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How To Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs

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Myths About Cruise Ship Employment


There are some common myths about cruise ship jobs that are just not true. Two such myths include the idea that Americans are never hired to work aboard cruise ships and that people who work onboard cruise ships work 20 hours per day.

The reality is:

  • Employees are drawn and recruited from all over the world, including the U.S.
  • The hours are very long in some departments, and may stagger throughout the day, but usually total 10 to 12 hours a day.
  • A cabin steward is responsible for cleaning, refreshing and turndown services all of which happen at different times.
  • Restaurant staff generally work two to three shifts a day, which always includes a longer dinner shift, and a shorter breakfast, lunch or midnight buffet shift.
  • Entertainers usually perform once or, at most, twice per day.

Working on a cruise ship may not be for you, but don’t base your decision on incorrect myths. Paul Motter’s article on Working on a Cruise Ship on, is an an honest look at the realities of the job.

Applying Online For Cruise Ship Jobs

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The technology of online applications has made it easier to apply for cruise ship jobs. Unfortunately, this has resulted in an increase of the number of jobseekers for those same job postings, making the competition to get a job on a cruise ship challenging. Consequently, applicants complain that they aren’t getting any responses. How do you make your application stand out when applying online for cruise ship jobs?

How To Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs

Some cruise lines require you to apply directly via their head office and some require you to apply via their preferred agency or hiring partner. Youll find the application instructions in the careers section of each cruise line website.

There are several fraudulent companies in the world that claim to represent cruise lines human resource departments. To check that any company that you are working with is legitimate, look at the official cruise lines website for a list of authorised recruitment partners. If you cant find their name listed, be careful.

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Is It Hard To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship

Its always been hard to get a job on a cruise ship, but the global pause in cruising has made it so much harder as there are thousands of experienced cruise ship workers that are now out of work.

The easiest way to get your dream cruise ship job is to take an entry-level job to get your foot through the door and then you can work your way up to the job that you aspire to do.

Using Linkedin To Apply For Jobs

Best Agencies For Cruise ship jobs, &  How to apply online ...

Sometimes cruise employers have hidden cruise jobs that arent advertised on their website. One place where some hiring agencies and HR departments post these jobs is on LinkedIn . Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn allows you to post your resume for recruiters to see. Keep your profile updated and professional.

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Only Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs That Suit You

If you’re not a strong match for the listing, it may not be worth your time to apply. Most of the large cruise lines use an applicant tracking system to screen candidates for job opportunities. Recruiters will not waste their time reviewing applications and resumes that don’t have the key skills and experiences that are detailed in their cruise ship job description.

If you are not sure of what cruise ship jobs that you are best suited for, you need to do some homework and read through the requirements of the jobs you are most interested in. Alternatively, you could visit our sister site, Cruise Job Help for personal advice on which jobs you should apply for and other questions you may have.

How Long Does It Take To Get Hired On A Cruise Ship

The whole hiring process can take from 30 to 90 days. But in a worse case scenario, it can even last 6-8 months.

For entry-level positions that are mainly hired through the recruitment agents, you will have to pass 2 interviews in approximately 30 days after applying. For managing jobs, you may have 2-4 interviews. The first interview will be held with an agent and the second one with an official cruise company representative. Managers will also meet Operation Department Heads and other representatives. Usually, this stage will take 3-6 weeks. You will get informed about the successful results in 10-14 days following the meetings.

Then document preparation starts. As weve already mentioned, you will need to go through a medical examination and do a criminal background check. Depending on the country you are from, the criminal check can take from 24-48 hours up to several weeks. The medical tests will be done in 2-4 weeks, based on the doctors you need to visit and your current location.

However, some others aspects can influence the time it will take to get an offer to work on a cruise ship:

  • Each company has a time frame for the hiring process and additional requirements that could make it longer.
  • During the summer, which is the busiest season, companies may need to fill some vacancies immediately. Thus the process sometimes can be very quick.

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Apply For A Cruise Ship Job Through A Recruitment Agency

This is one of the most common ways to apply for cruise line jobs. Large cruise companies have their official licensed recruitment agents and hiring partners worldwide in charge of receiving and processing job applications, and arranging individual and group job interviews.

Cruise companies dont have agents in every single country in the world, so sometimes one recruitment agency covers the whole region and neighboring countries.

