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Disney Cruise Packing List 2021

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Themed Night Dress Code

What to Pack for a Disney Cruise (2021)

If you go on a 7-night + cruise, there will be themed holiday nights, like, Pirate Night, Formal Night, or Halloween Night if you go on a Halloween on the High Seas Cruise. There is an optional dress code for each of the themed nights.

Formal Night Dress Code

If you’d like to dress up for Formal night, it’s up to you how fancy you’d like to dress. I’ve seen a range from cruise casual to black tie, so it’s really a personal preference. I wore a long, flowy maxi dress and I felt like I was dressed perfectly. You can see our Disney cruise formal night photos above.

If you do decide to dress up, you might find these clear garment travel bags to be helpful to protect your fancy outfit.

Pirate Night Dress Code

It’s not mandatory to dress up for Pirate Night but it’s really fun, so why not join in? If you want to participate but not wear a costume, you could wear this pirate t-shirt and the Mickey Mouse pirate bandana that your host will leave in your stateroom!

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Halloween Night

If you go on a Halloween on the High Seas cruise, there will be a Halloween day during the cruise. On this day, most guests dress up in costumes.

We’ve dressed up in the following costumes:

Plenty Of Disney Cruise Packing Experience Contributed To This List

To date we have go on about a dozen cruises, with 4 of those being on Disney Cruise Lines. We have cruised with Disney with a baby, toddler, preschool aged and elementary aged kid at any given time. We have been on 3-night, 5-night and 7-night sailings and we have sailed out of southern ports and northeastern ports on Disney Cruises.

Many suitcases have been packed over our 4 Disney Cruises and we have definitely learned what items are essential and what things you can leave at home.

What Should I Pack For A Disney Caribbean Cruise

A. Disney gift cards Disney gift cards are a great way to save a substantial amount. You can combine them up to $1,000 per card so you dont have to bring fifty of them.

Heads up: The downside to purchasing Disney gift cards is that if you cancel, your refund will be in the form of Disney gift cards. People hit hard by the pandemic found themselves with thousands of dollars on Disney gift cards that they would have preferred to have in their bank accounts. I will continue to buy them, but consider your tolerance for risk.

Pro tip: Put enough on your gift cards to cover the cost of a Disney Cruise placeholder if you decide to book a future cruise.

B. Disney Visa credit card This isnt your best method of payment, but it will get you some small perks, including discounted Disney Cruise photo packages, merchandise, spa treatments, and rentals at Castaway Cay.

C. Credit cards may not be as cost effective as Disney gift cards onboard, but they are much better than cash. For spending at the ports, bring a credit card with no foreign transaction fee.

D. Cash By cash, I mean some dollars to tip room service and random people at the ports. You should not be making it rain with cash on this trip. You get a better value from your spending with credit cards and Disney gift cards.

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What To Add To Your Packing List For A Disney Cruise With Toddlers And Babies

B. Bibs

C. Stroller Optional. Cruises require much less walking than theme parks. Our three year old made it through the trip without a stroller. Yours probably can too.

Pro tip: If you need a way to move your slow moving child from Point A to Point B, consider a sling instead of a stroller. Disney Cruise Line rooms are small, and strollers are not.

D. Baby sling Optional. Instead of a stroller.

E. Car seat For ground transportation to and from the port and on excursions, and only if not provided by the companies transporting you.

Heads up: A lot of ground transportation providers in the Caribbean are not as concerned about the use of car seats as we are in the US, meaning, they dont use them at all.

F. Breast pump and accessories Be sure to plan ahead so you know where you will be able to store things if you know what Im saying.

G. Diapers Both regular and swim.

L. Dish soap to clean bottles

Final Thoughts About What To Pack

Printable List Of Disney World Rides 2020  Template Calendar Design

I hope that you find this Disney cruise packing list to be helpful while you’re packing and preparing for your magical vacation. You’re going to have the best Disney cruise experience!

We love cruising with Disney and we plan to go on cruise #4 in 2020, so I’ll update this post with any new products that I find, new Disney cruise outfits that I wear, or new tips that I learn!

If you have any packing tips or items that you think are important to bring, please leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

Have a magical cruise! Bon voyage!

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Caribbean Disney Cruise Packing List

If you’re going on a Western or Eastern Caribbean Disney cruise then you need this detailed Disney cruise packing list! This FREE printable checklist includes everything you’ll need, from what should be in your embarkation day bag to what to pack for a day at Castaway Cay to 40+ items that I bet you didn’t think about packing!

After going on three magical Disney cruises, I’ve got my packing process and packing list down pat. I know it can feel overwhelming to pack for a week-long cruise, especially if it’s your first cruise!

