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Are There River Cruises In The United States

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Lower Mississippi From New Orleans To New Orleans

7 Things To Know About River Cruising in the US

Seeand eatthe highlights of New Orleansfrom beignets to po boysbefore setting sail on American Cruise Lines America Song. Youll head to Natchez and Vicksburg in Missouri for Civil War sites and St. Francisville and Houmas House, Louisiana for historic plantations with a stop in the middle in Baton Rouge to see the Louisiana State Museum and the capital buildings. Occasionally, the line also offers a food-themed cruise out of New Orleans, too. Here are 13 things experts wish you knew about booking a cruise.

New Modern Ships And A Relaxed Vibe Make These American Vacations More Popular Than Ever

by Christina Ianzito, AARP, February 3, 2020| 0

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Indeed, most passengers I meet on my October cruise are 70 or older. On American river cruises, more than on European ones, it’s hard to find people under 60, notes Chris Gray Faust, managing editor of cruise-review site Cruise Critic. These cruises, she adds, draw people who can no longer or don’t want to travel overseas. For one thing, the ships are easy to navigate even if you use a wheelchair or have other mobility issues .

They also entice vacationers who aren’t interested in mega cruise ships on the ocean. The river journeys feel much less crowded; many U.S. riverboats accommodate only 200 or fewer passengers. And, like all cruise ships, river vessels are essentially mobile hotels, which makes for a very easy getaway. You unpack and you’re there, says Jane Hollar, 72, a waitress from Indianapolis who’s on my Columbia River cruise, her fourth U.S. trip with ACL. That’s it until you go home.

Plus, of course, the main reason river cruises attract older customers is that such travelers tend to possess two key things they might not have had at an earlier stage of life: money and time.

On my cruise, Sandy Skwirut Hart, 71, from Frankfort, Illinois, tells me that she’s on her third river journey and that she and her husband of one year, Jim Hart, 76, see them as deserved splurges. We call these SKI trips spend the kids inheritance, she jokes.

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More on River Cruises

Hudson River With Usa River Cruises

No, were not just circling around Lady Liberty; were boarding in NYC and heading north through the Catskill Mountains. Youll stop in historic towns like West Point, Kingston and Sleepy Hollow, taking in the sweeping views of the majestic Hudson River Valley . This cruise is perfect for anyone whos forgotten New York was more than the Manhattan skyline.

8 days; fares from $4,415; sails September through October

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Listen To Jazz Blues & Rock

Go on a musical journey starting at Memphis, the birthplace of blues on an eight-day voyage on the iconic Mississippi River to Nashville, Tennessee.; There are several Mississippi river cruises to choose from on the American Cruise Lines starting from New Orleans, St. Louis, or St. Paul, Minnesota.

There is even a Complete Mississippi cruise that takes you through ten states on a 22-day Hometown American cruise. You can admire the landscapes of the Upper Mississippi and the grand plantations, stately antebellum houses, and Civil War battlefields of the Lower Mississippi.; You can taste Cajun and Creole and Memphis BBQ as you travel to the birthplace of Jazz, Blues, and Rockn-Roll. These are the most popular American River Cruise routes.

Read this article to see why Cruises are Perfect for Multigenerational Travel.

Having only been on a day cruise on the backwaters of Kerala a few years ago, I cant wait to go on a river cruise soon.; How about you? Which American River Cruise itinerary is on your travel wishlist?

Get your free brochure here and plan your next river cruise right here in the US!

This post was sponsored by The American River Cruise Line. But as always all opinions are my own.



Adventure Theme Cruise On The Olympic Peninsula

A Great Way to Explore the United States!

Sailing round-trip out of Seattle through Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands on an elegant little yacht, this seven-night cruise on UnCruise Adventures Safari Quest includes kayaking, paddle boarding, and plenty of hikes. There are also opportunities to spot bald eagles, sea lions, and whales and to enjoy local seafood, including oysters and clams.

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We Know The News In America Regarding Health Precautions Better Than Any Other Country

Have you ever noticed that you only hear a limited amount of international news these days? When the Coronavirus shit hit the fan in March we had just landed back from Spain the day the President somewhat frantically declared he’d be closing borders for travel in from Europe. Back then, it was easier to hear the world news regarding the virus.

But after those spring months you really had to dig for information aside from a number of COVID cases or deaths in another country here or there. We got used to the virus in the news, the states’ numbers quickly overtook anything we’d heard about in international health and information about how other countries are dealing with the virus isn’t something you readily hear about now.

It’s been a lot easier to stay on top of the news of the health situation in America. Which means for 2021, and we suspect beyond into 2022, this will remain true.

Having a full scope of knowledge about the health situation in our own country is comforting. It provides some security about signing up for a river cruise in America. There’s just less variables Close to Home .

Granted, we admit this isn’t deterring us from dreaming of planning travel abroad in the future. But it’s definitely a consideration we’ve taken to heart.

