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When Is The Best Time To Go On Alaskan Cruise

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Exploring Land Is Unlimited

Alaska Cruise Tips. 6 Need To Knows Before You Go

The best thing about cruising is you will have so many stops on land to explore the state and the places in detail. Though the cruising packages primary focus is to take you around the country and the state through the water, they will settle you down on land to explore.

You will be offered hotels or villas based on your package type for staying on the land. Thus, you need not worry about where to stay and how to manage the traveling without stress.

Alaska Cruise In October

Alaska Weather in October: Alaska’s October temperatures aren’t the coldest of the year, but you should expect a chill in the air. Temperatures in Southeast Alaska, where most October itineraries will sail, are similar to late April and May. Expect highs in the 40s and possibly 50s, with lows in the 30s. , so prepare for low clouds and rain.

Alaska Cruise Prices in October: Depending on your cruise style, prices will range widely, though than summer months for cruising to Alaska. A 7-night cruise averages around $1,000 without inclusions or extras.

Hours of Daylight in Alaska in October: You can expect an average of 10 to 11 hours of daylight in Southeast Alaska during October, though that will vary depending on how far north you travel. Later in the year, the majority of the day passes in darkness.

Weather & Packing For Alaska Travel

Weather in various Alaska destinations is unpredictable and travelers should prepare themselves for a range of conditions, no matter what month you travel. We have developed comprehensive Alaska planning guides for our booked clients, with expertise culled from years of our own living, working, guiding and traveling in Alaska.

Prepare for a range of conditions, no matter what month you travel.

Layers are essential for a comfortable Alaska vacation, using fast-drying wicking materials. A raincoat and rain pants are also must-haves, as is a warm hat and gloves. Many boats and some lodges will provide rubber boots. With a well-packed bag, you can appreciate the opportunities created by varying weather, which in turn creates the cornucopia of landscapes and wildlife that brings travelers to the Last Frontier.

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Regent Seven Seas Explorer

Regents highest priority is making you their top priority even all specialty dining and all excursions are included with the cruise!

U.S. News writes, The ship makes service a top priority Travelers were even more impressed by the all-suite accommodations, which are some of the largest offered among ocean liners. Another high point: the cuisine. As part of Regent Experience, all specialty dining is included in the cruise fare. The best perk, according to recent passengers? All shore excursions are included.

The Points Guyrecommends this as one of the best ships for luxurious cruising around Alaska: Regents 750-passenger Seven Seas Explorer is an all-suite ship offering guests in Alaska multiple gourmet onboard restaurants, all-inclusive beverages, free airfare and included gratuities. Many shore excursions are complimentary. Enjoy little luxuries, like an afternoon in the thermal suite of the two-story spa-and-fitness center, or really splurge out by booking the Regent Suite, the most lavish suite youll find at sea.

The Timeline For Cruising Alaska

Alaskan Cruises Group Cruising

While the state is beautiful during any season, the best time to cruise Alaska is between May and September. Between these months, there is an average of zero inches of snowfall in Juneau and Anchorage. The days are longer than they are in the winter, and theres usually much more to do. The Anchorage Market, for instance, runs from mid-May to mid-September on the weekends, so no matter which month you choose, a visit may be a part of your cruise itinerary.

May to September also has the safest and calmest water to cruise on, but which of those months is the best time to take an Alaskan cruise? Well break down the pros and cons to help you decide when to experience the great Alaskan wilderness and culture. Some factors to consider include:

  • Hours of daylight
  • Wildlife sightings
  • Potential for crowds

Check out our breakdown of the months between May and September to decide when is the best time to visit Alaska based on what you want to see and do.

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Alaska Cruise In June

Alaska Weather in June: June in Alaska brings mild temperatures and relatively dry skies. Highs are in the low 60s degrees and lows are in the upper 40s. Compared with the rest of the summer months, the weather in June is optimal and shore excursions are less likely to be rained out. While Alaska weather in June brings out the flowers and even greener scenery, expect mosquitoes to be biting.

Alaska Cruise Prices in June: Cruises to Alaska get more expensive in June, with the average cost of a seven-day cruise above $1,300. Nearly every major and mainstream line cruises to Alaska in June, so you’ll have your pick of price points and may even find itineraries under $1,000. You can expect fewer families and crowds in early June than you’ll find in July and August, helping keep demand and prices down just a bit.

Hours of Daylight in June: Like the rest of the summer, June days are long in Alaska. Expect an average of 19 hours of daylight .

If Youre Hoping To Spot Wildlife

If spotting wildlife is a priority for you on an Alaska cruise, pick your sailing date carefully. June, July, and August are fantastic times to cruise Alaska to view wildlife, as these months bring the highest chances of spotting whales, bears, and salmon.

If you plan to book a whale watching excursion or want to see bears, you may be left disappointed if you cruise to Alaska at the very end of the season.

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What Is The Best Cruise Line For An Alaskan Sailing

You can absolutely take your coworkers’ perspective into consideration, but the experience they had on a multigenerational family reunion cruise might be different than what you are looking for on a budget-friendly couples-only getaway.

