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Can You Use Rci Points For Cruises

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Introduction To Rci Points

RCI Points Explained
  • RCI Points offers participants the flexibility of using points for shorter mini-vacations, as well as travel-related RCI Points Partners products, including airfare, cruises, car rental, hotels, and theme park and golf activities.
  • RCI has assigned a points value for every size unit and every time frame for every one of it’s over 3,700 resorts worldwide, and RCI Points members receive a hard copy directory of all the resorts and points values. The points values are also online at RCI.COM
  • An RCI Points owner owns a certain number of points attached to a particular “home resort” and the annual allotment of points can be spent like dollars at other RCI Points resorts or non-points resorts worldwide.
  • RCI Points is by far the largest timeshare points system.
  • If you own RCI Points at an RCI Points affiliated resort, you can use those points to vacation in any RCI resort, be it a traditional RCI “weeks” resort, or an RCI Points resort.
  • If you don’t spend all your points in the first year, the points automatically can be used in the second year. They do not carry over to the third year.

How To Use Rci Points For Flights

RCI is one of the most popular vacation exchange platforms for timeshare owners around the world. With the ability to trade your points or weeks for stays at hundreds of resorts and hotels, vacation exchange is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of membership. You can use RCI for booking flights with your points and receiving incredible discounts on airfare.

Is Rci Cruise Worth It

While RCI works hard to make great vacations for its members, it may seem daunting to spend even more money to book a cruise. Additionally, the discounts offered may be something to consider, but if the cruises are worth it is totally up to you!

If youre interested in on-land vacations, RCIs network has a plethora of options for that, too. Like we mentioned earlier, in order to enroll in RCI, you must own a timeshare. To get started, check out our timeshare resale listings or contact a Fidelity Real Estate Agent today.

Happy sailing!

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What Happens If I Dont Renew My Rci Membership

Your RCI Weeks subscribing membership will be cancelled if you do not renew within 120 days after your membership period expires. If after the 120 days, you decide to Reactivate your RCI Weeks membership, there will be a $49USD charge to reinstate your account, which is in addition to your standard membership fee.

Booking Flights With Rci Travel

Spotlight on RCI

RCI Travel is RCIs program that gives members the opportunity to save even more on car rentals, airfare and hotel stays. However, in order to become an RCI member and use RCI Travel, you must first own a timeshare. If you are already a member, RCI says you can log in to your account, and while booking your vacation, view rental car and airline options.

Learn more about RCI Travel with the video below:

RCI is the largest vacation exchange network and is owned by Wyndham Destinations. The exchange network has an extensive list of resorts in its catalog with members taking trips from Orlando to Beijing.

With a presence in 110 countries and a nation of 3.8 million members, RCI is a travel exchange giant. It works by depositing your Points or Weeks into their network and then using your points to book time at another resort in the network. The amount of points your timeshare is worth depends on the location , frequency of availability , size of the unit and time of usage , among other things.

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Need Help Escaping The Rci Points System

RCI and other timeshareexchange programs have developed a system that allows an unlimited amount of points to be sold, but at what cost?

Many people whove been sucked into timeshare points systems find that the promise of limitless vacation options is not as thrilling as it cracked up to be. Timeshare point holders often find their options to be quite limited as weeks seem to always be unavailable and booking a stay at their home resort becomes almost impossible due to overbooking.

If youre trapped in a timeshareexchange program that drains your wallet and provides much more stress than convenience, Centerstone may be able to help you out.

Centerstone Group is a full-service advocacy group specializing in contract resolution. Our team of timeshare relief experts have a deep knowledge of the industry and are aware of all the high-pressure sales tactics and misrepresentation that is used to sell timeshares.

If youve been a victim of fraudulent timeshare sales and are having trouble escaping your contract, Centerstone may be able to help you navigate release from your contract and point system membership. With over 33 years of experience combined in the timeshare industry and one of the most comprehensive, time-tested resolution processes, Centerstone is happy to analyze your case and determine your eligibility.

Benefits Of Rci Cruises

  • No sailing date or destination restrictions
  • 24/7 customer support 365 days a year
  • Up to $1500 on-board credit on nearly all cruises

In addition to this list, members can also take family and friends on cruises too. The membership discounted rates are extended to family and friends so you can vacation together. Dont forget, in order to view the full spectrum of RCI Cruise perks, log into your user account or contact customer support. Furthermore, if youre not currently a member, visit the company website or call customer support to learn about joining.

See a complete list of RCI Fees 2020

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Book A Lindblad Expeditions Cruise With World Of Hyatt Points

In 2019, World of Hyatt and Lindblad Expeditions announced a partnership where cruisers can earn Hyatt points and qualifying nights that count toward Hyatt elite status.