Inclusive Experiences Means Less Time Planning And More Time Relaxing

Last but certainly not least: USA River Cruises takes the guesswork out of planning a trip in the first place. Youll no longer have to fret over the cost of every little perk because the perks are part of the all-inclusive experience aboard a USA River Cruise. No need to tally up the numbers when you order beer, a glass of wine, room service, soda, cappuccinos, or decide to take a shore excursion.

The world is waiting for you. Imagine your most wonderful journey. Then contact USA River Cruises to make it come true.

Ever thought about a VIP-style, front row seat to breathtaking waterfalls, rolling vineyards, and stunning mountain peaks? Try one of our Columbia River Cruises.

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Highlights Of The Columbia River Cruise

Hayden Island, OR to Hayden Island, OR

  • Pre-CruiseComplimentary Hotel Stay
  • Day 1Hayden Island, OR
  • Day 2Astoria, OR
  • Day 3Mount St. Helens, WA
  • Day 4Stevenson, WA

Hayden Island, OR to Clarkston, WA

  • Pre-CruisePackage and Complimentary Hotel Stay
  • Day 1Hayden Island, OR
  • Day 2Astoria, OR
  • Day 3Mount St. Helens, WA
  • Day 4Day of Cruising the Columbia River Gorge
  • Day 5Stevenson, WA
  • Day 6Hood River, OR
  • Day 7The Dalles, OR
  • Day 8Richland, WA
  • Day 10Cruising the Snake River
  • Day 11Clarkston, WA

Home To America’s Cradle Of Liberty Ken Burns’s Backyard And The Setting Of Tauck’s Very First Tour

Introducing Viking Mississippi from Viking

Occupying the northeastern corner of the US, it was among the first areas of the North American continent colonized by Europeans, and contains the sites of the Pilgrims landing, the Boston Tea Party, and the shot heard round the world the first skirmish of what would become the American Revolution. Comprising dense forests and rich river valleys, rugged coastlines, and mountain ranges with names like Berkshire, Adirondack, White and Green , it encompasses the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. Its a land of lovely beaches, country lanes, summer cottages, tall ships, covered bridges, old whaling ports, fishing villages, white frame churches, picturesque lighthouses, and lobstahh, It is New England

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Which Cruise Lines Sail The Mississippi

There are two main Mississippi River cruise lines throughout the year: American Cruise Lines and American Queen Steamboat Company. Both have excellent itineraries and perks that they include in their cruises.

American Cruise Lines has the newest and most environmentally friendly small cruise ships and riverboats in North America. They also have an open bar cocktail hour every night prior to dinner. A few cruise itineraries include free shore excursions for travelers. If you are trying to keep your budget tight, youll want to look for those options. Also, American Cruise Lines offers discounts to travelers who book early.

American Queen Steamboat Company has several great options as well. Every itinerary available through them has free shore excursions in each port. This is a great way to keep costs down while you are traveling. Also, they offer a night at a hotel free prior to the cruise launching. So, you wont have to try and cut costs and can prepare adequately for any travel delays that may occur on the way. They also offer money saving options for travelers who book early and/or in full.

While these are both amazing options for any river cruiser, another option is on the way! Viking River Cruises has announced they are working on a Mississippi River cruise but have not released dates or details.

Columbia And Snake Rivers Cruise

Hayden Island, OR to Clarkston, WA

  • Pre-CruisePackage and Complimentary Hotel Stay
  • Day 1Hayden Island, OR
  • Day 2Astoria, OR
  • Day 3Mount St. Helens, WA
  • Day 4Cruising the Columbia River Gorge / Stevenson, WA
  • Day 5The Dalles, OR
  • Day 6Pendleton, OR / Richland, WA
  • Day 7Cruising the Snake River
  • Day 8Clarkston, WA

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Mississippi River Bourbon Theme Cruise

Cruise up the Mississippi River from Memphis to Louisville on the American Queen Steamboat Companys American Queen, with private tastings and cooking demos along the way, as well as lectures by historians. This special sailing, offered annually in July, also includes the opportunity to sample rare and vintage bourbons as well. Discover the secrets to taking an affordable last-minute cruise.

Popular Shore Excursions In The Usa

North America River Cruises

We offer an array of shore excursions during U.S. cruises. Simply pick the one that matches your interests and what you most want to see and do, and then relax as we take care of the details and effortlessly take you there.

Whale Watching

Whales migrate along both coasts of the United States. Some of the best places to do whale watching are while in port in Lahaina, Maui, Bar Harbor, Maine; Seattle, Washington; and pretty much anywhere in Alaska as the majority of cruise ports there offer whale watching excursions.

City Tours

Dont miss out on seeing the glitz and glam of the USAs top cities. Explore Pier 39 in San Francisco, the historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego; the Space Needle in Seattle, the Freedom Trail in Boston, and the Empire State Building in NYC. Thats just some of the sights to see in the USAs top cities!

Wine and Food

From wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma to lobster rolls in New England, there is no shortage of delicious tastes to discover in the United States. Food-related shore excursions are a great way to experience the tastes of a destination, whether its a salmon bake in Alaska or a Hawaiian luau you have in mind.

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North America River Cruises

The Grand Staircase aboard the American Queen, plying the Mississippi River. Photo courtesy of the American Queen Steamboat Company.