What type of clothes should you pack for a Caribbean cruise? Do you need to bring a hairdryer? Can you bring an iron to iron your dinner outfit after it got all wrinkly in your suitcase? So many questions and I have the answers that you’re looking for!

This Disney Cruise Line packing list is going to help you to pack only the things that you really need to pack! In addition to the basics, I also included a list of essential items that you may not have thought to pack but they’ll come in very handy once you’re on the cruise!

Like, a hanging closet organizer. I bet you didn’t think you’d need to pack that for a Disney cruise, did ya?!

Also, you should join Disney cruise Facebook groups so you can ask questions and get advice from other seasoned cruisers! I found this to be so helpful when I was planning our first Disney cruise.

Other Things Not To Pack For Now

Two things that are currently not allowed but could return:

Fish Extenders, or gift exchanges, among organized groups of cruisers are currently not permitted. That involves joining a group of other cruisers before you sail and sharing the ages of kids, interests and allergies. Then you hang a Fish extender set of pockets outside your stateroom to hold the surprises other families leave for you. If/when it returns and you want to participate, it will mean adding a hanging pouch and gifts for the other families to your packing list.

Character interactions are still socially distanced, so autograph books are also unnecessary at this time.

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Be Sure To Download The Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

Before the cruise be sure to download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app to your smartphone.

This app serves as a daily calendar while on the cruise and allows passengers to communicate via private chat over the ships wi-fi. . Its definitely essential to have on your device.

Also consider downloading a white noise app to drown out hallway noise while sleeping.

Disney Cruise Line Packing List

5 Summer Essentials to Pack for Walt Disney World – Disney Packing List 2021

Ultimately, packing for a Disney Cruise Line trip is a lot like planning for any other vacation. There are some unique wrinkles, and we offer tips for additional items youll want in your bag, along with hacks and other things that will improve the quality of your DCL experience.

Before we get to that, there are the essentials. No, were not talking about underwear , were talking about your personal documents: passports, government-issued photo IDs, and your cruise documentation you receive from Disney Cruise Line.

Then, theres the second-most important item : BOOZE! Disney Cruise Line has changed its rules on how much alcohol you can take aboard DCLs ships in your carry-on bag , but its still one of the most relaxed cruise lines in terms of allowing alcohol. Depending upon your level of interest in boozin it up, you should familiarize yourself with current policy to determine whats allowed. If youre only going to have a drink here or there, youre probably better off just buying them aboard the ship.

In addition to those items above that are at least somewhat unique to cruising, you can find a basic packing checklist that includes clothing , toiletries, and other essentials in our What to Pack for Disney: Checklist. None of these basics differ from what youd need for a Walt Disney World vacation, so consult that checklist for the more pedestrian items you should pack.

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What About Alcohol On Disney Cruise Ships

Disney cruise guests aged 21 and older can bring two bottles of unopened wine or champagne or 6 bottles of beer on board at each port of call.

These must be carried on and cannot be stowed in check luggage. If you want to have these at dinner, there is a corking fee. If you want to enjoy in your room, dont forget a corkscrew.

Free Printable Disney Cruise Packing List

I compiled all of the lists that we just went over into categorized printable checklists to help you pack for your Disney cruise! You can see an example of what the checklist pages PDF looks like below.

Get your FREE printable Disney cruise packing list, here.

This is an example of what the FREE printable Disney Cruise Line packing list looks like!

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Before You Set Sail On The High Seas On Your Upcoming Disney Cruise Be Sure To Print Out This Essential Disney Cruise Packing List

This post contains affiliate links to products for your convenience. If you purchase via my links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

I am so excited you are going on a Disney Cruise. Best vacation ever! Last year, Anthony and I were privileged to set sail on the Disney Wonder as part of the 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. It was our first Disney cruise and we were also celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Disney events have a way of spoiling us. Its amazing the amount of pixie dust the Disney Social Media Moms planning team provides for all the attendees.

I am excited that I have been invited back to this years celebration in February, this time aboard the Disney Dream. And this time around, we are bringing AJ with us. So lets get packing . If you have been on a Disney cruise before, you already know its the best of the best. If you havent, you are going to be so spoiled. You are definitely in for a magical treat.

Since I am getting ready to set sail once again, I thought I would share some things I learned from last years adventure. Im a Disney cruise newbie no more! I also created a handy Essential Disney Cruise Packing List, similar to The Essential Walt Disney World Packing List printable that I shared previously.

Spread Your Items Out

Pin by Brittney Nosker on Disney

Although the goal is to get both you and your luggage to the same destination at the same time, sometimes things happen. Because of that, it is better to not pack only 1 persons items per/bag.