On the earning side, travelers earn 5 base Hyatt points per $1 spent on Lindblad cruises, as well as standard elite member bonuses. The World of Hyatt Credit Card cardholders will earn 4 points per $1 spent on eligible Lindblad Expeditions purchased directly through the World of Hyatt program. Meanwhile, Hyatt credit cardmembers earn 3 points per $1 spent.

Lindblad is the cruise line that partners with National Geographic on some of its more adventurous sailings, so its particularly exciting that some of the worlds most memorable cruise experiences can be booked with points instead of using cold, hard cash.

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When you book a Lindblad voyage through Hyatt, youll also receive $250 in onboard credit per reservation. To book a paid cruise or redeem your points for a voyage, visit this special website or call 537-5099 .

TPG priced out a few different cruises for a test run. In each case, a Hyatt point was worth 1.6 cents. For example, take this five-night Wild Alaska Escape expedition cruise from Juneau to Ketchikan in May 2022. The cash price is $4,570 per person or 285,625 Hyatt points.

Similarly, a six-night Galapagos cruise also priced out at 1.6 cents per point.

What Can You Do With Marriott Vacation Club Points

RCI Points Explained – How does RCI work?

Owners in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program can choose from any location and any size villa, check in on any day they wish and stay as long as they want or use Vacation Club Points to experience other types of vacations such as cruises, tours, exchanges, hotel stays and travel services.

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Rci Resorts And Timeshares

Even though RCI is a large company in the timeshare industry, it doesnt actually own any timeshares. The way it works: brands affiliate themselves with RCI, and allow their resorts to be on the RCI vacation network. Below are a few RCI affiliated brands:

Its also worth mentioning that not every resort in a brand is eligible for exchange. To find out if your resort is available on RCIs network, call your resort or developer or call RCI directly.

If There Is An Amex Offers Deal Available For The Cruise Line You Wish To Sail

Amex Offers have only gotten better in recent history to your benefit as a consumer. From time to time, American Express offers special limited-time bonus points deals to card members that book cruises. In the past, through its Amex Offers, the company has let cardholders earn 15,000 to 25,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for putting a cruise purchase on their credit card.

A 25k bonus points offer is worth $500 at current TPG valuations. In the past, offers have included various cruise lines such as Carnival, Holland America, Princess, Seabourn, Cunard and Crystal Cruises. Amex Offers are targeted and subject to change at any time. To see if youre targeted for a specific offer and to enroll in the offer log in to your American account. Scroll down to Amex Offers and Benefits and see what deals are presented.

Our best credit cards for cruises guide is a great starting point for newcomers and veterans alike, covering these logistics in more detail.

But the bottom line in miles and points is this: Theres no point in accumulating miles and points if you dont know when to use them strategically. If you find a route that makes more sense to purchase in cash, do it and dont look back.

If you do end up booking in cash, dont forget to check for special offers from airlines and other travel partners who may offer increased cash back, miles or points for booking through their online portals.

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How To Use Rci Points

Once you have RCI Points, youll certainly want to use them. RCI Points exchange can be done one of two ways:

  • Logging onto the RCI website utilizing your account information

Our 2018 RCI membership fees blog explains in detail what costs come with each exchange method. This includes the basic points subscription fees, RCI Platinum points fees, RCI Points Protection Program, and the RCI Points exchange fees.

RCI Platinum Points provides you with additional benefits to further enhance your vacation experience including extra discounts on RCI programs and priority privileges such as a Travel Concierge, 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance, and first access to exchange vacations and Extra Vacations.

Youll also find that it is cheaper to reserve shorter vacations. This comes in handy if you wish to take multiple trips per year and enjoy quick getaways in different locations.

The more points you have, the more options youll have for exchanging. If you want more flexibility, more points can be purchased to ensure you have more options when booking your vacations.

Can Rci Points Be Used For Flights

RCI Weeks®

With RCI Points membership, you can use your points for discounts on airfare and flight tickets with RCI Points Partner companies. Whats more, you can book air tickets with as little as three days notice, making last-minute vacations as easy as ever. Choose from over 300 air carriers around the globe.

RCI Points members can use up to 33 percent of their points or 25,000 points for discounts on booking. According to RCI, in order to access airfare, car rentals, or hotel stays, you have to use your member login to access RCI Travel. RCI works with 300 airline partners to bring its members deals on flights so that members can exchange their points for airfare. Additionally, points may be used to discount flight costs.

12,500 points
$660 discount

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If You Anticipate Needing To Make Any Changes To Your Reservation

Award redemptions booked through credit card issuers like Chase and Amex essentially are considered third-party travel bookings, so your cruise line may not be able or inclined to show any flexibility if you need any changes made to your dates, itinerary or cabin.