While Europe may be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of river cruising, it is far from the only region of the world available to those who want to explore by waterways. Enter;North America river cruises.

North America river cruises;are;available along the Mississippi River, where classic replica sternwheelers sail up the waterway made famous by Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Flowing south for over 2,500 miles to the Mississippi River Delta at the Gulf of Mexico and bordering or running through ten different states, a journey along the most famous river aside from the Danube.

One of the most famous ships plying these waters is the American Queen, a 1995-built, six-deck sternwheeler that recalls the days when riverboats along the Mississippi were prevalent. She re-entered service in 2012.

In the summer of 2017, the;American Queen Steamboat Company will take delivery of its second ship. The 166-guest American Duchess will join the lines flagship, the 436-guest American Queen in offering river cruises along the Mississippi River when she enters service in June.;See;American Duchess: All-Suite Luxury on the Mississippi

American Cruise Lines, American Queen Steamboat Company, and Un-Cruise Adventures all operate river cruises along the Columbia & Snake Rivers.

Operation Period: April November.

Helpful Tips Before You Go

Most places in the United States take credit cards, but its still wise to have some U.S. Dollars on hand in case you need them so you dont have to rush to an ATM .

If you are a U.S. citizen sailing on a closed-loop itinerary from a U.S. homeport that sails to only Alaska, Canada, and the Caribbean, you dont need a passport. A birth certificate and photo ID should suffice; though it is always wise to double check the requirements for what sort of ID and paperwork youll need upon check-in to embark on your cruise.

Climate varies widely depending on what part of the U.S. you are visiting. Most destinations will require layers since the difference between afternoon and evening temperatures can change quickly from warm to cool by the coast, even somewhere sunny like San Diego. In Hawaii, youll want lighter layers while Alaska calls for jackets and water-resistant shoes or boots no matter the month. New England will be hot in the summer and cooler in the fall months with a chance of rain. ;

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Upper Mississippi American Heartland Theme Cruise

This river cruise from Chicago to St. Louis is on American Queen Steamboat Companys newest ship, the American Duchess, a paddle wheeler as majestic as her older sisters, with the same iconic red paddlewheel. Youll see the towering skyscrapers of Chicago and get the perfect photo op of St. Louiss famed arch. The focus of this cruise is American history, and you can see towns that were settled as trading posts by French explorers, visit the site of the first Lincoln-Douglas debate in Ottowa, Illinois, and check out places from Mark Twains writings in his hometown of Hannibal, Missouri. Want to learn even more of Americas backstory? Start with these 16 best cities for American history buffs.

There Are Great United States Luxury River Cruise Options


American Cruise Lines is a company we’re really excited about. We love that their ships names are patriotic in character, like the American Spirit and American Star. Their new ship, the American Jazz sailing on the Mississippi, just passed sea trials and will be ready for guest boarding before we know it.

We’ve sailed with Viking before and part of what gave us the idea of looking into a United States river cruise for 2021 and 2022 was that Viking is building the Viking Mississippi to specifically sail the waters of the Mississippi River. It’s currently accepting booking and is scheduled to have an inaugural trip in August 2022.

Viking repeatedly wins awards for their ocean and river ships and we know the Viking Mississippi will be in line with their superior service and high standards. The ship will have a guest capacity of 386 and all the staterooms will be outward-facing for great views.

You can still plan to sail in 2021, however. There are great options in the United States, they’re just lesser known if you’ve never looked into US river cruises.

Check out our app recommendations for cruises, for prep, while onboard and in ports.


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With American Queen Steamboat Company Your Next Great Vacation Isn’t Far Away

Theres something beautifully consistent about a river. A living embodiment of waters never ending journey through our ecosystems, rivers provide life in ways no other body of water can. Each stripe carving its way through the landscape has a story to tell about discovery and adventure. Hearing these stories is one thing, experiencing them firsthand is quite another.;

River cruising in the United States often takes a backseat to the famous rivers of Europe, but Americans may not realize how close they are to a luxury river cruise vacation, no matter where they live. American Queen Steamboat Company is one such provider of American river cruises and the itineraries they curate are as diverse as the rivers on which they cruise.;

Ohio Tennessee And Cumberland River Cruises

Have you had the privilege of experiencing the heartland?;

The center of America is criss-crossed by flowing rivers and railroads headed West. The history of the region is one of pioneering and unwavering courage. From cities entrenched in industrial spirit like Pittsburgh to the sounds of Americana in rhythmic Nashville, the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers are gems just waiting to be explored. Each season brings its own charm to the region, from the soft pinks and greens of Spring to the Fall wildfire of color in the trees.

Pittsburgh: an Iconic American City | Photo: American Queen Steamboat Company

The whole region is a callback to when steamboat travel was the premier way to get around in comfort and style. Ships for purpose have given way to ships for pleasure, but the nostalgia remains. Itineraries immerse guests in iconic American traditions like the horse racing tracks of Louisville and the home of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presleys Memphis Graceland.;;

American Queen Steamboat Company makes visiting the heartland a joy, all you need to do is sit back and relax.;

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