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Must Haves For Disney Cruise

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What To Pack For Everyone

What to Take on Disney Cruise (5 Must-Haves for Disney Dream Ship)

There are some items that are must-have for everyone in your party.

Passport/Birth Certificate and ID, travel documents, and insurance cards

For some cruises, a government-issued ID and birth certificate are acceptable, but I highly recommend a passport for all cruises. For specifics about who needs what, . Youll also want to bring travel documentation , car insurance cards , and health insurance cards. If youre boarding your pets, also bring the contact information of the place where youre boarding them. If youre delayed coming back, giving them a courtesy call or email is a good idea. Same is true if you have someone watching your house while youre gone. If youre delayed, youll want to be able to contact them and let them know when youll be back.


Overnight bag and freezer bags


Cell phone and power cord

Sun protection gear

Although this advice can be less important on Alaska or European cruises, it is absolutely essential for cruises to tropical destinationsdont skip on sun protection gear. Sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen are a must, and Id also recommend a rash guard if you plan to spend a lot of time out at the beach. If you know that no matter what you do, youre likely to be peeling before the end of your cruise, also pack some after-care lotion or aloe.

Stateroom-identifying decorations

Must Have Items For Your Disney Cruise

Congratulations! You planned out the perfect family vacation. First, you researched the different cruise lines and found that Disney is the best choice for families . Then you mapped out where you want to go and what sights you want to see. Next, you decided what type of stateroom you wanted. Finally, you booked the trip. But now its time to get the 15 items that you absolutely must bring with you on your Disney Cruise. Check out our other post too for the 10 must haves for kids on your Disney Cruise.

The Dont Leave Home Without These Things Packing List:

  • Large cup with lid for filing at soda drink station.
  • . The bathrooms sometimes have a strange smell. Plus the bathrooms are small and I have boys- if you know what I mean.
  • Clothing: Disney says no shorts in the dining room for dinner but you will see everything!
  • My boys have worn khaki shorts and polo before.
  • You can wear jeans but please no holes.
  • My husband usually wears khaki pants and a short sleeve polo shirt.
  • I wear either a casual dress or capris.
  • On 7 night cruises they have formal and semi formal night. The dress is not required. My husband will wear a long sleeve button down shirt for semi formal and a suit for formal. But again you will see all things. Some people just like to dress up!
  • The tendency is to over pack-especially with clothes. On a 4 night cruise my boys and David will usually take one pair of khakis and either a pair of jeans or dressier pants and then a shirt for each night.
  • If they get something dirty that needs to be worn again you can always send it to be washed for a few dollars.
  • You can NOT bring an iron or a steamer for clothes. They do have an iron in the laundry room if you need to iron something. Or you can send something out to be ironed.
  • Princess dresses for little girls. You will see a lot of little girls dress like princesses for dinner. This is of course not a requirement. But the dresses on board the ship are expensive, so its better to be prepared.
  • Small screw driver.
  • Seasickness bracelets!
  • Baby carrier and/ or Single stroller!
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    Alaska Cruise Packing List + Disney Alaska Excursions

    Sharing our packing list + the must-haves for our Disney cruise to Alaska, along with the excursions we chose.

    Hi friends! Dont worry, this is my last cruise recap post haha. I feel like Ill be living vicariously through these posts for a while. So many times since weve been back the girls have said they miss being on the cruise. I wish I was on the cruise right now. You and me both, sister.

    I thought Id share our packing list along with our must-haves for the trip because I had such a hard time packing for this one. I didnt find a lot of info online, and those in our Facebook group vaguely said to pack layers. I didnt want to overpack, but also wanted to make sure we had everything we needed for the weather. We traveled at the beginning of the season , so it was a little more cold that it will be later in the season.

    A Keepsake For The Characters To Sign

    Ten Must

    This was a great tip that several readers shared where I asked for suggestions! If you bring something for the characters to sign, you can drop it off at guest services early in your trip, and then it will magically appear in your room before you depart! I brought the mat of a frame, and I provided markers, too. They could also sign a book, pillowcase, etc. I believe you can have two things per stateroom signed. I tucked an extra Christmas card inside with it to give them an idea of who they were signing for, just to add a little personal touch.

    Now I just need to print a picture from our trip and tuck it in the frame! Our girls loved that Goofys signature looks like the number 60074. ð

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    Waterproof Cell Phone Case

    I am so sold on this phone case. I love that its waterproof, dust/dirt proof and shock-resistant. I also love that I can seal my phone inside and still have access to the touchscreen and the camera so I can get pictures on rides and at attractions without the worry. The fact that its super-affordable makes it a no-brainer!

