest you book it, even if youre not sure you want to do it. Cancel later if you decide not to attend.

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How To Book Early For Disney Wish

DVC Members, Adventure Insiders, and previous DCL cruisers have the opportunity to book early for 2022 Disney Wish dates.

Castaway Club Members

  • 25 or more cruises: Monday, May 17
  • 20 or more cruises: Tuesday, May 18
  • 15 or more cruises: Wednesday, May 19
  • All Platinum members: Thursday, May 20
  • Gold: Friday, May 24
  • DVC Members and Adventure Insiders can start booking on May 25.

    The general public can start booking on May 27th.

    Contact your travel agent to book. DVC Members will need to call Member Services at 800-9800 starting at 8:00 AM Eastern Time to book with Reservation Points. To make a cash-only booking, call 325-6348. Adventure Insiders should call 272-0644 starting at 8:00 AM Eastern Time.

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    How To Book Disney Cruise Line/ship Vacations

    There are 2 options when it comes to booking a Disney cruise.

    • Book A Disney Cruise Through Disney

    Simply go to the Disney Cruise Line website and find a Disney cruise via their cruise listing page. Here you will find the available cruises sorted by Ports of Departure, Ports of Call, Disney Cruise Ship, or Port Adventures.

    After selecting your itinerary, youll select your stateroom, make your full or partial payment, or a deposit to secure your reservation.

    You can also Disney Cruise Line at 951-3532 and make your reservations over the phone. Guests must be 18+ or have permission from a parent or guardian

    • Book a Disney Cruise Through a Disney Travel Agent

    If this is your first Disney Cruise Line adventure, then the best advice we could give you is to book through a travel agency that specializes in Disney vacations. We prefer this route over going it alone and booking a vacation package directly through Disney.

    There are a few reasons why booking with a Disney travel agent is the way to go.

    For starters, their services are entirely free to you, the client. Yes, its true! Disney pays these agents a small commission to help youbut at no time do you pay anything extra.

    Lastly, a Disney travel agent will book all of your reservations for you. They take care of all the details so that you dont have to. Relax and feel secure in knowing that everything is taken care of and will be done correctly.

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    Castaway Cay Sandbar Beach Adventure

    If you want an adventurous Disney Castaway Cay excursion this could be the one for you. Guests start on a Zodiac Rigid Hull inflatable and take a fast ride out to a deserted sandbar.

    You get away from the crowds and can sunbathe or swim as you want. Guests 21 and older can enjoy a sampling of Bahamian rum.

    This Castaway Cay port excursion is for ages 8 to 70. The cost is $77 per person.

    This activity is suspended right now.

    Which Is One Of The Best Disney Travel Advisory

    Disney Cruise – EVERYTHING To Know BEFORE You Book

    Ubguest is one of the leading sites to rely on for Disney Cruise advice.

    Small but crucial decisions like when is the best time to book a Disney Cruise, choice of attire on the trip, the most impressive package for couples on honeymoon, and picking the best cruise depending on your age needs someone with the right experience.

    The site has an online chat function and blogs that handle common concerns among cruise ship vacationers.

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    Book Early For The Best Prices

    Travel agents will tell you the Disney Cruise Line doesnt offer crazy low-price sales like other cruise lines do. In fact, the closer you get to a cruise date, the more youll pay. Travel agents do occasionally find a sale, but those are often extremely last-minute. You can start your cruise planning now, because you dont have to wait for a big sale like you will with other cruise lines.

    Booking Your Advanced Dining Reservations For You

    Some clients prefer to be more hands-on than others. No problem! You can still utilize the services of a Disney travel planner while also doing a lot of the legwork and some of the booking yourself. This may include the planning/itinerary and booking things like transportation, stroller rentals, and Advance Dining Reservations. Some clients prefer to leave every single detail up to the Disney travel agent. Its really up to you how involved you want to be.

    At the minimum, the only aspects that a travel agent would need to take care of would be to book your hotel/ticket/dining plan package and to process the payments for your trip. Otherwise, your level of involvement is up to you. However, be warned that some of the bookings are confusing to the uninitiated, not to mention time-consuming and time-sensitive.