Instead, spread it out so that if something does go missing youre not trying to replace everything for 1 person.

Its also a good idea to take some photos of what you are packing into each bag, that way if something does go missing youll have an easier time remembering.

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What Not To Add To Your Packing List For Disney Caribbean Cruises

A. Pool toys Floats arent allowed anyway.

B. Night light Leave the bathroom light on and the door cracked.

C. Shoe organizer You shouldnt have enough shoes to require organization.

D. Hamper An empty suitcase is a rolling laundry basket.

E. Cameras Phones have cameras now.

F. Snacks for the cruise Unless your child need something specific that is not offered onboard.

G. Cooler Unless you need it for something like breast milk. Disney limits the size of the coolers, so make sure yours will make the cut.

H. Autograph pillowcases You used to be able to get a pillowcase signed by the characters. No more.

I. Extra towels and cooling cloths You dont need them.

J. Travel clothesline and clips People bring these to hang their swimsuits. The shower curtain rod does the same job.

K. Fish extender gifts Fish extenders are gift exchanges between guests. That sounds fun and all, but practically speaking, you need to pack an entire suitcase full of crap, and you go home with said suitcase full of other crap.

L. Disney door decorations A lot of people think these are great. I think theyre a waste of space.

O. Neck fans Really?

P. Power strip Everything doesnt need to be plugged in at once all the time.

Q. Pins for trading Some people are really into trading Disney pins. If youre not one of them, now is not the time to start.

R. Expensive electronics

S. Selfie sticks and extension poles They are prohibited.

Masks And Mask Chains

Masks are currently optional on all Disney Cruise ships, but if you still want to wear your mask, you can! If you choose to wear a mask onboard, we find its easiest with a mask chain. Taking your mask on and off as you go inside or outside is a lot less hassle with a mask chain, so if you plan to mask up, we highly recommend packing a chain to go with it.

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Average Weather In The Caribbean

Most Caribbean cruises sail out of Port Canaveral, Florida. You may get some nice, breezy weather on the islands, but Port Canaveral feels like it is located in the core of the sun during the summer.

Regarding your ports of call, the Caribbean is a big place. You should check the weather of each island you plan to visit before your trip. Check both the temperature and the chance of rain, particularly during hurricane season . For the most part, you can count on highs somewhere between the 70s and 90s year round.

Given all the sweating you will be doing, you shouldnt overpack, but you also shouldnt plan to wear the same clothes multiple times without washing them .

What You Really Wear On A Disney Cruise In A Day

BULLIED and HUNGRY! Disney Cruise – NEVER again!

The cruise schedule is jam-packed with super awesome activities. So, I thought I would break down what exactly we wear in a day onboard.

  • Morning- T-Shirt and Shorts
  • Afternoon- Swim Attire
  • Evening Resort Casual Dress with a Cardigan for the girls, Lightweight Pants or Shorts with a Polo Shirt for the boys. *Unless it is Pirates Night or the adults are eating at Remy or Palo.

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Disney Cruise Line Food And Beverage Policy

If you choose to bring food or drinks onto Disney cruise ships, they MUST go in your carry-on. DCL limits guests 21 and older to two bottles of unopened wine/champagne or six beers at the beginning of your sailing. Dont forget your own corkscrew if you plan to open your wine in your stateroom!

Wine/champagne may be brought to the main dining rooms. There is a $25 corkage fee per bottle, and the Cast Members will store your bottle for you to drink each night at dinner.

As far as other food goes, the DCL website states that guests MAY BRING:

  • Nonperishable snack foods in sealed, original packaging. All items must either be consumed prior to returning to your home port or remain unopened.
  • Breast milk, in carry-on luggage only.
  • Coolers no larger than 12 x 12 x 12, as carry-on luggage for storing medications, baby food or items related to dietary restrictions only.

One of the perks of sailing on a Disney cruise ship is that all sodas, coffees and teas are included in the cost of the cruise with meals and at the beverage stations. Bar drinks, beer, wine, smoothies, specialty coffees and bottled water are an additional charge.

The Best Disney Cruise Packing List

This list is perfect for guests who will be sailing on a warm weather itinerary such as the Caribbean, Bahamian, and CA Coast. We have detailed out all of your must-haves plus added a few things that we think are totally worth bringing onboard such as pirate night apparel and stateroom magnets too! We have also created a handy free Disney Cruise Packing List Printable that you can download and print. This makes it super quick & easy to pack.

Before we get started on the list. If you need help planning and booking your magical Disney Cruise vacation, contact our friends at Tinks Magical Vacations. They are truly Disney Experts, and not only are their services FREE, but they will save you both time and give you onboard credit for your cruise.

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