    Brita Filtered Water Bottle

    Carrying a refillable water bottle with you is always a good idea when youre at Disney or any similar park. They charge out the wazoo for bottled drinks, but if you bring your own water bottle and simply fill it at drinking fountains youll be set for the day and have extra cash to spend on more enjoyable things. I personally like to have the filter in my water bottle to be extra sure that the water is clean and clear enough for my family and me.

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    Things You Must Pack For A Disney Cruise

    DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

    Getting ready to set sail with the Disney Cruise Line? If so, youre in for a treat with fine dining, entertainment, and themed nights aboard most of the ships.

    And youll want to pack appropriately with all of that fun in mind. So, to help you prepare, here are our 10 must-haves to pack for Disney cruises!

    Heres our list of items youre going to want to pack for your Disney cruise:

    Travel Insurance For Disney Cruises


    Dont embark on your cruise without solid travel insurance. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your family are covered should anything go wrong during your trip. is always our preferred choice, as they make it easy to compare policies from the top companies so that we can find the best one that fits our needs.

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    You May Want To Bring Your Own Coffee

    If you are a coffee connoisseur like myself, you might want to bring instant coffee packets and your own thermal mug. The coffee served on-board was not my favorite and I ended up paying for coffee at the Cove Café everyday. Quite expensive for someone with a twice a day habit.

    Also, room service is included on the ship, so those who want a lot of coffee in the morning might want to order a carafe to be delivered to their room.

    Spacesaver Premium Travel Roll Up Compression Storage Bags For Suitcases

    Packing for a cruise can be exhausting. By the time youre done, youre gonna need a vacation. Use these space saver bags to create more room in your luggage. Remember that you can also do laundry on board, so you dont need to bring everything with you. Plus, you are going to want to leave some empty space for all of those souvenirs.

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    What Should I Pack For Castaway Cay

    A fan favorite stop on most Disney Cruise Line vacations is Disneys private island, Castaway Cay.

    A beautiful island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay has so many great amenities, you wont need to pack much in your beach bag. However, it is a long walk/tram ride from the ship to the beach area of the island, so you wont want to go back and forth to your stateroom if you forgot something!

    Castaway Cay supplies items such as swim goggles, snorkels, life vests and towels .

    Have everyone put on their swimsuits and cover-ups before you leave the ship and pack these things in your day bag for Castaway Cay:

    • Sunscreen/Sunglasses/Hat
    • Reading material

    Also consider bringing a refillable water bottle as it does get hot at Castaway Cay. There is food available as well as drink stations. But if you plan on spending the whole day at the beach, you wont want to go back and forth from those areas to the beach every time someone gets thirsty.

    Don’t Forget Your Pirate Garb For The Cruise’s Buccaneer Bash

    Ten Must

    Finkelstein said most Disney cruise itineraries host a pirate party one evening of the trip.

    Here, passengers can expect a pirate-themed dinner, a “Pirates in the Caribbean” show, and a deck party. Plus, there are often other events like pirate trivia and meet-and-greets that day.

    Finkelstein said it’s fun to embrace the theme and always makes sure her entire family has pirate gear to wear.

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    Camera And Charger + Extra Memory Cards

    Disney Cruise vacations are truly magical! So youll want to be sure to capture those memories. I usually bring my DSLR and my GoPro. The GoPro is especially helpful if you plan to snorkel and want to get some underwater videos or photos.

    And dont forget the extra memory cards! One mistake I made a lot when I first started traveling with my daughter was that I would never bring enough memory cards. Pack a couple of extras just in case.

    What To Pack For A Disney Cruise: Dining Attire

    Dining attire varies by ship, cruise and restaurant, but on most nights, families will eat in the main dining rooms, where attire is cruise casual . Swimwear and tank tops are not permitted in the main dining rooms.

    All of the ships also offer exclusive, adults-only restaurants for an additional charge. These restaurants are more elegant and have a dress code, so be sure to check the dress code for your specific ship and restaurant, as they vary. In general, no flip flops, sneakers, hats, shorts or torn clothing are permitted in the adults-only restaurants.

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    What Not To Add To Your Disney Cruise Family Packing List

    A. Baby monitor You will be able to see and hear the baby at all times in the box that is your room.

    Note: Some people leave their kids in their stateroom while they go to another stateroom to visit another person. That is a personal choice, and a little Madeleine McCann-ish. If you think you want to do that, you should pack the baby monitor.

