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Do Cruise Ship Passengers Need Visas

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Visa Requirements For Sri Lanka

Do I need a visa to Russia if I travel on a cruise ship?

All passengers are required to obtain an electronic ETA visa prior to arrival to Sri Lanka. This visa is free of charge and must be obtained online at least 48 hours in advance. Anyone who does not obtain the ETA visa in advance must remain onboard in Sri Lankan ports. This visa must be obtained using this link and click on âTransit ETAâ to complete application.

You Have Proof Of Return A Return Visa Or A Residence Permit Issued By One Of The Caribbean Parts Of The Kingdom

You do not need a visa for the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom if any of the following applies to you.

  • You have proof of return issued by one of the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. You can use this to enter and exit the country while your application for a new residence permit is being processed.
  • You have proof of return or a return visa issued by:

    – a Schengen member state

Traveling To Mexico By Boat

The rules above apply to cruise ships. There are some differences if entering the country on another type of boat, or for foreigners taking their own vessel into Mexico.

Foreigners arriving in Mexico on a non-cruise vessel should have:

  • Valid passport/proof of citizenship in a foreign country
  • Mexico visa
  • Departure clearance from point of departure

On arrival by boat, passengers should approach the immigration office to receive the stamped visitor card and a temporary import permit for the vessel.

There are several other requirements for foreigners taking their own boat to Mexico. Sailors should ensure they have all the necessary paperwork in order before departure.

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Visa Requirements For Israel

Passports holders from the following countries can purchase an Israeli visa onboard the ship for $119 per person.

Angola, Antigua & Barbuda, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chad, Comoros, Cook Islands, Democratic Republic of the Congo , Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guyana, Guyana, India, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Kiribati, Kosovo, Laos, Liberia, Madagascar, Maldives, Mali, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Samoa, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor Leste, Togo,Tonga, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, West Bank, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Passport holders from the following countries must obtain a visa from an Israeli embassy or consulate prior to their cruise. Guests who do not possess the Israeli visa must remain onboard in Israeli ports.

Bahrain, China, Egypt, Eritrea, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, Qatar, Somalia, Tunisia

Passport holders from the following countries are restricted from entering Israel. Guests from these countries must remain onboard in Israeli ports.

Indian Cruises With An Evisa

Visa Requirements for India Cruise Ships Passengers

Travelers can take advantage of the India eVisa program provided that their ship leaves from and stops at any of the following seaports:

  • Kochi
  • Chennai
  • Mormugao
  • New Mangalore

Cruises that stop at a combination of these 5 seaports can be boarded with an India online visa.

Anyone taking a flight to India to then join a cruise can do so using an eVisa, as long as the ship does not stop at another Indian port after setting sail.

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Popular Cruises In India

Many companies now offer Indian cruises, the routes vary offering passengers the opportunity to select the holiday which best suits their interests.

Some of the best cruises for tourists in India include:

  • Mumbai to Goa
  • Ganges river cruise
  • Sunderbans cruise

Depending on how long the stop-offs are at each port, passengers on ships can take the opportunity to explore different areas of the coast and further inland.

Travelers should be sure to check which ports their selected cruise calls at and whether or not they can take advantage of the Indian eVisa program.

The Vietnam Evisa For Cruise Ship Passengers

Not all cruise companies provide loose leaf visa application forms for their passengers and prices for this service can vary among the companies that do. Some companies have been known to be vague about the details regarding visas.

This is why many travelers prefer to set their minds at ease by choosing the more convenient option of applying for an eVisa before their trip.

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Countries That Require Visas For A Cruise

Whether or not you need a visa in addition to a valid passport for your cruise is a common question with a rather complicated answer. There are a few countries where visas are handled by the cruise line on arrival in port. In all other cases, the cruise line might only advise you that you might need one, but they can be rather elusive when it comes to details regarding visa requirements and how to get one if you do need it.

The Cruise Critic message boards can be a helpful resource. Search for or ask questions of fellow cruisers who might have recent visa experiences to share regarding specific ports of call.

U.S. citizens can easily look up visa requirements at

under the “International Travel” tab. Search for each country your ship will visit to see the visa requirements, along with a wealth of other information. The tourist visa requirement is displayed in the “Quick Facts” box at the top of the page. Scroll down a little to the specific section for “Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements,” which will have details, sometimes including additional information specifically for cruise passengers. Canadian citizens can use a similar site:

Are You Travelling With A Non

Cruise Ship Visa | Guide to D1 Visa in US

There are many regulations that apply to different nationalities and countries. If you hold a passport that is from a country other than Australian or New Zealand, please check with your relevant embassy about visa requirements. Please note that travel on your cruise will not revalidate an Australian re-entry visa.