For example, I come from Belgrade but I applied through the Croatian agencyUspinjaca: for the position of Shore excursions staffonboard Royal Caribbean International. There is also another recruitment agency in Belgrade that I contacted: Safe Cruise, but this agency was only hiring for Princess Cruises and a few other cruise lines I wasnt interested in. Also, it wasnt possible to apply for the position that I wanted , so I gave up on them and went for the Uspinjaca recruitment agency.

So, if you want to apply for a cruise ship job through a recruitment agency and you are not sure if there is one in your country, my advice is to contact our best friend Google, type in the information you search for and Google will pop up the list of cruise ship job recruitment agencies websites where you can apply.

You can check out the websites of a few recruitment agencies recruiting worldwide: and and check out the vacancies. Once you contact them, they will direct you on what to do next.

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How To Apply For Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Jobs

How to Apply to Cruise Ship Jobs | Shiplife TV

Royal Caribbean Jobs Application: The Royal Caribbean International careers website provide latest jobs database where interested candidates may browse available job positions. After seeking a suitable position you have to register with the database persists as a necessary first step to filling out an job application. Once you are registered, you must enter personal and professional information such as education, past work experience, personal references, languages proficiency, and pertinent skills.

Next, interested candidates mus have to complete a timed, job-specific questionnaire designed by the cruise ship company. The career page is also featured a professional CV tips section where applicants can find company-preferred requirements to include before uploading.

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How To Apply For Jobs On Cruise Ships

When applying for a cruise job, consider how the cruise employer wants to receive your application package. You can apply through an online application, via email or by sending it to a physical address. Meanwhile, be aware of employment scams and resume data bases. Remember that the object is to get your resume and cover letter to the right hiring manager. Here are some guidelines.

Positions With Ncl America

NCL is unique in that their MS Pride of America ship sails under a U.S. flag and, therefore, must be staffed by a predominantly U.S. crew – which is encouraging news for job seekers from the United States. This ship has a single itinerary, which consists of seven day sailings sailing around the Hawaiian Islands. They have formed an offshoot company called NCL America to oversee hiring and training for this ship.

  • The ship is required to adhere to U.S. and Hawaii wage and hour laws, like minimum hourly wages and extra pay for overtime in excess of 40 hours per week.
  • To apply, NCL America offers an email address for direct employment inquiries/submissions. They require a current resume, cover letter and salary requirements.

As a former cruise ship crew member, I worked aboard the POA in 2006/2007 and was hired from a career fair in my area. The job fair schedule is posted online and updated regularly.

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Online Applications For Cruise Jobs

Most cruise lines, agencies and concessions all have an online application on their website to complete. Typically, the applicant must choose the job they are applying for and upload their resume and photo. Instead, some online applications require the applicant to fill in specific fields about work experience, education and skills. Also, when submitting the application, take note of the email address so you may follow up after it is sent.

Be extra aware that the online application or resume data base you are completing is actually on the cruise lines website or on one of their hiring partners website. Consider that there are other cruise employment websites that encourage you to fill out their data bases. They appear to be legitimate online applications. Unfortunately, there are cruise employment scams and you need to be careful.

Jobs Currently Available On Cruise Ships

How to apply for a Cruise ð¢ ship jobs.

Who do Cruise Ships hire? To give you an idea, please see below some examples of the variety of positions currently available.

Administration, Data Input, Marketing, Desk Top Publishing, HR Managers… Jobs in holiday sales and cruise line HQ offices. Jobs for professionals with cruise ship experience.

To start viewing the full job descriptions and begin applying for any of these positions, register for free today on All Cruise Jobs.

Information and tips, such as how to write the perfect resume or prepare for the recruitment process can be accessed by clicking on Cruise Job Guide.

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Discover Cruise Ship Jobs At Linkedin

Finally, you can also use the LinkedIn social networking site to find work, and there are two main methods here. The first is to visit the Jobs sub-section and this works in a similar way to a more conventional cruise job board, with advertisements being posted by employers and with job seekers having the ability to apply online.

However, it is worth noting that LinkedIns uses extend far beyond this. You can also use it to build a professional network. Once you have done so, you can have conversations about your career and these conversations can potentially lead to job offers, or people putting you in touch with employers they have worked with.