The best cruise line is the one that meets the needs of you and your travel party!

Advantages Of Visiting Alaska In May

Best and Worst Time to Cruise Alaska
  • May is part of the spring shoulder season and sees fewer visitors than later in the year, so you should be able to find better travel deals and lower cruise prices.
  • For wildlife spotters, May offers migratory songbirds, pods of gray whales and herds of moose. Bring a pair of binoculars and you may even spot a wolf or lynx on the prowl.

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Cost Of Alaska Cruise In June

The early weeks of June is the period when the crowd is yet to come in hordes.

However, the peaceful Alaska cruise during this period will cost you as much as the peak season.

The cost of a 7-day cruise during this period ranges from $800 to $900 per person. That is, approximately $115 to $125 per person per day.

Alaska Cruise Weather By Month

The following breakdowns of weather by month combines 30 years of weather data for five major Alaska cruise ports from the U.S. National Weather Service.

These historical averages are simply averages and will vary somewhat from year to year and port to port. But they give cruise planners a general idea of what to expect with weather and what clothing to pack.

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Best Time To Cruise The Caribbean: December

You can sail to the Caribbean year-round, but the best time to cruise the Caribbean is when itâs coldest in the Northern Hemisphere. Not only is the warm Caribbean climate a welcome respite from bad weather, but December through April are the driest months in the islands as well.


Those months coincide with peak season in the Caribbean, though, so crowded ports and beaches plus higher cruise fares are the norm. However, the vast number of cruise lines plying the Caribbean Sea mean you can find a massive spread of cruises for almost every budget. You can often land deals if you travel during the early weeks of December and in the later spring, when weather is still mostly calm and dry.

The cheapest time for Caribbean cruises runs from late summer into fall, when hurricane season is at its peak. If this is the only chance you have to cruise, keep in mind that itineraries can change or be canceled depending on the weather.

If you dislike large numbers of children, avoid sailing late June through August or during school break times .

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska

The Best Time to Take an Alaskan Cruise

Being aware of how your Alaskan experience will vary depending on when you visit is the first step in creating a good vacation itinerary.

So when is the best time to go to Alaska? This depends entirely on what theme you want your vacation to have, who youre traveling with, as well as what experiences you hope to have while in Alaska.

The following sections offer more information on what you can expect month by month during a visit to Alaska.


Things To Consider When Visiting Alaska

Best Time to Go to Alaska

Bird watching in the spring. State of Alaska/Chris McLennan.

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Wildlife Viewing During Alaska Cruise In September

This is the best time to go on an Alaskan cruise if you love wildlife. Bears still congregate around berries and Salmon and are quite a sight.

You will see lots of Moose, Caribou, Goats, and Muskoxen mate in early autumn. Some of them such as the Caribou and Moose also engage in sparring as part of the mating process.

This is also the best time to spot Gray, bowhead and beluga whales migrate along the west coast.

Best Time Of Year To Take An Alaskan Cruise: Price

Alaska cruise fares fluctuate considerably depending on a few factors. Pricing can range widely depending on the cruise line, ship, itinerary, and time of year.

The Alaskan cruise season generally runs from late April/early May through the end of September. As with most seasonal cruise regions, the shoulder season is when prices tend to be the lowest. For those looking to save money, the best time of year to take an Alaskan cruise would be either early in the season or late in the season. Besides having lower fares, you will have greater choices for cabins and can score the perfect mid-ship balcony at a reduced cost.

If you travel towards the end of the season, you may be able to score some great deals on souvenirs too as many of the local shops run sales to get rid of merchandise before closing for the season. Another perk of sailing in September is that you will have a chance at seeing the Northern Lights. On our September cruise, we were told to be on the lookout for the Northern Lights on two separate nights, but we never did see them.

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Cost Of Alaska Cruise In July

This is bang in the middle of the Alaska cruise season and hence the busiest.

If the month of June is your preference, please book in advance for this is one of the best times to go on an Alaska cruise.

Price of an Alaska cruise ticket is always at its highest during this month reaching as high as $1,000 for a person for a seven-day cruise.

That is more than $140 per person per day.

Alaska Cruise In September

The Best Alaska Cruise Shore Excursions

Alaska Weather in September: Temperatures in Alaska start to drop in September, with averages in the mid-50s and lows in the low 40s. On top of that it can be even rainier than August, with up to 20 days ofprecipitation. That could put a few of your excursions at risk of being rained out.

Alaska Cruise Prices in September: Prices for average around $1,000 for a seven-night itinerary. Cruise season starts to wind down in September and children head back to school, leading to less demand. You can also look for a last-minute Alaska cruise deal, though keep in mind that with Alaska’s cruise season growing longer, interest in Alaska September cruises is rising.

Hours of Daylight in September: Expect 12 hours of daylight during September in Alaska.