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How Difficult Is It To Get The Evisa For Turkey

The Turkey eVisa was launched by the Turkish government in April 2013. The aim was to make the process of obtaining a visa simpler and faster. All applicants need is an internet connection and the application can be carried out in minutes. An alternative to the eVisa is the visa on arrival and this option is currently open to nationals of 37 countries including Canada and the United Kingdom. The visa on arrival is applied for and paid for at the port of entry. It takes longer and leaves the potential for visitors arriving in Turkey to be denied entry if the application is unsuccessful.

The Turkey eVisa application form will ask applicants for some personal information including your full name, date of birth, passport number and date of issue and expiry, and contact details . Check that all the information is correct before submitting the form and make sure that it is all truthful.

Minor convictions are unlikely to prevent tourists from obtaining a visa to visit Turkey.

Take the next step towards your dream vacation in Turkey and apply for your Turkey eVisa now!

How To Get An Egypt Visa For Cruise Passengers

Cruise passengers must hold a valid Egypt electronic visa when they arrive in the country. Like other tourists to the Arab Republic, they must have the right authorization to be cleared by the Egyptian authorities or they may not be allowed to disembark from a cruise liner or travel to the countrys ports to catch their boat.

Crucially, a Schengen visa or visa waiver cannot be used to enter Egypt. Despite its proximity to Europe across the Mediterranean sea, the North African nation has its own unique immigration policy that is not aligned with the European Unions.

Nevertheless, Egypt is a tourist-friendly destination and is a favorite for cruise passengers. As this article shows, getting the right visa for Egypt when visiting for a cruise is a simple task that wont cause many planning headaches.

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Book A Tour Independently

Though you may be encouraged to think otherwise, the tours offered by your cruise operator or booking agent are not the only options for cruise ship passengers to see St. Petersburg visa-free. There are a number of independent companies in St. Petersburg with the necessary licensing to offer shore tours for cruise ship passengers without Russian visas. Not only will this option give you much greater choice in terms of what you can see and do – as well as a wide range of more original and unusual tours, many companies will give you the option of designing your own itinerary – tours booked with independent local companies are in general considerably cheaper than those offered by your cruise operator.

Do I Need To Get A Visa For My Cruise

Russia visa for cruise ship passengers


It depends. If you are a North American and visiting a popular cruise destination like the western or eastern Caribbean, the western Mediterranean, or Alaska, you will not need a visa. Ships that visit other exotic destinations may require a visa for entry. Additionally, certain locations require independent travelers to have a visa, while those traveling on a cruise ship are not required to have a visa.

How do you know which countries require a visa? You may think that you can call the cruise line however they may not be helpful. Many cruise lines will have the information posted on their website. Check your cruise documents to help you determine if you need a visa for your cruise. It should be noted that if you read the fine print, you will see that the cruise line indicates that it is not the responsibility of the cruise line to provide visas for their passengers or to offer information about such matters . Essentially, the cruise ships give tips but acknowledge that you are responsible for obtaining information about whether you need a visa.

One of the best resources for cruisers is Cruise Critic. Here, you can ask fellow cruisers if a visa is required at the destination that you will be visiting. You can learn about the process of obtaining a visa for the ports that you will be visiting along with any other information that may be useful.

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Health Visa For Cruise Passengers

I have booked a cruise on Celebrity Cruises and as per their requirements, I need to have a negative Covid test taken no earlier than two days before embarkation. Doesnt that leave me with a really tight window to apply for the Health Visa? Does anyone have any experience with this from recent trips? Im assuming Id have to show the approved green visa from Bahamas to board the ship.

The 2 day testing requirement is a cruise ship requirement, not the Bahamas requirement.

The Bahamas requires all passengers to have had a negative covid test done no more than 5 days prior to arrival in the Bahamas. If you’re fully vaccinated, you only need the rapid antigen test , but if unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, you’ll need to take the RT-PCR test. Either way, you will still need to submit your Bahamas travel health visa application in time to get approved for travel. You will need ot have this in hand prior to boarding, and it’s best to have print outs.

Call Celebrtiy for clarification for the requirements, as there seems to be a disconnect between the rules air travellers follow and ones for the cruise ships. They will best be able to advise you.

We are hearing reports that some cruise ships are not allowing passengers to go ashore unless with a cruise excursion trip. This may have to do with some passengers not having the Bahamas travel health visa approval.