How Much Do Cruise Ship Jobs Pay

The pay for working on a cruise ship ranges from $500 per month for a galley cleaner to over $10,000 per month for a cruise ship doctor. The hours vary as well, which means that some jobs are paid at a much lower rate than the US minimum wage. These jobs are usually done by people from countries with a low cost of living, who want to send money back home to their families.

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Follow Up On Your Application For A Cruise Job

Following up is the most important part of the application process. Many applicants send their application and then never follow up. They figure if the recruiter is interested, then the recruiter will contact them. The fact is, if you dont follow up, it shows that you arent as determined as the person that is following up. This extra step just may get you the interview that you need to eventually get hired!

Using Keywords In Your Online Application

How To Apply For Cruise Ship Job Online | PART- 2 | Ship Jobs In India | IAJ

Once you understand which cruise ship jobs you are best suited to, then it’s time to apply. Whether you are copying and pasting your resume or you’re filling out blank fields of the online application, make sure you are using the keywords that are used in the cruise line’s job description.

Automated tracking systems screen resumes and online application for keywords. If the job listing asks for an applicant who has “cash handling experience”, make sure you have the words, “cash handling experience”. Likewise, if the listing says they are seeking “dynamic and energetic” individuals, you should have “dynamic and energetic” somewhere on your resume.

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Apply Directly For Cruise Ship Jobs At The Best Cruise Lines

Your first option is to visit the websites of cruise lines directly and check their Jobs section for vacancies. Here, you can find out a little more about some of the biggest employers offering cruise ship jobs.

Carnival Corporation & PLC

Founded in 1972, Carnival Corporation & PLC is made up of two separate companies the UK-based Carnival PLC and the US-based Carnival Corporation. Together, these two companies own a number of the worlds most recognisable cruise brands, including Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, AIDA Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Cunard, P& O Cruises and Costa Cruises. These cruise lines offer a total of well over 100,000 cruise ship jobs.

to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Carnival Corporation & PLC

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International was established in 1968 and its cruises attract approximately 5 million passengers every year. The cruise line functions with a fleet of more than 25 cruise ships, with this fleet including four of the largest passenger ships in the world, including Symphonyof the Seas, which is classed as the single largest passenger ship. The parent company behind Royal Caribbean International also owns Azamara and Celebrity Cruises.

to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Royal Caribbean International

Celebrity Cruises

to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Celebrity Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises

Preparing For The Unknown

A crew members life is lived primarily on the water. Those who have chosen a career at sea may or may not have a primary residence. They often spend their 8-10 weeks off in between contracts traveling or visiting/staying with family.

It is a good idea prior to departing to assess for yourself what it is that you truly want to focus on for the duration of your contract. Will it be the travel? Saving money? Or, just having a good old time? Honing in on your goals prior to departure will help you to stay motivated during your time away at sea.

Cruise Ship Jobs: Necessary Certifications

As noted above, most cruise lines do not require any post-secondary training for their non- deck or technical related positions. Prospective crew will want to focus on gaining the right kind of experience prior to applying. i.e. 1-2 years of relevant and related shore-side experience as well as perhaps some additional cruise specific training.

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What Are The Benefits Of Working On A Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise ship provides you with a unique lifestyle and form of employment. Here are the benefits of working on a cruise ship:

  • Chance to travel the world: When you work on a cruise ship, you get to visit a variety of different locations around the globe. Not only does this improve your cultural awareness, but it also means you get to travel while getting paid.

  • Minimal expenses: When you work on a cruise ship, you’re not faced with many cost-of-living expenses. For example, you don’t have to pay for things like rent, food, gas or cable, making it easier to save your earnings.

  • Sense of community: Working on a cruise ship means you get to work and live with a variety of people from different nationalities. Not only does this provide you with a great support system, but it also means you get to go out in port with coworkers who’ve become friends.

  • Crew discounts: Many ports offer crew members a variety of discounts on services like taxis, restaurants and resorts. While you may only visit some locations once, you may return to others when the ship returns, so you can take advantage of these deals.

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Know Which Skills Are Needed

Cruise Ship Jobs In United State

The first step for getting a job on a cruise ship is to make a checklist of your skills and experience. Cruise ships are virtually floating hotels and therefore draw heavily from the hospitality sector.

If you have a talent or have worked in restaurants, bars or hotels, this is one main way to be considered for hiring. Crew from within or from the other ships often fill some of the more specialised roles — such as in the activities team or guest services — but you may find a position in the day spa or gym.

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