    Most clients are happy to let their experienced travel planner make all of the reservations because they know exactly what they are doing. Plus, they have the time and obligation to do it, so why not let them handle it?

    If some unforeseen circumstance arises after you book your trip, your Disney travel agent is there to help. So if you encounter a medical or family issue, hurricane, or pandemic, or whatever, your planner is there to help you change your existing reservations or re-book the entire trip to a later date.

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    Do You Need The Drink Package

    Perhaps not because soda, lemonade, hot tea, milk, and coffee are all complimentary on a Disney cruise. These are also available 24/7 from dispensers just like the Disney parks. You can find them inside and close to restaurants.

    Most people dont know that you can bring your own alcohol on board a Disney cruise. Thats going to be a huge money saver because you wont have to pay for the drinks at the bar. If youre over 21, you can bring two bottles of wine that havent been opened or two champagne bottles. Alternatively, you can bring six beers and these can be picked up at each port. You need to make sure that these are stored in your carry-on luggage. If they are in checked luggage, the alcohol will be removed and returned at the end of your trip.

    Start With A Short Cruise

    Why You Should Book A Disney Cruise For Your Next Vacation

    Disney puts a lot of focus on shorter three- and four-day cruises to the Bahamas and the companys idyllic private island, Castaway Cay. These cruises tend to have higher per diems than longer sailings but are a way to get onboard without breaking the bank.

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    Tips And Tricks For Picking A Stateroom

    Disney Cruise Line has several different categories of staterooms with somewhat confusing names and descriptions. Heres an overview of the various types and the key differences between them, with some notes on our picks for the best value.

    How Important is Stateroom Location?

    There are two classic rules of thumb about stateroom location: higher on the ship is better and closer to the center of the ship is better. In our experience, those rules of thumb are not actually very helpful.

    Similarly, being higher on the ship doesnt hugely improve your views or experience. You get a slightly better view from a verandah on deck 8 than on deck 5, but only slightly. In the few cases where youd like a view from as high as possible , youll want to go up to the top deck for the best view anyway. Everything on the ship is a quick elevator ride away no matter which deck you are on.

    Category Numbers And Letters

    Disney is changing its classifications of room categories a bit starting in 2022, so some of this guide changes for those cruises. Any cruise that embarks in calendar year 2021 or before uses the old system, and any cruise that embarks in calendar year 2022 or later uses the new system. Where it makes a difference, well call it out below.

    Room Sizes

    Inside Staterooms

    Best bets for inside staterooms:

    Oceanview Staterooms

    Best bets for oceanview staterooms:

    Verandah Staterooms

    Best bets for verandah staterooms:

    Concierge Staterooms

    Best bets for concierge staterooms:

    Disney Cruise Schedule Sail Dates Ports & More


    Itineraries for 2022 Disney Cruises are listed below, along with the complete 2022 Disney Cruise Line schedule.

    If youre thinking about taking a Disney Cruise in 2022, you may also want to read our comprehensive Disney Cruise discount guide and Disney Cruise planning tips pages.

    Jump to:

    Sailings for Winter/Spring 2022 were announced on October 15, 2020. They went on sale for Platinum Castaway Club members on October 19, 2020, Gold members on October 20, Silver members and DVC members on October 21, and everyone else on October 22.

    Sailings for late Spring 2022 forDisney Dream and Disney Fantasy were announced and available to book on December 21, 2020.

    Sailings for Summer 2022 were announced on March 18, 2021. They went on sale for Platinum Castaway Club members on March 22, 2021, Gold members on March 23, Silver members and DVC members on March 24, and everyone else on March 25.

    Sailings for Fall/Winter 2022 were announced on June 17, 2021. They went on sale for Platinum Castaway Club members on June 21, 2021, Gold members on June 22, Silver members and DVC members on June 23, and everyone else on June 24.

    and Star Wars Day at Sea 2022 cruise dates were announced on February 17, 2021.