Edited: 10:51 am, November 07, 2021

Tourist Visa For India

  • To participate in Exhibitions, Business Conference
  • To participate in Trade fairs
  • To act as an Expert / Specialist in connection with an ongoing project
  • To Conduct Tours
  • To deliver lecture/s

NOTE: Business Visa allows attending several types of business fairs, industrial meet ups, business symposiums, seminars trade fairs and business conferences. Conference Visa is not required unless Government of India organized the event.

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Visa Requirements For Nicaragua

Guests from the following countries require a visa to go ashore in Nicaraguan ports. If a guest does not have a visa, immigration in Nicaragua may allow the guest to go ashore if they purchase a visa for $64 USD. It is not guaranteed that the option will be given for guests to purchase a visa upon arrival to Nicaragua.

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, China, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Timor Leste, Vietnam, Yemen

Guests from the following countries must have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate in order to go ashore in Nicaraguan ports, unless they are permanent residents of another country, not mentioned below.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, and all African countries except Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia and Tanzania.

Entering The Bahamas From Other Countries

66 Passengers Aboard Cordelia Cruise Ship Test Covid-19 Positive | Breaking News

All fully vaccinated travelers and children ages 2-11 will be required to obtain a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than five days before the date of arrival. Unvaccinated travelers ages 12 and older must still obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no more than five days before the date of arrival. Kids under two years of age do not need to be tested.

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Tips For Obtaining A Cruise Visa

1. Read All The Information

You can save yourself time and trouble by reading the information on the cruise lines website pertaining to the ports that you will be visiting on your cruise. Then, visit your home countrys website to find more information about visa requirements. Putting all of this information together will help you have a clear understanding of the rules and visa regulations for those who are cruising.

Russia is an example of a country that offers exceptions to visas for cruise passengers. You can find detailed information about visiting Russia on the State Departments page, including a link to the visa application. In the first paragraph, you will see that Russia strictly enforces immigration and visa laws. When you read that stern admonition, you may be tempted to click the link and begin filling out the visa application on the Russian site however, if you continue to read, you will see those cruise passengers who are staying less than 72 hours in either St. Petersburg or Vladivostok are not required to have a visa if they are accompanied by a licensed tour operator. This means if you will be touring with a cruise ship or a licensed guide, you are not required to have a tourist visa. If you plan on exploring the country on your own, you will need a visa.

2. Talk With Your Travel Agent

3. Compare Services

4. Plan Ahead

Crew Members Are Confused About Cruising Requirements Too

Unfortunately, confusion about cruising requirements is not limited to passengers. Even crewmembers assigned to know the current rules are making mistakes. Weve found this is true across the cruise industry.

In November, Stephen Delisle was denied boarding his cruise in error because of Carnival crew member confusion. Delisle had been fully vaccinated in China with a lesser-known but WHO-approved COVID vaccine. He didnt expect any problems when he showed up at the pier with his raised seal official vaccine card. But he ended up missing the cruise completely when the medical personnel Carnival hired to check vaccines rejected Delisles card by mistake. To add insult to injury, his familys luggage sailed with the ship. That left the Delisles without their belongings in a foreign country for a week.

Also, in November, Lee Bolland was denied boarding Norwegian Cruise Lines Epic. His saga resulted from France deeming its residents fully vaccinated if they had recovered from the coronavirus and had one dose of a two-jab vaccine. Unfortunately, that regimen was not approved by NCL or the WHO, and Bolland and his family suffered the consequences: no cruise, no refund, and no credit.

I was told by a qualified healthcare provider that I had completed my vaccine cycle. Why would I have questioned that? And how can NCL take my money and give me nothing in return? I will continue to fight this battle.

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How To Get A Visa For Cambodia For Boat Passengers

If you are planning to arrive in Cambodia by boat, there are several ways to obtain the right Cambodian visa.

  • Most cruise companies offer their clients to take care of their visa as part of the holiday package. The passenger will need to provide the cruise operator with the relevant documents and the service is often more expensive than applying for a visa oneself.
  • Visitors who book their trip with a travel agency are in a similar position as these businesses often include visa handling as one of their services.
  • Passengers can always decide to apply at their nearest Cambodian visa or consulate in person following the standard procedure.

Embassy Visa For An India Cruise

Do I Need A Visa For My Cruise?

Whenever possible, travelers are encouraged to apply for the India eVisa as it is more convenient than a traditional visa.

However, foreigners departing from or stopping at seaport other than the 5 listed above cannot do so with an eVisa for India. Instead, passengers will need to get a traditional visa.

To get a paper visa, visitors have to submit documents in person or by mail and in some cases may also be required to attend an interview at an embassy or consulate.

As the traditional visa process is much lengthier than when applying for an eVisa, it is advisable to begin the process well in advance of departure or risk not receiving the approved travel document in time for the cruise.

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