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Q: What Is The 2023 Alaska Cruise Season And When Is The Best Time To Cruise Alaska

  • A: Cruises will be available between May through September from a variety of cruise lines, with July 2023 being the most popular time to cruise Alaska and September 2023 being the least crowded time to go. When the best time to take an Alaskan cruise is all depends on what you are looking to see and what weather you are willing to endure – July experiences some of the longest, warmest days of the region in the Arctic but going up to 70 degrees in Denali), giving you the opportunity to potentially experience the Midnight Sun and plenty of wildlife on the other hand, September is much colder but experiences significantly less crowds and is the best time to cruise Alaska to see the Northern Lights.

  • Australia And New Zealand

    Royal Caribbean has been sending at least one ship though often several to Australia every winter for many years. It offers a wide range of itineraries out of Sydney and Brisbane that make calls not just around Australia but also in New Zealand.

    While the itineraries the line offers in the region vary in length from just two nights to 15 nights the shorter voyages are primarily aimed at a local Australian crowd looking for a quick getaway. Among North Americans, the most popular itineraries are the longer ones, which often are heavily skewed to stops in New Zealand.

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    Among several New Zealand itineraries are 12-night voyages from Sydney that feature an all-New Zealand lineup of calls: Bay of Islands, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Picton.

    A 15-night New Zealand itinerary out of Sydney features cruising in New Zealands famed Milford Sound as well as Doubtful Sound and Dusky Soun additionally, the ship stops in Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Auckland and Bay of Islands.

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    Alaska Cruises In July And August

    Because July and August are spawning season for salmon, we had hoped to see brown bears near rivers and streams on our Princess Cruise. But try as we might, we did not spot any bears on our early July cruise. However, we did see bald eagles in Juneau, and seabirds and sea lions in Glacier Bay National Park.

    With the nice weather, we booked a hiking and float tour in Skagway. We hiked along the Chilkoot Trail Hike, and then rafted on the Tiaya River. Our ship always had a prime docking spot in all the cruise ports on our itinerary.

    What Are The Best Months For Wildlife & Activities

    Take The Sea Less Traveled

    Spotting wildlife is always unpredictable in Alaska, but your best bet of getting pics of wildlife ashore is probably late May and early June, when mothers and their calves or cubs tend to be out and about. One exception: If you want to do a bear-watching shore excursion, prime bear season is not until late June or early July.

    Denali: If you want to do a land tour that includes the national park, dont come during the May shoulder season. Denali National Park doesnt open up until mid-May.

    Want to fish ashore? Fishing is good during any monththere are just different species of salmon that peak as the weeks go by.

    Summer berry-picking on shore is best late in August or early September.

    If you want to see fall foliage ashore, wait until the first week of September. It remains good through the third week of September.

    Hate mosquitoes? If youre doing a land tour, come during either shoulder season

    See a full calendar of Alaskas natural events.

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    Worst Time To Visit Alaska

    Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock

    Weve talked about the best time to visit Alaska overall, for lower prices, and for fewer crowds. But whats the worst possible time to go? is considered the worst month to visit Alaska partially due to the extremely frigid temperatures.

    Its not everyones cup of tea for visiting at this time for a few reasons beyond the chilly temps. Parts of the sea around Alaska are frozen solid in January, limiting your chance to see playful gray whales and humpback whales.

    Bears are hibernating and fishing is limited or nonexistent during this time. Youll still have the chance to see bald eagles, moose, wolves, and sea lions during this time. The sunlight hours are another bummer about visiting during January, or winter in general.

    Alaskas polar night about 66 days of pure darkness with no sunlight occur from November through the end of January. While its dark and cold, winter is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Alaska.

    This dazzling natural light display illuminates the skies with colorful ribbons that dance and drift. Its one of the highlights of any Alaskan visit, and if you do choose to visit during the winter months, youll have the best look at this phenomenon.

    Best Time Of Year To Take An Alaskan Cruise: Weather

    The first factor you will want to consider when planning your Alaskan cruise is the weather. Dont let all those beautiful pictures of Southeastern Alaska fool you. Unfortunately, the summer months in Alaska are not always bright and sunny. In fact, the weather during the Alaskan cruise season tends to be rather wet.

    A benefit of traveling earlier in the season is the reduced precipitation. Historically, May is the driest month of the cruise season. Less rain is good, but the weather also tends to be cooler earlier in the season.

    If you are looking for the warmest weather, then you will want to sail mid-July to mid-August. Still, temperature swings in one day of 25 degrees will not be uncommon. You could wake up to freezing temperatures and be in the mid 60s by late afternoon.

    There is also the longest daylight hours during the months of June and July. During this time of year, the sun doesnt set until around 10 pm. These extended periods of light make viewing the surrounding scenery sailing in and out of ports even more appealing.

    Taking into consideration the average temperatures, rainfall amounts, and hours of daylight, the best time of year to go on an Alaskan Cruise is the month of July. However, with this optimal weather comes increased crowds and increased price. Not to mention, popular tours and shore excursions will fill up quickly.

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