    B. Pack n Play Disney Cruise pack and plays are available.

    C. High chair The restaurants have them, and you most definitely dont want them taking up space in your stateroom.

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    What To Pack In Your Cruise Carryon

    Pre-Trip Covid-19 Must Know’s For Disney Cruise Line [DCL Tips & Tricks]

    Your carry-on luggage should consist of only the things you need to carry on, or anything youll need before your stateroom is ready. Things like your passport, medications, and valuables should all go in your Disney Cruise carry-on. There are also things that you must carry on the ship, like water and alcohol as these things cannot be checked. You just have to make sure that it fits through the scanner at security, which is just like the scanner you see at airport security. We actually have a whole post dedicated to this subject! Read all about what to pack in your Disney Cruise carryon here.

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    Things To Take On A Cruise: 50 Must

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    Sharing is caring!

    What are the essential things to take on a cruise is one of the questions I get asked a lot.

    Having sailed on many cruises with different cruise lines I have years of experience of what to pack and what can most definitely be left behind!

    Here is a guide to all the things which are either essential to pack, cool things to pack, or just downright fun to pack!

    Your Ultimate Cruise Packing List Guide starts here!

  • We have ads on our blog to provide this as a helpful resource for you We also use affiliate links if you click on a link and purchase an item we may receive a small commission. Thank you for your support.

    Do I Need Formal Clothes For A Disney Cruise

    Disney cruises are, for the most part, casual affairs. Sundresses or collared shirts are about as dressy as most people get and some will spend the entire week wearing t-shirts and shorts.

    There are only two times when shorts and t-shirts wont do: When dining at the adults-only restaurants, Remy and Palo. They have stricter dress codes. Shorts, capri pants, tank tops, swimsuits, swimsuit cover-ups, hats, cut-offs, torn clothing, t-shirts, flip-flops and tennis shoes are no-nos at Palo and Remy.

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    Warm Clothes For The Morning And Night At Disney World

    It gets cold at Disney World, especially if you are visiting the last two weeks in January or the first two weeks in February.

    You may even need to pack a light-weight winter coat for a trip to Disneydont let the cold scare you away from the parks at night. Pack an extra pair of warm clothes for Disney World.

    Minnie Mouse Ears For The Girls

    Off The Shoulder Tassel Cover Up: 10 Must

    The Minnie Mouse ears at the Disney World parks are $30-$40, and the Minnie Mouse ears on Amazon are just as nice, and sometimes nicer!

    Order matching Minnie Mouse ears for all the girls in the family or let everyone choose their own.

    I bought this pair of pink and gold Minnie Mouse ears and loved them.

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    The No 1 Thing You Need To Remember Is Your Travel Documents Finkelstein Said

    To step foot on the ship, you’ll likely need a few documents, like your passport, birth certificate, ID, and/or vaccine card, Finkelstein said.

    Finkelstein suggests researching what documents you and your family need before the cruise and keeping them in a safe space you won’t forget about.

    “If you’re going to bring one thing and one thing only, make sure it’s your documentation,” she said.

    The last thing any traveler wants is their vacation to end before it started because they were denied boarding due to a lack of documentation.

    Things That Are Nice To Take On A Cruise

    Here are some ideas for lots more items that are not exactly essential things to pack on a cruise, but will make it an, even more, self-indulgent and enjoyable experience. Treat yourself!

    One thing that absolutely should be on your Alaska packing list is a pair of binoculars. There is so much amazing scenery and wildlife on an Alaskan cruise you will miss out unless you have some.

    They are also definitely nice to have on other cruises too. Some of the most amazing moments on the Mexican Riviera cruise have been when I have seen whales and dolphins while sitting and relaxing on my verandah.

    The binoculars really dont have to be expensive these Compact Binoculars with Clear Low Light Vision are very reasonably priced. They are also compact and lightweight enough to easily be packed in your port visit tote bag.

    If you want to keep a track of your exercise and fitness levels this Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch is one of my favorite new accessories.

    It can be difficult not to put on weight on a cruise the temptation of all that food can be overwhelming! But you can keep an eye on your step count, heart rate and even track your sleep patterns.

    A set of wireless earbuds is also something that is nice to have on a cruise. You can listen to music or maybe an audiobook and be in your own private world.

    Earbuds dont need to be expensive well-known names. These Wireless Earbuds are an inexpensive option with high ratings.

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    Finkelstein Never Forgets A Portable Phone Charger

    Just like a visit to a Disney theme park, guests can expect to use their phones frequently throughout a Disney cruise, Finkelstein said.

    On the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, passengers can access things like the cruise ship schedule, book activities, and use its chat feature to message family and friends.

    Finkelstein said you’ll also want your phone for taking photos throughout the day.

    She said she packs a portable phone charger, so she doesn’t have to waste time charging her phone in her cruise cabin during the day.

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