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    Youve Booked A Disney Cruise Line Cruise Now What

    Youve booked your Disney Cruise Line vacation! High-fives all around! Of course, all you can think about right now is that massive ship waiting to whisk you away to your dream destination. But hold tight for a minute Steamboat Willie! You may have booked your DCL vacation but now what?

    1 Review New Health and Safety Protocols, Requirements, and Operational Changes for Your Upcoming Cruise

    Lets face it. Cruising in the near future will be a different experience than the cruising weve known in the past before the pandemic crippled the cruise industry and shut it down for over 15 months. While cruising has resumed, things are different. New rules are in place and you need to be prepared to show proper documentation whether it be testing results or vaccination status, or both. We are firm believers in setting proper expectations. The more you know about how things will occur, what new guidelines will be in place, the better you can go with the flow, do what you need to do, so you can focus on your fabulous cruise vacation. We truly believe that a Disney cruise can still be a magical experience, but know that it will be different. Disney Cruise Line has got all of the information in one easy place so you can review new safety protocols and operational changes so you can be ready for your upcoming trip.

    2 Request Dining Time & Note Food Allergies

    3 Make Onboard Reservations

    4 Make Port Adventures/Excursion Reservations

    5 Make Travel Plans

    Plan Your Shore Excursions Carefully

    How To Book a Disney Cruise

    Weigh your options when planning a shore excursion. You’ll typically be charged a premium for booking through Disney, but there’s a certain amount of security you’re buying, as well. Disney Cruise Line will check out affiliate companies to ensure they’re reliable, and they’ll intervene on your behalf if there’s an issue. Plus, if something happens on your excursion and you can’t make it back on time, the ship will wait for you or you’ll get free transportation to the next port of call.

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    If you book outside of the cruise, you could end up saving money. It’s definitely worth checking for options that might not be offered through Disney, but you’ll also be gambling on the quality. And if you’re late getting back from a shore excursion you booked yourself, Disney cruise ships aren’t going to wait for you. That means you could have to foot the bill in order to make it to your next port of call and catch up with the ship.

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    Bookmark The Disney Promotions Page

    Always be on the lookout for Disney cruise deals and special promotions! If you’re planning a Disney cruise, go ahead andbookmark that section of the website. There are often discounts like letting children sail for free, or saving a certain percentage when sailing from select locations. And some kind of promotion is always running, whether it’s for those in the U.S. military, residents of Canada or Florida, or some other group.

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    Castaway Cay Watercraft Ski Adventure

    This is the only way to rent a jet ski on Castaway Cay. It is a timed, guided excursion. The cost for 1 hour is $183 and you need to be at least 18 years old to drive a Wave Runner. Passengers must be 8 and up.

    The guide will take you out to open waters before returning to Boat Beach after about 1 hour. Guests must weigh less than 375 pounds.

    This activity is suspended right now.

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    Holiday Cruises Themed Cruises & Other Special Cruises

    Jump to:

    Independence Day

    On sailings that include July 4th, there is usually a special celebration with characters dressed in red, white and blue outfits. There has not been a special fireworks show in the past, but sometimes on sailings in the Caribbean or Bahamas they move pirate night to July 4th so they will have fireworks on Independence Day.

    The following sailings include Independence Day :

    • Disney Dream: 5-night Western Caribbean on July 4
    • Disney Fantasy: 7-night Western Caribbean on July 2
    • Disney Magic: 9-night Mediterranean on June 27
    • Disney Wish: 4-Night Bahamian on July 4
    • Disney Wonder: 7-night Alaskan on July 4

    Halloween on the High Seas

    During this period there will be special Halloween events onboard, including Halloween-themed parties, storytellings, movies and elaborate décor, including The Pumpkin Tree, which magically transforms throughout the cruise. You will also find characters dressed in Halloween costumes, as well as a costume party for families and, just for adults, a costume contest and a Villainous Takeover on the dance floor in the nighttime entertainment district.

    In the past there has not been any special menu for Halloween night itself, over and above what they do on all the Halloween themed cruises during the whole period, but there will be some special Halloween-themed treats.

    Halloween on the High Seas takes place on the following sail dates:


    The following sailings include Thanksgiving Day .

    Very Merrytime Cruises

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