This is where the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card truly shine because utilizing your stash of points doesnt require booking travel through the issuers portal. Instead, youll book the trip directly with the cruise line, then log in to your account and use your miles balance to wipe out the charge.

Can Rci Points Be Used For A Cruise

HGVC: Flamingo & Anderson Ocean Club Vacation Village: Woodstone at Massanutten and Grandview & the Colonies
Resorts Owned
A few in S and VA, a single resort in NC, MD, PA, and UT, plus Jamaica and the Bahamas

escanoe said:You will find people that have done it. You cannot do it at this time. RCI recently shut down being able to use points for hotel discounts …. looks like they don’t want to be on the losing end of a lot of people trying to get out of their glut of points.

HGVC: Flamingo & Anderson Ocean Club Vacation Village: Woodstone at Massanutten and Grandview & the Colonies

tschwa2 said:They discontinued all points partners for hotel, car or airfare as of January 1, 2020 with no notice. It had nothing to do with Covid they discontinued their relationship with ICE who administrated the points toward other travel. I believe ICE still administers those types of exchanges for Interval international .

Resorts Owned
A few in S and VA, a single resort in NC, MD, PA, and UT, plus Jamaica and the Bahamas

escanoe said:Actually earlier this year they brought back being able to use points to get a discount for hotels, but it went away with the most recent website update.Here is a thread when people were discussing using points for hotel discounts as late as July. I shopped around, saw that I could, but didn’t pull the trigger on anything.

Resorts Owned
A few in S and VA, a single resort in NC, MD, PA, and UT, plus Jamaica and the Bahamas

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Can I Use Rci Points For A Cruise

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Can I Use My Rci Points For Airfare

Rci Points For Deposit Demo by eMidsouth Inc

RCIusepointspointsairfarepointsRCI points canusedtheflight

. Similarly one may ask, can I use RCI points for Disney tickets?

Your RCI Points are converted to discounts which are applied toward the cost of airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, theme park admission tickets and much more.

Additionally, can you use Wyndham points for airfare? You can also use Wyndham Rewards points on airline tickets, gift cards and other merchandise. The program’s partnership with various air carriers allows you to redeem accumulated points for miles as well.

In this manner, what can you do with RCI Points?

Use your points as currency to go towards perks such as: RCI Points Partners Have access to products like flights, rental cars, entertainment, golf, and more. Mini-Vacations Book shorter stays at RCI-affiliated properties using your points. RCI Cruises Exchange your RCI Points for a cruise vacation.

What is the best way to use RCI?

How To Use Top Tips To Get The Best From RCI Membership

  • Invest the time.
  • Be flexible with your search.
  • Use – and leave – resort reviews.
  • Manage your account online.
  • Check your inbox to stay in the loop.
  • Remember, the resort information is there for a reason.
  • Keep note of what you’re seeing in the system.
  • Be realistic.
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    Proprietary Cruise Line Membership Programs

    We frequently stress that cruise line cobranded credit cards may not be your best option for earning and redeeming points.

    That being said, there are some cruise-specific credit cards out there. For example, the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature offers a bonus of a $100 statement credit plus 10,000 MyCruise Reward points worth $100 in onboard credit to use on your next cruise.

    The information for the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

    If you earn 15,000 MyCruise Reward points, you can redeem them for a $150 discount off any Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises ship and itinerary.

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    Can I Use My Wyndham Points For Airfare

    4.4/5Airlinecan useWYNDHAMpointsflightsthetheusingWYNDHAMpoints

    Keeping this in view, where can I use my Wyndham points?

    Redeem Your Points at 30,000+ Hotels, Vacation Club Resorts & Vacation Rentals

    • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.
    • Wyndham Vacation Rentals
    • Landal GreenParks.

    Likewise, how much is 1000 Wyndham points worth? Based on our research, we found the overall average value of the Wyndham point to be 0.6 cents . However, depending on the redemption, that value can rise to as high as 3.40 cents per point to as low as 0.29 cents per point.

    People also ask, can Wyndham points be used for cruises?

    Norwegian Cruise Line is your exclusive cruise provider for Club Wyndham points. Enjoy preferred rates and a special collection of onboard benefits that includes everything from Villa Sandi Prosecco Brut and chocolate-covered strawberries upon arrival to priority tender tickets and disembarkation .

    How do I convert Wyndham points to Wyndham Rewards?

    At any time in your membership, the conversion from Club Wyndham Plus points to Wyndham Rewards points must take place over the phone directly with Club Wyndham at 1-866-996-7937. Reason being, there is no option under Exchanges online.

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